tagNonHumanGloria's Gobblin' Goblin

Gloria's Gobblin' Goblin


This is an entry in the Literotica Halloween Contest. It's not scary at all, but is a tale of mutually pleasurable activities involving a horny woman and a creature who is better known for going "Bump" in the night. I hope you will read it and enjoy it and vote accordingly.


"Drabble? Are you down here? I need you, and you know what for," Gloria Gordon called out into the dark and quiet cellar under her old farm house.

She didn't know if the goblin was there or not, but she hoped he was, rather than being out committing mischief, such as souring milk in cows' udders or tearing down fences or otherwise being a nuisance. Although he loved doing such things, what Gloria wanted him for was far more enjoyable to him, as well as to her, so he would answer her summons if he heard it. His sense of hearing was keen but, even if he didn't hear her, the scent of the juices collecting in her pussy would bring him in a hurry if he was anywhere nearby.

He was. Less than a minute after calling to him, Gloria heard the scrabble of his feet on the dirt and stone floor, followed by his voice.

"I'm here, Gloria. Do you want me to eat your pussy?" He had a sibilant voice, partly because of his long, prehensile tongue, which was what she liked, and partly because he was already salivating in anticipation of what he expected to be doing with the lady of the house.

"Of course. Why else would I be calling you? She smiled as she spoke, because she was quite fond of her visitor."

She stepped back into the kitchen, and Drabble entered, his big yellow eyes blinking behind pale green lids, for he was a creature of the night, and didn't really like being in the illuminated kitchen. The slight discomfort he felt was more than made up for by the treat he knew would be his. With his keen sense of smell, he was drawn by the aroma of the juices dripping from his hostess's pussy, and he was well aware their flavor would be even more delectable.

"Come in here," Gloria invited the strange creature, and he eagerly followed her through the kitchen and into the living room where the chaise longue, or long chair, awaited. She preferred that piece of furniture for what they were about to do, because she could lie flat on her back with her feet on the floor and her legs spread and let the goblin pleasure them both.

Drabble, like other goblins, was certainly not much to look at, about three feet tall, skinny and hairless with light green skin, big ears and a long nose. That last feature was what had led to their agreement to provide pleasure to each other because, with his keen sense of smell, he had sniffed out her carnal needs on the night they met.

Gloria had been in a dark room, sitting at her desk in front of her computer, clad in a bathrobe with nothing under it but her panties, and had been reading an especially dirty first person story by Boxlicker101 on Literotica. One hand was playing with an erect nipple and the other was thrust into the waistband of her panties and fondling her swollen clit. As she read the story of the man who described how much he loved eating the pussy of his "lady friend," she wished he could be eating hers, because having a man lick her there to an orgasm had always been her favorite kind of sexual activity. As if in response to her silent wish, Drabble made known his presence in her house.

"Hello, Missy," he had greeted her after pushing open the door leading from her kitchen to her living room. "You smell so nice, I want to lick you."

Gloria had always known of the presence of a tribe of goblins in the area, and that they were often annoying, but never dangerous, and could actually be good and loyal friends with a human who treated them reasonably well. She was also aware of their keen sense of smell and she very much wanted some person or thing to lick her pussy. Being fat, over 40 years of age, generally unattractive and much too shy to approach men, her sex life consisted almost entirely of frigging herself while reading pornography on the internet.

"Yes, come here," she had answered, and moved from her computer to partially lie on her back on the chaise, which had long been her favorite place to lie on her back while she played with herself and fantasized having her pussy eaten by George Boxlicker or other fictitious character.

She lay with her ass hanging over the end of the sex couch, with her feet on the floor and her legs spread and watched while the strange creature approached. He flicked out his long tongue and licked the crotch of her panties which was fun for her, but not as much as it should have. It didn't seem to be very good for the goblin either and, as she watched, he backed away with what she thought was a look of puzzlement on his face. Gloria realized she was still wearing her panties, and quickly sat up and peeled them off around her ass and thighs, letting them slither down her legs to the floor and kicking them out of his way.

Once she was naked below the waist, the goblin hastily returned and his long, rough tongue started caressing the skin of her thighs, cleaning off the pussy juices that had trickled there and continuing on to licking her crotch. The best part started after that, when her eager visitor went after fresher juices, which meant insinuating his tongue between her pussy lips and into the pink hole that was the source of his treat.

Gloria climaxed repeatedly from the long, agile tongue caressing all the sweet spots of her pussy, until she was exhausted and finally had to tell him to stop. Being obedient to the wishes of somebody he considered his benefactor, the goblin stopped and drew his tongue back into his mouth after licking from her lips any of the delicious juices he might have missed.

After that night of mutual joy, Gloria came to an agreement with the goblin she learned was a male and was named Drabble. He was to be allowed to live in her cellar, which was a much more comfortable place for him than the cave he had been calling home, and he would use one of the small windows to access or exit his dwelling. In exchange, he agreed to do no damage to her property and to do what he could to prevent other goblins from committing any mischief against her. More important to both parties to the arrangement, he agreed to lick her pussy when she called on him to do so, and she agreed to call on him regularly. Over the next few years, his tongue kept Gloria sexually satisfied, and Drabble frequently got to relish the nectar she had for him.

Their most recent evening together was much like that first time had been, except she was completely naked before he started. While Drabble stood at the foot of their place of mutual pleasure, Gloria removed her robe and reclined with her legs spread, her feet flat on the floor and a look of eager anticipation on her face. Her scent, which included nothing artificial, was so delectable to him, the goblin was anticipating the night's events as much as the human was. Once she was settled, he approached and started bringing delights to them both.

Some juices had trickled onto the insides of her thighs, and he began there, relishing their flavor and the soft flesh of her legs. While Gloria murmured in bliss at the delightful sensations her legs were receiving, he licked them clean and moved on to a heavier concentration of her nectar. His tongue snaked out, almost all the way to her asshole, and slowly returned, gently caressing her crotch as he sluiced all the juices there into his mouth. From the excruciating pleasure the goblin's tongue was giving her, Gloria's body started squirming and her pussy produced more of the delicious juices Drabble sought.

The encounter got better and better for Gloria and her goblin cunnilinguist. After licking everything from his crotch, his long, supple tongue stroked over her swollen inner pussy lips, sending shivers of delight through her body and pleasing his taste buds immensely. After he had savored all the nectar from those sensitive places, he went after the best she had to offer him.

A few men had eaten her pussy when she was younger, and Gloria had enjoyed it, but Drabble was vastly better than any of those men had been. The human lingual organ is blunt and soft, although muscular, and no man had ever been able to thrust his more than a fraction of an inch into her pussy. The goblin could and did, insinuating the tip and the whole muscular length in his quest for the delicious juices Gloria was producing. Its length caressed her G-spot, and her movements graduated from squirming to thrashing about on the long chair.

Drabble was accustomed to this response, because it happened every time he got together with the lady of the house, and he knew what to do. He moved in closer and placed his hands on her thighs to hold her in place and continued to feast on pussy juices fresh from their source. Gloria's movements became even wilder; she was moaning and sobbing and her pussy started thrusting up into his face. This was a normal response too, and Drabble remained where he was and continued to lick the juices from her as they flowed out.

"Oh my god!" he heard her cry out, and all her muscles clenched, before Gloria relaxed back onto the chaise longue, a big smile on her face.

He knew his friend would need to rest for a few minutes, so Drabble removed his tongue from where he knew it had given Gloria and himself great pleasure. He moved slightly away and his tongue laved his face, licking off all the juices that had spattered there while he waited to be told the lady was ready for more of the same thing.

It didn't take Gloria long. "That was wonderful, Drabble, like it always is. Now, please do it again."

He stepped up, eager to do what she wanted, because he knew there was more of the delicious treat available already, and that more would be produced. Once again, he started by licking the insides of her thighs and continued from there to her crotch and outer lips. Before he thrust his tongue into the place that was already dripping with juices, Gloria had a request for him.

Her body was already writhing from what Drabble's tongue was doing for her, but she reached down and spread her pussy lips to uncover what looked to him like a pink mushroom. "Lick me here, Drabble," she urged. "You'll get plenty of fresh juices when you do."

He knew that was true, because Gloria often asked him to lick that succulent morsel, and he enjoyed doing it. Usually some of her juices had sprayed onto her there, and he liked the way it felt under his tongue. More important to him, he knew Gloria would produce a plethora of nectar when he caressed that part of her pussy. He leaned in closer and wrapped his tongue around the cute little button and started flexing the lingual muscle.

"Yeah! Yeah! Like that," Gloria exulted.

From the tremendous flood of joy pouring through her body, her movements became more strenuous. Gloria pitched and tossed on the chaise longue, and Drabble once again placed his hands on her thighs to hold her steady while he did what he knew she wanted. Her pussy was fucking up into his face again, and he did nothing to prevent that movement, merely kept her from pushing him away or throwing herself onto the floor.

After five minutes of that stimulation, Gloria cried out her joy again. "Oh, god, I'm cumming," she crooned, and her upper body thrashed about and her knees flexed, drumming her heels against the floor.

Drabble held on and continued what he was doing, although he could smell the nectar gushing and hoped none of it would be wasted. When Gloria once again warbled ecstatically and her muscles clenched and relaxed, he knew she was through, at least for a few minutes. He used that time to lick all her delectable juices from her legs, crotch, lips and even from the leather upholstery of the chaise longue. Another advantage of that piece of furniture was its covering, which was easy to clean. Anything Drabble didn't lick off, and he got as much as he could, would easily be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Gloria lay in place catching her breath while the goblin licked up all the juices his tongue could reach. Her first two orgasms had been fabulous, and the edge had been taken off her horniness. That did not mean she wanted their carnal cooperation to end, but it did mean she wanted her next climax to take longer, and every one she enjoyed after that to take a long time too.

"Are you ready yet, Gloria?" Drabble asked.

"Yes. Just stick your tongue into me and give my pussy a good licking." She reached down and spread her lips to expedite what she knew he wanted almost as much as she did.

Once again, Drabble bent over and slowly inserted the narrow tip of his tongue into the wet, pink hole being held open for him. He tasted the delicious juices that were already being secreted, wanted more, and began moving his tongue around to get all he could.

Every movement of his long, supple tongue as it quested inside her pussy brought new waves of joy crashing through Gloria's body. Everywhere that prehensile organ meandered, it caressed one of her most sensitive parts. Although she was no longer as horny or needful as she had been, the pleasure levels within her were mounting steadily to another orgasm. The movements of her body went from squirming to writhing to thrashing about on top of the chaise. The goblin who was providing the excruciating pleasure continued whipping his tongue inside her pussy and bringing her closer to cumming.

Once again, Drabble had to hold Gloria in place with his hands, and his face was pressed snugly against the hole that was producing his treat, so none of it would spill out. She tossed and bucked under him, and her pussy fucked up into his face, until she cried out joyfully that she was cumming.

Her movements became even wilder, and Gloria raised her legs and clamped them around Drabble's head. He was accustomed to reactions like that, and kept his mouth and tongue where they belonged. Less than a minute later, she uttered an even louder and more ecstatic cry; all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against his face for an ultimate time, before totally relaxing on the chaise. Greedily, Drabble devoured the fresh juices that had splashed out during her exertions. When he had every drop, including sucking them from the pink hole that was their source, he backed away to wait for Gloria to be ready for him to start licking again.

That orgasm had been at least as monumental as the first two, and the next three times Gloria climaxed were every bit as great. After reveling in those six orgasms that evening, with Drabble enjoying them too, in his own way, Gloria's needs were sated. She had been horny when she went to call the goblin to come and service her, but his tongue had done exactly what she wanted. As always, she was glad to have found a loyal friend who could fill her needs so well.

Drabble was not totally satisfied, and would have preferred to continue feasting on Gloria's fresh pussy juice for a longer time, even all night, if possible, but he was very happy about all he had been able to consume. He knew there would be other times, and he hoped they would be soon, when he would eat more of the delicious treat the nice human woman had been feeding him for the last three hours, and he was quite satisfied with that. He was very glad to have found a loyal friend who would treat him so well.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=207952&page=submissions I hope you had as much fun as Gloria and Drabble had and will continue having in the future. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them.

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Wish I had a Drabble gobblin goblin for my pussy & clit. Well written & excellent idea. Very wet & horny now.

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