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Glamour Shots


This is the story of how I became an unwitting cuckold. It all began when unknown to me my wife began to check out the internet sites I went to and read the stories I was reading on Literotica.com. Although I never wanted my wife to be unfaithful, for some reason I was turned on by stories of women who were unfaithful in front of their husbands. My wife at 36 still turns heads. She has a set of 36C breasts that have made many a man stop and stare. She also has a nice tight ass and a pair of legs that won't quit. With my 40th birthday coming up, she decided to give me a surprise and quite a surprise it was.

My wife informed me that for my birthday present she was going to get a set of glamour shots taken and I could watch. Although the thought of pictures of my wife in sexy lingerie turned me on, I was somewhat apprehensive about her appearing half naked in front of a photographer. Eventually I put aside my misgivings and eagerly waited for the big day to arrive. On the morning of the shoot I sat on the bed playing with myself while she fixed her hair and put her makeup on. By the time she slowly slid the stockings up her legs and squeezed her delectable ass into a short mini skirt, I couldn't help reaching out to touch her breast. She laughed, slapped my hand and told me to put my cock back in my pants, that I'd have to wait.

I reluctantly did as I was told but on the ride to the studio I kept looking at her and rubbing my cock. When we got to the studio the photographer told her to take her bag and she and I could go into the back room. The back room turned out to be a bedroom with an old fashioned four poster bed and some beautiful furniture. My wife went into the dressing room and came out in a soft white corset, garter belt and stockings, thong and high heels - the same cloths she wore on our wedding night. She had me sit down in a big chair and told me to close my eyes. I felt her doing something to my legs and when I finally opened my eyes I found both of my legs and one of my arms bound to the chair. She then pulled out a pair of scissors and cut off all of my cloths. I was very embarrassed since I was sitting there with a hard on when the photographer walked in. It was especially humiliating because I have been cursed with a small cock which is only 4 inches (barely) when fully erect.

While the photographer looked on laughing, my wife pulled out a leather device which she put around my hand. As I was wondering what the device was for, she took the other straps and fastened them around my cock and balls. It wound up strapping my hand to my cock in a position like I was jerking off, but if I moved my hand too far it also gave a sharp tug on my balls. This only allowed me to jerk off about two inches up and down. Smiling, my wife said that this would do quite nicely.

It seemed that we were finally ready to go and I tried to swallow my pride and go along with my wife's wishes (not that I had much choice at this point). For the first few shots, my wife laid on the bed with a look that would raise the dead. As she started to loosen up, she began to run her hands down her legs and up her sides. I was a little concerned that a strange man was watching this, but at this point she had still not showed too much flesh. She finally sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide and grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them together. Between the squeezing, my wife's ample breasts and the low cut corset, she started to spill out of the top. I still couldn't see her nipples, but I could definitely see the outer edge of her areola.

While I was trying to determine how far she was going to take this, she came up behind me and told me to start stroking my cock. I could only go up and down about two inches, but after all of the visual stimulation it was feeling very good. My wife asked me if I wanted to kiss her nipples and despite the photographers presence, I was too turned on to care. She discretely pulled her top aside without showing the photographer any additional flesh and I opened my mouth and began to lick her nipples. She told me to close my eyes and began to stroke my hair.

I was lost in a maze of erotic feelings when I felt something hard and round enter my mouth. My wife had put a ball gag into my mouth! At the same time I felt a panel in the chair open up below me and my wife slowly began to insert a dildo into my ass. As I was trying to protest around the ball gag, she twisted the dildo in a circular motion and applied constant pressure. Although I was trying as hard as I could to keep the rubber invader out of my virgin ass, eventually the head popped in and she slid all seven inches into my ass. She then strapped it into place and moved from behind the chair.

Once she stood in front of me, she posed as instructed by the photographer. I started to calm down a little since she really wasn't showing too much flesh. Imagine my surprise when a man dressed only in silk boxer shorts stepped into the room. He began to rub my wife's breasts through the corset while she rubbed his dick through the silk shorts. As I sat there helpless to move, he pulled the corset down so that both of her beautiful breasts popped out and were on display for him and the photographer. My wife then sat on the bed and pulled out the front of his boxers. Looking in, she had an expression like a little girl on Christmas day.

She squeezed her breasts together while he rubbed his big dick between them. He had the biggest dick I'd ever seen (not in a porno movie). She moved closer so that he balls were rubbing on her silk corset. He definitely had a look of ecstasy on his face.

As I sat with a stunned look on my face, my lovely wife of 5 years got down on all fours and took this strangers cock in her mouth. While balancing on the bed, she licked all around the head and started sucking on it like a lollipop. As she slowly sucked him, she looked up into his eyes.

After a few minutes of this, she got so horny that she knelt in front of him so that she could rub her breasts with one hand while wrapping the other around his cock. I could hear the slurping sounds and heavy breathing as she gently pumped him with one hand while pulling on her nipples with the other.

She moved her hand further and further down his throbbing shaft until she was gently squeezing his huge balls. Finally, she looked up at me. It was one of the most humiliating things I've ever experienced. Here I was sitting on a chair with a dildo in my ass and my hand strapped to my cock while my wife was giving a stranger the blowjob of the century. She was sucking him six ways to Sunday! After kneeling in front of him, she lay on her back massaging her breasts while he stood over her and fed her his big cock.

After about 10 minutes of this, he looked like he was getting ready to cum, so she gently removed his cock from her mouth and stood up to take off her corset. This left her with just her garter, stockings and high heels on. He stood behind her fondling her nipples while she reached back and began stroking his cock again. I've never seen anyone who could last so long without cumming, especially considering the way my wife was working his dick over.

I was hoping that things would not progress further, but he sat on the bed and pulled her on to his lap. She was rubbing his cock against her sopping wet pussy when it "accidentally" slipped in. They looked at each other and exchanged a grin and then she began to move up and down on his hard shaft. Sitting on his lap with her back to his chest gave him ample time to explore my wife's breasts and pussy. From the way she was moaning, it was obvious he had found her clit and was rubbing It for all he was worth. She finally came with a screech and got off his cock.

For the first time during this entire ordeal, she spoke and asked him how he would like to cum. He said that he wanted to spray his cum all over her tits, so she alternated between stroking his shaft and taking it in her mouth. After a few minutes of this, he finally blew the biggest load I've ever seen all over her luscious 36 C's. After she was sure that she had squeezed every possible drop onto her tits, he sat back on the bed.

As she looked at me with cum dripping down her chest, she smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed myself. With the ball-gag still in, all I could do was shake my head no. She then asked if I would like to have the gag removed. When I said yes, she reached down to grab by balls and removed the gag. I started to say something (I'm not sure what), when she squeezed my balls. It was not hard enough to really hurt, but it was firm enough to make her intentions clear. She then said that I was going to lick every drop of sperm from her tits and smile while doing it. When I started to protest, she said that if I said one word, I'd be lick the mess up anyway, I'd have my balls squeezed as hard as she could, and I would then be forced to get my next load directly from the tap. The man who had just shot his load on my wife looked over and started to smile while he rubbed his cock.

At this point the photographer, who had been busy snapping pictures during this entire ordeal started to laugh.

As the ultimate humiliation, I was made to beat off while I licked this strangers cum off my wife's tits. When I was done licking, she held her hand out and when I came in it, she then fed me my own load too.

It had been a long day and I was ready to go home and try to sort out what had happed, but my wife had other ideas ....

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