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Giving My First BJ


My name is Susan, and I really LOVE cock!

I guess it started just after I turned 18. I was raised in a very strictly religious family, and taught that pre-marital sex was wrong. Consequently I was pretty uptight about sex.

Still being thin back then, but with the largest breasts in our class, the boys were always asking me out. Of course, they were also always staring at my chest instead of looking me in the eye when they would do so. It was obvious what they wanted, and that they weren't really interested in me, so I usually said no. My first real boyfriend at the time was different though. He was cute, but not too handsome. Smart, but not too geeky. Athletic, but not first string. Involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, but not really popular. But most of all I thought he was just really nice.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I had necked some, and we'd rubbed each other through our clothes a couple times, but that was the extent of my sexual experience (and I think his too). I always felt conflicted after. It felt so good when he got me horny, but I thought it was wrong - which actually made me feel even hornier. It was confusing, and sometimes maddening, but as I look back I think it also made me the horny cock craving slut I am today.

The night it happened we'd just left the school dance after a basketball game early, and had "parked" in his little Toyota Corolla on a deserted dirt road, that was sort of on the way home.

We started with some mildly serious kissing and caressing. I don't know why, but I was so horny that just kissing him was almost making me cum that night. When he groped for my titties, I reached for his groin, and as I felt his hard cock through his jeans, I moaned in his mouth as I had a tiny orgasm.

Like I said, I was always getting asked out because of my boobs, and I had actually gone on a few dates with other guys before this boyfriend, so I'd felt a few cocks - mostly pressed against my tummy as we slow danced. I'd never actually seen a real guy's cock in person though. I'd seen a couple pictures from some girlfriends' Playgirl, but I'd paid more attention to the arms and chest than the hazy stuff below the belt. However, this night as my pussy tingled from our kissing, and his timid rubbing of my nipple through my blouse and bra, I got this uncontrollable urge to see his cock - live and up close!

Excited, extremely curious and wanting to see what it looked like, I tried to open his jeans to pull it out. It was impossible in the cramped front seat of his car though, so he helpfully slid his seat back, lifted his hips up off the seat, opened his belt, and shoved his pants and boxers down.

I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Though I had no way of judging relative to other guys, it looked big to me. It was hard, and had a big head that was leaking something clear and sticky.

I had heard enough to know that it wasn't anything bad, so I just leaned over and licked it. It was thin, watery and just a little slimy, and salty. While I actually didn't mind its taste, the texture almost made me gag. But then it was gone, and the next thing I knew I was slurping up and down his wonderful hard cock, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth. When he started to moan I felt like such a slut, that my pussy began throbbing again.

I instinctively knew that it wouldn't be good to have my teeth scratch his shaft, so it just seemed natural to keep my lips securely over my teeth and to keep the lips and his cock well lubricated with saliva. Other than that epiphany, I didn't really think about what I was doing, I just stroked the base of his shaft as I bobbed my mouth on the top, licking and sucking and rolling my tongue all over it as I crammed it in and out of my virgin mouth.

So there I was, kneeling in this guy's front passenger seat with my head in his crotch, sucking for all I was worth on his beautiful hard cock. After a while he began thrusting a little too. Pushing his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth.

From the sounds he was making I knew he was about to have an orgasm. I was scared, but also very excited, and conflicted about what I was doing. It felt so good, both his slobbery slick shaft in my mouth, and my now oozing pussy that was building to what I just knew was going to be a huge orgasm. But thinking of how "wrong" it was kept nagging at me.

Suddenly, he groaned "I'm gonna cum" and pulled my mouth off of him. At that instant my guilt complete went away, and although I had no idea how it was going to shoot out, I just knew I wanted to see it.

I didn't have to wait long as a second later his first shot spewed out. It shot almost a foot in the air, straight up, and landed right down on my hand, which was still stroking his now cumming cock.

At that moment I came too. Hard! He wasn't even touching me and I had the hardest orgasm I'd ever had. It was a sensory overload, there was just so much happening. He was shooting, moaning, thrusting. I thought I was going to pass out from my orgasm that had been triggered just by watching his cock shoot cum.

I leaned back down toward his cock and he shot a second glob up and onto my left cheek. As I pulled my face back for a better look, I watched as he spewed another couple of shots into the air and back down on my still stroking hand.

Meanwhile, my orgasm was in almost full control of my body. I was tingling and very wet between my legs, and my nipples were very hard and erect. Because I was leaning over, the top halves of my boobs were rubbing his thighs while the bottom halves were rubbing my knees. As I slowly rocked back and forth, my hard nipples were getting caressed by both of our legs, enhancing my orgasm.

Other than this involuntary swaying, and my continued absent stroking, I was virtually immobilized by my own orgasm. Eventually, realizing that he'd stopped shooting, I stopped stroking his slightly softening shaft and just held it's now gooey base. Eventually, my orgasm totally subsided too, and then he got soft so I finally let go of his cock.

As I started to come back to my senses, I could really smell the aroma of cum, as I felt the splatter on my cheek running down my neck. Then I realized what we'd done, and was feeling so guilty that I was just about to cry, when my boyfriend grabbed my head and pulled my lips to his. When he passionately kissed my cock sucking mouth I had a third orgasm.

Wrong as I thought it was, I knew right there that I loved cock . . . and that I WAS a slut.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/12/17

Reminds me of my first BJ

Reminds me of my first blowjob from my girlfriend, Sharon. Before, we'd parked and she stroked my cock and I suggested she lick it. She did, and as I was getting close to cumming from her handjob, I stoppedmore...

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by Anonymous03/04/17

Amazing story. Good detail and show of emotion through the story, felt like I was in the back seat watching.

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by tyrone3307/28/16


fucking loved this short lil story. getting u well on ur way to loving a cock in ur mouth.

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by Anonymous07/08/16


wow. Nice job.
I hope writing this was as much fun for you as reading it was for me.

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by drevilslair05/11/16

Scorching hot

I just love how your excitement boils over from curiosity to need. I just love how you describe your body's reactions to the excitement of your first blowjob....your instinct taking over. I also lovemore...

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