tagLoving WivesGiving Up Ass to Get Ahead

Giving Up Ass to Get Ahead


I know there is a time to stop... a time when your brain has to overrule with a "no" whatever part of you that is saying "yes" when it shouldn't be. I knew tonight was one of those times, but I promise you if you had been with my wife for the last 6 years... seeing what I saw so fucking often it would make your head explode... you'd understand why I just... let things keep going.

See, my wife is a beautiful mixed black woman. She's got the tits and ass you could expect from a "sista" but with her Asian eyes and lighter skin... Lips that say "stick a dick in me" and an ass that says "bend me over a table, because that's how God drew me up."

My wife knew she had a nice body... she loved to show it off. She would wear the tightest tops, the shortest skirts... the thinnest thongs. She was ok with nudity... she had flashed some of our friends at our pool on several occasions... she would wear see-through tops when we'd go out, or only bras and jackets, with the jacket coming off quickly when she got too hot from dancing... and she would let guys look. She wanted them to look. She'd even kiss a guy a little bit when she got drunk.

But that's where it stopped. I could want her to bend over and drop her panties and just take one of these horny fuckers, but it never happened. Never. Maybe they were scared of me (12 years US Marine Corps. You'd be scared of me too), or maybe they were scared of her... she's fine, and confident... but tonight, I was sure she was WELL drunk. Drunker than usual... drunker than speaking, and thinking, and saying "yes" and "no" required.

We were in a club we had been to many times before... we knew the owners a little and as we had become somewhat regular there, they began sending us back to one of the back "coves" of the club—kind of a private room, but not really... just back where the VIPs were. Separate bar... separate clients. My wife was in a see-through tight mesh top, and though she came with a bra underneath when we arrived, she had taken it off in the ladies room so that a guy from her office could see her tits. I'm not guessing this part, she told me exactly why she was doing it... she wanted to let that guy see the goods, and to see if he would help her any at work.

They danced together... a lot... after she lost her bra, and I enjoyed watching from a table on the other side of the cove as he stared constantly at her tits for like... an hour. They danced and drank, and danced some more... but then some other customers took interest and things began to get crowded around her. Of course she loved the attention, and with every extra shot she did, she became amazingly less inhibited. When one of the guys suggested to her coworker that he remove her mesh top for her—he looked around for approval, and when she didn't say anything, he put his hands on her and did it.

Her top button... her second button... then her tits were out... completely... and he finished the last two and just let her dance with her top open. She put her arms behind her head and really stuck her beautiful big boobs out so all of the guys in the cove could see them. All of the guys who knew she was my wife were sitting in my booth with me... which left everyone else thinking she was some hot to trot half Asian / half black sex bomb looking to get fucked. Honestly, it was never me who saved her from herself... she always managed to pull through it... but I could tell the amount of alcohol in her had her on the ropes. My fantasy might happen tonight and all I had to do was... nothing.

My wife's coworker started to get a little miffed when some of the other guys began buying her drinks and touching her and stuff, so he gathered her in his arm and took her to a two person booth across from where I was sitting, but in relative seclusion. At the other two-seat table next to them, a guy and his date were busy making out, and he had her top up, so it was clear certain activities were tolerated at this club, so he ordered another round of drinks and began whispering into my wife's ear.

Before I knew it, my wife was being kissed by this guy—albeit nervously—and after a few more minutes, he had my wife's see-through mesh top completely open as they kissed. While he started off very tentative... something she had said, or some hints she was giving him with her mannerisms told him, he could go farther... and soon they guy was openly fondling my wife's titties in their dark, recessed love-seat. Soon his mouth was on them... then I could tell he was after something.

My buddies were telling me, "Dude, you gotta do something... he's making a move, man... he's gonna fuck her right here!"

A couple in the far left corner of the room was very obviously, very noisily fucking—it was clear that was ok... And one chick on the dance floor wasn't dancing anymore—she was on her knees in front of her date, and he was doing the horizontal shuffle in and out of her mouth—but I still didn't think my wife would do it. I had seen her in worse situations giving up nothing at all. But I did think my buddy was right—this guy was going to go for it... and tonight he might actually get it.

But as quickly as things looked up for my man there... things came crashing down as they usually do. He had gone through the process of laying her head in his lap and no doubt opening his fly—I could see he was trying to make my wife suck his dick—but she still "had her dance on" and wasn't ready for it. While I'm sure he actually got his dick in my wife's mouth—he had both hands clinched in her hair—her head was going up and down in his lap—his head was cocked back in that look of ecstasy you get when you're getting awesome head... but she only sucked him for maybe five minutes—and then my wife was up, out of his lap, and dancing "drunkly" on the dance floor.

The club owner came over and told me I should get her out of there or else a riot might break out—or a gang bang—but I told him I'd pay for any damage from a riot, and a gang bang would be up to my wife. He just laughed and walked away—but my wife was quickly surrounded by two other guys and her office colleague and they wasted no time trying to get more out of her. She made out with one of the guys at a time while another would grab or play with her tits, while the other was rubbing his hands underneath her skirt. They would take turns switching off, and finally they had more or less maneuvered her into a corner of the cove by themselves and had gotten her to her knees.

I was sure this time it was for real—and the look on her coworker's face let me know it for sure. His pants her down at his ankles, and another guy was directly behind my wife holding her by the back of her head—literally pushing her forward on her coworker's cock. He was pumping his dick into her mouth and was loving every second of it—as was I. I couldn't believe my fantasy of watching my wife go too far was finally coming true, but as surely as I sat there in the shadows, Brianna had another guy's cock pistoning in and out of her mouth.

"These dudes with her aren't going to settle for the BJ" my friend told me... Brianna and I didn't spend a lot of time at this club—we had been there, but it's not like we knew all the regulars—and things were definitely more wide open in the cove than in the main club, but I didn't feel worried. My friend was much more familiar with goings on, though, and he leaned in and told me, "I'm serious dude... after they get their dicks sucked, they're going for her ass... and they'll try to get her fucked by as many guys as they can to keep her engaged. That's how they do it. The chick thinks she's entertaining the crowd... putting on a show—and one of these guys moves to her ass. She won't stop them, and even if she tries, they'll just keep going and ask her if she wants to ruin the party or not. I'm telling you she's gonna get it up her ass—a lot—if you don't stop this soon."

"Don't worry..." I told my friend, "she'll put an end to it if they try to stick it up her ass. She almost never does it for me, and she'd never let those guys have their fun that way." I replied.

"You don't get it dude... they'll let her say no if she tries... then they'll bring her a drink. Your wife is minutes away from getting fucked in her ass—willingly... or not."

The brain part of me said to trust my friend and go pull my wife away... but some fucked up part of me said to let it go a little farther... that she'd be pissed if I ruined her thing with her coworker...

"I hope you get a piece of her ass, then." I told my buddy. "It's not often used."

He just smiled at me and said, "I will. And I warned you. Let's go get a closer look."

We walked over to a table about two tables away from where they had my wife on her knees and I have to admit... I was so turned on by watching her sucking this guy she worked with that I had a huge, raging erection. I started thinking about what these guys could possibly do to get my wife to agree to anal sex and I prayed it would really happen. One thing my wife could do was suck cock, and she was leaving it all out there in her quest to blow her coworker's mind. He held out for a long time, considering, no doubt aided by the amount of alcohol he had consumed, but eventually he began groaning and jerking and holding her head smashed against his pelvis—which let me know he was shooting off deeply—and hard—into my wife's mouth and throat.

"He wants to fuck you." One of the guys said to my wife.

My wife smiled and said, "of course he does! But he just came, so I don't see that happening!"

The guy who had been holding her down on her coworker's cock turned her to face him and tapped her mouth with his semi-hard cock.

"Time for me, baby. Open up." He said to her.

My wife reluctantly complied—I could see that she didn't really want to suck this guy as much as she did want to suck her coworker, but she opened her mouth to him anyway. His friend came up to her and rubbed her pussy and ass through her tiny thong, exposing her ass to her spent coworker who sat on the couch in front of the table next to them catching his breath and watching the show.

He lifted my wife from her knees to a standing, bent at the hips position, while the guy in her mouth held her on his cock and then as she got tired he said, "here, lean over this—it will support you easily and make this a lot more enjoyable for us all."

At that point I understood the plan... my wife was now bent over a small round table—her ass sticking up in the air on one side, and her head bent over the other, being facefucked while her feet were being tied together in front of the table so she could not move. But my wife only knew she was a bit more comfortable sucking the guy in front of her because she could put her weight on the table.

"It's coming soon." My buddy told me, and like clockwork the other guy moved in front of my wife and asked her to suck him off too.

My wife took turns on the two men until one of them went behind her and slipped her skirt and panties to her ankles saying, "Your boyfriend is ready to fuck you now."

I saw her looking over at her coworker, who was sporting an impressive rejuvenated erection and she just said in a bit of a confused voice--"Oh... uh... cool."

Cool? My wife was going to let someone fuck her? After all the flirting and teasing and cock-blocking of her past, she was just going to roll with it with a "Cool?"

That's when one guy kneeled close in to whisper something in her ear while the other guy shoved his huge cock deeply into her throat so she couldn't answer.

"You told me you wanted to fuck her in the ass... friend, she's ready for you." The guy said to my wife's coworker as he fingered a bit of sex lube into my wife's anus.

"Your ass looks so so tight, Brianna!" the guy said as he stepped up behind her. My wife looked questioningly up at the guy fucking her mouth and her eyes bulged when her coworker began pushing against her tight back door.

"That's right baby... this is what you came for isn't it? You and your boyfriend wanted to get hot and have a party, right? He told me you brought him here as a favor... don't spoil the party, baby... let's keep it going ok?"

My wife just steadied her breathing as the guy slid in and out of her mouth and the guy she worked with began pushing his slippery hard cock into her asshole.

"I can't fucking believe it." I said.

"I told you man, these guys are pros... You do realize I'm going to fuck your wife in her tight black ass don't you?" my buddy asked me.

I looked at him and realized there was no stopping it and that I'd better be on board. Fuck it. I was on board. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My wife might not even realize she's tied up yet—and that she's willingly letting a guy from her office push his dick up her seldom-used ass!

He started fairly gently... but as he got comfortable inside my wife's ass, he picked up the pace steadily, until after a few minutes he was pounding her from behind just as if he was inside her pussy. The big dicked dude in her mouth held her down as he began shooting off inside her throat and I heard her moaning her way through an obvious flood of semen she was forced to swallow.

"Oh... fuck... Robert—I.... I never—I don't do anal!" she managed to say to her coworker while he fucked her and the first guy withdrew.

"You do tonight!" he said to her as he held her big boobs while bent over her back buttfucking her.

"Oh Goddddddd... noooooooo." She moaned to him.

"I know you want it, slut... and you need me, so keep taking it like a good whore." he said to her with frightening confidence.

She wasn't offered a rebuttal as the first guy's friend stepped in front of her and fed his equally impressive cock to her and began face-fucking her while her coworker, Robert, fucked her in the ass from behind.

Several other guys had gathered near my wife's table—noticed that she was tied to it and was being DP'd in her mouth and ass, and knew they would be getting turns soon. True to form, my buddy who tried to get me to cut things off was the very next in line—taking turns with the guy in her mouth as she began sucking him to hardness.

"Oh God... you're such a hot little butt slut!" her coworker, Robert said as he obviously neared his second orgasm of the day.

"Bring it around here and cum in her mouth when you're ready dude." my friend said to Robert.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck... oh Brianna take it... take it baby... take me up your tight fucking ass! You fucking ass slut... Fucking take my cock you bitch!" Robert said as he finally pulled out of my wife's overstretched asshole and moved quickly in front of her. By luck only, he managed to shoot his first thick rope of cum straight into my wife's gaping mouth as my buddy had just pulled out when he saw Robert getting ready. He slammed his spasming cock into her mouth for the rest of his cumshots, gagging her several times with violent throat-stabbing, while my buddy greased his cock up to stick in her back door.

It all worked like clockwork... One guy would come out of her mouth and quickly be replaced by another... one guy would pull out of her ass, and someone would quickly slide in there too. She was never allowed to say much, or protest, or do anything at all-except get fucked, suck dicks, and swallow cum. Two guys after my buddy I finally got up behind her and took my own turn in her ass. I don't know if she ever knew or cared that it was me—she just lay there and took it like a whore. An immobilized, oversexed fuckslut.

Mind you, she was not having a good time. Rather, she was resigned to her fate—and as predicted—wanted to keep up appearances for "the party" as the rest of the guys clearly were having a great time. So she just stood there, bent over and tied to the table, taking it in the ass and mouth until about 6 guys had been served—a couple twice—and my friend, the club owner came over to break things up.

But not before taking his turn.

"Hey Brianna—what a night! You were some hot slut tonight!" he said to my wife as he untied her and laid her on the couch next to himself.

"You can say that again..."my wife said with a sigh of relief.

"Up for one more? I've been watching you all night and really want you right now if you're still up for it."

"Sure, Rey, but can we just fuck? My mouth is so sore I don't think I could suck a coke through a straw right now, much less somebody's cock." my wife replied.

"Why don't you turn around and face the wall—I need a piece of that ass everyone's been getting." Reynaldo said as he moved up behind my exhausted wife.

My wife moaned as Rey pushed her against the mirrored wall and slid his cock deep into her asshole. He didn't use any lube at all—because my wife's ass was well lubed by now from all the others—and it made her ass perfect and tight but very usable. He kissed the back of her neck and played with her tits as he buttfucked her from behind—and he kept a tight grip on her by a fistful of her hair while he whispered dirty thoughts into her ears.

"I'm fucking you in the ass, you slut... you like it? You know your husband is right there watching me nail you up your ass? Do you think he likes watching me buttfuck you? You know he does... I know it... He sat right over there and watched as those guys tied you down and had their way with you... you didn't even have a choice... they tied you to this table and lubed you up and used you like a fuckdoll. You slut... You can come get fucked in the ass all you want here, baby... I'll reserve this table just for you if you want... just call me... I'll get guys to treat you like the fucking whore you are."

The whole time he buttfucked her he said shit like that to her directly into her ear—death-grip in her hair—body pressing hers against the wall. Finally, unlike the other dudes, he simply released himself inside her asshole. He came and filled her butt with so much cum—he had to be pent up for hours watching all the horny sluts in his "cove" tonight—that it poured straight out of her overused ass and down her legs when he withdrew.

Her coworker Robert asked to take her home but she waved him off saying that she had a ride and that she'd see him in the office tomorrow. She showered in Rey's employee showers where I'm pretty sure one of the cooks and a busboy fucked her quickly while I waited outside, and we went home.

My wife passed out on the way home that night, and had only bits of broken memories the next day when she awoke with one of the worst hangovers of her life. After a few hours of worshipping the porcelain god, she tried to apologize to me for whatever happened, but wasn't real sure what that actually was.

When I showed her the pictures and video clips I'd snapped with my camera phone—especially of her sucking off her coworker and swallowing his load (nice video, btw) and of her getting it in the ass from him while a complete stranger fucked her mouth, she began apologizing like crazy to me.

I did my best to let her know that I wasn't upset—but couldn't act like I just played along with it too easily or else that could turn things slightly bad for me too. So I let her apologize and then I showed her all the evidence of the night before, and how she had become a total fuckdoll for the guys in the cove.

"How am I going to face him?!" She asked me.

"Your coworker?" I asked.

"Duh!! of course Robert! Those other guys I'll never see again... but Shit—I gotta go to work soon!" she lamented.

"Well I thought the whole thing was to get him to do something for you?--that's what you told me to 'watch' for." I replied.

"Well it was only supposed to be a tease... shit... I wanted him to see my titties and think he had a chance at something else if he helped me. But he's fucking done everything to me already! FUCK! If you've got camera-phone pics of it all... SHIT! He might too!" my wife worried.

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