Jonathan ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair, feeling the warm wind on his face. He stepped through the stone archway onto the hot sand of the arena, stretching his arms toward the sky as the breeze shifted the sand around his feet. He bent and moved side to side, trying to stay loose inside his thick leather clothing. A short man jogged by, toting a coil of heavy rope. “Jesi today, champ,” the man grinned and went on his way laughing. Jonathan smirked at the nickname, and then forced the steely visage back onto his tanned face. He never lost, but that was no excuse to get cocky. The consequences of losing could be all too serious. He had no desire to become a eunuch.

Jonathan’s composure nearly left him, though, when he saw this ‘Jesi’ heading toward the ring. It seemed she had the wrong idea about the contest. The flyer had clearly said, “the first fighter fully nude will be declared the loser,” but this shapely, tall girl only wore three strips of leather, each about an inch wide. Two of them came down diagonally across her nipples and joined the third just above her navel, which ran down between her legs, not leaving anything but a tiny bit of flesh to the imagination. She had long, brown hair, broad shoulders (for a woman), and long, slightly muscular legs. Her breasts were larger than any Jonathan had ever seen; they were distracting, but he didn’t miss the subtle muscling along her torso. This girl was well made. She bent at her trim waist, and stepped through the rope barrier into the arena, causing her breasts to bounce lightly when she straightened. Her nipples peeked out from behind their meager covering. Jonathan felt his cock stirring, and had to adjust himself through his tight leather outfit.

She confidently strode up to Jonathan, knotted her long, brunette hair into a loose ponytail and locked her fingers behind her head, showing off her perfect and large breasts, making Jonathan’s erection stand out clearly through his pants. Smiling devilishly, she unlaced her fingers and moved her arms in a wide arc, ending by touching him on the neck, licking her lips. “You ready for me, big man?” She ran her fingers down his chest and to his belt. Jonathan could hardly believe her boldness when she flicked her finger against the front of his pants, sending shivers along his hard shaft.


The instant the bell rang, Jesi revealed a small dagger she’d concealed in her extended hand and slashed the razor-sharp blade down the front of his crotch, scoring his pants deeply enough that they burst open from the pressure of his erection.

Jonathan gasped at the surprise attack, but had the presence of mind to step back and draw his own knife. He almost laughed as the girl stared at his 9-inch unit, but decided it was more important to win. She would see it up close soon enough.

He measured her next attack, waiting for a chance to turn the motion against her. She lunged forward with a stabbing motion, presenting the opportunity for which Jonathan had been waiting. He allowed the tiny knife to come within an inch of his all-too-unguarded shoulder, then spun along her outstretched arm, ducking down and shooting his own arm inside hers, then up and over her shoulder. Jonathan half-turned, digging his hip into her firm, bare buttocks, then heaved with all his strength, hip-tossing her by her entangled arm and shoulder. Jesi gave a startled cry as she went airborne, which ended in a muffled grunt as she landed a good ten feet away on the top of her back and shoulders. The momentum carried her over in a backward somersault until she ended her tumble facedown and motionless, her arms and legs sprawling in different directions, and her hair releasing itself from the crude knot into which it had been tied. With her thick brunette locks no longer covering her back, Jonathan noted that her “armor” joined at a single clasp between her shoulder blades, with the lower strap fitting her like a thong between her buttocks before it joined the other two.

The crowd cheered at the magnificent display of fighting art, then held its breath as Jonathan walked over to Jesi’s prone form. The judge stood on his platform and raised his scepter, preparing to give the signal of victory.

Jonathan bent low and grabbed the leather straps just below the clasp. He pulled the leather up with enough force to bring a groan from the semi-conscious girl. She instinctively raised her hips to relieve the pressure the rough strap was placing on her most private area, which excited both Jonathan and the crowd to greater levels. He cut the two straps above the buckle and jerked even harder, forcing the entire outfit to pass between the beaten girl’s legs, bringing a louder groan from her lips. He held the tiny tangle of straps aloft for a moment, and threw them into the center of the arena. The crowd erupted as the Judge lowered his scepter in Jonathan’s direction. “Name her punishment!” the Judge bellowed.

Jonathan ran his hand down her naked back, grabbed her round ass and muttered, “I love these rules.”

Jesi woke with a strange throbbing in her head, and growing pain in her nipples. She felt rough hands moving about her vagina, up between her lips and then handling her clitoris quite meanly. She opened her mouth to protest and tried to move away from the intruder, but stopped as the pain intensified in her nipples and newly manifested in her clitoris. She opened her eyes and found that she was lying on her back, naked, on the arena sands. By looking down at her body, she saw the source of her sudden discomfort. Each nipple was held in the jaws of a tiny clamp, which were connected to chains, held by one of the arena workers. She looked past her painfully stretching nipples to see a third chain leading down into her pussy. “Oh, no…” Jesi began trembling in fear, realizing that she had lost the fight.

“Get her up!” Jonathan shouted at the arena worker, who complied by pulling on the chains hard enough that Jesi scrambled up from the gritty sand. The man pulled the chain connected to her clitoris, causing a fiery blossom of pain throughout her crotch that made Jesi cry out involuntarily. The crowd laughed as the man steered her around the arena like a horse by alternating the pull on each of the chains. Jonathan smiled as he watched her thrust her hips forward to lessen the stress on her most sensitive organ, stuttering between screams and gasps as the man tugged each chain. Another of the workers joined in, holding her back by her hair to make the pull on her privates more insistent, and spanking her hard and often enough that her buttocks were soon pink from the abuse.

“All right, bend her over that bench.” Jonathan instructed the worker holding the chains. He led her to a wooden bench, about level with Jesi’s hips. He stood on the other side and grinned evilly. “Please,” she begged as she sensed the worst about to begin, “don’t.” The man ignored her pleading and pulled the hardest yet on the chains, forcing Jesi to scream and bend her body around the bench. He pulled the chains tightly enough to make her squirm, then fed them into a tiny crank attached to the arena floor, turning it slowly, tightening the pull on her organs with each ‘click’ of the gears. She yelped and pressed her body onto the bench as hard as possible, but every time she moved to lessen the pull of one chain, another tightened and made her cry out again.

Click. Her legs nearly buckled from the strain on her most sensitive areas.

Jonathan approached as he watched the show, enjoying how her body quivered, liking the now clear view of her pink, hairless pussy from behind.

Click. Jesi screamed and let her arms hang lifelessly, having no desire to provoke her captor further.

Jonathan slapped her ass hard enough to make her entire body jolt and the bench move slightly. Her hair flung about wildly as she tossed her head in reaction to the torture. She stood, helplessly bent over as Jonathan ran his hands over her body. He had removed his pants, and his organ stood out hard. Jonathan walked around to her face, giving her a perfect view of his monstrous pole. She obediently opened her mouth as Jonathan inched closer and set the warm head of his cock between her trembling, pouty lips. He grabbed a handful of her thick hair and lifted her head slightly as he forced his entire package down her throat.

Click. Her muffled exclamation was all that could be heard through her cock-filled mouth.

He worked his hips back and forth slowly, reveling in the sucking pull of the blowjob. Suddenly she was being awfully quiet…was she actually enjoying this?

Jonathan pulled out of her mouth, noting that she sucked harder as he pulled back, almost as if she truly wanted his cock. His head popped out of her mouth with a loud smacking noise, and he strolled around behind her once again. He spread her legs, then placed the head of his penis into her ass, and slowly slid his cock into her. She released a guttural moan as he pushed all the way in and began grinding against her, the clamps straining against the fully wound crank. There was no question; Jesi was enjoying this. Jonathan intensified his attack, rocking the bench over which Jesi was bent. She felt the clamps pulling tightly and screamed as her nipples stretched and the constant pain of the assault on her nether regions grew worse. Just as she thought it could get no more barbaric, Jonathan pulled back and rammed into her so hard that the clamps all popped off, causing a sharp pain, then a strange numbness in each of the overly sensitive areas. She gasped in relief at the sudden boon, but found herself pulled off of her feet then dropped down onto the hot sand.

In frustration, Jonathan flipped her onto her back and forced her legs apart. He half expected her to fight, but found her actually moving toward his cock, trying to get it inside of her. Jonathan decided to give her what she wanted, determined to make her scream one more time. He enjoyed hearing her inhale deeply when he rammed his penis inside her. He began moving in and out, turning his hips slightly to catch the walls of her vagina. Her breathing became labored as he continued to pound into her, and she felt the entire region between her legs tingling, nearing the peak of excitement. She entwined her legs around his waist, and buried her hands in the sand of the arena floor. She gritted her teeth at the nearness of her climax, then let out a primal roar as the wave crashed over her.

He exploded into her at the same time of her orgasm, and the two of them lay there panting. Just before she collapsed into sleep, she reached up and stroked the back of Jonathan’s head. “…Thank…you…” she panted, then closed her eyes and slept. She dreamt of the next time she would see Jonathan in the ring.

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