tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGiving In Ch. 02

Giving In Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- Showing Off

Denise Watkins, the 38 year old Director of Business Development for a regional property management firm, leaned back in her office chair, gently tapping her pencil against the desk as she stared at the comings and goings in the parking lot below her second story window. For the past hour, she'd sat there, daydreaming, rehashing the events of the previous week in her head.

It had been seven days since she'd accidentally walked in on Ted Baldwin, the 20-year-old son of her best friend, while he masturbated. Seven days since she'd stood riveted to the floor, unable to move, unable to draw her eyes from his young, hard body. Seven days since he'd seen her watching. And seven days since he'd taken control of her life.

And it had been five days since Ted's mother, Martha, had returned home from her unexpected business trip. Returned to the home she shared with her son, and for the next month or so, with Denise, while she looked for a place of her own.

The five days since Martha's return had been hell on Denise. She couldn't very well tell her friend that she was fucking her 20 year old son, or, nearer the truth, that her son was fucking her. That he was fucking her any-time, any-place and any-way he wanted, and she was only to eager comply, only too eager to be his wanton little slut.

Martha's return home had rocked their boat a bit. But in a strange way, it had also served to intensify the eroticism of the situation. Anytime he thought he could get away with it, Ted would command Denise to drop her pants and bend over. And he would fuck her hard, leaving her wanting as often as not, treating her as no more than a piece of meat whose sole reason for existence was his pleasure. But those brief moments of submission only seemed to intensify Denise's desire for him, making the couple of occasions when they didn't have to hurry, when she could truly give herself to him, utterly amazing.

But Denise wanted more. She wanted Ted all to herself, if only for a night. And it looked like she just might get her wish.

* * *

Denise stared longingly at Ted as he eased the car onto the highway. After several moments, he returned her look briefly, before returning his eyes to the road. "Take off your skirt and panties," he commanded.

It was Tuesday, shortly after noon, and nearly two weeks after their first encounter. Denise had a 10:00 AM meeting the next day with a graphic artist and the representative of one of her clients. The meeting would take place at the artist's office, which was a three-hour drive north. She'd decided to go up a day early and bring Ted, who'd told his mom that he'd be camping with the guys.

At Ted's direction, Denise was dressed in a wrap around skirt, black panties, high heels, and a sleeveless tank top that left about an inch of her tummy exposed. And no bra. Other than the toe ring that branded her as his property, she wore no jewelry at all.

"Well," Ted said. "I'm waiting!"

"Yes sir," Denise answered hurriedly. "I'm sorry, sir." In very short order, she had unbuttoned and unwrapped the skirt, and slid off her panties.

"Lift your ass," Ted ordered.

"Yes sir."

As Denise lifted her ass, Ted pulled her skirt out from under her and tossed it into the back seat, leaving her clad in tank top and high heels only. "Very good. Now recline your seat back all the way down," he instructed. "I want you to masturbate for me."

"Yes sir," Denise answered submissively, lowering the seat. As she moved her hands slowly over her tummy and towards her pussy, she could feel her body trembling. Trembling with fear at the thought of being caught, of being arrested. Trembling with fear at the thought of risking everything she'd worked so hard to achieve.

And trembling with excitement. After all, she was Ted's slut, and today, nothing else really mattered.

Her fingers reached her pussy -- newly trimmed, at Ted's direction. As she slowly unsheathed her love button, she felt the car drifting into the left lane. Looking up, she saw that they were slowly passing an eighteen wheeler.

"You bastard," she quietly hissed at him as she massaged her clit. But inside she could feel her fire burning hotter and hotter as the prospect of being seen now seemed very real indeed.

As the car inched its way up towards the cab, Denise thrust her fingers deep into her cunt, arching her pelvis to meet the thrust. She closed her eyes, moaning as the pleasure intensified with each thrust of her hand. Just then, she felt Ted's hand on her, pulling her top up to reveal her right tit.

She felt dizzy with excitement, not daring to open her eyes, yet certain that the truck driver was looking right at her. And she let out a small yelp as Ted grabbed her tit roughly with his hand, squeezing it, pulling on the already excited nipple.

She continued pounding her pussy with her right hand, while her left hand moved to expose her other breast, attacking it with the same zeal with which her right hand attacked its target.

"Oh God," she heard herself moan. "Oh God, Ted, I'm cumming." She thrust herself onto her fingers, arching her pelvis frantically to meet the pounding of her fingers as she continued to squeeze her tit roughly. "Oh shit," she screamed. "Oh yes." Just when she was about to cum, Ted released her right tit and slapped it. Hard.

And then Denise thrust her entire body into the air and screamed, the orgasmic sensation flooding her body with wave after wave of pleasure.

Then, at last, it was over, and Mrs. Watkins opened her eyes slowly, taking stock of the situation. She lay there, panting still, both breasts exposed, and her right hand still buried in her pussy, while her left hand rested lightly on her left breast.

The truck. Suddenly, she remembered the truck. Looking up through the window, she saw that Ted was driving right along side of the cab, and the driver was, indeed, getting an eyeful, periodically stealing a quick look toward the road, but quickly returning his gaze to her. In spite of it all, she smiled at him, blowing him a soft little kiss as she felt Ted hit the accelerator and pull away.

And as they sped away, she heard the trucker's horn blow -- one short blast, followed by one long one. She raised her seat back slightly and straightened her top over her breasts, knowing better than to put on her panties and skirt without permission. She sat in silence for several minutes, watching the scenery hurry by.

* * *

Denise arched her body, vaguely aware of a pleasurable sensation, but not yet alert enough to understand its source. Slowly, her dreams started to fade, replaced by the fogginess of her emerging awareness. Soon she recognized the source of the pleasure, recognized the familiar sensations emanating from her womanhood. She moaned softly, arching her pelvis, trying to meet the pleasure, inviting it to continue.

The pleasure continued as she gradually regained her sense of awareness. And then it stopped. "Noooooo," she whimpered softly. "Please don't stop."

"Sorry babe," she heard Ted respond. Now totally awake, she opened her eyes and looked at him. "We're getting off the freeway in 15 minutes. You need to get dressed now."

She looked down at herself, still naked from the waist down, and sighed. "Yes sir."

* * *

Ted set the suitcase down on the floor of their motel room and headed for the rest room. "I'll be right out," he called.

Denise looked around the room. It was your typical motel room, king size bed, chest of drawers, writing desk, table and chairs, television, and mini-bar. The décor, while nice, was decidedly neutral, doing very little to brighten up the place. The room reminded her of the motel itself -- nice, but nothing special. It was, however, convenient, located just a short drive from tomorrow's meeting locale.

She walked over to the window and opened the drapes wide. Great view, she thought sarcastically. They were in the last room on the second floor of the east wing of the motel. If you looked northward, there was a fairly decent view of the mountains in the distance. Of more concern to Denise, however, was the west wing of the motel, located not much more than 20 or 30 yards across the courtyard.

In the room directly across the courtyard she noticed a man -- a young man in his mid to late twenties - standing near the window, much as she was. He turned slowly, noticed Denise looking at him, and smiled. After an awkward moment, he turned and walked away.

She heard the bathroom door open, followed by Ted's footsteps as he moved across the floor towards her. She held her position, still gazing towards the room across the way, until she felt Ted slide up behind her, wrap his arms around her and begin nibbling on her neck and ears.

Denise closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of strong arms holding her, still not quite believing the affair she was having with this young man, or the power he held over her. She sighed, letting herself go as her body slowly melded with his, as his hands began wandering sensuously over her clothed body. And once again, the magic of his touch swept her away.

His hand found her bare tummy, slid under her top, and took possession of her breast, massaging it gently, carefully. She whimpered slightly when he removed his hand, but smiled again as he released the buttons of her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

As Ted slid his right hand into her panties, his left hand returned to her tits. Holding her backside close to his front, he worked his magic on her pussy, and on her breasts. Denise could feel her body shudder as he massaged her womanhood, once again igniting the fire within her that he knew only too well how to light.

As he squeezed her right breast hard, she gasped, allowing her eyes to open, reminding her of the motel room they were in, and of the window she was standing in front of. Her eyes sought out the room across the courtyard, and found the same man standing there, watching with a look of disbelief on his face.

Denise jumped instinctively, moving her hands in front of her body in a feeble attempt to hide what Ted was doing, and opened her mouth to protest. But at just that moment, Ted's fingers found her love button, and instead of cries of protest, it was moans of pleasure that escaped her lips as her eyes instinctively closed.

Any thoughts of hiding from the man across the way were immediately dashed. It didn't matter who saw her now, who saw what this man barely half her age was doing to her. All that mattered was that he keep doing it.

Ted's rapt attention to her breasts and clit continued for several minutes, and all the while she could feel her pleasure building, the wetness in her pussy growing. He finally removed his hands and took hold of the bottom of her tank top, and waited. She hesitated only briefly, letting the naughtiness of the situation heightened the pleasure. Then, raising her arms slowly as she opened her eyes, she watched the man as he watched Ted reveal her ample breasts.

Ted's hands moved slowly, almost casually, to her hips, and soon she felt her panties sliding over her buttocks, falling gently and quietly to the floor. She grabbed her breasts in her hands, squeezing them, rubbing them together, smashing them against her body. She performed for the stranger, gyrating her hips, thrusting her pussy towards the window, and then pressing herself back against Ted, rubbing her ass against his obviously aroused manhood.

Her right hand released her tit and made its way to her pussy, sliding in, then out. Teasing herself. Teasing the man.

And then she felt Ted's hands grasp her shoulders firmly, turning her so her side was to the window. Silently, he moved so that he was facing her, his side also to the window. The look in his eyes told Denise what to do next, and her hands moved quickly to unbutton his shirt.

As she released the last button, she opened the shirt, placing the palms of her hands on his chest. Slowly, she began rubbing the firm young chest, her own body tingling as she ran her hands over his muscles. As she reached his neck, she pushed the shirt down his shoulders, allowing it to slip down his arms, ending in a pile on the floor.

Her hands slid their way down his chest, finally reaching his pants. Awkwardly, she fumbled with his belt, before finally releasing the button and lowering the zipper. Then it was only a matter of seconds before the pants and underwear joined the other clothes strewn across the floor.

She reached out, took his cock in her hand, and began caressing it, thinking she knew what came next. But as she started to kneel down, Ted again grabbed her by the hair and stopped her. With a mischievous smile on his face, he shook his head.

"Turn your back to the window," Ted commanded as he released her hair. Denise moved quickly to obey.

"Bend over and grab your ankles." Denise felt her heart begin to flutter wildly, anticipating the degradation that was to come, the humiliation Ted was about to put her through. She gave his cock one final squeeze, hard enough to bring a grimace to his face, before releasing it.

Slowly, she bent forward, wiggling her ass for the young man across the way. With legs slightly bent, she had no trouble reaching her ankles. Look at me, she thought. I've become nothing but a shameless hussy. But God how I love it!

And then Ted stepped closer to her, turned slightly so he could easily see the other man and set his hands on her butt cheeks. He massaged her cheeks -- gently at first, slowly. And then harder, squeezing them roughly. He spread the cheeks wide, displaying her most private parts to their audience. Denise felt her knees weaken as she moaned softly, feeling the tension building up within her, begging for release.

She gasped as Ted slid his fingers into her cunt, rocking her body with his pumping hand, in, then out, and then in again. She could just feel the beginning twinges of relief coming on when he suddenly withdrew his fingers.

"No!" she screamed desperately. "Don't stop."

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The attack on her buttocks was sudden, unexpected, and painful.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Don't ever question me again!" he boomed

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! And the attack continued as he pelted her ass with blow after painful blow.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Finally, he let up. But not until her cheeks were a bright, rosy red, and her cries of pain had turned to sobs.

Without giving her any time to recover, he thrust his fingers briefly into her pussy, withdrew them, and then thrust them into her asshole. "Oh God," Denise screamed instinctively as he rocked her ass. "Oh yes."

"Turn around and put your hands on the window ledge," he commanded as he withdrew his fingers.

"Yes sir," she answered immediately. She stood up quickly, turned, leaned forward and placed her hands on the ledge, leaving her ass sticking out invitingly for Ted. With her hair a ruffled mess and her eyes still red from tears, she held her position, staring across the way. The man stood back a ways from the window, his pants in a pile around his feet, and his right hand anxiously working his erect manhood.

She felt Ted's left hand touch her buttocks, squeezing the tender globes. And she gasped slightly when he nudged his tool up against her dripping pussy, teasing her slightly before thrusting it roughly into her.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned as he rocked her body with his pistoning thrusts. She closed her eyes, no longer concerned with the man across the courtyard, yet knowing somehow that he was still watching, still pounding his meat.

Denise lost all track of time as Ted continued his assault on her pussy, as he brought her right to the brink of ecstasy, before stopping suddenly and pulling out.

"No!" she gasped, pleading for him to continue. But Ted didn't leave her wanting for long. She felt his engorged cock press against the entrance to her dark hole, pushing gently against the forbidden entrance. "Oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me in the ass. Fuck me hard," she pleaded, feeling his length slowly entering the dark tunnel.

Moments later, she was screaming, first from the pain, then from the pleasure, as he rammed his tool into her. She moved her right hand to her clit, massaging it frantically as he rocked her ass, assaulting her relentlessly until, at last, she could take it no more.

Her orgasm was sudden and hard, rocking her very soul. She felt her knees buckle as she screamed out in pleasure, as she slid off his cock and landed on the floor, gasping for air.

How long she sat there, she didn't know. When she finally regained her composure, she struggled back to her knees, only then becoming aware that his cum was splattered over her body. As she tried to gather herself, she felt Ted grab her by the hair and pull her gently but firmly to her feet.

Her vision slowly came back into focus and she once again was able to see the man across the yard. She smiled weakly at him as he slowly buckled his pants. He returned her smile before stepping away from the window and drawing the curtain closed.

"Nooo! Don't go" Denise moaned softly, turning to Ted. He took her in his arms, pulled her close, and rocked her slowly.

"It's okay, babe," he said softly. 'There'll be other times. Just be patient."

* * * * * * *

Thanks for reading. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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