tagFetishGloria's Panties Ch. 07

Gloria's Panties Ch. 07


I cheated. If you have been following my story, you're probably thinking that little revelation is nothing new. The thing is, it's not my wife I cheated on, it was Gloria I cheated on.

My affair with Gloria has been going on for few weeks now. During that time she has helped fuel my panty fetish. After discovering I had stolen panties from her, she has since given me multiple pairs. The last pair she gave me actually belonged to the nineteen year old daughter of one of her clients. She has pretended to let me force myself on her, talked dirty to me, given me hand jobs, let me spank her, and even dressed up as a schoolgirl for me. She was only out of town for a week. You would think I could have lasted that long without trying to get a pair of panties from another woman. Especially since Gloria and I have had phone sex twice since she left, with me describing to her what I have been doing with Ashley's panties.

So what happened? I need to start with a little background about where I work. I manage a department that oversees government contracts. At any given time I can have three or four contractors working for me to support my small staff of three regular employees. I am very conscious about the cost of the contractors and will not hesitate to let one go if they are not pulling their weight. It just so happened that I've had an issue with one of my recent contractor hires. Her name is Erica. She is probably in her late thirties. She has long blonde hair that is full of waves when she wears it down, however usually it's in a ponytail. I like it both ways, however I like the ponytail more as it makes her look younger. I know, I'm a pervert.

Erica is probably about 5' 8". Taller than Gloria, but still a little shorter than I am. She has a great body, definitely not skinny, maybe bordering on a plus size. I don't like skinny, I like a woman with some curves. If I had tried to guess before our incident, or arrangement if you like, I would have said she wore a size 8 or 9 pair of panties. She wears pretty tame, loose fitting clothing on most days. On Fridays, like the rest of the office, she'll wear jeans. Sometimes her jeans are tight fitting. When she wears those, she shows off all of her lovely curves. She seems to prefer more tightly fitting shirts when she's wearing jeans, which highlight her wonderful breasts. They have to easily be twice the size of Gloria's. She is quite attractive in her own way.

It was last Friday and I was going to let Erica go. She had submitted another brief that was full of mistakes. Typically the contractors start with a three month assignment. If they do well, I'll keep extending the relationship, as long as I have work for them. I usually cut them a little slack the first few weeks, as they become familiar with our processes. After that I expect their work to need very little oversight.

Erica had been with us for about five weeks now. She is very nice, always has a smile on her face. She isn't a flirt, however when she smiles at me, it always seems like there is an attraction there. Although she comes off as being somewhat shy, there is an underlying confidence about her that is kind of sexy. It was too bad really, because she was better looking than most of the people I had to deal with on a daily basis.

I was returning to my office after the standard Friday sector meeting, where we recapped the week and planned our agenda for the following. My department occupies an entire floor in our building. Along one wall of my floor is a row of offices. Just outside the offices is a long row of filing cabinets. The cabinets separate the offices from a maze of cubicles. All historical documents reside in these cabinets. When working on a brief, a person may have to pull dozens and dozens of historical documents as reference material from the cabinets.

As I walked down the row of filing cabinets, Erica was kneeling on the floor, looking through one of the bottom drawers. She had on a pair of blue jeans and a short sleeve faded navy blue blouse. As I approached her from behind, she bent over just enough that I could see the waistband of a pair of light yellow panties with white trim. The panties were barely visible above the backside of her jeans. It was only for a moment, then she leaned back, her top sliding down, hiding the erotic sight. As I passed her, I looked down. She turned her head up to me, gave me one of her dazzling smiles, and said hello. I returned the pleasantry, my eyes quickly scanning the front of her blouse. It had a slopping rounded collar that showed just a hint of the top of her chest, no more.

Just a quick glimpse of the waist band of Erica's panties and I was stiffening. I turned into my office and sat down. Looking back through the door I could still see her as she continued her search. Her blouse fit tightly around her ample chest. Her jeans just as tight, molded around her hips and thighs. I pictured her kneeling there in just her yellow panties. Maybe she had on a matching yellow bra as well. I was now completely hard. I reached down and absently gave myself a squeeze. I was lost in thought, thinking about what it would be like to make love to her, when she closed the filing cabinet and stood. I squeezed a little harder as she turned away to go back to her cube, her beautiful ass visible for just a moment.

When I let someone go I usually did it early in the day, however I decided Erica would be an exception. Everyone cleared out early on Fridays so I scheduled a meeting, in my office, for four o'clock. As the day wore on, I thought about only her. Just prior to four, I decided she would be staying if she really wanted to.

Erica walked into my office, right on time. I asked her to close the door, which she did, then told her to have a seat. She sat down, leaning forward slightly, her elbows and forearms on her thighs. The collar of her shirt dipped slightly showing just a hint of cleavage.

"Hi Erica. I don't like to beat around the bush, so I'll get right to the point. I have to let you go."

Erica had a pleasant little smile on her face when she sat down. That quickly disappeared as what I said sank in. A lot of the consultants we had were not local. This was true for her as well. We had a negotiated agreement with a local hotel to provide reasonably priced living accommodations, and I knew she had signed a three month lease for one of their extended stay suites, as I had to sign a letter verifying her employment here. She would have to pay a penalty to break the lease early.

Erica just sat there, not speaking for a few moments, then asked, "Can you tell me why?"

"Too many mistakes on your briefs. The latest issue got to my boss, even though we had reviewed it together and I told you what needed to be fixed."

"I don't understand, I made the changes. I must have accidentally sent the wrong revision. Please you can't let me go. Let me stay until my lease is up. I won't cause any more issues. I promise!"

I didn't respond. I let the silence linger, as I appeared to be thinking over what she had just said. After a few moments she added, "I'll do whatever you need to show you I can do a good job."

"Anything?" I asked.


I didn't think I was going to be able to go through with what I had thought about all afternoon. I almost stopped myself at the last moment. Then I said it.

"Let me have the yellow panties you are wearing and I'll let you stay."

Erica was visibly stunned. She leaned back, her mouth opening slightly, her eyes getting slightly bigger. Again silence. I was worried she'd just scream at me, call me a pervert, and storm out of my office. As the silence grew longer, I knew she might actually be considering my offer. She had a look of confusion on her face when she finally spoke, "I give you the panties I'm wearing and you won't fire me?"

"Yes." I responded, as seriously as I could.

Erica just sat there. She probably thought I was a pervert. She probably also thought that keeping her job was more important than giving into my sick request. After what seemed like forever, she finally said, "Okay... I'll be right back."

As Erica started to rise, I responded with, "There's a catch though. Well actually two of them. The first is I get to take your jeans off and remove your panties myself."

Erica seemed to almost recoil a little as she sat back down, her mouth opening again. I then added, "The second is I get to take pictures, while I do it."

"No absolutely not!" Erica said with less emphasis than the response called for.

"The pictures, or me removing your panties?" I asked.

I had been nervous all afternoon as I played out how the conversation would go. My nervousness just grew as the day wore on, until I made my proposal. It was now replaced by an arousal that was pure excitement. I was quite turned on, quite hard. I was actually surprised at how calm I now was. I was even more surprised that she was still sitting there. Because she was, I thought there was still a chance I would have her panties. We just looked at each other for a few minutes, then she replied, "No pictures."

"Pictures are part of the deal. Don't worry, they will not include your face only what you are wearing."

Erica seemed like she was about to give in when she said, "I keep my job and I get a raise. I want twenty percent."

I chuckled a little then. Partly because she was negotiating, partly because I knew at that point I was going to get her panties.

"Erica, it will be difficult enough for me to convince my boss why I haven't fired you. There is no way he would approve a raise."

As I delivered my response, I almost chuckled again. My boss had no idea how I managed the contractors. No idea what they got paid. If I was being honest, he had no idea who Erica even was. As to the brief with the mistakes. He never even read it. He never reads them.

"Do we have a deal?"

"Yes." Erica responded.

"Come over here then."

Erica stood up and walked around my desk as I turned my chair to face her. I had her stop about two feet from me. I then grabbed my phone to take some pictures. Several days ago I had taken pictures of Gloria in a schoolgirl uniform, after she had passed out. They were so erotic that I had been masturbating with those photos more than I had with her panties. Even more than Ashley's maroon satin panties, which were now the most cherished pair in my growing collection.

My only regret from that day I took those pictures of Gloria, is that I didn't get any with her panties on like I did that first weekend my affair with her had officially started. That would change with Erica. The first picture was a full frontal view of her, including her face. She was standing there with her lips pressed together, her breathing a little irregular.

I then took a closer picture of Erica's jeans with her hips just filling the frame. This was followed by a close up of her jean covered crotch. I leaned back and framed her lovely face and chest and snapped the fourth. I placed my phone down, and asked her to step a little closer. I was so excited, I reached down and gave my cock a squeeze as she moved closer. I then reached out to the waistband of her jeans. She jumped a little when my fingers slide behind the waistband so I could undo the top button. I could feel the warmth of her body on the backs of my fingers as I undid the button. I then found the tab to her zipper and pulled it down.

I was mesmerized by the sight of Erica's light yellow panties coming into view. They were soft cotton, with a thin border of white embroidery sewn into the thin waistband. As her zipper came to a stop, I purposely pressed inward with my fingertips. It wasn't a lot of pressure, just enough to see how she would respond. She seemed to rock forward slightly, matching the pressure of my fingertips. I then spread the opening of her jeans a little wider and took a picture of her exposed panties. I was so turned on now, my cock was aching.

I then had Erica turn around. I sat there a moment taking in the view of her ass up close. It was beautiful, her round full bottom filling out the denim fabric. Even though her jeans were unzipped they still fit snugly against her ass, showing faint panty lines. Lines that revealed a full cut pair of panties. I took a couple more pictures. One with her ass filling the entire shot, then close ups of her ass cheeks as they came together in the middle. I was hoping the panty lines would show up when I looked at the pictures later. I then pulled her jeans down enough to expose the waistband of her panties. I took a couple of pictures of one of my favorite sights, then pulled her jeans down past her hips.

The site of Erica's gorgeous ass wrapped in just the yellow cotton panties was amazing. Although she was shapely, her skin was smooth and tone. I admired the shape of her, her luscious bottom, and the soft look of her skin above and below the panties. But most of all it was the look of her panties. The way the light yellow cotton material hugged her body. The way the soft cotton trimmed in the tiny white embroidery, wrapped around her hips, her ass cheeks, and disappeared between her legs. I wanted to reach out and touch her. I wanted to grab her beautiful cotton panties and feel the warm flesh beneath them. It wasn't part of the deal though, so I settled for a few more pictures. I tried to mirror the pictures I had taken before I pulled her jeans down. Later I would line up the views of her ass in her jeans and then just her panties, side by side.

I then asked Erica to turn back around. As she did, I took more pictures of her panties, getting every angle as her panties wrapped around her hips from her ass to her beautiful mound that was now in view. I love panties. I love everything about them. I love the way they look. I love the way they feel. I even love the smell of them, clean or worn. But most of all, I love the way they look on a woman. There is something about the smoothness and color that they add to a woman's body that drives me wild.

At that moment I couldn't decide which looked better. Erica's lovely ass in the yellow panties, or her beautiful mound that was now before me. I took more pictures. A full view of her panties, then close ups of the waistband, and the rounded v of soft yellow cotton created by her pussy. I even took a picture at a slight angle to capture the uneven surface of her panty covered mound that indicated she had a full amount of hair around her most intimate part.

"Take your jeans off." I instructed.

Erica stepped back slightly and kicked off her sandals. At that moment I realized her feet were sexy as well. I have never really thought about a women's feet being sexy. I get turned on by a glimpse of a bra strap. I get even more turned on by the waistband of a pair of panties peaking over a pair of pants. I guess that makes me a voyeur. If I'm being completely honest, forcing myself on Gloria was a turn on to. Not feet though. Until now. Her toe nails were painted a greenish blue color. I'm not sure why I knew it, but her toes were not too long or too short. The skin covering her feet was smooth, soft, unblemished. I thought about rubbing my cock between her beautiful feet and got harder.

I looked up then, as Erica began to push her jeans down. As she bent over I took more pictures. As she reached her knees I told her not to move, and got a great shot down her top. She had on a simple white silky bra that fit tightly against her wonderful ample breasts. I love down blouse pictures too, and she had just provided me with a good one.

"Okay, take them off." I said. Erica then finished removing her jeans and stood. I took another picture of her, now in just her shirt and panties. She looked so hot. I even took a few of her feet. God I am such a pervert. At that point I wanted more than just her panties and some pictures, so I decided to see what she was really willing to do. "What would you do for a raise?"

Erica just looked at me for a moment, then said, "I won't have sex with you."

I was a little disappointed at her response, however I never expected her to go that far anyway. "No sex, just touching. I'll get you that twenty percent raise. All you have to do is let me touch you while you give me a hand job."

Erica stood there a moment, thinking about my request. I swear she was actually a little turned on by the whole ordeal I was putting her through. She finally responded with a hesitant nod. I stood then and undid my pants. I pulled them down, along with my underwear, enough to free my rock hard cock.

Erica just stared at my cock, not moving. I was so turned on by what I was doing to her, I thought I could cum without her even touching me. I then reached out and put her right hand on my cock. She immediately wrapped her fingers around me and applied a little pressure as she pulled away, squeezing me when her hand reached the head of my cock. I was already oozing precum, which started to cover her palm, as she slid her hand back up to my base. After a few strokes I reached up with my right hand and grabbed her left breast.

I expected Erica to pull away when my hand found her breast but she didn't. She just stood there rubbing my cock as I fondled her through her faded navy blue blouse and bra. She was almost business like at that point, betrayed only by her breathing that seemed to have increased slightly. I caressed her breast gently, almost lovingly. Her silky bra had minimal padding so I could feel the softness of her breast beneath. I looked at her hand moving back and forth at a steady pace on my over excited member. Then back to her chest as my hand squeezed and caressed her. I then pulled the collar of her shirt away slightly, admiring the tops of her satin covered breasts. It was so exciting to be taking advantage of her.

I wanted Erica to enjoy what was happening as much as I was. I hoped that she was at least a little turned on. If not I was going to try and make her that way. So I slid my hand down her chest, across her stomach, and found her womanhood. Just like her breast, I caressed her gently at first. Her legs were held tightly together, but as I rubbed her panty covered mound she spread them slightly in response to the growing pressure from my fingers. I caressed her sexy little yellow panties, panties that were damp to the touch, while she continued to rub my cock.

"Can you take off your blouse?" I asked.

Erica released me then, and I reluctantly let go of her as she stepped back slightly and removed her top. She dropped it on my desk, then went back to stroking my cock, I couldn't get over how good she looked standing there in her bra and panties. It would have been a great picture, but I didn't want the fondling to stop. I then reached for her left breast again, cupping her sexy white bra. Her hard nipple was a little nub, barely noticeable through the silky material. That is why she didn't need to wear a thickly padded bra.

Erica's breathing started to increase, as I began to gently pinch and twist her nipple through the fabric. After a moment, I reached up and hooked her bra strap with my thumb. I did it slowly, giving her a chance to say no. She just looked up at me, and I looked into her eyes as I pulled the bra strap off her shoulder. Her lips were slightly parted, her eyes half closed, as I let go of her bra strap and my hand found her now naked breast. She didn't pull away, only looked at me as I caressed her soft beautiful flesh.

Erica had been rhythmically stroking my cock for some time. She stopped though when I bent over and put my lips to her breast. She gasped, as I enveloped as much of her breast as I could. I sucked the flesh into my mouth, my tongue pressing against, and circling, her hard little nipple. She was still holding my cock with her right hand, squeezing me, as her left hand went to the back of my neck. She pulled me into her as she pressed her breast against my hungry lips. Her breathing had increased even more as I my hand went back to her mound. She spread her legs a little more and held onto me as I worked her breast and pussy.

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