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Giving In To Lust


I am a 42 year old married woman on a business trip with a younger male co-worker who happens to be very attractive. I have been faithfully married for 18 years and have only had one lover, and it has been difficult to not lust after my co-worker Robert. We have been traveling together for a week, and I have managed to behave myself. Tonight is our last night at the hotel before heading home tomorrow. I have thought about Robert but quickly dismiss any ideas since he also married. Plus he is in his late 20s and probably not interested in someone in their 40s.

We had always gone our separate ways after the last meeting each day, but today was different. Robert asked me if I wanted to join him for dinner tonight, and I accepted. I have to admit I was pretty excited as I headed back to my room to freshen up. We met later that evening, and he drove us to a nice seafood restaurant.

We had a nice dinner and talked quite a bit. This is the most I had ever talked to Robert, and we seemed to hit it off. There was some mild flirtation going on, but then I thought that might be my imagination getting the best of me. Why would Robert be interested in me; this was just a friendly dinner is what I kept telling myself.

We finished dinner and headed back to the hotel. Once we arrived, Robert asked if I wanted to join him at the hotel bar for drink. I said, "Sure - why not? " One drink turned into a couple of drinks as we sat and talked. I was becoming more attracted to him and was thinking I should just turn in and go back to my room. It was just then that the conversation had turned to movies. We both learned that we were big Lord of the Ring fans. We talked about that movie and how big of fans we were; Robert then said that he thought it was showing on TV tonight and wanted to know if I would join him in his room to watch it. Without really thinking about it I accepted.

As we headed to his room I started to think about was going on. We were in the elevator, and I stared to wonder if he was interested in me or was I just fooling myself. I also thought that maybe I should just walk away and just avoid any more temptation, but I didn't. Next thing I knew we were in Robert's room and he was turning on the TV. We sat on the sofa in front of the TV to watch the movie with couple of drinks we had brought up from the bar. The movie was more than halfway over, but we sat there and watched. I started to wonder where this was going.

We sat there and would exchange quick glances at each other. I was starting to feel a little nervous and wondered if he could sense it. He looked at me and our eyes locked; I was going to look away when he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I responded by kissing him back. He had put his drink down and now had his arm around me as he kissed me deeply. I thought for a second about stopping - but I let myself go and gave into him. I wanted this hot young guy.

He fondled my breasts through my blouse as he kissed my neck. Before I knew it he had my blouse unbuttoned and was feeling my breasts through my bra. He helped me out of my blouse and bra as he kissed me all over. He took his shirt off and pressed his chest against my breasts as he kissed me. His body was as hot as I had imagined it. He then started to work his way down as he kissed me from my neck to my breasts. He took each of my breasts in his mouth as he worked them over with his hands. He kissed his way down my stomach, and he started to unfasten my skirt. He helped me out of my skirt as knelt on the floor between my legs as I sat on the edge of the couch. He kissed my inner thighs as he removed my panties. He spread my legs and then began to work hot dripping wet pussy with his fingers, mouth and tongue. I looked down, and he looked so hot going down on me. I was close to cumming when he stood and took my hand and led me to the bed.

I sat on the edge on the bed as he stood in front me. I had felt his huge hard on while we were on couch and was very anxious to get his slacks off. I helped him unbutton his pants as he slid them off along with his boxers. His long thick cock was in plain view. He was much bigger than what I thought he would be. I had only had one lover, and that was husband - his cock is about 5 inches. Robert's on the other hand was about 9 inches and very thick. I took it my hands and began to stroke it. His pre-cum was dripping out as I took this tip into my mouth to suck it. I then licked the underside of cock as I fondled his balls. It was so hot to hear him moan with pleasure. I then took him my mouth and began to suck him. I could not take him all in my mouth - I gagged a little on his huge cock. I loved feeling him throb in my mouth and hearing him moan. He then stepped off the side and got on the bed.

He pulled me up further on the bed and spread my legs as he positioned himself between my legs. I was soaking wet by this time; he then went down on me again. He pushed my legs back as he exposed my pussy for him to devour. I was in ecstasy and loving this - but I wanted him to fuck me. I asked him to please fuck me now. He moved up on his knees with his hard cock reaching over hot wet pussy. My head was on pillow, and I looked down to see his big hard cock reaching over me. He body looked so hot above mine. He then penetrated me with long thick cock. I lifted my hips to take him as he slowly slid into me. My dripping wet pussy just took him all the way in; he felt so good.

When was all the way in he rested on me for a couple of seconds; I could feel his cock throb as I clung to him. He then began to fuck me with long smooth strokes. I guess the excitement was just too much for me because I could feel myself ready to cum. He began to fuck me harder and faster as I started to cum. I moaned out loud as my body quivered. He then slid out and turned me over all fours, and he began to fuck me from behind. He fucked me deep and hard, and I started to cum again. I was on fire, and Robert was taking care me. He didn't fuck me fast but he fucked me hard with deep powerful steady thrusts. He leaned over and kissed the back of my neck; this really sent me over the edge as writhed and moaned and fell forward on my stomach with him on top of me. We laid there for a few moments; then he laid next me.

I reached down and felt his hard cock; he still had not cum. I then climbed on top of him. I really enjoy being on top, and now was ready to ride Robert's big cock. I sat on his thick cock; he felt so good deep in pussy as I wiggled on him; I then began to ride his big cock. I tightened my pussy around his cock and squeezed it. It was hot to hear him moan as I did this. I then began to ride him harder and faster; I was bouncing him hard now as I felt myself cumming again.

I could tell he was on the edge - so I rode him as hard and as fast as I could. I started to cum again and again and then felt his huge load shoot up inside me as he came. I could feel his cock throbbing as he came hard. I slid off him and began to suck his cock; I wanted this to be so good for him as well. I sucked his throbbing cock as he lay back and moaned in pleasure. I sucked him dry and then lay next him. We lay there enjoying the aftermath. I could not believe this had just happened; we both caved in to lust.

We never did hook up again after that night. Robert quit the company shortly after and moved away. I'm sure that was for the best in the long run because I'm not sure how all this would have worked out in positive way for our marriages. Our encounter was a few years ago, and I have never strayed again and don't feel the need to do that again. Having the memory of night filled with lust is enough.

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