Gliss Ch. 06


Disclaimer: This science fiction story is cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, places, or events---living or dead---is purely coincidental and should not be inferred.

Chapter Twelve. Troll's Profit

It came to pass that Troll escaped the Ferengi vessel via an emergency life pod through one of the cargo bays of the Ferengi freighter. The pod was all that remained of the nickel-iron asteroid that housed Professor Taunus's laboratory. Per Ferengi rules and customs Gliss, a Star Fleet Commander and Vulcan, is kept naked. Troll fitted her with a slave collar and leash. He also keeps Gliss's hands cuffed behind her back to allow him the pleasure of enjoying her breasts and privates. Taunus, on the other hand, is taken to harsh interrogation by the Ferengi. Taunus, an octogenarian beset with a cornucopia of physical ailments, is not faring well in the interrogation chamber. While removing his toenails without his permission, the Ferengi cause him to slip into a coma. While the Ferengi were trying to revive Taunus, two Klingon warriors entered.

"Do you wish to die with honor in combat or suffer on the torture rack, ugly, mean frog?" The Klingon asks. "If Taunus passes on, so will you Ferengi."

The Klingon warriors hustle Taunus to their "sick bay" where a Klingon physician assesses his condition.

[Klingon Physician]: "Your patient is non-responsive, G'Ro! He is dehydrated, and I can fix that, but we are ill-equipped to deal with a geriatric case. He is an octogenarian or worse. I did find a scrap of paper with some numbers on it. Do you have any idea what it means?"

pi 3.14159265359

(4pi)^3 1984.40170753919

(4pi)(4pi-1/pi)(4pi-2/pi) 1836.15173925635

=SQRT(1-(1/(48*PI()-8/PI())^2)) 0.99997724977

CODATA m_p / m_e 1836.15267245

=$B$2-$B$5 148.24903508919

=48*PI()-8/PI() 148.24996828284

=SQRT(1-(1/$B$6)^2) 0.99997724949

=$B$4-$B$8 0.00000000029

CODATA Light speed 299792458 (exact)

=$B$8 * 299792458 299785637.567789

=$B$4 * 299792458 299785637.653655

The Klingon Science Officer, B'Phlat, examines the shard. It is a palimpsest from a spreadsheet. Paper must be a shortage, except for toilet paper, away from the inner planets. The gas giants offer little for Carbon-based life forms.

[B'Phlat]: "Here, look! It is the totality of Professor Taunus's life work all in one place. He could have blessed it with a few words, however. But there, there (he points to the bottom line) G'Ro, is the electron velocity to induce Proton Decay. Now we Klingons can manufacture our own antimatter in a starless sky if needs be. Interstellar material is now our fuel. No longer will Star Fleet have a monopoly on Proton Decay!"

[G'Ro]: "Isn't there a Vulcan girl somewhere on this ship? Just how large is the crew and how many slave girls are on board?"

The Ferengi grow silent. They sense that Troll has absconded and left them holding the bag.

[Ferengi-2]: "Troll had the human female on a leash the last time I saw him. If he is not on the ship then where could they be?"

G'Ro gives an order for the Ferengi to give the location of Gliss and Troll. After a brief hiatus, [Ferengi-3] reports that the two are not on board and the escape pod from Taunus's laboratory is no longer in the cargo bay. The logical conclusion is that Troll and Gliss left in the pod, presumably to be retrieved by another Ferengi starship.

Taunus's condition continues to deteriorate. The Klingon physician finds a bracelet on Taunus with "Do not Resuscitate" and "No Life Support for a Permanent Vegetative State." The Klingon Physician feels relieved but G'Ro is furious at the prospect of losing a lucrative reward for the return of the physicist.

[G'Ro]: "I see the last two values and while the integer parts agree, the fractional part diverges. I was to understand the two numbers had to be precisely identical to work."

[B'Phlat]: "It may be necessary to do a little Trial-and-Error (T&E) to get the precision for a smooth fit. But to guess even to within one meter per second without this theory would require Gigaquads of computer simulations."

Chapter Thirteen. Gliss Suffers

Back in the escape pod, Troll keeps all systems off except life support, and minimizes that. In the region of space Gliss and Troll are in there is a sizable collection of space junk and a dearth of usable material. There are many large, unmanned energy and antimatter converters, converting the solar wind into usable energy and positrons. Here is an ideal place for a space craft with a small signature.

Troll has left Gliss handcuffed and held in place by a leash on her collar. Once settled and seeing the Klingons depart, Troll takes notice of the gorgeous Vulcan female beside him. He reaches over and pinches her left nipple. Gliss sighs and grimaces as he twists her left nipple hard.

"I certainly hope that you are enjoying yourself," Gliss remarks. "Even old Taunus would never cause unnecessary suffering. He is a hoary old misogynist! Or, at best a horny old cenobite. Rest assured there will come a time when you are brought before a magistrate for kidnapping and sexual abuse. I can only imagine what will become of you in prison."

Troll pinches and twists Gliss's left breast harder, pulling in out. She offers no resistance, just a sigh as she stoically endures the pain.

"Usually girls cry out, cry and scream, and beg for mercy and offer their private parts and lips for my pleasure. What are you trying to prove, Gliss?" Troll inquires. "Does it hurt a maximum?"

Gliss does not reply. Troll is surprised that Gliss does to cry and scream. He lets her be for the moment, catching a bit of shut eye. He is awakened by the chiming of the computer. A Ferengi space ship is approaching. He hails them.

"This is Troll in a Federation escape pod. I have a prize piece of flesh, a captive Federation Star Fleet Vulcan Commander: Gliss! Surely you have heard of her. She is a diamond in the rough." Troll comments.

"Let's prepare you for the auction block, Gliss," Troll says. "Spread your legs and allow me access to your comely clitoris."

Gliss obeys, wondering what Troll has in mind. He fetches a paper clamp and clips it onto Gliss's clit. This time Gliss can no longer remain silent. She screams in pain. "This hurts so much," she says, "Please remove that from me."

"Well," Troll remarks, "You are finally agreeable. If you will submit to sexual arousal and an orgasm, then we will remove that paper clamp. There is a shortage of paper out here but no shortage of paper clamps. They always worked for me on a girl's nipples and clit. I love to see a girl cum. Of course, you must cum before I remove the paper clamp from your dainty little pearl. It is amazing what a girl will do to protect her privates."

Gliss allows Troll to arouse her sexually with a dildo in her vagina. It takes a while, but she is able to climax. Troll pulls the paper clamp off, causing Gliss to shake and shed some salty, wet tears. Troll licks the tears from Gliss's crimson red cheeks. He is totally turned on. Gliss's breath has that unique, garlic-like, female scent of sexual excitation.

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