tagMatureGiving In Ch. 06

Giving In Ch. 06


Chapter 6 -- What's Sauce For The Goose

Martha exited the bar around 4:00 PM. She stood there a moment, unsure of what to do next. The three rum and cokes had helped, but she still wasn't quite ready to face Denise and Ted. Not after what she'd seen earlier that afternoon. So now what?

She hopped into her car, fidgeted a bit with the seat belt and mirrors, and pulled out of the parking lot. She drove aimlessly, trying unsuccessfully to come to grips with her emotions.

She thought of Denise, her best friend. She saw her as she'd been last weekend when the two of them had made slow, tender love for the first time. And she saw Denise as she was earlier today, a blindfolded, submissive slut, only too eager to submit herself to anybody's will.

And then there was Ted, her son. She saw him as he dominated Denise -- a woman 18 years his senior -- with her naked body sprawled over his lap as he spanked her, teased her, and brought her to orgasm. And she saw his naked body, with his engorged manhood standing proudly before him.

She had every right to be angry! True, Denise had told her that she was seeing someone, but she didn't say it was Ted! Nor did she let on about what a submissive slut she was! How many people had fucked her lately? She was afraid to guess. And Ted, her own son! How could he treat a woman like that?

Yes, she had every right to be angry. And she was! But what was really bothering her was how horny it had made her. How she'd become so obsessed with what she was watching, that she'd dropped her drawers on the spot -- in her own backyard --- and brought herself to orgasm. Not once, but twice! And even worse, the second time, it was the sight of Ted's naked body that had sent her over the edge. Try as she might, she just couldn't get that picture out of her mind.

And now, she was afraid to go home. Afraid to face him, and afraid to face her. And afraid of what might happen if she couldn't get a grip on her growing jealousy of Denise, and the unmotherly urges she was feeling for her son.

Thinking a walk might help, she headed for her favorite park. Red River Park ran for several miles along the riverfront and was more of a nature area than a park. While it did have a small pavilion and picnic area, it was predominately undeveloped and sported a variety of trails and paths.

Martha set off along a trail that bordered the river for a ways, before turning inland to return along the back of an upscale housing development. She'd been walking for about 15 minutes when a young man, a jogger, pulled up beside her.

"Hi, Mrs. Baldwin," he said, panting. "Remember me?"

Martha looked at the young man, at his sweat-drenched tee shirt topping his blue jogging shorts. "Billy Cavanaugh. Of course I remember you. How's your jump shot these days?"

Billy Cavanaugh had been a teammate of Ted's on the high school basketball team two and a half years ago. He was approximately 6'2", with short reddish-blonde hair. Billy had been a sophomore during Ted's senior year. He hadn't gotten a lot of playing time back then, but everyone thought he had a lot of potential.

"Pretty good," he smiled, pleased that she'd recognized him. "Good enough to get me a scholarship to Eastern, at least."

"That's wonderful, Billy. Congratulations," she said. "I'm not interrupting your run, am I?"

"Actually, I'm about finished. I live up the way a bit. If you don't mind, I'll walk with you the rest of the way. It'll help me cool down."

They walked slowly, talking mostly about basketball. While Martha appreciated the diversion, she still couldn't shake the images that haunted her. Nor could she put out the fire that was smoldering within her.

"Well, this is home," Billy said at last, pointing to a large brick home that backed up to the park.

"Wow, that's quite a spread. Looks like the doctoring business is going strong," she exclaimed, remembering that Billy's father was a prominent local doctor.

"Would you like to come up for an ice tea? I could give you the grand tour while we're there." Billy asked.

"Oh no. I couldn't," she replied. "What would your parents say?"

"They've been in Hawaii for almost two weeks. They went on their second honeymoon and left me here alone. Truth is I could use a little company. Come on. What do you say?"

Martha hesitated, looking from Billy, to the house, then back to Billy. She wondered briefly if he was hitting on her, but quickly dismissed the notion. Besides, it didn't really matter, since she was rapidly coming to the conclusion that there was only one solution to her problem, only one prescription that would help her deal with the images that were still so fresh in her mind. More and more, Martha was coming to the conclusion that young Mr. Cavanaugh might be just the medicine she needed.

She thought of Denise, and of Ted. 'What's sauce for the goose,' she thought with a devious smile, 'is sauce for the gander.' And she could feel the heat building in her loins.

"What the hell," Martha answered at last. "Why not?"

"Great!" Billy exclaimed. "The gate's right over here."

Billy stepped over to the gate and pulled it open. "After you," he smiled.

Martha returned his smile and stepped through the gate. Once inside, she hesitated, surveying the immaculately landscaped yard, the neatly trimmed shrubs, and the beautiful flowers. "Wow," she said, stepping next to Billy and resting her hand on his sweaty shoulder. "Who does your yard work?"

"We have a lawn service that does the mowing and trimming, but mom's the one with the green thumb when it comes to the gardens."

Martha removed her hand from his shoulder. She could sense that Billy was a little uneasy with her closeness, but she didn't move away. "Lead the way," she said after a moment.

"This is the pool," he said as they rounded the privacy fence. It was an oval shaped in-ground pool of average size, bordered by a large patio.

"Very nice. We'll have to go for a little swim later," she said.

Billy hesitated. "The only women's suits we have are my mom's, and I'm pretty sure they won't fit you," he finally said.

Martha smiled at the young man. "Who said anything about swimming suits?"

Billy's jaw nearly hit the ground. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He looked away from Mrs. Baldwin nervously, not knowing how to react. Surely she was joking. Wasn't she?

"Relax, Billy," Martha said as she leaned in and kissed him on the forehead. "I don't bite, you know." But inwardly, Martha was on fire. She could see the uneasiness she was causing Billy, and she was feeding on it. And she knew that, for her, there was no turning back. She wanted him, and she was going to have him.

She started towards the house, paused, and looked back. "Aren't you going to show me the inside?"

"Err, yeah, sure," Billy said nervously, hurrying to catch up with her.

They entered the house in a large country kitchen and removed their shoes. They then moved through the family, living, and dining rooms. They came to a stairwell with one set of stairs going up, and one set going down.

Martha looked suggestively at the young man. "What's upstairs?" she cooed.

"Err, just the bedrooms," Billy answered nervously, not knowing what to make of Mrs. Baldwin's suggestive behavior. He was certain it was his imagination, but damn if she didn't appear to be coming on to him. "Maybe we should go down and see the rec room."

"You're the boss," she responded.

"Follow me," Billy said, happy to be moving again.

Martha followed Billy down the stairs and into the rec room rounding the corner into a long room with a wet bar on one end and a high-top table with bar stools along the side. But it was the pool table that got her attention.

"Perfect," she said, more to herself than to Billy. "Just perfect." And from the deep, dark recesses of her mind, she recalled the scene she'd watched with her husband, all those years ago. And she knew this was the place.

She walked over to the pool table and ran her fingers lightly over the felt. "Do you ever watch pornography, Billy?" she asked without looking at him.

Dumbstruck by the question, Billy stood motionless. He stared at the back of her head, before letting his eyes wander, drinking in the soft, delicate curves of her mature body. 'Damn,' he thought, trying to regain his composure. 'Maybe she is hitting on me. Now what do I do?' But try as he might, his 18-year-old mind could not come up with an answer for dealing with a horny 42-year-old.

Finally, as the silence was becoming almost unbearable, he managed a response. "No," he lied, barely audible.

"Really?" Martha inquired. She turned to face him. "Truthfully, I haven't watched any since I was a newlywed. But I do remember this one scene," she said. And slowly, she stepped closer to the nervous young man.

"It was about a gardener, if my memory serves me correctly, and a fancy young woman." By now, Billy had backed up as far as he could, but still Martha came on, now only a foot away.

"It took place in a rec room, much like this one. And there was a pool table." She placed her hands on his still sweaty tee shirt, rubbing his chest, her mouth a mere inches from his face.

"And he took her," she whispered into his ear, pressing her breasts against him. "Right there on the pool table." Softly, she nibbled on his ear.

She eased her head back just enough so she could look him in the eyes. "Will you be my gardener, Billy? Will you take me right here, right now?" She slid her hand down Billy's chest and across his stomach. Gently, she rubbed his manhood through his shorts. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

But Billy just stood there, unable to answer, unable to move.

Martha turned around, her back to Billy, and snuggled close. Reaching back, she took his hands and guided them forward, placing them firmly on her breasts. "Squeezed them, Billy," she urged. "Squeeze them hard." She rubbed her backside against him and held his hands on her breasts. Gradually, she could feel him beginning to respond.

She could feel him slowly, tentatively squeezing her breasts, not quite certain if this was really happening.

"Harder!" she urged. "Use me. Or abuse me. I don't care, just take me!" She felt him squeezing her harder, pulling her tighter against his body. And she knew that she was having an effect. "Take me, Billy," she screamed. "Take me now!"

And it was like the damn had suddenly burst open. Billy released her tits, grabbed the front of her blouse, and violently ripped it open, sending displaced buttons all over the floor.

"Yes!" Martha exclaimed, a note of triumph in her voice.

Martha stepped forward and spread her arms, allowing Billy to tear the blouse from her shoulders. As he reached for her bra, she was unhooking her slacks. And as the bra fell free, she was stepping out of her slacks and panties. A moment later, she had once again backed her way into his arms, cooing contentedly as his hands took hold of her now naked body.

She turned around to face her young stud. She took his head in her hands and pulled him to her. Their lips came together and their tongues shot across the divide, dancing wildly with each other. Their hunger for each other grew, fueled by their own lust as they tried desperately to devour each other.

Martha broke the kiss first, grabbed hold of his hands, and stepped back. She stood there, his hands in hers, allowing him to examine her nakedness.

He looked upon her body hungrily, from her slightly disheveled hair, to the rising and falling of her smallish, yet perfectly proportioned breasts, to her taut, slender figure, and to the curly blonde hair peeking out at the top of her legs.

And when their eyes met again, she could see the questions forming. Releasing his hands quickly, she reached over and placed a finger on his lips. "Anything you want is yours for the taking," she said softly. "Anything at all. But no questions."

She removed her finger, took his hands, and led him to the edge of the pool table.

She hopped onto the railing and, with her legs spread wide and Billy standing between them, eased herself down until her back came to rest on the felt surface. Slowly, he followed her down until his elbows rested on either side of her arms and his head hovered above hers.

As he looked into her eyes, he could see the lust, the hunger and the fire. At that moment, he finally understood what she wanted -- what she needed.

He resisted the urge to kiss her, pushing himself up from the table instead. Resting his hands on her thighs, he lightly traced his fingers over the sensitive flesh, taking great care to barely miss the center of her womanhood.

He could feel the heat building in his crotch as he looked down upon her, surveying all that would soon be his. He longed to release his burning manhood from the constrictive confines of his shorts, but didn't, thinking how much sweeter it would be to make her wait.

Billy allowed his hands to wander freely. He massaged her thighs, spreading them wide as he went. He moved over her hips slowly, reaching her tummy, pausing to play with her bellybutton and to lightly tickle her sides.

Leaning forward slightly, he grabbed her tits. And as he squeezed them, their eyes met. They stared into each others souls as he continued to massage her, squeezing harder, pressing them against her. And he watched her eyes, seeing the fire grow hotter and hotter as he rubbed her mounds.

He released her breasts and took hold of a nipple in each hand, twirling them between his fingers. And still, their eyes feasted upon each other. He alternated between pulling on her nipples, stretching them away from her body, and twirling them roughly in his fingers. But it wasn't until he flicked her left nipple with his right finger, that he finally heard her gasp. But still, she wouldn't lower or close her eyes.

He released her tits and slid his hands down to her pussy. She jumped as his fingers found her button, and she bit down on her lower lip. He could see in her eyes that she was desperate, that she wanted him, but she hadn't said a word since she'd led him to the table.

Swiftly, he inserted his fingers into her dripping cunt and began pumping. She writhed on the table below him as he toyed with her womanhood, driving in and out of her pussy and flicking his thumb over her inflamed clit.

He watched her grab her tits and squeeze them mercilessly, never diverting her eyes from his. And then he dropped to his knees, examining the prize before him.

He continued pumping her fiercely with his fingers as he moved his mouth to her button. That's when she screamed. That's when she released her breasts, grabbing his head instead, and pulled him firmly against her. And that's when the first waves of orgasm washed over her.

When her orgasm eased, she released his head from her grasp. Billy rose slowly to his feet, surveying the pleasure he had caused. With a smile on his face, he grabbed the bottom of his tee shirt, pulled it over his head, and cast it aside. He hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts. Then he paused, teasing her, before sliding them down his legs and kicking them aside.

Lifting her head from the table, Martha examined the young man, giving extra attention to his excited 7-inch erection. She looked into Billy's eyes and smiled approvingly, before laying her head back down on the table.

Reaching down, Billy took hold of his cock and guided it towards her. He rubbed it against her slit teasingly as she reached out for him with her pussy. But he pulled it away from her, pausing briefly, before pressing it against her love button. She jumped when he slapped it lightly against the swollen bud.

Again, he rubbed his manhood against her pussy, only this time he eased into her slightly. He placed his hands on her thighs and spread her wide, as she reached up and raked her fingers across his chest. There was a look of longing clearly evident in her eyes. Slowly, he inched his way into her, pausing before he'd gone too deep, and then withdrew. He repeated the process, allowing himself to penetrate a little deeper each time, but still withheld his entire length.

Martha slid her hands down his sides, trying unsuccessfully to pull him into her, before Billy grabbed her hands and pulled them from his body. Leaning forward slowly, he pinned her hands on either side of her head, and allowed his body to hover lightly on top of hers. She lifted her head anxiously and pressed her lips to his.

The fire that burned in her as their tongues darted quickly back and forth was threatening to consume her. She wanted him! She needed him! Now! But he was holding back, teasing her. And still, the fire grew hotter. Then, just when she thought she couldn't take it any longer, she felt him ram his meat deep into the heart of her desire.

Her lips fell limply open as he held her pinned beneath him and slammed his meat into her. Over and over he slammed her. Her lips dropped away from his as her head fell back onto the table. Their still open eyes met, hers glazed over with a look of pure lust, and his burning with a desire he desperately needed to satisfy.

He released her hands as he continued pounding his meat into her. Without hesitation, she threw her arms around him, pulling him as close as two people could get. She threw her pussy out to meet his relentless thrusts, and her body began to quiver, a precursor of the pleasure that was soon to come.

For Billy's part, it was no longer about control, it was no longer about playing Martha's game. His teenage sex drive had taken over and was now flowing in high gear. He felt the electricity that signaled the onset of his cuming, and he rammed her harder. He felt the beginning convulsions that marked the point of no return, and still he rammed her. And then, with a ferocity that scared even him, he exploded, his body jerking spasmodically as his semen emptied inside of her.

And just as he was releasing his seed into her, Martha let out a scream, holding him desperately as her own orgasm struck. They clutched at each other, each seeking the maximum pleasure they could suck from the other, oblivious to everything but their own desperate needs.

Finally, it was over. Martha slumped back onto the table while Billy rested on his elbows, hovering over her. She ran her fingernails over his back as she stared into his eyes. Billy returned her stare, a faint smile evident on his upturned lips. For several minutes they lay there, basking in the afterglow.

When Billy went to stand up, Martha moaned. "No," she said softly, her arms still around his back. But he just smiled at her as he pushed aside her arms and stood up.

It was then that Martha realized that he was still hard. She looked at him with questioning eyes as he grabbed her legs and lifted them upright, before slowly pressing them towards her head.

For a moment, just when she realized what the young man wanted, she swore her heart stopped beating. But she hesitated only slightly before obediently reaching up, grabbing her legs, and pulling them to her chest.

Neither of them said a word as Billy guided his cock, still wet with her juices, to her forbidden hole. He slid the tip around her hole, and pressed lightly at the entrance.

When Martha told the boy he could take anything he wanted, she never imagined he'd want her ass. She'd never given her ass to anyone before, and she had to admit, she was scared, uncertain if she could handle his size without being ripped apart. But she'd said anything and she wasn't going to back down now. Truthfully, she wasn't sure she could even if she wanted to. And besides, her juices were already beginning to flow again. 'Sweet Jesus, help me,' she thought as his tip eased into her.

Billy had one hand between her legs, steadying her, as his other hand guided his erection. Slowly he eased into her, then backed out, not quite completely withdrawing. He could see the strained look on Martha's face as he slowly eased himself in and out, not allowing himself to delve deeply until she was ready to handle him.

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