"I don't think anyone is coming," he replied. "I'm willing to take a chance if you are."

Before she could respond his finger found its way into her most secret place, which was now very moist. He lingered and explored for a moment before finding the magic spot. Sierra's back arched and her breathing became even more labored. She reached for his cock and started stroking it. It was now filled to capacity. The oil from her own body allowed easy friction as she stroked and oiled his member. He continued to work her perfect spot until she couldn't take it any more. Her passion exploded into a massive orgasm which left her moaning and her hips thrusting on their own accord.

Chaven gave her a moment to rest and then he gently pulled her to the edge of the table. He wasted no time sliding her panties off her body. The table was just the right size to where his large organ was pointing directly at her treasured place. He teased her by rubbing his penis along the slit until the tip was glistening with her juices.

Just as she thought he was going to thrust it inside her he stepped back. He knelt and she felt his tongue licking her crevice. His teasing was driving her mad and finally his tongue entered her. He was performing what seemed to be impossible oral acrobatics on her. She felt another massive explosion building.

"Oh…oh…OH…YESSSS!!" Sierra's last word started as a scream and ended in a moan.

He gave Sierra another moment to catch her breath and spread her legs apart as his manhood was pressed against her pussy.

"Are you ready for this?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded.

"Are you sure?" he teased.

"Yes, fuck me now," she pleaded.

She sucked in her breath as he slowly inserted the length of his shaft. He was slow and teasing at first and then gained momentum. He lifted her legs up so that they rested on his shoulders. She had never done it like this before and it caused a deeper, more intense penetration.

For the next several minutes he would build close to a climax and then slowed his motion in order to prolong. This allowed Sierra to reach the height of her experience. There was a tingling sensation in her head and she thought she was about to pass out. Then she reached the point of no return and lingered there for a long moment of ecstasy. She finally let out a scream as she came.

Chaven had reached his limit as well. He pulled his engorged and throbbing manhood out and shot a massive amount of his sex all over her stomach and breasts. It was several minutes before either could catch their breath. When they did, Chaven took her by the hand and led her to one of the private rooms that had a luxurious bed. They crawled under the covers and soon fell asleep.

Sierra was feeling incredibly sexual that night and woke him up after a couple of hours. They had another mad, passionate encounter and then she fell soundly asleep until well into the morning.

Sierra was disappointed that she wasn't allowed to go back to the spa on a regular basis. Mistress Tameer told her that she would get soft if she went too often and she was only allowed to go if she had an exceptional performance in the arena.

Sierra spent the next couple of weeks training for her first melee contest. The training was so intense that she didn't even have time to think about the spa or other luxuries. When she was this focused it was like the sword was an extension of her own being.

On the evening of her next contest, Mistress Tameer helped Sierra into her armor. It consisted of a garishly designed helmet, breastplate, shoulder guards, a metal guard for her loins and thigh guards. Leather boots that laced up past her knee and matching gloves completed the ensemble. Sierra found the suit to be completely impractical.

"Why can't I wear something more than a thong and halter underneath this?" Sierra griped.

"It's standard code," Tameer replied. "Plus, you don't want your movement to be hindered."

"I can't say that I have much faith in this armor. It seems more ornamental than practical and these straps aren't at all sturdy. One well-placed hit and I'm going to lose some of it."

"Then it's your job to make sure you don't get hit," Tameer reprimanded. "Remember that the swords are dulled and collapse into the hilt to prevent the likelihood of death but they still cut."

Tessa was in the wing leading into the arena and wished Sierra luck. Tessa looked her over and made sure all her straps were on securely. Sierra waited patiently to be announced as she tried to calm herself from the usual nerves that stirred before a contest.

When she was announced, Sierra entered the arena and the fanfare was in full swing. Battles between males and females always drew a sellout crowd and received top billing. This arena was one of the five largest in the city and was much bigger than the last one she fought in. Sierra was introduced as a young, up and coming gladiatrix and the roar from the crowd was deafening. Many would be cheering her on as an underdog.

Her opponent's name was Darwin Lake who was a fan favorite. His armor was just as flashy and intricately designed. Sierra didn't know much about her opponent. She had been training so hard that she didn't have time to attend any other matches and scout him out. Tameer had mentioned to her that he was a crafty fighter that liked to toy with his opponents. Sierra hoped to use that to her advantage.

After greeting the adoring crowd the gladiators saluted each other. The bell sounded and the two combatants circled each other carefully studying and looking for an opening. If a judge deemed that a fighter delivered a solid hit they would be awarded a point. The first to score four points would win. A forfeit would also result in victory for the opponent.

Sierra was just about ready to make a move when her opponent suddenly charged her with his sword moving in an intricate dance. She had to go on the defensive and parry. His sword slipped in and detached a shoulder guard, which went flying across the arena. She lunged for an opening but he countered with his sword artfully finding the strap of her left thigh guard. It snapped and the armor fell to the ground with a clang. This caught Sierra by surprise and she had to roll to avoid his next onslaught. Darwin made contact with her exposed leg and scored a hit. Sierra was forced to ignore the trickle of blood that ran down her leg.

It wasn't long before Sierra figured out his game. He wasn't as interested in scoring points, but was more interested in stripping her piece by piece. He had it down to an art. The crowd cheered louder with each piece of armor she lost. She made some vicious counters and managed to dislodge his breast plate and thigh guard but he soon had all her armor stripped except for the small guard that protected her loins and her helmet. She was dangerously vulnerable with nothing protecting her torso but a tight black halter that barely covered her breasts. There was a diagonal window in the halter that showed a generous view of cleavage and would make a great target. The last piece of body armor she had looked like metallic underwear and served as little protection.

Sierra had to think of something fast. If she lost anything else she would have to suffer the humiliation of fighting bare-assed in her tiny thong underwear. Darwin was laughing at her predicament, which made her even more angry. She abandoned all her training and made a mad charge at him. This caught him off guard as he backed away. He lifted his sword to block but her swing caught it just right and the sword went soaring across the arena leaving him weaponless.

Darwin crouched with his gloved hands in front of him. Sierra maneuvered herself between him and his sword. He had to figure out a way to get to it, but she wasn't going to let him. She decided that it was her turn to toy with him. With careful aim she started stripping him of the rest of his armor. She giggled when she dislocated his midguard leaving him in nothing but a tiny yellow thong, helmet and boots. This pleased the females in the audience as they cheered with girlish delight.

Darwin made a desperate run for his weapon but Sierra arced her sword and caught his helmet as it flew off his head and left him dazed. He shook his sweaty, shoulder length hair out of his face as Sierra approached him. She had her sword across his chin and backed him to a wall.

"What are you going to do now, hotshot?" Sierra asked with a crooked smile.

Dawin's mind was racing a mile a minute trying to figure a way out of this.

"You can always quit," she teased. She slowly ran the tip of her sword down his chest and belly. When it got to his leg she brought it back up and slid it under his thong. The sword was now resting against his penis. One sudden move would cause unspeakable damage. He shook his head that he wasn't going to forfeit. Then she gave the sword a gentle sawing motion that caused tiny threads to start unraveling his thong.

"Okay, I surrender," he announced with exasperation.

The judge signaled Sierra's victory and trumpets sounded. She took a couple of laps around the arena greeting her new fans before exiting.

Tameer and Tessa were in the wings to congratulate her.

"That was a magnificent performance, Sierra!" Mistress Tameer was elated but Sierra wasn't smiling.

"I wouldn't call that much of a battle," Sierra responded. "Look at me. I barely have any armor left. It was more of a study in humiliation than combat."

"You call that humiliation?" Tameer responded in a sober voice. "You don't know what humiliation is yet. If you want to find out, meet me at the southern most arena tomorrow evening and you'll see." With that she quietly walked away.

Tessa broke the awkward silence. "Well, if we're talking about humiliation, I think your opponent got the worst of it. That was hot the way you stripped him down and did that thing at the end with your sword. I'm beginning to like this new, more aggressive you." Sierra glared at her.

The next evening, Sierra and Tessa met with Mistress Tameer at the arena as she had requested.

"Follow me," Tameer said. She led them to one of the wings entering the arena where they would have a close view of the upcoming event.

"What's this all about?" Sierra asked. She still didn't know why they were there.

"Just wait. You'll want to see this next contest."

Several minutes later, the combatants entered the arena. A male and female gladiator faced off for a melee battle. When the bell sounded it was clear that the male had the upper hand.

"The young woman's name is Leeza," Tameer explained. "She's newer to the gladiator profession than you two are. Her opponent is Airn, who is an advanced gladiator. This kind of a mismatch happens all the time. Watch how he toys with her."

Leeza was giving a spirited effort, but things were not going her way. She was losing parts of her armor with each strike of his sword. Her dismay was starting to show as she began to fight erratically. Sierra knew how she felt having gone through the same thing. Unfortunately, Leeza didn't have enough skill to make a comeback. It wasn't long before Leeza was stripped down to her thong and tight bra. The audience was enjoying every minute of her predicament as the thunderous noise from the stands testified.

Airn's every move was well planned. Now that her armor was gone he concentrated on scoring points. Using the flat of his sword he gave her a stinging smack across the side of her thigh. When she turned, he reversed his sword direction and gave her a solid slap on the butt.

Tameer continued her commentary, "Notice that he isn't even attempting to draw blood with his hits. You'll soon realize that he has other things planned."

Leeza did her best to parry but it was to no avail. Airn delivered a well-placed attack that disarmed her. She backed up to the wall helplessly. With no other options, Leeza desperately attempted a side kick as he approached but he grabbed the heel of her boot with his free hand and threw her to the ground. He followed up by scoring his final point and winning the match.

The flat of Airn's sword had caught Leeza on the back of the neck and left her dazed. After making a celebratory circle around the arena he picked Leeza up off the ground and threw her over his shoulder. The audience went wild. Leeza was futilely kicking and pounding on his back as he walked out of the arena and down a corridor with her.

"Follow me," Tameer said to her students. "This isn't over yet."

There was a narrow opening in the corner of the corridor and she led Sierra and Tessa through it. It was a dank, dark area that ran parallel to the tunnel.

Tameer stopped in front of large vent that had a lighted area on the other side. "That's the male gladiator lounge," she whispered. "You can observe from here."

There were several gladiators in various states of undress when Airn walked in with Leeza still over his shoulder kicking and cursing him.

"I see you won yourself a prize, Airn," one called out to him.

Airn unceremoniously dumped her in the middle of the floor. She got up to make a run for it but another gladiator stood in her way. She ran the other direction but was blocked by another. The men laughed as they circled her and she had nowhere to go.

Leeza backed herself into a corner and held her breath as Airn slowly started removing his armor. He stood naked in front of her and ran the back of his hand down the front of her body in a slow caress.

"Please, don't do this," Leeza pleaded as she started trembling.

"Too late now, love," Airn said softly. He motioned down. "Look what you do to me. I think we need to finish what's been started." He was blaming her for the state of his swollen manhood.

Airn reached up and savagely tore Leeza's bra off. She gasped and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Tessa whispered to Tameer fiercely.

"What would you have us do? This is their turf. I'm sure they'd love to have three more of us to add to the mix. What you don't understand is these things happen all the time. I brought you here to educate you on what the typical life of a gladiatrix is like."

Airn now had Leeza on the ground and she was still squirming to get away. He grabbed her underwear to pull them off. "No!" she screamed. There was a tug-of-war as she was trying to hold them on but he won and slid them off her legs tossing them aside.

Airn spread Leeza's legs apart. His fully erect penis dangled inches from her female place as she was panting. The rest of the men in the lounge were cheering him on. Some of them stood naked or nearly naked with their own growing erections.

"AAAAHHHH!" Leeza wailed as he pushed himself inside her. Airn started thrusting at a quick and firm pace. He gave a guttural grunt with each thrust. Leeza was making small whimpering sounds.

Sierra watched the whole exchange with morbid fascination. She felt guilty about being a quiet observer to this and she felt even more guilty about being somewhat aroused by it. Leeza wasn't even struggling anymore. It was almost as if she had resigned herself to what was happening. Sierra couldn't tell if Leeza's moans were from despair or some strange sense of ecstasy.

Airn let out a loud groan himself as he finally completed his ruthless task. After catching his breath, he stood up with his manhood dripping. Leeza just laid there breathlessly without even putting up a fight as another man approached to take his place.

Tessa was intently watching everything unfold, but she was also keeping an eye on someone in the corner. It was a man who she had an encounter with while at the academy. Kelvyn was someone she had been attracted to while at the school. He actually saved her once from getting gang raped by some other men from the male academy. He then shocked her by taking her himself. He had been gentle in the encounter but it had not been consensual.

To this day, Kelvyn had remained a mysterious enigma to her. She was hoping that he would step in and put a stop to this violation that was happening as he had done with her. Only this time she hoped he would simply help the girl up and not take her for himself. By the time the third different man was on Leeza, Tessa had lost faith in Kelvyn doing anything heroic. He watched for a few more minutes and then simply left the lounge. Tessa sighed in disappointment. He would continue to remain an enigma to her.

"I think I've seen enough," Tessa said to Tameer.

"Yeah, lets go," Sierra added.

As they walked back down the corridor Tameer spoke to Sierra. "You understand that's what they had planned for you last night. You just caught them off guard. They didn't expect you to be the threat that you are."

"It was nice of you to warn me ahead of time," Sierra replied sharply.

"I won't always be around to keep giving you advice. There is much you'll have to learn on your own. Plus, I had faith that you could handle yourself and you proved me right."

"So what are we supposed to do, wait around until someone manages to rape us?" Sierra retorted.

"Not at all. I actually think there's a way we can turn the tables on the male establishment. You might be the very one who could accomplish that."

"How so?"

"Just leave it up to me and I'll set the stage," Tameer responded with a hint of a smile.

The next day, Mistress Tameer visited the male training facilities. Women were usually not allowed in the facility but being a headmistress allowed her the freedom to go wherever she pleased. She boldly walked into the gymnasium where a group of scantily clad males were either training with weights or wrestling. The men stopped their activities not used to a beautiful woman boldly walking into their private facility. Tameer approached headmaster Dylan.

"What brings you here on this fine day, Tameer? You're looking as lovely as ever," Dylan commented with a charming smile.

"It's good to see you too, Dylan. I have a favor to ask. I need the use of one of your gladiators."

"May I ask why?"

"For a contest. A midnight show, actually."

Midnight shows were usually lecherous events where female gladiators would perform stripteases and then wrestle each other in front of a roomful of nobles. The costumes the women had to wear made the standard wrestling uniforms look conservative. There was extra money for a female willing to compete in such a fashion and some of the city's richest men would pay a small fortune to attend. It was a bonus for the men when the fights got particularly vicious and the women started scratching and ripping each other's minimal costumes to shreds.

"A midnight show?" Dylan enquired. "Why would you possibly need a male gladiator for one of those?"

"Well, it won't be a show for men to see. I was thinking of entertainment for women."

Dylan started laughing and shaking his head. "That's not going to happen. It wouldn't be fitting for any of my men to take part in such a display."

"But think of all the money we could draw in. There are plenty of noblewomen who would pay a mint to see that. And I can find other ways to make it worth your while," Tameer whispered in his ear flirtatiously.

Dylan paused to think it over. It would bring a lot of money and the thought of Tameer spending a night in his bed was very enticing. He felt a stiffness in his pants just thinking about it.

"How exactly would this work?" He asked.

"Easy. You supply a male gladiator to wrestle one of my women. I'll take care of arranging things from there."

"A male vs. female wrestling match? Isn't that a bit unusual?"

"Yes, but that will be part of the allure. The ultimate battle of the sexes. And if your guy wins he can keep her as a prize for the evening."

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