My wife Pat and I have been married for 6 years.. I am 45 years old and in pretty good shape and Pat is 40 and keeps herself trim and fit.

Sex between us has been tapering off for the last year or so, and Pat just tells me that she just isn't in the mood for sex more than two or three times a month. I had planned a week long romantic vacation for us in Miami, thinking that we just needed to get that spark back. During the whole vacation Pat and I only had sex once. The sex was really good and satisfying, but I still longed for more.

On the three hour flight home to New York, Pat and I were quietly discussing the issue. We tried to be as quiet as possible since we had a woman sitting next to Pat on the plane. We had introduced ourselves when we got into our seats, and this woman's name was Gloria. She was very attractive. She had dark brown hair and appeared to be 35 years old. She was on her way home from visiting family in Miami. As our flight progressed, Gloria appeared to be asleep and Pat and I had our discussion. Pat kept repeating that she loves me but is just not that interested in sex as much as I am. She said that sex with me is wonderful and I never fail to give her several orgasms. She just didn't want it as often as I did.

The last hour of our flight I sadly and quietly stared out the little window of the plane, watching the clouds and landscape go by. Pat, and the now awake Gloria, were making idle chit chat about their jobs, shopping etc...

After we landed, we said goodbye to Gloria and made our way to the carousel to get our luggage. As we walked towards the exit, luggage in tow, Gloria walked up to us and said goodbye again, thanking Pat for the friendly conversation. Pat said her goodbye first and walked towards the exit, and as I said goodbye, Gloria secretly slipped a piece of paper into my hand and gave me a warm smile. As we exited, she got into a taxi and I stuffed the paper into the pocket of my jeans. The 45 minute car service ride home was quiet and uneventful.

After arriving home and tossing the dirty clothes from the suitcase into the hamper, Pat got into the shower. I remembered the paper in my pocket and pulled out the wrinkled note and read it. In this beautiful handwriting the note said, "Joe, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation you had with Pat. She seems to be a loving and wonderful woman but it's a shame she doesn't have as high a sex drive as you do. I think you are a sweet and good looking guy and if you are me", and written in the note was her phone number. I sat on the edge of the bed and thought about Gloria's proposition. A minute or so later the shower was shut off and I heard Pat drying herself off. Before she walked back into the bedroom, I stashed the note into my sock drawer. Pat walked into the room naked, rubbing a towel through her long black hair. As I stared at her sexy body, she smiled and gave me a kiss. She saw that I was still a little melancholy and she said she was sorry for making me feel that way. She sat on the edge of the bed and told me to come to her. As she undid the belt on my jeans, she told me she was sorry again and she tugged down my jeans releasing my cock. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear, and Pat took my soft cock into her warm mouth.. Pat quickly got my cock hard, loudly sucking on the head and then taking my full 7 inches into her throat. Pat's little hand cupped and squeezed my heavy balls and then she took each one into her mouth and gently sucked on them. Pat wrapped her hand around the shaft of my hard, excited cock, and she stroked it with a firm grip. Her lips returned to my cock as she stroked it, and a couple of minutes later I exploded into her mouth. Pat swallowed the mouthful of cum she extracted from my balls, and then licked up the drops on the head as she pulled up on the softening shaft. She dried my saliva coated cock and balls with her towel, stood up and gave me a kiss. Then she went back into the bathroom to dry her hair. I got out of the rest of my clothes and went to sleep. For the next few days there was no further sex between Pat and I. The note that Gloria gave me was on my mind but I did not act on it.

A week had gone by since we returned from our vacation, and when I arrived home from work, I went up to our bedroom to change out of my suit to relax. A minute or two later, Pat walked in. She had Gloria's note in her hand. "I was putting the laundry away and I found this with your socks" Pat said, while holding up the piece of paper. "Did you call her?"

"No, I didn't call her." I nervously replied.

"But you kept the note. Have you been thinking about calling her? Do you think she is attractive?" Pat asked.

"Honestly Pat, it has crossed my mind, but I keep dismissing the idea. I really do love you, but I've been disappointed with our sex life, and I have needs. I'm sorry." I said, while looking down at the carpeted floor.

"I know." Pat said quietly. She sat next to me on the bed. "After I found the note, I called Gloria. I was angry at first, but as we chatted, I calmed down. Gloria and I had a long conversation and I invited her over tonight".

I looked at Pat and I said, "You told her to come over? Why?"

Pat replied, "I was happy to hear that you didn't call her, and as we talked, Gloria made me realize that you have needs that I am not fulfilling. I guess it took the words of another woman to make me understand what you're going through and how you perceive the changes in our sex life."

"So why is she coming here?" I asked.

"I think we need to get to know Gloria better. I liked her when we spoke on the plane, and after I calmed down on the phone, I felt comfortable opening up to her." Pat calmly said. "She will be here at 7. Take a shower and come down for dinner. We only have an hour and a half until she arrives." Pat walked out of the bedroom and disappeared. I got into a hot shower, and thought about what just happened. I was confused.

Dinner was quiet as we ate the roast chicken and rice that Pat made. I think we were both a little nervous. Pat and I had just finished putting away the dinner dishes when the doorbell rang promptly at 7. Pat went to answer the door.

From the kitchen, I heard Pat greet Gloria. It all sounded friendly and Pat yelled from the living room telling me Gloria was here and to bring the wine and glasses. I opened the bottle of Pinot and walked into the living room with the bottle and glasses in my hand. Gloria stepped towards me and smiled. She kissed me on the cheek. Pat Invited Gloria to sit on the couch and Pat sat next to her. I poured the wine and gave each girl her glass. I sat across from them in the oversized chair. As the girls sipped their wine and chatted, I gazed upon them both. Pat looked great with her black hair cascading over her deep blue sweater. Her 38C breasts pushing out the cotton fabric. She had just kicked off her shoes and tucked her legs underneath her on the couch. Her dark jeans tightened around her firm ass, half of which was facing me. Gloria had on a maroon top, buttoned low enough where you can easily see her cleavage but nothing more. I figured her breasts to be slightly smaller than Pat's, maybe a 36 or 38B. Her black slacks were tailored well, giving you the hint of a shapely ass. Pat caught me staring at Gloria and brought me back to reality with a loud and deliberate "Ahem!" Both girls just laughed as my eyes met each of theirs.

"More wine please." Pat requested. As I stood in front of her and poured, she put her bare foot onto my crotch and rubbed. "Yup, just as I thought Gloria. He was getting a hard on while he was looking at you." Her foot confirming my semi rigidness. I was guilty. I was starting to get hard, but not just from looking at Gloria.

"To be honest, I was getting excited while looking at both of you." I finally said while refilling Gloria's glass. "You both are very beautiful women."

Pat stood up and kissed me. "Thank you baby." she said in reply to the compliment. "Gloria and I discussed a little more on the phone than what I told you earlier. We both agreed that you are not being satisfied sexually. She figures a couple times a week she can come over and you two can take care of each others needs." I looked at Pat and then at Gloria and then back at Pat again. "It's ok with me honey. I'm secure in your love for me and I know I'm not taking care of you as I should." she said quietly in my ear.

"That's if it's ok with you, Joe." Gloria said. "I know we didn't include you in our plan, and this is all coming at you at once."

"It's oh oh ok with me." I stammered.

"Good." said Gloria, "I don't have a steady boyfriend because of the demands of my job, and I have needs too. This should work out for all our benefits."

Gloria put her wine glass on the end table and stood up. Pat took her hand and put it in mine and stepped back. "I'm just gonna watch." Pat said as she sat back down on the couch.

I pulled Gloria slowly towards me and we kissed. Slowly and awkwardly at first. Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. I could taste the wine on her tongue and her firm breasts pressing into my chest. My left hand slid to her ass and I felt just how firm it was. Gloria's hand found its way to my cock and she rubbed her palm over the fabric of my jeans. "Mmmmmm." was all I heard from her throat.

"I wanna taste you." Gloria said in a soft and husky voice. She knelt down in front of me and undid my belt and unsnapped my jeans.

"He likes his balls squeezed and sucked on too" Pat said from the couch. I almost forgot she was there and I immediately felt embarrassed. She just looked into my eyes and smiled.

Gloria pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and her cool hand wrapped itself around the base of my hard, hot cock. Gloria licked and kissed the head a few times before taking me into her wet mouth. I looked down at her as she slowly sucked on my cock. I realized that she was the only other woman to do this to me other than Pat for the last bunch of years. I was getting lost into myself as her lips and tongue glided over my shaft. My eyes were closed and my fingers went into Gloria's soft brown hair. Gloria's other hand found it's way to my heavy balls and she rolled them around. She was taking me into her throat now and she would push out her tongue to tickle my sack. I was in heaven. Gloria released my cock and went to work on my balls. She licked the sack and got it all wet, and then one at a time she took each of my balls into her mouth, lightly sucking on them.

"Maybe we should go upstairs?" Pat said. When I opened my eyes, I saw that she was now kneeling next to Gloria so she could get a birds eye view of the action. Gloria stopped the loving she was giving to my balls, and Pat helped her up. Both women went upstairs together, leaving me with a hard, saliva coated cock which was now feeling the effects of the cool air, and my pants around my knees. I kicked off my shoes and jeans and carried them up to the bedroom.

When I got into my bedroom, I was surprised to see Pat undressing Gloria. "It's about time you got here. I'm getting Gloria ready for you." Pat said. I pulled off my shirt and Pat had just finished taking off Gloria's top, leaving her in only her black lace bra and matching thong. "Lay back on the pillows Gloria and let him tongue your pussy. Joe is really good at giving a woman head" Pat told her. Pat went and sat in the chair in the corner of the room. The one she snuggles in and reads her novels. Gloria did as she was told and I slid between her legs. I pulled the tiny piece of lace material aside and I got my first look of Gloria's pussy. She was totally shaven. I parted her tiny labia and saw how wet her bright pink pussy was. I looked back at Pat who now was slouched down into the big chair. Her hand was inside her open jeans and she was slowly touching her pussy. Pat was never one to play with herself and this was a rare sight. I smiled at her and then turned back to Gloria.

"Taste my pussy. It's on fire. It's been so long....please Joe?" Gloria whimpered. My tongue came in contact with her labia. Gloria moaned as it pushed past the lips and into her pussy. She was so sweet and I lapped up her dew. My tongue would only brush past her clit every now and then, teasing her . I licked her steamy pussy from top to bottom, inside and outside for about 10 minutes, avoiding any deliberate contact with her now swollen clit. Gloria had her hands in my hair and kept trying to push her clit onto my tongue. I resisted over and over. The final time she tried and failed, she started to say "You bast..." and I sucked hard on her clit. "aaard!' Gloria yelled as she began to orgasm. Her breathing was quick and labored as she came, her fingers pulling my hair. I sucked her clit through her whole orgasm and then licked up her juices. As her grip on my hair and head eased, I knew she was done, I eased myself from between Gloria's legs and rolled onto my back. As I was catching my own breath, Pat jumped next to me and kissed me deeply. Her tongue searched my whole mouth, tasting Gloria's juices.

While lost in our kiss, I felt Gloria's warm mouth once again on my cock. While she slowly sucked my cock back to hardness, Pat broke our kiss and started to undue Gloria's bra. After she opened the clasps, she went to work peeling Gloria's thong down her smooth legs. Pat went back to her chair and before she sat down, she slipped off her jeans and panties. She tossed off her sweater and bra next, and slouched down in the big chair totally naked. The dark nipples capping Pat's large breasts were pointing straight out. I have never seem them that excited or erect before. I noticed that she was staring at Gloria's firm ass. Gloria sucked me back to full hardness and then sat up on her knees. Gloria's bra skipped off and she removed her arms from the straps and tossed it to the floor. Gloria's breasts sat proud on her chest with no sag. Her bright pink areolas and nipples begged to be pinched and sucked. Gloria climbed on top of me and positioned the head of my cock at the slick opening of her pussy. She slowly sat down on my cock, her tight pussy stretching around my girth. Gloria's eyes were closed, and when she had me fully buried inside of her, my hands went right to her tits. I gently squeezed each breast and rolled her nipples between my fingers. The head of my cock feeling the heat of her depths just intensified the moment. Gloria started to raise and lower her slick pussy around my cock. She was really wet and I started to thrust into her in time with her fucking me. Gloria didn't want this fast or hard. She was enjoying the sensations of having a cock inside of her again. Gloria lowered her torso down to me and gave in to my slow thrusts. I raised my head and took her right nipple into my mouth. Her eyes were still closed and she had a little smile on her pretty face. Her pussy felt so good loving my cock and I was lost in the moment just as she was. I was surprised to feel Pat's hands sliding up mp my legs. She was watching her husbands cock fucking another woman's pussy. A few seconds later, her hand wrapped around the base of my cock and took it from Gloria's pussy. Pat took my cock into her warm mouth and sucked on it. Then she put me back inside Gloria's wet pussy. This happened several more times, and I loved the different sensations it caused. Gloria was getting close to her orgasm and frankly so was I. Gloria lowered herself even closer to me and put her cheek next to mine. Between breaths she whispered into my ear, "Harder. Cum in my pussy." I did as I was told and thrust into her pussy harder. My hands were on Gloria's ass squeezing and spreading the cheeks. Pat's hands went to mine and opened Gloria's ass a little wider. I was fucking her harder and faster now, my balls slapping onto her ass. Gloria let out a deep and long moan as she came for the second time. I felt her pussy squeezing around the shaft of my cock and I couldn't hold back any longer. My stiff cock began to spasm and twitch and my heavy balls released their load of cum into Gloria's pussy. "I can feel your cum splashing onto the walls of my pussy." Gloria said into my ear. I continued to fill her pussy and then felt Pat's hand kneading my balls making sure they released all of their juices. Gloria eased herself off of me, and Pat helped her. When my softening cock was released from Gloria's just fucked cunt, some cum and pussy juice mixture dribbled out of Gloria and onto my cock and balls.

"Let me take care of you." Pat quietly said. Pat helped Gloria lay back onto a pillow and gave her a little peck on the lips. Pat slid down between Gloria's legs and I was astonished to see her begin to lap up my cum from Gloria's swollen pussy lips. Gloria's hands went to her pussy and her fingers opened her lips wider so Pat could easily lick up the mess. I watched intently as my wife ate my cum from another woman's pussy. Two of Pat's sexily manicured fingers slid inside Gloria's pussy and came out covered in cum. Pat licked her fingers clean and slid them back in again. She pulled out more of my cum and looked at it coating her fingers. She turned to me and said "I guess your balls were pretty full?" As I stared at Pat still amazed at what she was doing, she put her cum coated fingers to my lips and slipped her fingers into my mouth. I was no stranger to tasting my own cum since Pat and I used to practice that regularly, and I sucked her fingers clean.

Gloria was watching the both of us and uttered, "That's fuckin hot!" Pat dipped her fingers inside Gloria again and came out with the last of the semen. Gloria took Pat by the wrist and took her fingers into her mouth sucking them clean. "We taste pretty good." Gloria said. Pat had finished cleaning Gloria and then went to work cleaning my cock and balls next. "Don't swallow that!" Gloria commanded, as Pat sucked up what dribbled onto me from Gloria's pussy. She held the mixture in her mouth and as she sat up, Gloria kissed Pat deeply, their tongues swirling the mixture into each others mouth. Both women swallowed their share and then giggled at the same time. "I've never done that with a woman before." Gloria said.

"Neither have I." said Pat. "As I watched Joe fucking you, I got really turned on. Something came over me and I wanted to join in. I have never been with another woman before and it just seemed right. I hope you two don't mind. I know I said I was just going to watch."

"I don't mind." Gloria said. Both women looked at me next.

"I loved it!" I replied. " "And I love you honey." I said to Pat."

"Pat must be in pain Joe. I think we should help her aching pussy feel better." Gloria said. "Pat, I've never been with another woman either, so I hope you will allow me to try and return the pleasure you gave me and also for unselfishly sharing Joe ."

"I'd love it!" Pat exclaimed.

"Help me get her ready for your cock." Gloria told me. Pat laid back and looked at me and smiled. Gloria started to kiss Pat on her neck and moved to her lips. Both women kissed slowly and deeply. I took one of Pat's hard nipples into my mouth and licked and sucked on her lightly. Pat's arm and hand wrapped around my head and I noticed that she was doing the same to Gloria with her other hand . Gloria broke their kiss and licked and kissed her way down Pat's neck and chest, stopping at her other breast to suck on her free nipple. Gloria looked into my eyes as we each licked and sucked on a large breast. Gloria then kissed her way down pats stomach and stopped at her pussy. Gloria spread Pat's pussy lips open. She gazed at the wet pink inner lips. Gloria slowly lowered her face towards Pat's aching cunt and inhaled. A little grin grew on Gloria's lips and she went in for her first taste of another woman. I watched as Gloria's tongue found it's way inside Pat's juicy opening. Upon her first real taste, Gloria raised her head and muttered, "Sweet." Then she went to work on Pat, lovingly eating her. I moved up and knelt to Pat's head and turned her face towards my limp cock. Her eyes were closed but she instinctively parted her lips and took me inside. She bathed my cock with her warm saliva and I quickly grew inside her mouth. I withdrew from Pat and got behind Gloria. I eased her onto her knees and slightly spread her legs apart. I tongued her pussy and then her ass. Then I slid my hard cock into her pussy and began fucking her tight pussy. Pat was moaning louder now and her nails were clawing at the sheets. I began to fuck Gloria harder when I saw this, which pushed her tongue deeper into Pat's pussy.

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