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Global Anal Sex Holiday


In the year 2099, the world changed. A group of powerful men conquered the world and united it under one rule. The leader of these men was the Supreme Emperor. The Supreme Emperor of the Planet Earth was an openly bisexual black man who had a myriad lovers, both male and female. He believed in sexuality, peace and harmony. So, he outlawed all the problems of humanity. He outlawed marriage and ipso facto, also banned divorce. He outlawed religion, philosophy, feminism and apathy. He also decreed that people no longer belonged to themselves, they belonged to the Empire. The Empire granted them freedom.

The Emperor and his men had a mighty spaceship hovering over the planet. Any troublemaker was instantly killed and never heard from again. For a decade, mankind lived in peace and harmony. Men and women, blacks and whites, gays and lesbians and heterosexuals, all were happy and equal. Anyone who upset the order of the world was never heard from again. Such was life in the Empire. To relieve the men and women of the Imperial worlds of the stress of their daily lives, the Emperor decreed that sixty days out of each year would be dedicated to Purifying Hedonism. Men and women could indulge in whatever pleasure they chose, sexual or otherwise, without fear of reprisal. This was everyone's favorite Imperial Holiday.

Guess what? Today is Anal Sex Day. Today, throughout the world, by law all men and women need to engage in sexual activity of the anal kind. To disobey the law is to face a rigid penalty. All lawbreakers are condemned to death by being beamed onboard one of the Imperial spaceships and blasted off into space to perish in the void. It was hardly ever necessary to do so because the majority of men and women living in the Empire were very eager practitioners of everyone's favorite holiday and the special ceremony and practice which was a major part of it.

Today was a day which had Rachel in a panic. The tall, blonde-haired Irishwoman had the blues. The Holiday had come and she couldn't find a willing sexual partner. Part of the reason was because she was a wicked bitch most of the time and most men and women for that matter couldn't stand her. Back in the days before the Empire, Rachel had been a feminist. An empowered man-hater living in America. Someone both men and women considered to be completely redundant. Her feminist movement had lost its luster. They had all been exposed for the man-hating frauds that they were a long time ago. The Men's Rights Movement had restored the balance of power between men and women. Colleges were now fifty percent male and fifty percent female. A long time ago, feminists used treacherous tactics such as the elimination of popular sports and the demonizing of men to discourage male students from attending colleges and universities worldwide. False allegations of rape made by vindictive women against innocent men were also common. Alas, the efforts of good men had defeated the western world's man-hating sisterhood. Rachel found herself in a world where her ideas of hate and division according to gender politics were no longer welcome.

Rachel hated to admit it but she liked living in the Empire, for the most part. The Emperor provided his subjects with universal health care. Colleges and universities were also free, as long as prospective students could meet certain intellectual requirements. The Empire was free of war. There was no turmoil on the planet Earth. Imperial scientists had repaired the hole in the ozone layer. They had also used genetic engineering to recreate animal and plant species which had been wiped out in centuries past. They fixed all damage to the ecosystem in a matter of years. They also ended world hunger and found the cure for ninety nine percent of all known diseases. That's just the way things were in the Empire. The Empire had gotten rid of social turmoil by granting the same rights to heterosexuals and homosexuals. There was no longer any need for a Gay Rights Movement since everyone was equal in the Empire. Countries in Africa, Asia and Europe also enjoyed the same heavenly pleasures that North America had. The Emperor and his Legions had transformed the planet Earth into a virtual paradise for all of its inhabitants.

Rachel walked out of the library, and saw someone whom she hadn't seen in a long time. A tall, good-looking, lean black man. His name was Paul. Ten years ago, they were both in the same sociology class. They had butted heads. Back then, he was the openly bisexual black male who spoke ardently for the rights of male victims of domestic abuse. He also spoke up for gay rights and men's rights. They had clashed due to differences of opinion when it came to gender politics. His views were diametrically opposed to hers. In her eyes back then, he was considered to be the enemy. So why did she feel such a compelling attraction toward him?

In spite of, or maybe because of their differences, they met frequently outside of class. In the debate club, they argued on the same side for the first time. Their school was pitted against a rival. They had actually won by working together as opposed to clashing with each other. This was something which surprised them both. After the debate club match, Rachel surprised herself by asking Paul out for a burger and some drinks. They went to the nearby Burger King, and had a nice chat while eating. Rachel was pleasantly surprised to discover another side to Paul. Underneath the headstrong, argumentative rival she knew, there was a decent, and somewhat vulnerable man. She had felt drawn to him, and thus an affair began between them.

Before she knew it, Rachel was dating Paul, her political opposite. As it happened plenty of times, they discovered that they had a lot in common. The attraction was mutual, and next thing they knew, they were living together. Rachel the American feminist had fallen in love with Paul, the ruggedly handsome macho black man. They had a passionate relationship together. For four years, they were living together. Paul graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. He went straight to the Police Academy. Rachel got her business degree and opted for a decent M.B.A. program. She left the city. He remained, and became a cop. They hadn't seen each other until after the Rise of the Empire.

Just looking at Paul after all this time brought Rachel back to those passionate years they once shared. What had he been doing with himself for the past ten years? Was he still a cop? Had he gotten married? Smiling, he walked up to her. Rachel held her breath. He was still gorgeous after all these years. Grinning confidently, Paul kissed her on the lips. Rachel hesitated, then kissed him back. When their lips parted, she took one look at him and forgot what she was about to say. Taking her hand, he led her into a deserted, dark parking lot. What he had in mind, only time would tell.

Paul took her deeper into the darkness, then stopped abruptly. He kissed her once more and Rachel felt weak in the knees. He was so handsome and virile. She hadn't seen him in ages. Lords, she wanted him! She could tell that he wanted her too. When he picked her up in his arms and put her on the hood of a car, she didn't protest. He unbuttoned her shirt and she helped him. She pulled down her skirt, and he grinned. Yeah, she still didn't wear any panties. Grinning, she unzipped his pants, freeing his massive ten-inch cock. Gently, she stroked him. Looking right into her eyes, he rubbed his manhood against her snatch, and prepared to enter her.

Rachel grinned, her breath quickening in anticipation. She remembered how it felt to have him inside her. Especially in a special way. Feeling bolder than ever before, and quite horny, she told him her request. Today was a special day after all. Grinning, Paul placed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Rachel gasped as Paul's massive cock slid into her ass. It had been ten years since she'd been taken this way, by none other than him. This sure brought back memories. A flood of oddly familiar sensations assaulted her. The feel of his hard cock sliding into her tight ass, his ragged breathing and her fast-beating heart. Yeah, she had missed it.

Paul looked into Rachel's eyes as he thrust into her. He hadn't seen this woman in ten years. The world they knew had literally ended since they last saw each other. Now, they lived in a new world, and they were picking up right where they left off. He had missed her cute face, sexy body and that fabulous ass of hers. How he had missed her. He continued to thrust into her, and she welcomed him inside her. Wrapping her arms around his torso, she drew him in. passionately, they continued to make love in their very own special way, until ecstasy rocked both of their bodies and sent them to Cloud Nine. Afterwards, the two of them sat on the hood of the car, in the empty parking lot. Smiling, they said nothing. Simply held each other and looked at the stars. This was the best Holiday either of them ever had.

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