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Glamour Shots


Anita was anxious. For her 21st anniversary she had been planning "something special" but wasn't sure what to do. Over lunch she and Sara, her "partner in crime", often talked about their sex lives, the men in the office and who they'd like to bed, their sexual accomplishments and boundaries. That warm late spring day Sara suggested she give Jim the gift of a professionally done "boudoir" photo portrait. Sara knew how much Jim liked to take photos of Anita posing naked, or near naked, and how it was often an act of foreplay. Anita would sometimes dress-up in lingerie, kink-wear, or her business suits before slowly stripping in front of the camera while Jim took pictures. Jim described her from a man's perspective focusing on her shapely legs, sweet ass, her full breasts, her ever moistening pussy. He'd tell Anita what men see and what they'd like to do to her with their hands, mouths, dicks. How when she bent over, with her bare ass exposed, they'd kneel behind her to lick her pussy from behind while rubbing their hands up her legs from her ankles to the bottom of her ass cheeks. Pulling her cheeks apart they'd tongue her ass while rubbing her clit. Reaching around men would tug on her nipples and roll them in their fingers while they rubbed their dicks up and down her slit before pushing their dicks into her from behind.

Jim would tell Anita what men would want her to do to them. Sucking their dicks and nipples while fingering their balls and ass, guiding those dicks into her wet pussy, clamping down on their pricks with her kegel muscles till they spurted their cum deep inside her.

Of course at some point the camera would be put aside and Anita and Jim would act out the images in their heads. Except it was always Jim and never the men she'd fantasize about from the office, gym, or any of the ones Anita had seen out in town.

Anita had described these sessions to Sara many times and it would always get them both so aroused they'd have a hard time concentrating the remainder of the day. So Anita wasn't too surprised when Sara suggested a local photograph studio and handed her an advertisement she'd clipped from the local paper. The photographer was the female half of a husband-wife team that had a small studio attached to their house. The ad suggested the female photographer was understanding, easy to work with, and less intimidating for "intimate" portraits. Anita decided to give her a call.

The voice that answered the phone was bright and friendly and hinted at laughter. Anita felt somewhat hesitant to describe why she was calling but Cindy must have sensed the reason for the call and asked if she wanted a "special picture" for someone close. Anita agreed that was why she called. "Don't be nervous", Cindy said. "Intimate portraits are a great gift for your lover and often a great confidence builder for the woman because they capture you in a beautiful setting." Cindy asked several questions and Anita told her about Jim, how they'd been together 20 years, and even about their "hobby". The short conversation put her immediately at ease with Cindy. With their 21st anniversary drawing close there wasn't much time and it was an easy decision. Cindy and Anita scheduled the session for 2pm the following Friday to give Anita time to get her nails, hair, bikini wax, and one final shopping spree done before the appointment.

The week seemed to drag by. Anita hadn't mentioned anything to Jim so she could give him the portrait as a surprise. She'd gotten her hair and nails done. Her pussy was trimmed and the new garters Sara had helped her pick out made her feel luxuriously sexy. So, feeling sexy, confident, but still a bit apprehensive, Anita pulled up to the small detached studio. It was behind a nice sized ranch house on a quiet street with lots of trees and large lots. The hedge lined the house and acted as a wall to obscure the parking area from the street. Walking up to the entrance she could see behind the house to the nice in-ground pool and what looked like a built in Jacuzzi at the shallow end of the pool. The sign on the door said "Open" so she turned the knob and stepped inside.

To her left was the office area. A desk with the standard computer, phone, and printer. Somewhere a radio played softly. To the right looked like a common photo studio. The backdrop stretched from floor to ceiling and there were lots of black fabric colored boxes to use to sit, stand, or otherwise adjust people's heights to get everyone looking "just so". Back past the backdrop Anita could see a door on the right which led into a room she could not see.

No one appeared to be in the room so she called out "Hello?" and walked toward the backroom. As she got to the door she could see it looked kind of like a movie set bedroom. There was a four post bed covered with pillows and a comforter; two leather club chairs- one high-backed, one low; and what looked like a an old claw foot tub. The room was very tastefully done in creams and light tan colors, with blood red accents. The colors and décor made it look upscale "brothel-lite". Anita felt a quick thrill in her stomach and a tingle in her pussy as she realized she'd soon be on that bed in front of the camera.

Anita turned when she heard the studio door open. There was Cindy and she looked awful. Blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail, sweat pants and sweat shirt, her nose was red, her eyes puffy, and it was obvious she was not well. Cindy apologized profusely for not calling her sooner, but explained she had been very sick all week, and had not been able to pay attention to anything going on in the shop. Anita was disappointed to think that she'd have to reschedule and apprehensive that she'd not have her picture(s) in time for her surprise for Jim. Cindy's explanation stopped as Anita's eyes started to well up with tears and turned to assurances there was no reason to cancel or reschedule her appointment.

Cindy quickly explained that her husband, Dennis, was available to take the pictures but with women sometimes getting intimidated by men photographers he generally stayed clear of these shoots. "Not that Dennis hasn't taken his share of pictures of naked women", Cindy smiled without explaining further. Cindy quickly opened a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. She made Anita a drink while continuing to apologize, led Anita into the bedroom set, and led her to the high backed leather chair. Once seated she urged her to wait and then Cindy was gone, hurrying off to get her husband.

After a few minutes, Anita heard the door open and close, then the footsteps drawing closer. Dennis stepped into the room holding a camera, smiling sheepishly, and holding out his hand. "Hi, Anita", he said, "I'm Dennis and I guess I'll be taking your picture today". Dennis was wearing jeans and a polo shirt with flip-flops on his feet. He had a lean runner's build, well muscled arms and chest, a flat stomach, and closely cropped brown hair. Dennis looked Anita over and exclaimed "Good Lord! Your husband is one lucky man. Cindy said you're doing this as a surprise?" The direct gaze and appreciative smile caused Anita to blush slightly. "Thank you, and yes this is a surprise anniversary present."

"I'm sure your husband will be very appreciative", Dennis smiled as he continued his visual survey. "If you're ready, let's get started?" Dennis used a meter to check the light and then took a couple quick snaps with the professional digital camera. "We'll start slow", he said, "and can take as long as you need. This is all about you today."

Anita wasn't really sure what to do next. She wasn't sure if she should strip-down to the lingerie right away or wait for Dennis to tell her what to do. But Anita horny as hell and the combination of the week of anticipation, Dennis' approving gaze, combined with the vodka she'd had was like lighting her fuse! Anita said "Oh hell, let's just get this rolling". So she looked down and started to unbutton her top and pulled it loose from her skirt. The camera was clicking steadily and Dennis kept up a steady stream of encouragement. "You look great. Your tits are beautiful. What a beautiful,full body. You are all woman..." The comments kept coming.

Suddenly Dennis stepped in to straighten her hair. Anita was half reclined in the high-backed chair with her legs were splayed wide, her skirt riding up but still covering her pussy, and her breasts still encased in her bra. Barely breathing she took in the sight of Dennis' chest, stomach, and crotch less than a foot from her face as he straightened her hair. She could see the obvious bulge in Dennis' jeans where his dick was showing how much he was enjoying the photo shoot. Reaching out to grab the hem of the shirt she laughed, "No fair! Look how much I'm showing and you're fully dressed. You should lose some of those clothes, too. It is 'all about me' today, right?"

Dennis laughed and kicked off his flip-flops "Is that enough?" They both laughed and the mood became very comfortable, even with the obvious sexual tension filling the room. He then asked what other outfits she wanted to model.

Anita went to the small carry-on bag and pulled out a long, black sheer nightie. It was entirely sheer except for a butterfly design that held her breasts. Taking off her bra she pulled the nightie over her head and smoothed it over her breasts. Looking up she caught Dennis' eyes staring at her chest and slowly moving down to her pussy. Her pussy was uncovered and framed by the garter belt that held up her stockings. Anita's pussy lips were very prominent and so moist they looked like they'd been sprayed with water.

Sensing Anita looking at him Dennis looked into her eyes. Without hesitating he knelt down to put the camera down and pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Looking up at Anita, camera idle on the ground in front of them, he gently grasped both of her knees and gently pushed them apart. Leaning into the space between her legs his eyes held hers as he leaned in to nuzzle her sex. Anita one hand on his head and the other on his broad shoulder. Pulling upwards she slid both her hands on his chest and felt his strong chest muscles and then moved her hands around to his broad shoulders as their tongues danced between their mouths. After a couple minutes she felt Dennis' hands begin to move up her thighs till they were rubbing the tops of her thighs, the thumbs on the inside of her thighs barely touching the edges of her pussy. Anita felt her pussy throb. All she wanted at that moment was this stranger's dick and she realized that she was about to have it anyway (and everyway) she wanted.

"What about Cindy?" Anita gasped.

"Besides being sick in bed?" Dennis chuckled."Cindy and I 'take advantage' of the opportunities this job brings. Cindy doesn't mind, and when I tell her all the details...describing how you look, how you smell, how you feel...well, it is one of the things that keeps our love strong. And you're very different from Cindy. Her breasts are much smaller and she doesn't have the voluptuous body that you have."

"What about your husband, Jim?"

In answer, Anita reached around, grabbed low on Dennis' hips, and pulled his crotch tightly to her snatch. "Jim and I have talked for a long time about me getting another lover. I didn't really expect this to happen today but between thinking about how he's going to love the picture, all the preps to feel sexy getting ready, and you right here, right now...I feel like my pussy is on fire".

"We'll just have to not forget to take more pictures then! Stand behind the shorter chair". Dennis retrieved the camera while Anita stepped over to the chair.

Anita took another sip and took it all in. She now stood in her nightie, garters, and hose. Her pussy was naked and the smell of her sex filled the warm room. Dennis looked thru the viewfinder of the camera and was back to snapping pictures. He directed her into various poses and she watched him, eyeing his obvious bulge and the way his muscles moved under his skin. All he wore were the jeans and by the spreading stain on the front from his pre-cum, he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Come around to the front, turn around facing the chair, and put your hands on the chair arms". As Anita did she could hear a zipper and then Dennis kicking off his pants.

"That's a beautiful ass. Does Jim like to spank your ass? Does Jim like to fuck you from behind? What do you like? Do you like the feel of a dick pushing into your pussy? What about your ass?" Anita almost gasped. Between the anticipation, the vodka, and the flirting that was turning definitely nasty her head was spinning with lust.

"Does Jim like to touch you like this?", Dennis asked as he reached between her legs and rubbed her cleft and pushed firmly on her clit. Anita moaned softly.

"Does Jim like to see you like this? Wet,spread,open? We'll have to take pictures of this..." Bent over and looking down past her side, Anita could see Dennis still taking pictures, his cock rigidly slapping against his belly. Looking at his cock Anita thought "Man, I'm drooling!" She needed to feel Dennis' cock soon or she felt like she'd explode.

"Touch yourself", Dennis said. "You are so obviously aroused and soaking wet. Show me how you touch yourself—rub your clit, pinch your nipples...get yourself off. I want to see you cum, Anita. Show me how you like your pussy to be touched".

Anita's fingers felt like they were on fire. She did as she was told and was pinching her left nipple gently with one hand while the other made circles over her clit. It seemed like seconds and she was cumming hard! Her knees almost buckled and Anita leaned into the chair, breathing deeply.

"Very nice, Anita. Those are some great shots I got there. You're just beautiful. Here, let me help you to the bed."

Holding her with one hand around her hip Anita let herself be led to the bed. Anita couldn't help but feel a tingle in her stomach and pussy from the heat where their skin pressed together. Dennis pulled the comforter down and sat her on the crisp white sheets.

"Anita, you're doing great and you look so good. Are you ready to take off the nightie? Is there something else you want to wear?"

Anita was only aware of his cock. A strangers cock less than an arm's length away. While she had fantasized about fucking a stranger...well, here he was, naked, hard, a slight scent of cologne. Anita knew it was all about to happen.

But instead, Dennis turned away, bent down and picked up the camera. "We still have some pictures to take" he teased with a smile. Anita stretched out her full length and Dennis moved around the bed taking pictures from different angles. At one point he stood above her, looking down snapping pics. All Anita could focus on was his hard cock, bouncing against his stomach while he bent over her. She could clearly see his balls swaying tightly, the muscles in his thighs tensed as he balanced on the soft bed, the curve of his ass.

"Fuck me". Anita wasn't sure she said it out loud but she sure was thinking it. Dennis stepped down from the bed, put the camera on a shelf taking the time to align the view, then put the camera on some sort of automatic. Every few seconds Anita heard the camera cycle. Dennis stepped to the side of the bed near her face, bent down and kissed her. His tongue worked in and out of her mouth gently, swooping with her tongue. His hands roamed to her left breast and gently rolled the nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Anita loved the idea of hands other than Jim's stroking her body. She grabbed his wrist and pulled it towards her pussy wanting him touching her there now.

Anita was soaking wet and his fingers glided through her slit. He'd stop every other stroke and tweak her clit which caused Anita to jump slightly. This went on for several minutes until Anita could feel she was getting close again. "I want you, I want to be in you now", Dennis said. Anita reached down and grabbed the base of his cock. Tugging she moved to position his cock at the entrance of her cunt. With a little effort his cock slide in to her to the base. Dennis felt her pussy convulsing on his cock as Anita immediately came. "Oh, baby, that feels good", he said. Rolling her onto her knees Dennis pushed into her pussy from behind. "Oh, yeah, fuck yeah!"

Anita's pussy started clamping down on his cock again as she quickly came for the third time that afternoon. Dennis slowed while she caught her breath. Her pussy felt electric it was so tingling and excited. Dennis sat back and pulled Anita on top of him.

Anita impaled herself on his cock and started to rock back and forth, controlling the rhythm and depth. Dennis sucked the nipples on those great big breasts that were hanging down in his face. The connection between her nipples and pussy was electric. Anita felt another orgasm swelling up and she ground her pelvis and clit into Dennis pelvis sending her over the edge. As she twitched Dennis shot a huge load deep into Anita's pussy with a mighty push. Then both collapsed on the bed breathing hard. Retrieving the camera Dennis took some last pics. Anita lay splayed out relaxing in the moment, cum dripping from her pussy, making streaks on the inside of her thighs. It was a great pic.

A couple days later, Anita pulled out the framed 2' x 3' portrait of her reclining across the bed and presented it to Jim. In the envelope with the card was a DVD. Anita took Jim by the hand and led him to the bedroom and the DVD player/TV.....

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by Anonymous03/16/18

OMG, damn it

I have wanted a photo shoot just like that forever to be done for my birthday. My wife is now 64yrs young, still turns heads, and still says she will never do it.

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