tagIncest/TabooGiving Mom a Peek

Giving Mom a Peek


My mother and I used to fight all the time. Bitching, arguing, groaning, we were always at each other's throats.

Until I got to put my stuff down her throat.

My incestuous feelings for my mother started about ten years ago when I was about 12 years old. I never thought I could ever do anything about them until about a year ago, however. The way my bedroom is set up is across from my mother's, and she can see virtually my entire room when she's lying in her bed. At night, when I'd change, I'd close the door out of habit to have some privacy.

It occurred to me one night that perhaps I should leave the door open in the off chance that she catches a glimpse of my body and enjoys what she sees. I started on the nights that I knew she was asleep and would leave the door open in the off chance that she wasn't actually sleeping. I was always facing away from her. As I got more and more used to the idea, I'd start facing away from her and casually turn around to put my underwear on so that she could get a glimpse for a quick second, if she happened to be looking. If not, I'd still usually get quite aroused at the idea that she might have or that I'd been naked in front of my mother.

As a few months passed, the open door policy, so-to-speak, became pretty much a nightly thing. I realized that I probably needed something else to get the process moving along a bit faster. As I changed, I would stroke myself a few times, first making it look like I was adjusting myself, and when that didn't work, making it a bit more obvious that I was yanking off. With my door open. In front of my mother.

And then the thought finally hit me. Instead of trying to be coy, why not be obvious? Rather than put clothes on, I would get naked, lie in my bed, and masturbate, trying to make as little noise as possible, knowing she'd probably hear me anyways. Wouldn't you know, she came in my room the first night I tried that.

She walked in, and I heard her, but I had my eyes closed, and I pretended that I didn't know she was there. She walked in very quietly, looked at me, and walked out. Now I know she was intrigued.

The next night, I masturbated again, but she didn't come into my room this time. She stayed in her room and turned off the TV in order to presumably hear me better.

The third night, I struck gold.

She wandered into my room again, this time passing the door slightly and speaking.

"What are you doing?"

I froze there, suddenly questioning whether or not this was a good idea. She walked a bit closer. Her dark silhouette told me that she was wearing a pajama dress that went to just above her knee and certainly no bra.

I didn't know what to say.

She asked again, "What are you doing? I can't see anything."

I told her, "Just lying here. I'm in bed."

As much as I was scared, I knew that I couldn't back off now. There were no heavy blankets covering me, just a thin sheet which had a tent pitched under it that I was sure she could see. She reached out a hand and missed by cock by mere inches and touched my stomach. She made her way up to my head and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Well, if that's all you're doing. Good night."

There was enough light in the room coming in through the window that I know she could see me. So much so in fact that when she leaned over to kiss my head, I could see a pitch black outline of her nipple down her pajama.

"I guess so." I said.

"What do you mean, you guess?"

"Never mind." I replied.

"Were you doing something else here, you think?" she probed.

"I was trying to help myself sleep." I said, thinking that made sense. Masturbation, after all, was a natural thing, and there was nothing wrong with it.

"Do you want me to help you sleep?"

I just let out a light moan "mm hmmm" and before I knew it, her hand was back on my stomach finding her way around, but this time, it wasn't heading up for my head, it was heading down for my head. She found it quickly and her hand darted away. Was there a big miscommunication? Did she actually just want to give me a massage to help me sleep and maybe she couldn't actually see anything in the dark?

The next thing I felt was my cock getting warmer. My mother was breathing on it without touching the sheet at all. She knew what she was doing and this was real.

"You can't relax if you're cold. You need to warm up the muscle."

There was no way my mother was going to suck on my cock, was there? My own mother?

She placed her palm over the sheet on top of the head of my penis and let her fingers fall to grab onto my shaft. Her hand fell to the side and she got hold of my cock through the sheet and once again began breathing on the tip of it.

I began letting out moans unconsciously and she must have liked the response, because she took her other hand and placed it on the top of the sheet and pulled it down slightly. She moved her hand under the sheet and grabbed hold of my cock with that hand. She moved it up and down, and the thought occurred to me that my own mother was stroking me off. That thought alone had me ready to cum. And I almost did. Until she stopped.

"Are you ready to fall asleep?"

"Almost. But you have to keep massaging me." I replied

"My arm's tired. What if you massage me and that will tire you out?" She said.

I was confused. Did she want me to finger her? Lick her pussy? Did my mother want me to fuck her? Licking my mother's pussy is something that I've wanted to do since I knew what it was. I know what fucking feels like, and tits are fantastic, but pussy is unique and tastes different based on the woman. And I wasn't shy; I had made my way into my mom's hamper more than once to taste her soiled panties. It was delicious and I have come a lot more than once from those.

She turned over and laid on her stomach and she said "You can rub my back."

Disappointed, I sat up cross-legged, made sure to cover myself, and began rubbing her back from the side. A few minutes went by and I still had my erection from before thinking my mother had been jacking me off. It was just beginning to fade when she spoke again.

"This isn't working. Sit on my butt and rub my back."

This made sense as I could get more long strokes on her back to make her feel relaxed, but it was all made better by the fact that I was naked and I'd have to do it with a massive boner.

I swung my leg over and sat on her butt cheeks and began massaging.

"On the skin," she said.

"What do you mean?"

Before I could realize it, she hiked up her pajama dress to above her breasts and said it again, "On the skin."

I knew that she wasn't wearing a bra, and it's not like I could see her breasts from this angle (or from any angle for that matter, as they were pressed down into my bed), but what surprised me was that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Here I was with a rock hard boner and I was sitting on my mom's naked butt, my balls touching her ass. She told me to move back a bit because where I was sitting was hurting, although I took that as an excuse for my cock to be more inline with her ass cheeks. It was now resting firmly on top of her crack, and it looked incredible to be there. I only wish I set up a camera to capture all this before she walked in.

I asked, "Is that better?" and let out a soft moan and said "Yep."

I continued rubbing for about ten minutes but I was worried she'd fall asleep, so every few minutes, I would "adjust" myself. After another ten minutes, I could barely see the head of my penis anymore as it seemed to be buried between my mother's ass cheeks.

She said "Okay, I've got to go to bed", and motioned for me to get up. I move off of her, and cover myself with the sheet again, as if there is a point to being modest at this point. Before I can catch a glimpse of her breasts, her pajama falls in place and covers her body again.

She gives me a kiss on the forehead and asks if I'm ready to fall asleep. Of course, I tell her, I'm not really tired out yet and that I could use a massage.

"But you don't have to," I said. "You can just go to sleep."

"Alright," she says. "But only for a few minutes."

I'm not sure of whether or not I should cum in these few minutes or if I should wait for her to leave and do it myself when she leaves. At this point, I figure that it's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to my mother again, so I may as well go as far as I can.

Apparently, we were thinking along the same page, as she pulled down the sheet again and began stroking my cock. Slowly, at first, but then she began panting, trying to get me to go along with her movements and arousal. I knew she wanted me to cum at this point, and whether or not that was true, there was nothing that could have stopped me anyhow.

My mother's hand wrapped around my cock, her other hand keeping her balanced on my bed, where her face was just a few inches away from it.

I felt it close. I was about ready to cum and I could tell that this was it.

"I'm ready. I'm going to!!" I practically screamed. I couldn't say the word cum in front of my mother. Even with all that was going on in that moment, I couldn't bring myself to say it. But it didn't matter, as in a few seconds, I had shot spurts of cum across my body and they landed on my chest, my stomach, and most importantly, my mom's hand.

A few moments pass and I'm once again unsure of what I'm supposed to do.

"Go clean up and you should be all ready for bed," she said.

And she was very right. I massaged my naked mother while pressing my cock between her ass cheeks, she had worked me to orgasm, I came all over myself and her hand, and now I was tired.

She retired to her bedroom, where I heard her go straight to bed, not knowing where or if she ever wiped the cum off her hand, and I went to the washroom, wiped down, and headed back to my bedroom.

I didn't sleep a wink that night.

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Mom help me cum

My penis was rock hard and has she was rubbing it I felt my balls getting harder and heavy and I felt a tingle in my penis and I think my mum news I was going to come because she rubs a bit faster andmore...

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