tagLoving WivesGloria's Hole Ch. 02

Gloria's Hole Ch. 02


I sat there in the video booth, with a man and woman fucking doggie style on the screen and my wife nervously staring at me. I felt my body shaking as I ran the images of her sucking the man's cock until he came in my mind again and again. My cock twitched and Gloria eyed it hungrily, but as she bent over to take it in her mouth I stopped her.

"What is wrong?" she asked. "Are you okay, or should we leave?"

"Stay," I gasped.


"Yes, I am so turned on right now I want to fuck you and suck you, but most of all..." I paused.

"Most of all what?"

"I want to see you do that again."

She smiled and said, "I'd like to but he is leaving."

"Just wait, there will be another."


"Yes, then I can watch you suck off another man."

"You really want me to?"

"Yes, did it turn you on?"

She smiled and guided my hand into her shorts and panties. As my fingers slid down over her pussy I could feel she was drenched. I pulled my hand out of her pants and licked them dry. I then nodded at the hole, Gloria's hole in the booth. The head of another cock hovered on the other side of the hole.

Gloria looked at me and when I nodded she reached to the hold and touched the cock with her fingers. This guy was a lot smaller and it was a bit tougher for her to get a good hold of him to begin stroking. It was just as well because I wanted to see that cock in her mouth.

She leaned over and slipped her mouth over the small cock, slurping loudly as she did. I stood up and moved closer, squatting down so I could watch it all close up. Gloria reached down and took hold of my cock, not really stroking it, just lovingly holding it.

With this small cock, Gloria could really do a lot, moving her tongue around it, sliding it along the bottom and then sucking the entire length of it into her mouth until her lips actually seemed to touch is balls. She was enjoying this, taking an entire cock into her mouth was something she had never done before. My cock was to big and thick for her to take it all in and she never could control her gag reflex enough to do this to me, but this cock fit her mouth perfectly.

Unfortunately, the guy enjoyed it too much and in no time I watched as Gloria moved her head back some as he came. I quickly whispered, don't swallow it. She gave me a strange look, but slowly eased her head back as the guy spurted again and again. When she pulled her head away, I leaned over and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Some of the cum dripped down her chin before she realized what I was doing, but then she kissed me with her mouth open, letting the man's come flow into my mouth too.

We kissed and swallowed until the last of the thick, bland, and slightly salty cum was gone. Then unable to take it any more, I grabbed my wife's shorts and panties and pulled them down, letting her kick them aside. Glancing over at the hole, I could see the guy watching as my wife leaned on the bench and I shoved my cock into her pussy.

She immediately reached down and began diddling with her clit and in just a few thrusts she moaned loudly and came, her pussy convulsing on my cock again and again. I had been so turned on I couldn't hold off any more and I let go, spurting my cum deep in my wife's pussy, but after the second spurt I quickly pulled my cock out of her and shoved it though Gloria's hole in the booth.

The man quickly clamped his mouth over my cock, sucking the sensitive head and draining out the last of my cum. He then meticulously licked and sucked my wife's juices off of my cock all the way down to my balls. I arched my back leaning against the hole as I felt his tongue work the last of the wetness from my pubic hair.

I then turned to my wife and saw her sitting on the bench, breathing hard, her legs still spread wide open. Easing my cock from the man's mouth, I kneeled in front of my wife and dove in, shoving my tongue into her pussy. Sucking hard I could taste my cum mixed with her juices, and lapped up as much as I could before moving up to her clit.

As Gloria came for the second time I heard the door close next to us so I continued eating her as she wrapped her legs around me and just came and came. When we finally finished we heard a voice from the hole saying, "Oh yeah...."

Gloria and I were spent for the day, so we slowly pulled on our clothes, this time ignoring the cock that dangled enticingly beyond Gloria's hole. When we were dressed I gently grabbed her head in my hands, my palms on her cheeks and pulled her to me. I lightly kissed her lips, then her nose and then both eyes. Noticing a bit of left over cum on her neck, I bent over, scooped it up with my tongue and then moved my mouth to hers. My tongue slipped into her mouth and we shared the taste together.

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