tagIncest/TabooGlenda Ch. 03

Glenda Ch. 03


Steve's birthday party was the Friday after I had first fucked my mother. Steve was Gloria's younger brother and was a basic computer geek who didn't seem to have any interest in girls. What interest he did seem to show involved hanging around with a bunch of guys who also didn't have much use for the female body. I guess his attitude towards females was sublimated with his computer programming, but the reputation he was building was definitely headed in the direction of homosexuality.

Gloria had asked my sister Francine to come to the party, just to give Steve somebody to talk to other than his sister, mother, and in-laws. Francine was a rather shy one who was in her first year of college. Her intended major was to be computer science, so Gloria figured that maybe she and Steve would find something in common to talk about.

The party started off as tame as birthday parties have since time immemorial. There was cake and ice cream, of course. Since it was Steve's eighteenth birthday, Glenda decided he could have something a bit harder than lemonade to drink and Steve was soon half-smashed. Francine was also allowed to have some of the "good stuff" and soon matched Steve's condition with one of her own.

Glenda was orchestrating the party and suggested a very adult game of poker. The rules were simple. If you lost a hand, you removed a piece of clothing from your body. We all tried to make sure that Steve and Francine were the big losers without being too obvious about it. After one of the harder hands for us to win, we managed to get Steve to the point of removing his jeans. He was a bit drunk and needed some help. Needless to say, Steve didn't argue much when Glenda and and Gloria teamed up and took off his jeans. He was left in nothing but a skimpy pair of bikini jockey shorts.

Francine was a bit slower in losing her clothing, but she was soon down to bra and panties. I was shocked to see that my little sister was wearing a pair of thong panties, but my cock liked the idea very much. Her tits must have been about a 36B, or at least I thought they were until I bent over to look at the label which proudly read 38B.

"What are you doing, Josh?"

"Reading your label, Franny."

"Don't you ever call me that! Francine or Fran will be just fine, but never call me Franny. It sounds too much like fanny. Well, you can read it after I lose the bra, not before."

Since I had already seen what I wanted to see, I sat back as upright as I could--the Scotch was getting to me too--and got ready to play the next hand. I was already down to my briefs and lost to Francine who immediately had a grin from ear to ear.

"Take 'em off, big brother! Take 'em off and let us all see what ya got between your legs." Little did Francine know that she was the only woman in the crowd that hadn't seen my dick in all its glory, and it was standing proud when I took my briefs off and rolled them down my legs and over my feet.

"Oh, my God! I never knew my big brother was that BIG!"

"Fran, this isn't really all that big. It's about average size."

"Well, my boyfriend doesn't have a cock as big as yours, either in length or width."

While I was shocked at her use of the word cock, but decided that she was headed in the right direction and answered in kind. "Well, darlin' girl, you ain't never been fucked if you haven't had a dick at least as long and thick as mine is. Want to try it on for size?"

She looked at me with a puzzled stare and was absolutely quiet. "Here? In front of Mom and your wife? You forget, I still have my panties and bra on me."

"Mom and Gloria won't mind and I'm sure that Steve would really like to see the action."

"How do you know Mom and Gloria won't mind?"

"Ask them."

"You really don't mind?" Fran slurred with a puzzled look on her face.

"No, Fran. We don't mind. In fact Glenda and Sharon want Josh to fuck you. I'd like to watch him do you, but only if you want."

"What about me?" Steve's voice piped up from the corner. "I've seen all kinds of naked tits tonight and I need to get my nuts off."

"Will I do?"

"Mom? You? I couldn't. You're my mom."

"Then how about Gloria or Sharon."

"Do you really want to fuck me, Mom?"

"I just want you to have a birthday party that you will remember. Me, Gloria, Sharon and Josh want to make sure you pass into manhood with some hot pussy wrapped around your cock, dear." Glenda stood up and removed the rest of her clothing. So did Gloria and Sharon. Fran, even though she was puzzled, took her bra and thong off and stood just as naked as the rest of us in front of Steve.

I gazed at the perfect symmetry of four sets of tits. I noticed how much the same and yet how different they were. Glenda had a modest set that was white except for the areolae and the nipples against the remainder of her tanned skin. They sagged a bit with age and size even though they were, I knew, only an A cup. Fran's tits were firm and well formed with her aroused nipples standing straight up. She looked very yummy and I promised I would taste her tits before long. Mom and Gloria had the best tits of the women, but then I was and am somewhat prejudiced in my opinion.

The cunts were amazingly the same and yet also were different. Glenda had let her bush grow wild and the hairs covered not only her pubes, but her lower lips as well. Gloria had shaved her pubic hair into a narrow "V" that I knew allowed her to wear her bikinis without showing any hair. Mom's flaming red bush was also left natural and made my mouth water. She had trimmed some of the longer hairs allowing her pussy lips to show through. Fran's pubic hair was natural but very sparse. Her honey blonde hair almost blended in with her skin. I did notice, however, that there wasn't a tan line on her body. I made a note that Fran liked to sunbathe in the nude and filed it away for future reference.

Glenda was looking at Steve and said "Well, take your pick. You've got four pussies that are yours for the taking. You can have one or you can have all of them, either separately or at the same time. What's it to be, Steve?"

"Mom, I think for my first fuck I'm going to take you."

"I was hoping you'd say that. Sorry, girls, but looks like I win this hand."

"Mom, I said for my first fuck I wanted you, but I want to suck on Gloria's tits while I'm fucking you." Steve managed to get to his feet and groped Gloria's tits a bit roughly.

"Steve! That hurt! Take it easy on my poor tits. You can caress them and suck them all you want, but don't ever paw them like that again. I'm NOT into pain. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"My name is Gloria. I'm your sister, for Christ's sake! If you are man enough to play with my tits and maybe fuck me, you're man enough to call me by my name. Got it?"

"Gotcha, Sis!"

While Gloria was instructing Steve in protocol, I reached out and played gently with Fran's left tit. She threw her head back and moaned. One of her hands covered mine while the other dipped quickly between her legs where it went to work rubbing on her clit.

"Well, Josh, it looks as if this is going to be a family affair getting your little sister off, just like it's going to be a family affair with Steve for the first round."

"Yeah, Mom. You want something to eat or should I just dive in?"

"Be my guest. Fran's tits look very tasty and I think I want to suck on them for a while."

Between the two of us, we managed to lower Fran to the carpet. Mom's mouth covered Fran's right nipple and her tongue went to work elongating that hard rubbery mass even more than it already was. I spread Fran's thighs and gently pried her hand away from her cunt quickly replacing it with my mouth. I nipped at her clit with my teeth and then rubbed it with my tongue. When a started sucking on it, Fran screamed and my face was washed by a musky juice jetting from the depths of her quim. I stuck first one and then two and finally three fingers in her pussy finding it very hot and very wet with her slippery juices. Her moans and wiggling told me that Fran was ready for the next step.

I took my mouth away, forcing myself free of Fran's grasping hands and moved up until my cock rested at the entrance to her cunt. I knew Fran had been fucked before, but she had told us that her boyfriend's dick was much shorter and thinner than mine. I decided that for her to get the most out of this fuck, I was going to go slowly and build up the tempo. That plan was shot to hell when Francine locked her ankles behind my ass and literally pulled my cock into her cunt with enough pressure to shoot me out of her mouth. There was no stopping the speed at which she pulled me in and I bottomed out against her cervix while still about three quarters of the way in. Still her ankles tried to draw me in even further. Fran must have had the smallest pussy I had ever been in.

Fran writhed against my cock making sure that every part of her honey pot came in contact with the big honey dipper. "Damn, Josh, your fuck stick feels so good inside me. Just hold it there a minute, OK? Mom, please, my tits are getting sore. Can I chew on yours for a while?"

Mom moved until her tits dangled in front of Fran's face. Fran attacked the nipples as if her life depended on it. As she did so, she relaxed the pressure holding me deep in her pussy and let me start moving in a slow rhythm.

I looked over at Gloria and Glenda working on Steve. Steve had Gloria's tits in his mouth, alternating every couple of minutes. Her hands were digging deep inside her dripping cunt. I could see the juice dripping down her thighs as I started speeding up my own thrusts into Francine's hot, tight, and very wet pussy.

Fran started fucking upwards to meet my downward fuck thrusts and it wasn't long before she started her second orgasm. The tremors in her body were passed on to my cock by her grasping, spasming pussy walls and I grunted the first shot of my sperm deep into her inner sanctum almost breaching the entrance of her cervix and depositing my seed directly into her womb. By the time the fourth spurt had left my cockhead, Fran's small cunt was overflowing and cum started dripping out. Sharon quickly got into position to lick up what cum escaped from Fran's hot love box. She licked my cock as I slowly withdrew from Fran's hot hole and sucked my cum out of the cunt in front of her. Then Sharon scooted her way up Fran's body and planted my sperm in Fran's mouth.

"Mom, I'm going to have to try some of this directly from the source."

"Go ahead dear, Josh will be more than willing to let you."

Sharon moved over to where Steve had impaled Glenda on his rigid teenage cock and started licking Steve's shaft as it slipped in and out of Glenda's steamy gash. Gloria tore her tits away from Steve's mouth and put her head between Sharon's legs. I watched her spread Sharon's ass cheeks with her hands and then saw her tongue dip into Sharon's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Gloria! Get me ready. I want to feel Steve's cock up my stink hole."

Meanwhile, Francine was sucking on my dick and between her heavenly efforts and the scene on the other side of the room, my prick was soon ready for renewed action. I pulled my cock our of Fran's mouth and flipped her over onto her stomach.

"Josh, why'd you do that? You have cummed in my mouth yet. I want to taste your cum>"

"Plenty of time for that Fran. You ever been ass fucked?"

"Nooooo. And I don't want to be either!"

"Sooooo. A virgin ass. Get ready sister dear for the ride of your young life." I stuck my cock deep into her pussy to grease it up with a mixture of our body fluids and then poised the tip at the puckered ring of muscle that guarded her anal opening.

"Now just relax, Fran. It won't hurt if you relax."

"Noooooo! Josh, noooooo! Owwwwwwwwww! That hurts." Only the tip had touched her spincter muscle, but I was applying some gentle pressure while holding on to her hips to prevent her scooting away from my invading fleshy spear.

"Relax. Relax and it won't hurt." I increased the pressure and suddenly the head of my cock had penetrated Fran's ass. She shrieked out her pain, but I felt her muscle starting to relax around the invader and held what I had until I felt her relax totally. Then with a slow gentle pressure I inserted my dick another inch or two into her ass and held again until she got used to the penetration of my prong. It took a while, but my prick had finally been totally engulfed, balls deep, by her ass. Once I was sure that Fran could take it, I started a gentle seesawing motion that she soon matched. I let her set the pace and soon her ass threatened to burn my cock with the heat from the friction that she was generating.

"Ohhhhhhh. I never knew it could feel so gooooooood! I can't believe what I've been missing all this time!"

"I told you that you'd like it, Fran."

"I do. Damn it, I do!"

Gloria came over to me and started licking my balls. She looked up at me and said "Give your sister a good hot shot of cum so I can eat it out of her ass."

"Your wish is my command, dearest wife of mine, but you may have to wait a few minutes."

"Not if I suck your balls and finger your ass." Gloria knew all the moves that would bring me to a quick cum and it wasn't long before my wife was sucking my cum from my sister's non-virgin ass. Sated for the moment, I sat back watching the show going on all around me while catching my breath and allowing my balls time to refill with live giving sperm. I looked over at the grouping on the other side of the room and my cock twitched in appreciation but didn't get more than half hard.

Glenda moaned her orgasm and Steve's jerky movements told everybody that he was in the throes of his climax, shooting his potent young seed deep into his mother's cunt. Sharon pushed Glenda off Steve's cock and before it could go soft impaled herself on his prick, taking the entire length up her shithole in one move. Glenda rolled off Steve and Sharon leaned over to lick up Steve's cum leaking from Glenda's well-fucked pussy.

We fucked most of the night away in various groupings and combinations before we finally collapsed where we were on the floor. That came only after Steve had finally fucked Francine.

That night was the fucking orgy that bonded our families together for life for that last fuck by Steve was the fuck that made Francine pregnant--or was it really my child? With both Steve and I fucking Francine that night, we would never be really sure, nor would we even try to find out.

Steve did the right thing by Francine and married her. Nine months after that night they had twins, a boy and a girl. They named the boy Steven Joshua and the girl they named Sharon Glenda. Glenda promised us all that she would be around to celebrate their eighteenth birthdays the same way we had celebrated Steve's.

Our family continues to suck and fuck each other every day in one combination or another. Gloria and I moved into a much larger house and everybody moved into it with us making us just one big happy, continuous orgy.

Glenda, that dried up old prune that I had dismissed as being a bitch had proven she was anything but a bitch. She, Gloria, Sharon, and Fran belonged equally to Steve and me, but Glenda still made sure that I fucked her hard and left plenty of hot cum deep inside her pussy. Glenda was my mature fuck toy fucking me twice as much as she did her son. Fran was my young cum slut. Sharon was my very incestuous mother who craved every drop of cum I could give her in any of her holes. Gloria, my lovely wife, was relieved that I had other outlets for my enormous libido and that she could get a rest without hurting my feelings.

Glenda, however, was the ringmaster for our circus and we were all her fuck toys. Far from being a prude, Glenda was a nyphomaniac that could never be satisfied by a hundred lovers, but she drained Steve and me on a regular basis. I swear Glenda has a bottomless cunt that will suck up every drop of cum on the planet. She will probably fuck me to death, but what a way to go!

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