tagBDSMGiving Up

Giving Up


Anna sat at the bar, wondering if she hadn't made a mistake. She was tired of the dating game but missed having regular sex. Instead of going back to her asshole boyfriend, she decided to try an online hookup. She had been browsing the website for weeks now, but his was the first ad she had been courageous enough to respond to.

"Experienced dominant male looking for interracial fun," had been his tag line. His responses were literate and polite, and they only sent a few emails before she agreed to meet him at a local hotel.

Now, she was unsure. Control, he'd said, was a funny thing. Everyone had to have it during the day while going about their business. Some people, however, secretly craved to be moved by another person's priorities and desires. Some did it in the bedroom, some did it in every part of life.

Have you ever fantasized about someone who took your body without asking what you want? he had written. She had read some stories about women becoming slaves. She wasn't sure why it turned her on, but it did. Anna worked in a mostly male office, and during the day she had to be aggressive and in control. She wasn't a feminist, but she never let one of her coworkers get away with sexist jokes. To admit that being degraded was fulfilling her deepest desires--that was giving up control.

Now she wasn't so sure. She was dressed in her favorite little black dress, hoping it would help her be more comfortable. The dress' neckline swept across her average breasts and revealed a little on one side. The hem dipped past her creamy white thighs and accented her small frame. She was wearing low heels with her brown hair in a loose updo. On the stool she sat with her legs crossed tightly. She was fulfilling his one request before meeting.

Just as she was finishing her drink, she saw him walk in. He had sent her a face and body pic, but he was unmistakable. Tall, dark skinned, and muscular. He was beautiful. Anna had never had a special attraction to black men, but she was definitely drawn to him.

She held her glass to her lips, trying to find any remaining amount of courage as he walked over to her. He held out his hand. "James," he said. She put down her cup, wiped the sweat off, and shook his hand. "Anna," she said, her voice high and wavy.

"Are you nervous?" he asked, smiling. She nodded. "That's all right. We'll sit here for a while. Want another drink?" She shook her head, and he sat on the stool beside her. "Did you do what I asked?"

Nodding again, she grabbed her purse off the bar and pulled it into her lap. She pulled out her bikini panties, wet with her juices. When you get to the hotel, he'd written, go into the bathroom and masturbate. Take off your panties and give them to me when I arrive. She handed it to him, unsure if she should present them some kind of formal way. He simply took them and put them in his pocket.

"Thank you. How did it feel to do that?"

She shrugged. It was easy to type her desires in an email, but harder to verbalize them. "Scary. But I was really horny in the bathroom."

"Are you horny now?"

She bit her lip. "I don't know. I'm just really nervous."

"That's all right," he said again. "It's hard to give up control to someone you don't know. It's hard even when you do know them. Did you like it?" She nodded. "What did you think about?"

She blushed. "I thought about a big black man being rough with me, throwing me around and fucking me."

"Is that what you want to do tonight?" She nodded. "Do you know how far you want to go? Do you want me to hit you, or just hold you firmly?"

"I don't want you to hit me."

"Can I bite you, scratch you?" She shook her head. "What about nibbles?" She liked his suggestions and her ability to agree or disagree. He had seemed very serious, but suddenly he gave her a dazzling smile. "I think I can do that. If it's too much, you just say 'red.'"

"Ok," she said, taking a deep breath. He had told her about safe words in his email.

"Anything else you want to tell me before we go?" he asked. She shook her head. "Does someone know where you are?" She nodded. "When we get to the room, I'll give you a chance to call them and tell them what room we're in. Let's go."

Anna was sure he could hear her heart pounding as she followed him down the hall and to the room. Her hands were shaking as she texted her friend the room number. She put the phone in her purse and set it on the side table. When she looked up, James was watching her, but he wasn't smiling anymore. He could kill me, she thought. He walked to her until he was close to her--so close, she unconsciously took a step back.

"Are you still nervous?" he asked quietly. She nodded. "Are you scared?" She nodded again. She could feel blood rushing to her face and to her loins. "You've never had a man take control over you before?" She shook her head. "Don't worry, I think you'll like it." Unlike before, his tone was all but reassuring. He grabbed the back of head and kissed her. She barely had time to enjoy it before he moved on to her neck and shoulders. His big hands seemed to swallow her as he pulled her close, and she felt warmed by his body. This isn't so bad, she thought to herself.

As soon as she did, he neatly picked her up and threw her on the bed. She gasped, and her heart started racing as he climbed up over top of her. He continued kissing her, roughly grasping her breasts through her dress. His hands explored her body, rubbing and prodding. He was so big and strong, and the roughness added to her excitement. He reached down to her legs and pushed them apart. When he pushed a finger into her slit, he chuckled.

"For being nervous, you seem very turned on." She squeezed her legs around him, but he pulled away too quickly. "Let's figure out how to get you out of this dress." He flipped her over and ran his hands up her back. As he pulled the zipper down, he traced the path with his tongue. Anna shivered and lifted her ass up toward him. He lightly bit each cheek before pushing her over again. She lay below him, naked and exposed, trying to catch her breath.

"You look like a good fuck," he said. "Are you still scared?" She nodded. "It makes you horny, doesn't it? Like a good little slut." He pulled on her arms until she was sitting up. "First things first. Let's see how good you are at sucking cock. You do the honors." She reached toward his pants with trembling hands. The bulge behind the zipper was huge, taunting her. She unbuttoned and unzipped, and the member unfurled beneath his boxers. She slid those down to reveal his massive cock, dark and pulsating with energy.

"Get to work," he ordered, stripping off his shirt to reveal a muscular chest. She knew she was staring, so she closed her mouth and swallowed. Then she faced the giant member and put the tip in her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down, pushing his cock to the back of her throat. She gagged, and he pulled her back only for a second before shoving her down again. He did this several times, and Anna gave up trying to help.

Finally he pulled her all the way up, and she gasped for air. "There's a condom on the side table," he said. "You should get me ready to fuck you." She wiped her mouth and nearly leapt off the bed when he yelled, "Hurry up!"

She grabbed it as fast as she could. She had no hope of regaining her composure as she fumbled with the package and arranged the extra long rubber on his extra long member. He was saying, "Do your friends know you're such a slut? What are they going to think when you tell them you fucked a black man? Are you going to tell them how horny he made you feel?"

When she was done, he pushed her back on the bed and kneeled over her. "You haven't even tried to fight me," he said teasingly. "Go on, try to push me off." She pushed on his stomach, and he leaned back slightly. She leaned up to push harder. When she did, he grabbed her arms, and she struggled with him before he pinned them over her head. He grinned at her. "It was a good try." She tried to smile. She felt apprehensive about what was coming next.

"Can you...be...gentle?" she asked quietly. Her arms were shaking.

He leaned over and kissed her lips. "No." With one hand he opened her legs and shoved himself inside her. Anna gasped at the sudden fullness. She pitched her hips and he hit her g spot. He held her to him and thrust in and out. She closed her eyes as an orgasm shuddered through her.

"I think you like it a little rough," he said as he flipped her on her stomach. She buried her head and moaned into a pillow as he entered her from behind, pumping into her until she was shaking all over. Her pussy was clenching and unclenching around his cock, pulling him in deeper than any man she had had before. Finally he pulled away, leaving her aching and tired. She peeked behind her and saw the sweat shimmering on his chest and his cock still hard.

"You've got such a pretty ass," he said, not sounding tired at all. "I think I'll go there next."

"No, please," Anna said with alarm. She had never done anal before. Desperately she tried to think of her safe word. "Red, please."

She felt his whole demeanor soften as he rubbed her back. "Don't want to try?" She shook her head, clutching the sheets. "Everything else ok?" She nodded. "Want to keep going?"

"Please." She felt his hand leave, and after a second, she felt a nip on her butt. She yelped, and he laughed.

"Maybe next time, sweetness," he said, and again she was on her back. He started at her neck and slowly licked his way down her body, taking a detour to suck on each nipple. He reached her sore pussy and licked up and down the lips. She reached her hips toward him, imploring him to give her release. Finally he grabbed her thighs and started slowly circling her clit with his tongue. She groaned as he brought her through another orgasm. When he let go, she rolled on her side and closed her eyes.

"I didn't say we were done," he said, pulling her back onto her back. "You've got something you still need to take care of." She looked at him through heavy eyes as his stroked himself. "Where do you want it, your mouth or your pussy?"

"My mouth." She closed her eyes and let him drag her up to sitting. Again she was facing his gigantic cock. He pulled off the condom and put both hands on the back of her head. She opened her mouth and let him in to the back of her throat. He pumped himself as he shot his cum into her mouth and on her face. He wiped of the last little bit on her tongue and pushed her back again. She fell back onto a pillow and blissfully closed her eyes. She heard him getting up and later felt a warm cloth on her face. She looked up when she felt him lie down beside her.

"Are you all right?" he asked, smiling. She smiled back and nodded. "Did you enjoy yourself?" Another nod. "Good. I did, too. We have the room for the entire night. Do you want to go home, or do you want to rest a bit and play some more?"

She grinned. "More."

"Do I have to make you beg for it?"

"Please," she said, reaching for him. He laughed and covered her up with the comforter.

"Get some rest first."

She slept peacefully, but woke up horny. The room was quiet, and she couldn't tell if he was asleep beside her or not. She stroked his arm, but he didn't stir. She reached over to his wide chest and rubbed his deep brown skin. She could feel his breath going in and out. She worked lower to the curve of his pelvis and to his cock. The tube was still huge but soft. Anna wrapped her hand around it and pumped up and down, willing him to life. His breaths deepened, but he didn't open his eyes as his member hardened. Feeling more confident, she lifted herself up and increased her speed.

Suddenly he grabbed her wrist and stopped her. "Do you want more?" he asked quietly.

"Yes," she said.

"You have to say please."

"Please?" she asked, unsure of what she was asking for.

"You'll have to do better than that."

She squeezed him and rubbed up against his arm. "Please?"

He opened his eyes and sat up. She unconsciously pulled away. "Stand up," he said, sliding out of bed past her. She followed him, feeling less confident. She saw him dig through his bag and pull out handcuffs, and her heart jumped. He motioned for her to turn around. The cold metal made her shiver as they closed around her wrists. He pressed on her shoulders until she was kneeling, and he walked around in front of her. His cock was at face level but too far away to reach.

"Do you want to fuck my cock?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yes, please."

"Say it."

"I want to fuck your cock."

"Do you want me to fuck your slutty pussy?"

She nodded. "I want you to fuck my slutty pussy."

"You're already wet for me, aren't you?"

"Yes. I want it so bad." The words seemed strange to her, but she was still turned on.

"I don't know," he said, grabbing her head and pulling her closer. "I think I like your mouth better." He forced himself inside her and she immediately gagged. He held still, and she relaxed her mouth, allowing him to fill her up. She used her tongue to stroke him, enjoying the slightly salty and musky taste. Her mouth started aching and was full of spit, but he didn't show any signs of being ready to come.

"You're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?" he asked, finally pulling away. She dropped her head, panting. She was messy and sweaty and ready to come. He walked behind her and pulled up on the handcuffs. She stumbled up and over to the edge of the bed. She lifted her hips, yearning to be filled again.

"Do you want this big black cock, slut?" he asked, somewhere behind her.

"Yes," she said.

"Say it."

"I want your big black cock."

"The better you beg for it, the harder I'm going to fuck you."

"I want your cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard, please." She yelled out everything that came to mind. "I'm a slut and I want you to fuck my pussy. I'm such a dirty slut."

"You're a very dirty slut," he said, grabbing her shoulders and slamming his covered cock into her. She moaned with relief. Her legs were weak, but he supported her against the bed. "Is this what you want?" he asked as she pressed against him.

"Yes. Please fuck me. Please." He thrust into her, his balls slapping against her and fingers digging into her back.

"You're just a horny little slut, aren't you? Are you going to tell your friends how you begged for cock?"

"Yes, I will. Please," she said, writhing underneath him.

"Are you going to come all over my cock? Tell me you're just a slut who loves to be fucked."

She could only moan as the orgasm took over her whole body and mind. On the other side, she felt him still drilling onto her, the sloppy wet sounds marking his entry and exit.

"I'm going to come inside you now," he said. "Tell me you want my cum in your pussy."

"I want your cum in my pussy," she begged, feeling another orgasm spreading through her. "Please come inside me."

He fucked her faster. Finally, she felt him tighten and push even further inside her. She felt her pussy clenching around him, milking his cum out. Finally, he was finished. He held her and kissed her back, then he pulled out and lifted her up on the bed.

He unlocked the handcuffs and she pulled them around to stretch her arms. She felt spent, burnt up and crushed like a cigarette. She had never felt so satisfied.

James returned and rubbed her back. "Is that what you wanted?" She nodded. "You're a lot of fun. I think I will keep you."

"What does that mean?" she asked.

"It means you should call me next time you're horny. Do you like women?"

"I don't know," she said. She was feeling sleepy again. She closed her eyes and snuggled up against him. He laid down and wrapped his big arms around her. She relaxed in the warm glow of pleasure.

"I'll introduce you to my wife," he said.

"She must be exhausted," she murmured.

He laughed. "We'll both make you our fuck toy. Would you like that?"

"I don't know," she said cautiously.

"We'll play a few times and you can see if you like it. The more you give up, the deeper we can go."

It was a scary thought. She had already let a stranger make her beg for him. "How far do you want to go?" she asked.

"As far as you want," he said. She didn't know where that would be. It took a lot of energy just to submit for one night. She would have to consider it later. Echoing her thoughts, he said, "We can talk about it when you're awake." He kissed the back of her neck, and she drifted back to sleep. She was happy she had decided to meet him.

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