Gliss Ch. 07


Disclaimer: This science fiction story is cast in the future. Any resemblance to persons, places, or events---living or dead---is purely coincidental and should not be inferred.


Chapter Sixteen. The Resurrection

An alarm sounds sending the ward nurse and the on-duty intern hurrying to a "Code Blue" in the room housing Professor Taunus. On the foot of his bed is an "A4" (letter size) page with a large red circle and diagonal stripe overlaying the black, bold faced letters "CPR." On the footer of the page is written out "Do Not Resuscitate." The intern takes one glance at the flat line on the patient monitor and asks the time from the nurse. He then tells her to write "Deceased" at the time specified. Both exit the room to tend to other pressing matters. As soon as the pair are out of sight, two men wearing EMT uniforms enter the room to revive Taunus. The "responders" are wearing official-looking name tags "Sword" and "Fish RN"

Nurse Fish immediately starts to administer CPR while EMT Sword starts a IV. Taunus would have passed away a short time earlier should the physician's directions have included the Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) document stating: "No Life Support if PVS (Permanent Vegetative State)." Certainly the attending physician could have said that Taunus is PVS, but he can wait,---wait to keep the death going onto someone else's shift. In a flash the departed returns to the land of the living, albeit against his directive and desires. The two "first-responders" load the comatose Professor onto a gurney and wheel him to a waiting ambulance. Once underway, the nurse injects some medication into Taunus's carotid artery and more into the Intravenous bag's tube.

With various medical transport vehicles coming and going everywhere in the hospital, no one questions the EMTs and the gurney loaded with a patient. A few miles away the ambulance pulls into a public parking garage and the three transfer to a nondescript white panel truck, with darkened windows.

"Contact the collective and tell them that we are en route." Fish orders.

"Yes, Sir," Sword replies. "Anything else to add?"

"No," Fish answers, "let's cover our trail."

Sword nods his approval.

"Should we try to bring him to consciousness, Sir?" Sword inquires.

"No," Fish retorts, "leave that to the collective and their nanites [sic]."

There is little conversation during the the journey from Los Angeles to the Bad Lands of New Mexico. After several hours pass, a radio news report routinely mentions that the corpse of Professor Taunus will be laid to rest the next day in a closed coffin. The van makes a stop at the New Mexico border to buy gas, food, and change the license plates from California issue to the red and yellow New Mexico Plates.

"For sure Star Fleet Command does not want the adverse publicity of losing the corpus delicti to circulate," Sword remarks. The intelligence community is in a denial mode, squashing the event a maximum. Someone will probably be retired with extreme prejudice.

The collective is a spin off from the Borg, making a nest deep under the barren Bad Lands of New Mexico. There, with the aid of massive Uranium deposits, they are able to employ fission to satisfy their energy needs. Their "nest" is 100 meters underground; it houses approximately 2,000 Borg. They hope to gather enough matériel to build a spaceship and return to be integrated into the larger collective (if it still exists).

Chapter Seventeen. Gliss in a Ferengi world

The Ferengi are sorely miffed at the loss of a spaceship; Troll throws a fit of pique for not being able to turn a fast profit on the slave girl Gliss. He shows her off up and down the sandy beaches of Ferengiar (the home world of the Ferengi), attracting much attention but few interested buyers. He decides to rent a cabana and have Gliss serve guests in the hopes that some interest in her might manifest itself, considering her striking, stunning physique and the fact that she is a Vulcan. Word is that the Vulcans are an endangered species.

Gliss has finally become accustomed to being naked in front of lecherous, lustful, lewd Ferengi males. She learns to accept the pinching, slapping, and groping while she serves beverages and exotic "eats." She shaves her pussy every morning and enemas, keeping her anus and rectum washed clean. She then applies a liberal smear of K.Y. Jelly to her nether region. One can only imagine how she would be compelled to perform by Troll to make a sale.

The sun had set over Ferengiar when there was a knock at the door to the cabana of Troll. "Who is here this hour of darkness. Return after sun rise, if you please!" Troll requests.

"I am Secundus of Gor, miserable frog-face Ferengi, and I have two stone's weight (28 pounds) of the purest, finest, Latinum, in the quadrant" Secundus exclaims. "You would be well-advised to consider the bargain. (He holds up a heavy metallic bar.) If I leave without making an offer I shall not return!"

"Gor?" Troll utters. "Is that the mythical 'Counter Earth'?"

"It is a class M-planet (Minshara planet), ugly mean pile of dung." Secundus remarks. "I am a Gorean warrior, red caste, and wish to purchase the slave girl I've heard rumored about all over the quadrant. And it is not mythical---there are more Goreans than others in the known universe. Enough! I did not come here to give a history, geography, or demographics lesson. Your slut, 'Gliss,' is she for sale or not?"

"Yes, Jarl Secundus," Troll murmurs. He summons Gliss, who enters the room naked and sleepy. "Gliss, entertain our guest."

Gliss assumes the Gorean slave pose "Nadu" then, seeing the pupils of Secundus's eye dilate, she shifts into the pose "Cutie" a modified oriental pose. The pose Cutie allows easy access to her vagina and rectum while keeping her teats forward for a master's pleasure.

"Have her climb atop the table on her back Methinks it is called the 'supine position.' Have her spread her legs and display her underpinnings, vulva, anus, perineum. I want to examine this merchandise in excruciating detail." Secundus orders.

"Right away, Sir," Troll replies. "Quick girl, assume the position for this serious buyer."

Secundus directs his next question to Gliss: "Are you allergic to LaTex or K.Y. Jelly, girl?"

"No, Sir," Gliss replies.

"Good," Secundus comments. He dusts his hands and there is the all-to-familiar "pop" as Secundus puts on latex examination gloves, size large. He then applies a liberal amount of K.Y. Jelly to Gliss's vulva and anus. "Spread widely," he commands Gliss.

Although Gliss has been examined often by various Ferengi slavers and merchants, she is still embarrassed and humiliated by the procedure. Gliss feels Secundus's lubricated thumb enter her vagina, spreading wide her Holy of Holies. The bridge of his hand on her clitoris and his thumb doing a pelvic examination.

Gliss wonders when it will end. She is panting as he dilates her vulva. She can't resist some small degree of sexual arousal from the groping. It has been a long day for Troll and he is anxious to make a sale or retire to bed. Secundus pushes hard to gain a sense of Gliss's abdominal cavity, Vulcans have a unique physiology, distinct from most humanoid species.

At long last Secundus pulls his thumb from Gliss's pussy and inserts his right index finger into her rectum. He went so quickly that Gliss didn't even have time to react. She utters the sound "oh," as he pushes a second finger along side the first into her bowels. She realizes that Secundus has very large fingers. The insertion of two fingers into her rectum is very painful, even for well lubricated digits. In an age and era of digital devices it is the "digital probe" that retains its old position of submission.

Secundus aligns his two fingers side-by-side and curls them inside of Gliss. She is totally mortified and embarrassed as he comments on her intestines and the tightness of fit of her tiny anus. It obviously gives him pleasure to see her wince and squire as her examines her rear end. It is obvious to Gliss that Secundus has performed this humiliation often and knows exactly "which button to puss" to induce maximal response.

He pulls against her anus, jerking out his curled fingers and re-inserting them again and again. Gliss feels tears swell in her eyes but remains silent, not willing to give Secundus the satisfaction of her pleading or crying.

"Done," Secundus says. "Here is the Latinum, give me the controller of her collar and we will be gone. I need to travel before midnight. There is a need for haste."

Secundus takes control of Gliss and the two depart for a new adventure in the planet Gor, a man's world.

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