Giving My Little Sister a Massage


As I looked down at my little sister lying there, naked and adorable, I felt a deep yearning inside me. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love for Crissy. Then I leaned in and I gently kissed her bottom. Just a soft little kiss on each smooth round cheek.

My sister giggled, and said, "Do that again."

I was surprised at her happy response, and I asked, "Are you sure?"

She whispered as needy, "Pleeeeease."

Hearing her sound so eager, I leaned in close and kissed her bottom - each cute cheek, once more. But this time my kissing was a little slower and I was shocked how smooth and cool her pale skin felt against my lips.

Crissy quietly said, "Mmmmm, that feels nice."

Hearing that, I continues to kiss her, one little kiss after another, all over both perfect cheeks. It felt so honest, my adoring little kisses, and I could tell that Crissy deeply and truly loved it. I found that I couldn't stop, each kiss was more deliberate and more tender that the one before.

As I kissed, I could feel the round smoothness of each lovely cheek, and it was so unbelievably sensual. I tried to kiss as gently as I could all over Crissy's beautiful soft bottom.

She whispered, "Oh God - Michael - Thank you..."

I kissed one little kiss after another, all over both perfect cheeks. After a little while, I let my tongue caress her smooth bottom, and my kissing turned to licking.

Crissy quietly whimpered, "Oh God, Michael, thank you - thank you."

I continued to lick her as gently as I could, and at the same time I put both hands on Crissy's naked bottom, and I spread the plump cheeks wide, just as I had before. I was looking at her tiny pink anus, it was just inches from my face. I was electrified, and my heart was pounding.

"Oh my God - yes." She whispered in a shaky voice...

I spread her soft cheeks just a little wider to get a better view of that cute little hole. Her skin was pale and smooth, and I was utterly transfixed by the image of her tiny pink anus. With her legs spread like they were - I could see her vagina and her pubic hair too, but I was desperately focused on her adorable anus. Holding my little sister's beautiful butt cheeks apart like this, so close to my face, was making me crazy.

Earlier today, Crissy had been to swim practice at the high school, and I could smell the delicate scent of chlorine. It was such a clean smell. It felt like Crissy's body was, somehow, totally and perfectly pure.

I was holding her cheeks out wide apart with both my hands and continued to lick in smooth circles around her bottom, and I was slowly getting closer to my sisters little pink anus.

She felt what I was doing, and she said, "Michael, this feels so good..."

And with my face so close, I could see her tiny pucker was pulsing just a little. This just sent my passions soaring.What was happening? I was completely bewildered, my emotions were spinning off in some wild way.

Crissy's bare ass was as beautiful as it could possibly be - and I was entirely overwhelmed with a feeling of love. And then, I let my wet tongue glide across my little sister's little anus, I couldn't help it.

As soon I as my tongue touched it Crissy gasped, "Oh God - YES!"

I took my tongue and lightly pressed it firmly against her tiny hole.

"Oh God, Michael - Oh fuck - Oh yes..."

My adorable little sister started impatiently squirmed as she hugged the pillow. She started trembling in an emotional way, as if she were euphoric.

I continued to lick her cute little anus. The skin between her butt cheeks was wet and smooth, it was as if I was hypnotized by her tiny pink anus. With her legs spread like they were - I could lick her wet vagina and her pubic hair too. I desperately turned-on in a way that seemed profoundly loving. This went on for a long time, and I loved every second.

Then, Crissy quietly asked, "Do you have - that - that apricot oil?"

Without thinking, I sat up and reached to the edge of the bed and I picked up the big bottle of baby oil. I looked at the way Crissy was lying on the bed, she was on her tummy looking off to the side. She couldn't see me. I was totally naked, just like she was, but I wasn't sure if she knew that I had pulled off my pajamas a little while ago.

While I was sitting up, I watched as my little sister carefully crawled up onto her knees, she arched her back and lifted her hips, giving me an unbelievable direct view of her wet vagina and especially of her beautiful pink anus.

I carefully opened the bottle, and I poured a thin stream all over her pale ass, and it dribbled right in her beautiful bum crack. Gravity let it slowly drain down along the inside of her legs.

She flinched a little from the sensation. And, all at once, the room was flooded with the sweet fruity smell of apricots.

My little sister arching her oily ass up in a way that was so beautiful. It was a sort of shock, to see her - on my bed - naked and hugging my pillow and forcing herself higher onto her knees so her butt was pointing up towards the ceiling.

And then I set the bottle down, and I put my hands on my sister's slippery bottom, and the smooth feeling was delicious.

Crissy gasped, "Michael - Oh FUCK!"

Now both my hands were covered with the thick oil, and the sensation was warm and soft.

Neither of us said anything for a long time, the only noise was audible slithering sounds of my hands as I rubbed the baby oil in circles around her beautiful ass.

She had her hips arched up so high, and I was up on my knees, naked and hard, and it felt so natural to ease myself forward and gently let the tip of my rock hard erection touch the oily pink skin between the slippery cheeks of her bottom.

She immediately whimpered, "Pleeeease!"

It felt so good, and I started rubbing my erection against her oily pale cheeks. I could watch as the hard shaft got coated in the warm thick oil.

What was happening? I was in some haunted dream. I was completely bewildered, my emotions were spinning off in some ecstatic way.

I moved even closer. and I forcefully pressed myself, my erection, hard in between her soft plump cheeks.

Crissy gasped, "Oh God, Oh God..."

I looked down at myself. I was tall on my knees, and the sight of my penis pressing against Crissy's soft round oil-soaked bottom was electrifying. I was rubbing myself - my hard erection - firmly against Crissy's smooth oily butt. I was astonished that anything could feel that wonderful.

I had never felt anything like this - ever! I had no idea what was happening. I feverishly rubbed my erection inside her oil soaked butt crack. My little sister let out a impatient gasp. She gently arched her back, and pushed her beautiful butt up just a little bit higher.

Crissy turned her head to look at me, straining to see over her shoulder. Her expression was wide-eyed and filled with complete yearning.

My adorable little sister stated, "Oh God - Michael, that feels SO good!"

She squirmed back against me, arching her hips even more, and I firmly press my hard dick agains her soft slippery bottom. I was so hard, and everything was so slippery, and I saw there was a thick glossy layer of baby oil all along the shaft of my penis.

Then I held my erection in my hand, and I deliberately pressed the head of my penis against her sopping oily anus.

My little sister gasped, "Yes - yes!"

The sensation was bewildering. I was trying to drink in the magnitude of what was happening. My adorable little sister was encouraging me push myself - the head of my slippery erection against her tiny oil soaked anus.

Then she gently moved her hips up and down in a sensual rhythm, and the sensation was sending me into some hidden and passionate place, a place I've never been before.

Then Crissy turned her head to look at me over her shoulder.

She meekly asked, "Is this okay?"

"Oh God Crissy - Yes - This feels SO good."

She whispered, "I love you."

Right then - I thought I might explode.

Crissy positioned herself so my hard penis would glide in between her oily plump butt cheeks, and slip across her tiny anus.

She whimpered, "Oh God - Michael - This feels SO good..."

I started vigorously rubbing the head of my my throbbing erection against her anus, sliding it up and down - and the oily wetness was getting sloppy and noisy.

I felt a deep need to kiss Crissy, to touch her hair - but I was too far-gone. All I could do was pump and rub my slippery oily erection between her smooth butt cheeks. Each time the head of my penis slid over the small firm shape of her anus, I watched as my little sister shuddered with ecstasy.

Crissy franticly gasped, "Michael, this feels SO good, I think - maybe - I might - I'm might cum..."

Hearing that, I held my erection tight my hand, and pressed the head of my oily penis firmly against her tiny pink anus.

Crissy gasped, "Oh God - Yes..."

I pushed a little harder, and I watched as she eagerly wiggled herself back toward me. It felt glorious, and my little sister was whimpering with desperation.

Her little anus seemed so tiny and the head of my erect penis seemed so BIG, and I was unsure if it was even possible that might fit inside. But, Crissy was pushing back against me so forcefully, and the apricot oil made everything so slippery.

And she whimpered, "Oh please - I really want this..."

I was trying to remain calm, but the intensity was just mind-blowing. And I knew Crissy was feeling the same thing.

And then, she squirmed and pushed the pillow off the bed and pressed the side of her face against my bed, suddenly she was even taller on her knees.

Oh God -I watched as she spread her legs even wider. Seeing this was heartbreakingly beautiful. She was tall on her knees with her legs spread wide. With me on my knees behind her, this position seemed a little easier to press against her oily little bum hole.

She was quietly whining.

She was acting so desperate, and she pleaded, "Please - Michael - please..."

I held my own erection with my fist, and positioned the head of my penis directly against her tiny pucker and I pushed.

Crissy kind of begged, "Please - Please - Please..."

I tried pressing myself even harder against my sister's oil soaked anus.

I said, "Crissy, I'm worried it might be too tight."

"NO!" she blurted out, "Please - I wanna try - PLEASE!"

The desperation in her voice was so overwhelming, and she aggressively backed up on her knees so she was pressing against me even harder.

I pushed the tip of my erection directly against her wet little anus, and at the same time my sister pushed herself back towards me.

She was whimpering, "Oh please - Oh please..."

I was amazed at how needy my sister sounded, and I felt so desperate to help her. I reached down next to me for the big bottle of baby oil, and I poured even more all over my own erection and Crissy's adorable ass. I really used a lot, and it was running down the inside of her legs. The way she was positioned up on her knees, it ran down her back to, down toward her neck and head. I could see her pony-tail getting all oily.

Crissy was anxiously breathing, "Yes - yes - yes - yes..."

I wanted so bad to try and help her, to satisfy her. I held my sopping erection with my fist, and then pushed the big wet head even harder against her oily anus. It only took a little while, but little by little, Crissy was allowing the oily head of my penis to enter her.

"Please - Michael - Pleeeeease..."

Then, the big smooth shape, was suddenly inside her.

Crissy immediately squealed, "Ahhh! Oh - Oh God! Michael!"

I was shocked at how tight it felt, it seemed like her tiny little anus was forcefully gripping the head of my hard penis.

She began to sort of shiver, and my oily erection slid a little bit deeper, slow and steady.

She cried out, "Michael, oh God - I'm gunna cum - I can feel it."

I could sense that she was getting really close. I moved one of my hands around her hips and reached under her, and I touched her trembling little clitoris, it felt oily and wet, my fingertips felt smooth and slippery.

She was breathing harder and her pelvis started slowly pumping up against my erection - and could feel the frantic energy building inside her.

Crissy began desperate whimpering, and it just made me crazy with desire. I watched as my oily erection slid a little deeper inside my her adorable little anus - it felt tight and muscular. At the same time, I could feel my sister's plump clitoris, and I was rubbing in frantic little circles.

My beautiful little sister sounded so desperate as she gasped, "Oh God Michael - Oh fuck - I'm gunna cum!"

She was whining in a feverish rhythm, and it almost sounded like she was crying.

The head of my hard erection was sliding just a little bit deeper into her tight anus, it just seemed SO forbidden - and at the same time - it was SO beautiful. I was on fire with emotion - and my little sister was writhing on her knees - and it was so obvious she was ecstatic!

She was pleading, "Oh God - Michael - PLEEEASE!"

Her voice was so emotional, and it just made me crazy with desire.

I moved my fingertips faster, desperately rubbing her oily clitoris, and I just KNEW she was close to cumming.

She was straining as she began shivering on her knees, trying to push herself back into me even more, and she literally started to shudder - and then I felt her whole body was vibrating.

Even though it was incredibly tight, I managed to slide myself in even deeper. Oh my God - It felt amazing, everything was so oily.

Then my beautiful little sister turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. Her mouth was open as she was gasping deep breaths, but her eyes were wide with passion.

She looked at me and gasped, "Oh God Michael - I love you - I love you - I love you..."

And then it happened.

She made a desperate crying noise, and I felt a tight throbbing as her anus gripped my erection even tighter, I was amazed at the intensity. All the while, Crissy was shivering on the bed.

I tried to rub her oily clit as fast as I could and I watched as my beautiful little sister convulsed in a powerful climax.

Listening to her moaning, she just sounded so desperate - I couldn't help myself - I could feel an orgasm building, and her excitement caused her anus to squeeze just a little tighter - and it firmly gripped my erection.

She begged me, "Oh - Please Michael - cum in me - PLEASE!"

My erection was sliding in and out, it wasn't all that deep, but - Oh God - it felt SO good, her anus was so incredibly tight around my hard dick. Her muscular little hole was gripping me in a rhythmic spasm.

Then it happened - the tight sensation around the head of my throbbing erection was just too much - I held onto her oily hips as a wave of ecstasy washed over me - I was cumming - and we both felt it as I pumped into her tiny anus.

She stammered, "Oh Fuck - Oh Fuck!"

And Crissy visibly shuddered as she felt me climaxed, - I could feel my cum pumping out and everything became even more slippery. My erection was now gliding in her anus - back and forth in a glossy sheen of milky cum and baby oil.

I was breathing hard and deep. And it took me a little while to calm down.

After a little bit, I slid my penis out of her bum hole, and it was slippery and glistening from all the baby oil and my own semen.

My little sister immediately rolled over and faced me, she was on her back looking up at me. It was the first time I saw her from the front, and she looked absolutely radiant. Her breasts were small and beautiful, and her nipples looked hard and pink.

Here pale red pubic hair was soaked with baby oil, and she was breathing heavily, so her chest was rising and falling as she stared at me.

I whispered, "Oh God - Crissy - I love you - so much..."

She looked at me with her big adorable eyes and replied, "I love you too."

And then, I pulled Crissy in - and carefully kissed her on the mouth, and the feeling of his warm soft lips made my heart soar. The joy that I felt would be impossible to describe.

I was absolutely thunderstruck, and the room felt sweltering. A thin layer of sweat covered both of us, so everything felt slippery and hot.

Crissy softly told me, "I need to thank you - so much."

"For what?"

She smiled and said, "For being such a wonderful big brother."

"Oh Crissy, you know how much I love you."

And then she looked up at me with her big eyes, and timidly whispered, "And thank you for being so honest, when you told me that you loved my big bottom."

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by Anonymous

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by padler04/10/18

Just beautiful

I loved every Word. You managed to make the act melt into an all natural event. The love between big brother and little sister could handle such loving action.
Your slow build up was perfect and got tomore...

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by KerilaBlebo10/29/17

My thoughts

Dear addieQ,

when I first read this I was immediately hooked. It had a far stronger effect on me than most other stories. I guess I'm telling you nothing new, but the naive innocence and mutual care ofmore...

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by Anonymous06/09/17

Absolutely moe

This is the cutest fuckin thing I've ever read yo

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