Giving It Up


Edited by Rozezwild

I took a three day bus trip to the North West to stay with my brother, Lamar who had just got out of the military. He had got a good job and a nice place and offered me a place to stay. Any place was fine with me other than the ghetto. I was surprised, because we had different dads and our mom kicked him out before he graduated high school. He found me through some friends, and offered to help me get out of that place. I was lucky to be twenty-two and not have kids.

He fed me good and gave me lots to drink, took me out to the club, and bought me this slamming ass black dress that I felt bad enough not to wear even a thong under it. He even got me some smoking high heels, and my hair done. He told all the people who knew him that I was his girl. I didn't mind that at all. Lamar was treating me better than a bitch.

He told me that I made him look good, and he kept me decked out if I'd play up on him in front of people. I played the role better than a professional escort, and he bought me diamond tennis bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, and then he slapped a big ass rock on my finger. I was ready to do anything for him. I felt like one of those rich bitches.

We were chillin in a club when some dudes acted like he wanted to do some business with Lamar, but they were looking at him like he wasn't for real or something. Lamar told me to never show attitude otherwise people would dismiss me as being ghetto, so I was cool and smiling like one of those airhead commercials. I was feeling like I was the badest bitch in the place and the dudes was trying to peek under my dress. Lamar put his arm around me waiting for the dudes to move on, so I thought I'd give them a hint.

I turned Lamar's head and locked lips, and took his hand and put it on my thing. Mind you, I didn't have on panties and Lamar worked his finger in me. It only took a few seconds for those dudes to move on.

Lamar thanked me for showing up for him like I did. That was nothing. That was nothing compared to the way he had me setup. He bought me this see through dress that I wore to a private party with nothing under it, and he thanked me for that too. He said that I had helped him get a deal and didn't even know it.

He didn't tell me what his business was, and I didn't ask. I knew it wasn't drugs because it was too many white folks at some of those parties that he took me too.

We spent our first night in the same bed in a Hotel. We were both too drunk to drive, because we were celebrating. I thought about it and realized that Lamar had not gotten any since I got there. I know he wasn't gay, but he was spending all his time with me. I figured, what the hell, offer him some if he wanted. It wasn't like we were full blood or anything.

I should have been the one thanking him for that. He fucked the shit out of me. His dick was like a fist pounding inside of me, and then he rammed that tree trunk up my asshole. He wasn't done. He took me out on the balcony and gave me some more.

He told me that nobody knew who I was and we had different last names. He asked me to marry him. I must have stepped in the rabbit hole and didn't know it. I didn't know what to say. I asked him if he was sure that we wouldn't get caught, he said that he was very sure. I showed him that I could suck a big dick and ended up swallowing a lot of cum, and he liked that too.

I thought about how I use to live and where I was then, and there was no way I was going back. All the men who say that they'd do the things Lamar had already showed me he'd do were nothing but liars. Lamar was doing right by me and he could have easily had someone to step in my place. There was no way I was going to let that happen.

I told Lamar that I would marry him, and I told myself that I would do like other woman and get fat and lazy. He even gave me a small wedding with a white dress and everything. He had a poster size picture of me in my wedding dress in the apartment, so everybody could see. I stared at that thing everyday until I got use to it.

I got myself in the habit of being at his beck and call. I woke the brother up with a blowjob. He loved having his dick sucked. I noticed that he liked me keeping my pussy hair cut all off, and boy did he eat some pussy. He liked sucking on my toes too, which I thought was cute since he'd kiss my feet in front of white men and they would stare like it was my pussy in my shoes.

We took a trip to Cancun, and Lamar asked me to pose naked for pictures. I didn't even have to think about it. The only thing I had on was some beads around my ankles. There were two guys there taking pictures of me, but there were other people standing around watching. I did what the photographers said and Lamar looked happy for that.

About a month after we got back, Lamar handed me a magazine and a big fat check, and the check was made out to me. I was happy about that. I felt famous being in a magazine, but I didn't neglect Lamar. I gave him booty or a blowjob any time I even thought he wanted some. We fucked a lot.

I found out that he liked people seeing him fucking me, so I made it easy for him. A lot of the times I would start it. Parking lots, elevators, anywhere I could get his dick in my pussy. He loved it when I wore dresses that were too short. I did it on purpose. He liked seeing guys seeing my ass.

He took it as step further at a party where we were one of about four black couples. He told this white guy that I had the best pussy in the world with the guys wife standing right there. We went up to a room and I knew what I was supposed to do. The good thing was that the white guy had a decent sized dick. I gripped his dick with my pussy and rolled my hips. The man was moaning like a bitch. His wife stood next to Lamar watching and smiling. I wasn't expecting the white chick to eat my pussy after that, but she did and it felt good. She sucked Lamar's dick too. They invited us to swing with them. I like seeing that chick sucking on Lamar's big black dick. We laughed about that.

I fucked a few discrete men for Lamar, and he fucked some women too. All of them were white. After a while, I noticed that all the people around us were rich white folks. We were doing well too. We stayed in an apartment, though. Lamar said that he really wanted to live in New York, so he wasn't looking to get a house.

Lamar had a young black guy over named Mai who was about 21, and told me to give him some pussy. The guy was cute, but I didn't mention that to him or to Lamar. We fucked and fucked good. We went from the bed to the floor. Mai had my ass sliding from room to room and we ended up out on the balcony. I thought Lamar was a good fucker, but Mai had me begging for more.

When Lamar got back and asked how was it, Mai said I was the best he ever had. Lamar was happy and told Mai that he wanted him to stay with me for a few days. I didn't question Lamar, but as soon as he left Mai was back in my ass. It wasn't like with Lamar, Mai didn't sleep. I barely had anything to eat. It was just fuck, fuck, and fuck. Mai eat my pussy and sucked my toes too, and I must have drunk a gallon of his cum.

After Lamar returned from his trip, he had Mai doing things for him. Mostly he was taking me around and doing stuff with me. Lamar told me to keep Mai satisfied. Mai didn't try to sweet talk me or anything, he just fucked me when ever Lamar didn't need me.

Lamar started spending more and more time away, and Mai was wasting no time. He actually licked me from the bottom of my feet to my forehead, and he even fucked my ass with his tongue. Lamar didn't want us to leave the apartment, but that only meant that we didn't put on any clothes.

Lamar came back and said that it was time for Mai to leave. I didn't express any opinion about that. I didn't even say bye. Lamar didn't have to say that he owned me, I said he did. I tried even harder to keep Lamar satisfied with me. I stayed out of his way, but close enough to fulfill his needs.

Lamar got to the point where he only wanted to fuck me in bed at night. I didn't hassle him or show him any attitude. I still sucked his dick in the morning, but a lot of times he would let me finish. He'd just say that he was good.

I didn't let my ass get fat or too hard and I made sure that I looked fuckable. It just appeared to me that his work wasn't fun for him anymore. I joked with him that he would pimp me out if he was bored with what he was doing. He laughed and gave me a good fucking, but that didn't last long.

We went to a party and I saw Lamar eyeing this one white lady. I mingled around until I got in her ear. The way she was checking me out, I knew she was bi. I told her she should convince Lamar to take her home with us. There was no need to convince Lamar. We took her home with us and I laid naked on the bed watching Lamar fuck the woman like he use to fuck me. I wasn't mad about that.

Lamar seemed like himself again, but he was seeing a lot of that lady. I started looking for things to do. I was all dressed up and no one to blow. I mean it, until I got a call from the couple that we did some swinging with. I told Lamar about it, and he said that I should go.

There were three couples there and me. I felt like I was the main course at their meal. They were all over me licking and sucking my pussy, tits, and toes. I never had so many hands on me at one time. I went prepared to get fucked, and what I got was serviced. I mean, they acted like I was a queen or something. They took turns licking and sucking my pussy. The guys were big on licking and sucking on my toes. It kind of gave me the impression that they would have sucked each other's cocks.

Needless to say, I left after a few hours. Lamar was fucking that white girl, so I was going to go out for a walk. I didn't make it out of out of the lobby. This guy, Carter grabbed my hand and turned me around as he was coming in.

Carter told me that if I went out dressed like that by myself that someone might think that I was a prostitute. I told him that I like dressing that way, and say that he liked me dressing that way too, but I should be alone on the street like that. It made sense. I didn't know what I was thinking. I told him that I really didn't want to be alone. He invited me to his apartment. I knew he just wanted to fuck me, but I wanted to be fucked, and I wasn't to particular by whom.

We had Vodka and danced. Well, he felt me up and grind. All he had to do was stick in dick in me. It wasn't like he couldn't see that I was naked through or under my dress, he just didn't close the deal, so I got bored and said good night.

I was just about to go in to our apartment when this little dude name Chris, couldn't have been no more than 19 started cat calling at me. I almost started laughing out loud, but I said what the hell.

Chris got all up my face telling me that what I needed was him. He was going to rock my world, is what he said. I thought it would be fun to play for a little while. Unlike Carter, Chris was all hands and had me in just my heels, while I was thinking he was just playing.

He took me out on his balcony and looked over and saw Lamar fucking that white lady like he use to fuck me. I pointed Lamar out to Chris and it didn't even slow him down. He sat me on the rail and jammed his dick in me. He started pounding his dick in me and I almost completely forgot about Lamar and that woman, until Lamar yelled to have me bring Chris over to our place.

Chris followed me as if I was in heat. I told Lamar the straight truth and he believed me. He told me that he'd rather that if I fuck someone, to do it in our place. He said it would be safer for me. Lamar to the white lady in our bedroom, and Chris fucked me on the floor in front of the sofa. I really needed that fuck.

Lamar told me that he was going to divorce me and marry the white lady. I said okay, and didn't act made or upset about it. He said that he'd give me enough to live on until I got myself together. I wasn't drunk or anything, so I was able to take it all in. He didn't rush me out or anything, so I had time to think.

I went down the hall for some company, and Chris was playing on the internet. He showed me so many ways people were making money on the internet. I figured out what I was going to do. Of course, I let Chris fuck me before I left.

The least provocative thing I had to wear was a pair of stretched jeans. I checked everything except my handbag, which was smart, because of all the hassle with luggage on planes. I was getting all kinds of looks, but no one made a play for me. It was a little disappointing, but it was okay.

I sat in a row of empty seats waiting for boarding. I took off my sandals and put my feet up. A man came and sat down in the chair next to my seat. He kept looking at them and then said that I had pretty feet. So I started flirting with him about my feet. Then he asked if he could hold them. I was like, I don't know, and then he handed me a folded C-Note. I lifted my feet and let him sit so that me feet was in his lap. He put his jacket over his lap and pulled his cock out up between my feet. He was moving slow, but he was still fucking my feet with people moving around us. That was cool. He got a rag from his jacket and caught his cum.

It was a big airplane, but not many people were flying, so the man sat in the row with me. He said that he would give me two hundred dollars if I had sex with him in the air. The thought of that thrilled me. I agreed before I thought how we were going to do it. I had to take off my pants. They were too tight to move around in. Luckily, the t-shirt I had tied up to my waist was actually longer than my dresses.

The seatbelt light went off and I pulled off my jeans. I didn't have on panties, which was normal. It turned out to be pretty easy. I held my knees up to my shoulder and only took up two of the three seats. He licked my pussy first and then he stuck his dick in me. The turbulence was fun.

It was early in the morning when we landed in Atlanta. Heels and a t-shirt get lots of attention. I caught a cab to a Hotel in the suburbs. It was the first time in a very long time that I had slept to noon.

I had been giving away pussy for as long as I can remember. It was time for me to make money off of pussy too, but not my pussy. Well, not all with my pussy. I went to the local super store and bought flip-flops and some sexy clothes.

I met Brain on my way out the store. There wasn't a cab in sight. He came up to me and spoke. He was dressed like he was older than looked. He was very neat and an easy tone to his voice. He had light brown eyes and prefect white teeth. He offered me a ride and I ended up drinking wine at his apartment.

I felt in control, politely telling him what to do. He offered one thing or another, and I tested him. I had him sitting on the floor in front of me, while I rubbed my feet against his face, chest, and in his crotch. His dick was hard and felt pretty big. I enjoyed playing with him. I had him naked and I played with his dick and balls making his shoot cum all over himself. I put my foot in his cum and spread it all over him his chest.

I made him take off my pants and follow me out on his patio on his hands and knees. I leaned against the rail and had him eat me. That first time was such a rush. He sucked my ass and my pussy good. We went back inside and I had him to lay on the floor and I road his big hard dick, but I didn't let him touch me with his hands. I think it was better, because I was doing it for me.

I told Brian that I needed to find an apartment, and he begged me to stay and gave up his bedroom for me. I remember seeing some stuff about dominance and submission on the internet. Brian said that he would be my slave if I would go naked in the apartment and give him booty. We made an agreement, but I had an idea on my mind.

I had Brain to take me to the local spots. I shocked him with my practically nude dress. That's when I saw Melissa. She was checking me out, so I went over to her and had Brain to fetch us drinks. She was 22, blonde with nice blue eyes, and bi. I got up in her face and she kissed me. I kissed her back and told her to come with me. I sent Brain for his car, which was really cool; a big black sedan with tinted windows. Brain was awesome playing his roll like he was my driver. He open the back door for us and drove. We kissed some more, and then Melissa found her way down between my legs. I kept her there until we got to the apartment.

Brain acted like a waiter filling our glasses with cheap champagne. Melissa was all over me, feeling my boobs, fingering my pussy, and kissing me. I spread my legs wide, so Brain could see her fingers in me. His dick was really hard. I called him over and took out his dick and sucked it with Melissa. We also shared his cum, and he was calm about it.

Melissa and I got naked and I did eat her pussy while she ate mine. I could tell that Brain wanted to fuck both of us, but I made him wait. He had a really nice camera that the pictures could be downloaded to the computer with. I had him take pictures of me and Melissa, and then some more of Melissa by her self. I worked Brain right into the scene. I told him to fuck her hard, and he did. I took pictures of him fucking her all kinds of ways.

We stayed up all night drinking and fucking. Brain only got involved when I told him too, which worked out great. He wanted to fuck me, but I didn't let him. I wanted him to fuck her every time his dick got hard. Every time, Brain fucked her real hard too, in her ass and everything.

It took him a while, but he figured it out. I wanted her turned out, just like I had been by Lamar. Brain was slick and took one of those dick hardening pills and had Melissa in tears. She passed out after that.

I let Brain in on my plans of starting an escort service, and that was how we were going to get girls. I wanted bi girls, because straight girls are too bitchy, because they never get what they wanted. Melissa was perfect, a sexy white girl.

It was about noon when we went to a pancake house to get something to eat. Brain looked bad in black pants and shirt with sunglasses. I wore my blue dress that had double lining that covered my nipples, crotch, and the crack of my ass. I let Melissa ware my cream color mesh dress that didn't hide anything of hers. I also let her wear a pair of my heels. Mouths feel open, and I let a man who was straining to see, get a clear view of my pussy. Men were slipping Brain their business cards every where that we went.

I knew Melissa thought we were just out having fun and being bad, but I learned a few things from Lamar; you got to have exposure. Melissa and I were kissing in public, and Melissa flashed my ass at a few men. I had switched Melissa to Vodka, and I had very little. We passed by this one dude who was walking and I had Melissa to ask him if he wanted to fuck her. He didn't believe it until she let him touch her pussy. We went behind this one building and parked. I got in the front with Brain and watch the guy fuck Melissa. The guy turned her over and went in her butt. She looked good getting fucked, which gave me another idea.

Melissa wanted Brain to fuck her when we got back to the apartment, but he waited for me to say it was okay, which was awesome. I remember being that way with Lamar. Brain fucked her even harder. I mean, he was straining and grunting. It was for good, though.

The first call we went on, it was a young black man who just wanted Melissa. I waited in the living room and Brain was outside in the car. All I had to do is call Brain on speed dial and he'd be right up. There was no need for that. The guy paid up front like he was suppose to and took Melissa in his bedroom. He took the entire hour and Melissa was smiling when they came out.

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