tagIncest/TabooGlenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife Ch. 03

Glenda: My Sister-In-Law, My Wife Ch. 03


"I hate mornings!" Glenda grumped as she left the bathroom.

"Is it just mornings you hate or is it the morning sickness?" I asked carefully since I wasn't sure what kind of mood Glenda was in this morning.

"Okay smartass," Glenda came back with, "maybe I just hate being sick in the morning."

I came up behind Glenda and gave her a gentle hug.

"Glenda, I'm sorry you have to go through this for us. I know Eileen really appreciates it even though she isn't showing it very well."

That was a terrible understatement. My wife, Eileen, had come up with the idea to approach Glenda, her sister and about being a surrogate mother since she was unable to conceive. She then called me into the room and let me in on the plan. Glenda and I were to live together for a month and we were encouraged to have sex at least once a day until we could confirm that Glenda was indeed pregnant. Eileen was supposed to stay at the house with us but she decided at the last moment to stay at her mom's, actually sleeping in Glenda's bed. Everyone had questioned Eileen to make sure that there would be no bad blood between her, Glenda or me and Eileen had convinced us that everything would be okay. Unfortunately the truth was a lot different. Eileen was being cruel to Glenda almost daily, treating her like she was trying to steal me away from her. She was also treating me like shit because I was sleeping with her sister even though it had been her idea in the first place.

Glenda and I hoped that today's doctor's appointment would confirm that she was pregnant and not having a bout with a stomach bug. The early pregnancy tests made us hopeful but we really wanted that official word. The only real problem that either of us foresaw was that Glenda and I were deeply in love and neither of us wanted this to end. Don't get us wrong. We hadn't planned for this to happen. It's just that Glenda and I were much more compatible than Eileen and I were and during the last 3 weeks more love had been shared between us than in the 4 years that Eileen and I had been married. Glenda was loving and sexual while Eileen was stubborn and selfish. Glenda didn't care if I snored the roof off; I was to stay in bed with her. Eileen banished me to the spare bedroom in the second year of the marriage because I "breathe to heavy". One thing was for sure though; Glenda and I had decided that I was to help her through this pregnancy. We just hoped that Eileen would agree.

"David you would help my mood a great deal if you wouldn't bring up my 'loving' sister right now. I'm already sick enough."

"Well how about I tell you what I have planned after the doctor's visit tonight." I said with a wink.

"Ooh, are you planning to do something naughty to me tonight?" Glenda chuckled as she rubbed her hands together.

"Only if you are feeling well enough Glenda."

"Is it time for the doctor yet/?" Glenda asked.

"Nope. First both of us have to go to work, then I'll pick you up from work and then we'll see her." I joked back.

Glenda turned serious for a minute and half smiled as she said, "David, I told the doctor that my husband would be coming with me, I hope that's okay."

I started to offer a joke response but I could see that she really needed the truth.

"Glenda as far as I'm concerned, I really am your husband."

Glenda ran up to me and threw her arms around me and began crying. I knew she wished it were really true. As her body shook with sobs, I couldn't help but pry that someday soon we really could be husband and wife. We had been talking about me maybe getting a divorce from Eileen and Glenda and me marrying but we were afraid what the family would do or say. Finally Glenda calmed down enough for us to wish the other well, to express our love to each other and leave for work.

Work went well but it seemed like time was really dragging. It felt like I had done 3 days worth of work by the time lunch came. With nothing better to do, I ate my lunch while sitting at my desk. I'm so glad I did because the phone rang and the caller-id said it was Glenda's office number.

"Hi David, how's work going?"

"This day is just dragging Glenda. It feels like I've been here for days instead of hours." the laugh on the other end proved to me that Glenda felt the same way.

"Hey David, are you alone right now?"

"Yep, are you?

"Yeah. I guess that's one of the reasons this day is dragging, no one to chat with."

Now both of us worked in a huge office building and all we had to do to talk to someone was to open our doors but the real truth was that the only person we really wanted to talk to was on the other end of the phone. Even though we hadn't really been together for to long we had become the most important person to the other. I've heard of this happening when people find their soul mates but I hadn't expected this to happen between Glenda and me.

"David, why don't you give me a hint about tonight?" asked a mischievous voice on the other end of the phone.

"Now, now Glenda, you know that if I tell you then it won't be a secret."

"Ah, please?

I thought I'd tease her a little so I told her that I'd be taking her virginity again. This caused a bit of confusion for a minute or two until Glenda realized I was talking about her ass. Neither of us had ever tried anal sex and had never discussed this between ourselves. I'd thought about it a few times over the years but had never really thought that I'd find anyone who would let me try it. Also since I knew it would hurt the first time, I was afraid to try it on Glenda. The response surprised me. Instead of being upset or angry her tone was curious and I thought I detected a grin.

"Hmmmm, I might just let you try that tonight. You just have to promise to be gentle and go slow. Also you have to promise to stop when I ask you."

"Glenda, I was just joking when I said that."

"Darn it. I was hoping you really wanted to help me figure out what everyone is talking about."

"Honey, if you really want to try it then I promise to do what you asked of me. I don't want to do anything that will hurt you and this is one of those things that could so I wasn't sure."

"David you have my permission to slide your dick as deep into my ass as you can tonight. Unfortunately I have to go back to work now so I'll have to hang up and I'll see you later."

I hung up but before I could go back to work I had to take care of a problem first. I went to the closest bathroom, entered a stall and proceeded to jack off until I came. How I didn't fill up the toilet bowl, I'll never know. When I got back to the office I sat down at the computer and tried to get some more work done. Unfortunately my mind was elsewhere so I decided to go online to see if there were any tips for easing into anal sex. One of the tips I found suggested getting a thin dildo to use to loosen up the ass and get the person used to having something up a hole that was made for pushing stuff out. I knew that there was an adult store on the way to Glenda's office to I determined to leave early and head there before picking Glenda up from work.

Things went well for us the rest of the day. I actually managed to get more work done and my boss let me go early without a complaint. I stopped by the store and was able to take my time to really find the right dildo for the job. Luckily there was a helpful clerk who knew all about the products she sold so I got everything I needed. I locked everything in the trunk and headed for Glenda's office.

"David! I'm so glad you're here!"

"You sound like you were afraid I might have forgotten the appointment."

"Not really, David, I'm just glad to see you. This day just drug until I talked to you at lunch and then I just couldn't concentrate on anything afterward."

"Glenda, did you visit the restroom after you talked to me?"

"I thought about it David but I was afraid someone would hear me."

"I guess that's why I got a little more work done then."

"You mean you went to the restroom?"

"Glenda, after hearing what you said I went to the bathroom and jacked off."

We picked on each other the rest of the way to the doctor's office which made it a quick trip. It also made the waiting room more agreeable. In fact we almost missed the nurse calling us for the appointment because of our laughter. On my way in, I turned my cell phone onto vibrate so as not to disturb the doctor and I was glad because no sooner had the doctor come in but my cell phone began vibrating. I just sat there because I knew either someone would leave a message or their number would show up on the missed call list.

The news was what we expected but we were still excited. We left the doctor's office on Cloud 9. On the way to the car my phone started vibrating again so I grabbed it and answered it.


"David where are you?" asked Glenda's mom.

"Glenda and I are just leaving the doctor's office. What's up?

"Eileen keeled over at work earlier and was taken to the hospital. She's in room 202." "Okay mom, we're on the way." I told her. After I hung up, I explained what was going on so we turned back around and re-entered the hospital to head up.

Our news was welcomed quietly but made bittersweet by what we found out when the doctor cam back. Eileen had been complaining of abdominal pain, upset stomach, frequently having to pee, bloating and feeling tired no matter what sleep she got. She had passed out at work due to pain. The doctor had ordered an abdominal ultrasound and the news wasn't good. It appeared that Eileen was suffering from ovarian cancer. A special blood test was ordered called the CA 125 and it came back positive. The only thing left to do was to determine how far it spread. That news came an hour later and it just wasn't good at all. It looked like the cancer had spread into her lungs giving Eileen Stage 4.

Glenda and I went home depressed and quiet. Eileen would have to stay at the hospital for a few days so more tests could be run but it looked like we would be losing her in a few years. The only really good thing we could say was that at least she would live to see her baby born. We skipped the pool that night and had a much quieter dinner.

"David, can we talk?"

"Sure Glenda. What would you like to talk about?"

"David, I'm feeling a bit guilty right now. I've been enjoying being with you so much that I've been praying that it wouldn't have to end. Now it looks like Eileen isn't going to die and I'm afraid I caused it."

"Glenda if you're guilty then so am I. I've been praying for the same thing. Having you with me like this has been a dream come true. I really wasn't looking forward to having Eileen come back home because of the way she treats me. I'd much rather have you as my wife but I didn't plan on losing Eileen this way. It just kind of has me floored right now."

"Me too, David. I have to admit though, that I feel better talking to you about this. I was afraid you might hate me but I see you don't." We weren't sure how this would affect us but one thing we knew, we loved each other very much. Losing Eileen to ovarian cancer would be hard but for some reason we felt losing each other would be harder. If I had to guess, I'd say that it was because I had stopped loving Eileen some time back because of how she treated me. Yell at me all you want but things had changed since Glenda came into my life. I had been planning on divorcing Eileen when I could and asking Glenda to marry me but that was put on hold. Glenda and I decided to wait to see what happened with Eileen. Meanwhile we would be supportive and patient. We also decided to go about our lives like we had been. Tonight we would do what we had planned.

Things began around 8PM that night with a single question.

"Glenda would you trust me to tie you up?"

Glenda readily agreed so I had her change into her oldest underpants and nightgown. Although she wasn't sure what I had planned, she went to the dresser to get the required items. When she was dressed I had her lie down on the bed sideways to the headboard. This left not only her feet accessible but her head as well. I slipped her hands into the ropes tied to the bed rail. I next slipped her ankles into ropes also. I then placed a bandanna over her eyes making sure she couldn't see but also checking that she was comfortable.

My next step was to reach into the nightstand for the scissors I had hidden there. I began at the top of Glenda's nightgown, right between her breasts and began cutting through the material. I made sure to slide the scissors over her skin but also kept the sharp ends from cutting her.

By the time I reached the bottom of Glenda's nightgown, I was kneeling on the bed. Because I was naked, my dick was swinging freely so occasionally it would hit her. When my dick got near her face, Glenda turned her head and tried to capture my dick in her mouth. Feeling horny I decided to go ahead and let her suck me for a few minutes so I spread her gown and grabbed a breast in each hand to play with. I began rocking towards Glenda's head as she sucked more of my dick into her mouth. I had to fight the urge to climb on top of Glenda's head and shove my whole dick into her mouth. I loved her blow jobs but I loved Glenda more and I just didn't want to hurt her, call me crazy.

My next move was to go around the other end of the bed and cut Glenda's underpants off. I first cut up from the leg area towards the top and then I cut each leg free of the material. Glenda was now totally exposed to me and I didn't have to have her lift up to remove any clothes. I kissed Glenda's pussy mound and then rubbed my hands through her hair.

"You know Glenda; I think I'm gonna trim this down some more for you."

"I guess you can do what ever you want to do right now. It's not like I can stop you, right?

That was what I was hoping she would say. I began with the scissors and trimmed as much hair I could easily remove and then I stepped into the bathroom for the hair trimmer. I used the trimmer to get more hair off of Glenda's pussy and then I went back for the razor, shaving cream, a pan of warm water, a towel and a wash cloth. With these items, I shaved all of Glenda's hair completely off.

As soon as I had her dried off I buried my face into her pussy and began licking her clit like mad. Glenda's pussy was fresh from the washing but she soon began leaking juices that I tried in vain to keep licked up; the more I tried, the more she leaked.

I reached under the bed and retrieved the box that contained the dildo I had bought earlier today. I moved my mouth a little so I could still lick her pussy and slowly insert the dildo at the same time. I first made sure that I had it coated with her pussy juices and then I moved the dildo down to her puckered anus. I hadn't turned on the vibrator yet but as soon as it made contact with her anus I did. Glenda jumped a bit at the hips but was soon pushing her ass back against the dildo so I slowly began working it in.

By the time I had the dildo worked in about half way; Glenda was begging me to fuck her. I took the towel, folded it really quickly and lodged it in front of the dildo to keep it from coming out and then climbed on top of Glenda and slid my dick home. It is hard to describe the sensations I was feeling. My weight was pressing the dildo up so I could feel it vibrating through the wall separates the ass from the pussy. That added to the whole rope thing had me shooting my load almost immediately. Glenda got so excited that she suddenly felt a strong urge to take a shit so I had to hurry up and untie her and help her up. While she was in the bathroom, I took the time to clean the dildo up and stop in the kitchen.

When she came back into the room she apologized but I let her know that everything was okay. I asked her if she wanted to quit and she told me that while she wanted to keep going, she'd like me to leave her ass alone for a little while because it was sore. I readily agreed and had Glenda lie down again this time with her head on the pillows near the headboard. When she was relaxed and had her eyes closed, I again reached under the bed for a surprise I had removed from the kitchen.

Glenda almost jumped out of her skin when the ice cube touched her nipple. It took a little bit to convince her to let me continue but soon I was drawing little circles around each nipple. When I had them bright red with cold, I leaned in and began sucking each nipple in turn. I warmed the breast up with my mouth and then cooled it back down with the ice cube until the ice cube melted and then I had Glenda roll on top of me so we could wrap the night up with another fucking. By the time we finished both of us were exhausted so we rolled onto our sides and fell asleep cuddling.

The next day found us going back to the hospital to see Eileen. We had both called our employers and let him know the situation and had gotten the day off. Eileen and Glenda's mom arrived soon after and after Glenda and I had made a run to the hospital cafeteria, we all sat down in the room and had breakfast with Eileen. Luckily she was in a lot better mood and we realized that part of her problem was that Eileen had been suffering for a long time and it had made her bitter. She realized though, that she had basically ended our marriage by treating me the way she had. What no one was ready for though, was the discussion that took place next.

"Guys, the doctor's been in here a few times and he hasn't given me much good news to think about. It looks like the cancer has spread throughout my body and, while they can get some of it; they won't be able to get all of it. It looks like this stuff is going to kill me." Eileen said rather humbly but bravely. "I've been laying here thinking things through and I've realized that if I teach this baby to call me 'mom' then I'll be forcing it to lose their mom very early. As much as I hate this, I think Glenda ought to raise the baby as hers and I'll just be an aunt."

"I guess I don't mind being 'Uncle David' then."

Eileen turned to me and said the most amazing thing. "David, that baby will need a father. Rather than you being an uncle that marries his or her mom later, why don't you just start out as dad instead? I mean, you really are his or her dad already. You don't have to give that up for me."

Glenda was in tears but still had THE question to ask. "But David is your husband, how does he go to being mine?"

"I thought about that. Rather than divorcing me and then getting married why don't the two of you go by the church and ask how David can go about getting the marriage annulled. I think that the way I treated you would be cause enough but if not I'll talk to the priest too. In fact, why don't someone go call for one to stop by here and maybe we can all work this out."

After the priest arrived the discussions began. After a lot of talking and praying, the priest left with a promise to check into the annulment. Glenda and I were to call the office by the next Friday and make an appointment to come in to talk about us getting married. Everyone left that evening happy except for Glenda and I. we were ecstatic!

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