Gliss Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This science fiction story is cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, places, or events--living or dead--is purely coincidental and should not be inferred.


Chapter Two. Jane

The Klingons depart, leaving Professor Taunus and the Vulcan female alone in a laboratory deep in the interior of a nickel-iron asteroid. Mass gleaned from the solar wind powers the laboratory. It is true that one man's trash is another man's treasure. A star, in its helium-fusion life cycle, ejects ionized particles in its solar wind. With the ability to induce proton-decay, The Federation of Planets can transform interstellar mass into energy and antimatter. Taunus is given a laboratory in hopes that he will be able to devise a sustainable chain rejection and thereby produce a proton-decay bomb--a bomb whose yield far exceeds the yield of the traditional atomic bomb. To this end, he is rewarded with a laboratory. He also is given the services of a gynoid, Jane, who can tend to his needs and welfare.

*About Jane

Jane is a gynoid, a female android, who is assigned to be a caregiver to Professor Taunus. Most caregiver androids are strictly utilitarian, not constructed to be aesthetically pleasing or physically attractive. But Jane is the exception that proves the rule. She can cook, clean, assist the aged professor in proper dental hygiene as well as perform all dental procedures, including root canals and dental implants, with 99.99% success rate. She is a skilled surgeon and has the equivalent education of a physician and a pharmacist. Physically Jane measures up with a gorgeous physique: measurements: 35(B)-25-35; height/weight: 5'5"/125 lbs; hair and eyes: blond and blue; IQ 155; and, a flawless, blemish-free complexion. Of course only the upper 0.1% of the populace could afford such an administrative assistant. The Taxes on Jane would bankrupt all save the billionaires. Imagine all other possible attributes in the collection of human skills and she can access and acquire them in a nanosecond or less!

Chapter Three. The Uncanny Valley

*More About Gliss

Gliss is a Vulcan female. She excels at the academics as well as the martial arts, having black belts in Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu. She was admitted to the Vulcan Science Academy and studied particle physics. After graduating from the academy, Gliss took an assignment as Science Officer on a Federation Starship. While mapping out some interesting geological formations on an alien planet Orion slavers kidnapped her and several of her shipmates. Her lithe, limber, lissome, legs, her pouty, luscious lips, her flawless, blemish-free complexion, and her toned, tight, tender thighs make her a prime morsel for the slave auction block. Couple her Vulcan demeanor with her carved ivory derrière and her hourglass waist to make her every man's (wet) dream and every woman's green demon of envy, jealously, and it can only be said that she could conjure up the corpse of a recently-deceased, hoary, old curmudgeon. Gliss is also telepathic to some degree.

"We are alone now," Gliss begins her talking points, "sooner or later Star Fleet will discover that I am here and they will dispatch a Star Ship to retrieve me. Rest assured that your old age will not influence the magistrate and you will be incarcerated for the remainder of your natural life--for aiding and abetting human trafficking. Your perversion will bring you to a bad end, even if you are able to twist energy from the proton via Proton Decay. And look at you. You are not just suffering from Parkinson's syndrome but also from the 'Chest of Drawers Syndrome,' where your chest has fallen down into your drawers."

"Release me immediately and return me to federation space and I will be mitigating evidence in your trial," Gliss continues. "It would be as if some hormone--some alien pheromone--induced a libidinous, libidinal behavior, a crass, craven, chemical command not unlike an insect scent which must be obeyed by the prey. You have your needs met by a sentient gynoid, Jane. What more could any male in his right mind desire."

Professor Taunus blinked at the vitriolic diatribe uttered by the tongue of the gorgeous woman Gliss. There is some effect on the normal, rational male mind that refuses to admit that a beautiful woman--possibly by virtue of her beauty alone--is incapable of committing a gruesome felony.

"Have you not heard of the Uncanny Valley in cybernetics? Here the infinitesimal differences between an android, a gynoid, or a cyborg and a human being elicit a revulsion in a man's (or woman's) mind," Taunus responds. "Jane here is state-of-the art gynoid. It is very difficult on first encounter to tell what behavior generated the Uncanny Valley revulsion on her part. It might be compared with the Gibbs phenomenon exhibited by the unexpected manner in which the Fourier series behaves at a jump discontinuity Increasing the number of partial sums doesn't help. The overshoot from the truncated Fourier series does not die out; it approaches a finite limit. Can you tell from this argument what it is desirable to have a biological female as company here? Besides my days are limited. Upon my demise you will released and a distress signal will be broadcast to ensure your return to Star Fleet."

Chapter Four. Prime Square Root

Gliss looks around the laboratory. She notices the spartan walls, with only two framed documents. One is some kind of ownership certificate for the ownership of the cube root of some large prime number, with Taunus's name, pic, and brief vita. The other is another certificate for the volume of a triaxial (or scalene) ellipsoid. The second claimant is identified only as a pending purchase for a twentieth, twenty-first minor actress Sharon. Apparently the order was placed for ownership but never consummated, perhaps due to the transfer of funding.

"What are these documents you have on display, Taunus?" Gliss asks.

"The one is my certificate of ownership of a number, albeit the cube root or a large prime. The second is a pending purchase that goes with the claimant of ownership for a number." Professor Taunus explains. "The deal is this: in the past significant advances in mathematics and associated scientific endeavors were rewarded by naming the space, algebra, number, constant, or the like after the contributing individual. For example: the square roots of 2, 3, and 5 are named after famous Greek mathematicians. The square root of seven was left unnamed, as were succeeding square roots. Then, with funding decreasing and symbolic software replacing human mathematicians, a bureau of state was formed to sell the naming of certain constants and other mathematical constructs."

"Wouldn't that be crass capitalism and a betrayal of academic excellence?" Gliss asks.

"Not at all," Taunus replied, "on the contrary, numbers such as square root of seven are held for outstanding results in the field. The larger primes, of which there are infinitely many, are auctioned off, bringing in much needed hard currency, that is Space Credits, to finance math education. The square roots of prime numbers, unlike the dimensionless physics constants, are capable of adding members forever. The cube roots of prime numbers are also for sale, but only to those mathematicians and scientists who have actually made some noteworthy contribution to the advancement of science."

"Oh," Gliss exclaims, "I recall now seeing such on the halls of Star Fleet Academy! They were on the 'I love me' walls. We considered such as building the egos of the staff and teachers."

"True," when it comes to the phenomenon of Proton Decay," Taunus continues, "The personage to be given recognition was a minor actress of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries. Apparently unable or unwilling to pay the full price for the unusual construct, it was too dear to be auctioned and it could not enter the public domain either. The number itself--allegedly--has application in Quantum Physics."

"My situation," Gliss insists, "cannot remain in this limbo. For sure the gynoid Jane makes regular reports to Star Fleet and the Federation of Planets and it certainly would include the fact that an officer of Star Fleet is being held captive here!"

"I doubt that seriously," Taunus retorts, "you are free to leave anytime you want to, Gliss. But without a space craft with relativistic power source, you won't get very far. Besides, as an octogenarian, my days in this life are numbered. My time in the military put me to difficult usage. As you have no doubt ascertained or have been told, on my passing you and Jane will be released to Star Fleet. For sure they will supply suitable transport for you two. You should be grateful, Gliss, that I did not leave you to be mercy of the Orion slavers. For sure you would have been abused, raped, tortured, sodomized, and suffered a plethora of medical intrusions."

"I cannot see how I should be grateful as long as I am prisoner here," Gliss responds. "You have no right to exert hegemony over another sentient being. That should also include Jane, your gynoid slave."

"I fail to see the comparison," Taunus exclaims.


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by Anonymous07/02/17

Only complaint

Is that the federation didn't use money, they traded with other nations but they didn't use money internally. There is an episode of T:NG where Picard tells a businessman that money doesn't exist anymoremore...

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