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Giving Lauren More


"It's not that I'm loose, you know. He always says that, but it's not true!"

"Shhh - quiet down, Lauren. We're not exactly in private," Andrea said as a few eyebrows were raised in the small patio café.

"Sorry. It just frustrates me, that's all. Plus, it's not like I'm a slut or anything, and fucked a ton of guys before we got married..." Lauren insisted. Seeing the half smile form on Andrea's lips, she hurriedly clarified. "Look, maybe I had some fun, but it's no worse than any guy has done. And I don't think a couple dozen is that bad by 26, really. It's like three different guys a year since I was 18. The point is," she continued, lighting a cigarette, "Nobody 'stretched' me out."

"Well, you said yourself that you're not happy. I mean, you told me Mike is pretty average, like what - 6 inches or so?" Lauren nodded. "Well, I have to tell you, most women would call that just fine, as long as he knows what to do with it. I mean, with the different guys you've been with, you have to know that's pretty standard equipment down there," rationalized Andrea.

"I know, I know. It's just not enough for me, I guess."

Andrea paused to light a cigarette of her own. "OK then," she exhaled. "What did the doctor say?"

Lauren looked distraught, as if she was going to burst into tears. "He said that my vagina is just a bit larger than normal. But not unusually so. I asked him why I don't feel really turned on during sex and told him that Mike thinks I'm too loose. The doctor said that I appear to be less sensitive vaginally than some women and that I may just prefer the feeling of something larger than normal to get real pleasure. He suggested that we see a sex therapist, and maybe consider including toys in our lovemaking." Andrea smiled. "Lauren, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Either of them, actually. Look, we don't have anything else going on for an hour or so. There's a place I got a vibrator from not far from here. Why don't we go take a look and see if we can find something to cheer you up?"

"Andrea, this is Brooklyn. There's probably a sex shop every 20 feet," Lauren groused. She took a final drag from her cigarette and extinguished it in the ashtray. "Fine. I guess we can give it a shot. I can tell you right now that Mike isn't going to go for the therapist idea, so maybe this will work better."


Most adult toy/bookstores tend to be a little on the seedy side, and this one was no exception. While not especially dirty, it was a touch run down, and the neon tinted lighting and racks of pornography lining the entrance instantly made the women feel a little tainted. However, instead of the greasy old man Lauren half expected to be sitting at the counter, a well-built, reasonably attractive college age boy was running the shop.

"Hi ladies," he said in a casual, friendly voice. "Come on in. Let me know if you need any help finding anything."

Lauren immediately felt a little better. She leaned over to Andrea and whispered in her ear, "I thought this place was going to be icky, with peep show booths and toothless men!"

Andrea looked at her friend: stylish but slightly conservative with an Ann Taylor sweater set and 2.5" heels, medium length chestnut hair pulled into a ponytail, inconspicuous makeup. Attractive, but a little uptown. "If I thought it would offend your Upper West Side sensitivities, I wouldn't have brought you here," she teased. Lauren slapped her on the arm playfully.

"Look, just because my husband has a condo there doesn't mean I've forgotten where I'm from," she retorted. "I just grew up a little," she said, looking at her outfit. Still, she had to admit privately that her husband had been exerting some pressure on her taste in clothing lately, and she wasn't quite as adventurous as she used to be. "Let's look around," she suggested to change the subject.

The ladies made their way through the shop, giggling at some of the sights. Lauren picked up a leather-and-metal corset. Holding it up to her body, she called, "Hey Andrea - what do you think? Is it me?" Andrea shook her head an emphatic 'no'.

They flipped through the videos and magazines, commenting on attractive actors and actresses. "Lauren, what do you think about this one," Andrea teased, holding up a girl on girl film.

"Um, I don't think so... Would you ever do that?" Lauren replied.

"Only with you, lover." Andrea winked and blew her a kiss.

Eventually they made their way to the rear of the store. The entire back wall was covered in a dazzling array of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and similar implements. Lauren slowly let her gaze travel across the selection.

"How about this one?" asked Andrea, holding up a pink vibrator.

"No, I already have a vibrator. I'm thinking something, well..." Lauren blushed and lowered her voice, "bigger."

Andrea selected another, a 7" jelly dildo and held it up. Lauren shook her head. Andrea moved up to a 9" lifelike dong. Again, Lauren indicated no. As Andrea went to grab the next size up, a thick 11" dildo, she saw Lauren's gaze fixed on a toy on the bottom shelf.

"No Lauren," she said firmly.

Lauren reached down and picked it up. The dildo was very big; some might even call it huge. It was around 14" long, but what intrigued Lauren was the girth. It had to be about as thick as her forearm, with a head the size of her fist. She felt a trickle of wetness in her panties as he held the dildo. It was heavy, and firm, yet flexible.

"Lauren, are you fucking kidding me?" Andrea gasped. "That thing is huge! You're going to hurt yourself. No fucking way," she insisted, taking the dildo.

The college boy cleared his throat softly from a few feet away. He looked carefully at the dildo and then Andrea. "I just wanted to check and make sure you're finding things okay here. The bottom shelf there is mainly for novelty events, just so you know. Bachelorette parties, etc..."

Andrea blushed fiercely and put down the dildo. "We'll have to think about it," she said and grabbed Lauren's hand, leading her out of the shop. "Look," she said once they were outside, "I have to get going to work. We'll find you something, I promise. And get that damned husband of yours to go talk to someone with you, okay?" She glanced at the large diamond on Lauren's finger, more than double the size of her own wedding ring. "It's not like he can't afford it." She kissed Lauren on the cheek and walked away, crossing the street and entering a subway station half a block down.

Lauren stood quietly in the doorway of the shop for a couple of minutes, thinking. Unconsciously, she went back into the store. The employee gave her a friendly smile as she entered. "Back already?" She grinned weakly and moved into the video section. Browsing for a few minutes, she found a section that interested her. The films were all oriented around two or three well hung guys with one woman. She looked at the box covers until she found a long one with several different scenes and picked it up. Then, ignoring the wobble in her knees, she marched to the back of the store and picked up the novelty dildo. Once again, she felt her cunt twitch and moisten just feeling the thick, veined latex in her hand. She walked up to the register with her selections.

"I think this will make a great gag gift," the young man said with a knowing smile. Lauren was relieved that he didn't embarrass her about it. "You know," he continued with a serious glance at her figure, "To make the joke even more realistic, you should probably consider giving her a good lubricant with this." He added a bottle of Astroglide Plus to the pile. "Tell you what, free of charge - I don't think you should leave without it." He rang up her video next, feeling himself getting turned on by this sexy woman's choices. From the looks of it, she was getting ready to fuck the hell out of herself.

"$78.50 is the total," he told her finally.

Lauren reached into her purse and started to take out a credit card. Then she thought better of it and pulled out several twenties. Why let Mike know what she had been doing, she thought to herself. Suddenly a flush of wickedness rushed through her. As long as she was being secretive, she reasoned, she might as well see if she still had "it". It wasn't like she was coming back here, and she had seen the growing erection that tented the young man's pants.

She intentionally touched his hand as she gave him the cash. "You know that this stuff is for me, don't you?" she asked softly.

He stumbled a bit trying to count out her change. "Uh, I don't really ask about that...I guess it's none of my business..."

"Well," Lauren teased, pulling back her shoulders subtly to make her chest stand out, "In your professional experience, is there any advice you'd give me for this purchase?"

He handed her the change and the bag, staring at the outline of her breasts stretching the cotton sweater. "Yeah," he mumbled, "Have fun."

She blew him a kiss and turned away, letting her ass sway as she walked to the door. Inside, she was laughing wildly. She may have mellowed since meeting her husband a couple of years ago, but she could still twist a man up when she wanted to. She didn't hear his second piece of advice, whispered under his breath, "And be careful with that thing."

Lauren looked at her watch: 2:30. Mike would be working until at least 7:00, so she had plenty of time to experiment. Yet, she felt rushed and excited, so instead of taking the subway, she quickly hailed a cab.


Lauren was opening the door to her fifth floor condominium by 3:00 since traffic had been surprisingly light. One of the nice things about a career-minded, early-thirties husband in investment banking was that she had the house to herself quite often, which suited her fine. And since neither of them wanted kids, for now at least, there was nothing to disturb her "experiment". Well, almost nothing, she noted as she glanced at the telephone. A quick touch on the control pad muted the ringer. There, she thought with satisfaction, now everything is perfect.

She briefly flirted with the idea of a nice bubble bath with scented candles to set the mood, but realized that she was too keyed up for that. It would just delay things and irritate her. She took her plain brown shopping bag and her purse and moved into the bedroom.

Lauren and Mike had a decent sized bedroom by Manhattan standards, with room enough for a petite entertainment center opposite the bed, complete with a flat-screen TV and a VCR. She ejected the tape that was currently in the machine - some porno with a lesbian sounding title, she discovered. Hmm, she thought, Mike's been doing some of his own watching. She had never really watched two women together, she realized suddenly; she might just have to take a look at this tape sometime. But not right now.

She pushed the new tape from the adult bookstore into the machine and picked up the remote. Her stylish but functional 2 1/2" heels clicked on the hard wood floors as she walked to her side of the bed and laid down on her back, still carrying the brown sack. She clicked on the television and took her cigarettes from her purse.

Well, here goes nothing, she thought with sudden skepticism as she flicked her lighter. Through the plume of smoke she exhaled, the first images came onscreen. She quickly fast-forwarded through the previews for a bunch of 800 numbers until she got to the title screen. "Girls Who Need More" it was called. That certainly describes me, she laughed internally, with a bit of cynicism. Try as she might, she could not recall ever having had sex with an abnormally well-hung guy, and her husband was pretty run of the mill at 6", but especially lately she'd just been feeling...unfilled.

The first scene opened on a blonde with large fake tits standing in a bar. She was drinking and smoking a cigarette, and a man approached her. Pretty hunky, Lauren thought to herself approvingly. They laughed for a couple of minutes and danced, with his hands roaming fairly freely considering that they had just met. Then the man pointed, and the blonde looked over to see two other guys at a table, one white and one black. He whispered something in her ear and she nodded. The scene cut to a motel room where the blonde was on her knees with her stretch top pulled down around her waist. The guy who had hit on her was unzipping his pants to reveal a long, thick cock.

Lauren smiled. That was more like it, she thought to herself as he stroked himself to a full erection that had to be in the ten-inch range. She felt a tingle in her pussy and began unbuttoning her blouse. She touched her brassiere-covered breasts and continued smoking as the action heated up on the video.

Soon all three men were naked, and they were all equipped with very large cocks - the smallest was at least 9" and disproportionately thick. Lauren put out her cigarette and reached into her nightstand for a vibrator. I'd better get warmed up before I try the new one, she decided.

Watching the blonde being fucked by these studs was plenty of inspiration, and Lauren quickly grew wet as she ran the vibrator over her panty-clad mound. She teased herself for several minutes, letting the excitement build. Finally, when the blonde lowered herself onto the longest cock, while sucking the thick guy and letting the third ass-fuck her, Lauren could hold back no longer. With a low, throaty moan, she came to the tingling of the vibrator on her clit.

That felt great, she thought to herself. For a second she considered trying her new toy another time, but the anticipation was too strong. She stripped off her panties and pulled her skirt out of the way. She smoked another cigarette as a break in order to recover from her climax, then pulled out the new dildo as a new scene came on.

The one appeared to be a gang-bang. One guy was telling four others the "ground rules" about fucking his wife, and then they all went into a bedroom. He kissed her, rather tenderly for a porno, and announced that she would take each of them one at a time, then he would have her himself. As before, when the men stripped they all had unusually large cocks. Lauren shivered with excitement. She ran her hand across the dildo, trying to get used to the feel of it.

It was almost incredible, she thought. The latex cock was so big that she couldn't nearly get her hand around it. She realized that it would actually take two hands to manipulate it inside of her. If it fit, that is. She opened the bottle of Astroglide and poured a liberal amount over the dildo, smearing it around until it was well distributed. The extra on her hand she spread over her pussy, although she discovered that her cunt was so wet already that the blonde hair around it was matted.

Here goes nothing, she told herself. She put the fist-sized head of the dildo against the cleft of her pussy lips and pressed. At first, nothing happened. She kept pushing, slowly increasing the pressure, until she felt it starting to slip a bit. At the same time, she felt an enormous spreading of her inner labia. "Fuck," she groaned softly, biting her lip. She kept pushing, and now her pussy began to respond. With surprising swiftness, she felt herself loosen up and felt the dildo begin traveling down her vaginal canal. Then, with a twist of her hips, the last barriers disappeared and her cunt opened to swallow most of the dildo, leaving only two inches protruding with which to pull it out.

Lauren left the dildo all the way inserted for long enough to check the action onscreen. It looked like a couple of the guys had already fucked the woman, and her husband was stroking himself in the corner. Another one finished with a deep groan and slowly withdrew his cock from her stretched pussy. A rush of come poured from her gaping cunt as he moved away. Shit, they're all coming inside of her, Lauren thought in amazement. Sure enough, a broad wet spot on the sheets was dark with semen and pussy drippings. The fourth guy immediately moved in and wiped his thick dick through her sloppy gash a few times to get it lubricated before shoving it into her, to the cheers of the others. Lauren feverishly rubbed her clit to the action onscreen, clenching her pussy around the dildo to keep it from sliding out.

She realized that the intensity would get her off rapidly, so she grasped the end of the dildo with both hands and started sliding it back out. The sensation was so powerful that her head swam and she began grunting animalistically. She felt her climax rushing towards her, even though she had hardly even begun, so she started fucking herself with short, rigid strokes. The dildo, thicker than her wrist, touched every nerve in her cunt at once and she felt an incredible orgasm wash over her.

Several minutes later, feeling groggy in the post-orgasmic comedown, she realized that her pussy had squeezed the dildo out of her on its own accord and felt its weight pressing on her crotch. She lifted it up and looked at it closely. Jesus Christ, she thought, how did this thing ever go 'up there'? The dildo was just so big that even after using it once, she was still intimidated by it. But even more intimidating, even shaming, was how easily it had gone up her when she pushed a little. It didn't even hurt. I took it like a ten-dollar hooker...

Suddenly Lauren felt cheap and slutty. She opened a nightstand drawer and put the dildo in, covering it with underwear. On second thought, she added the gang bang videotape to the stash as well.


"This is Andrea," said the brunette, answering her ringing cell phone.

"It's Lauren. Listen, I have to talk to you."

"OK, no problem. I don't have a client right now. Hang on a sec." Andrea caught the attention of the other stylist and pointed to the phone. Receiving an understanding nod, she grabbed her purse and slipped out the front door of the salon where a bench was drenched in the warm afternoon sunlight. She lit a cigarette and spoke again into the phone. "OK, I'm all set. What's going on?"

"I did something crazy. You're not going to believe it."

"I'm all ears, Lauren. What's going on?"

"I went back to that store...you know - that store - and I got a toy. I used it earlier this afternoon and it was amazing. I've never felt so good in my life!"

"That's great! What's the big deal then, you sound like something's wrong?"

Andrea nearly choked as she inhaled from her cigarette at Lauren's next words. "It was the big one. The big dildo you told me not to get. I bought it, I fucked myself with it, and I loved every second of it."

Andrea paused for a few seconds to collect herself. "Really...no shit?" she said in shock.

"I'm a fucking slut," Lauren said miserably. Andrea could hear the tears in Lauren's eyes and tried to reassure her.

"No you're not," she said firmly. "You just went and did what made you feel good, and there's nothing slutty about that. And you did say you loved it," she pointed out. "But...didn't it hurt?"

"No." Lauren bit her lip and continued, "At first there was this pressure and it was really intense, but then it just slid right in." She shuddered, remembering the sensation. "I've never felt so full, so stretched... I came so hard I just about passed out."

Andrea felt her pussy getting moist. She had a good sex life with her own husband but had never 'nearly passed out' from an orgasm, and she felt a twinge of envy. Half-joking and half-serious, she said, "That sounds great to me Lauren. I'm off work tomorrow. Maybe I should come watch you."

Evidently Lauren didn't find the idea so unusual or funny. "That would make me feel better, Andrea. Then I wouldn't feel like I was so weird or whatever. Come by whenever. I'll let you get back to work, I guess." Then she disconnected, still a little out of sorts.

Andrea looked at her dead cell phone and took a long drag from her cigarette. Watching Lauren with that ridiculous toy tomorrow, she thought? Well, why not. She pretended to herself that she didn't notice the trickle of vaginal secretion running down her inner thigh.

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