Gloria's Panties Ch. 10


"I like it a lot as a matter..." I started to respond as my heart dropped upon seeing Kathleen walk into the living room.

"Hey Seth." Kathleen said as she walked up to us. Kathleen was wearing a dress that was almost identical in style to the one Gloria had on. The only difference was that it was a solid dark pink color. She was wearing a black sweater with it that was left unbuttoned, the sleeves pushed up slightly. Her breasts looked larger, rounder, as the material of the dress stretched across them. The opening of the black sweater making the contrasting pink material between it so much more noticeable.

I stepped back from Gloria, hoping Kathleen hadn't seen or heard anything that would have given us away. My heart was now racing as Kathleen walked up to me and put her arms around me. It was like yesterday in the bathroom all over again. My hands went to her hips, half trying to hold her back as she gave me a hug. As she did, It felt like she purposely pressed her lower body into me.

As Kathleen hugged me I looked over at Gloria. Gloria just smiled back at my questioning look as Kathleen pulled back slightly and gave me a kiss. When our lips met I was speechless. I couldn't believe she was giving me a kiss in front of Gloria. It was a quick kiss then she stepped back and said that she was sorry for interrupting but she just wanted to say hi. Then she left the room.

"Why didn't you warn me that Kathleen was here?"

"Did you like her pink dress?" Gloria asked as she stepped up to me again and placed her hand on the front of my slacks.

"Yes." I responded as Gloria began to slowly rub my hardened member again. Now made more so by how Kathleen had looked.

"She got it today, just for you."

"For me?"

"Yes, I wanted her to wear this dress but it doesn't fit her anymore." Gloria said as she continued to slowly caress me.

"Why would Kathleen wear something for me? You told her about me?"


"You told her about us?"



"Almost everything. She knows we're having an affair, she knows you like panties, she knows you stole her panties yesterday."

"Does she know what I did yesterday with her panties?"

"She knows you masturbated with them, but I didn't tell her what you did with her yellow panties."

"The pictures?"

"I didn't show them to her." Gloria responded. After a moment's hesitation she added. "I want you to make love to her."

I couldn't believe what Gloria had just said. I didn't even know how to respond. My cock did though twitching almost violently as I thought about taking Kathleen. Taking Kathleen in that sexy pink dress.

"I think you like the idea." Gloria said as she my rock hard cock another squeeze.

"You're kidding right?"

"No, I want you to make love to my sister."

"Why would you want that?"

"Do you want to?" Gloria asked instead of answering my question. My cock twitched again as she squeezed me even harder. I was so turned on I felt like she would make me cum in my pants if she didn't stop teasing me.

"You need to stop that or I won't be having sex with anyone."

Gloria let go of me, a big smile on her face, then sat down on the couch. I sat next to her as my eyes wandered over her cute green dress. I wanted to push her back and take her right there. Spread her legs, push up her dress, pull her panties to the side and take her.

After a moment Gloria said, "You didn't answer my question." Then asked again, "Do you want to?"

"You didn't answer my question either. Why would you want me to have sex with Kathleen?"

"Because I want her to be happy. Because she has been so depressed, so hurt, so down lately that I would do anything I could to take that all away for her."

I didn't know what to say. I just stared at Gloria, trying to see in her face what she wasn't saying. She had become serious, almost sad. Having the chance to have sex with her sister was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Having the chance to get her out of that sexy dark pink dress, running my hands all over her sexy young body, spreading her big thighs and taking her, filling her with cum, or possibly even rubbing my cock between her large breasts and releasing between them.

Finally I lied to Gloria by saying, "I don't think I could."


"What happens to us after?"

"Nothing changes between us. I'm willing to share you with my sister if you want to."

"I can't believe this." I said as a million thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn't get my mind wrapped around what Gloria was asking me to do. I was still rock hard as every other thought involved Kathleen in that dress and me doing some form of unspeakable act to her sexy young body.

After a few moments of silence Gloria finally said, "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Will you do it?"

My mind immediately said yes, however I paused a moment before finally saying, "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes I will." Gloria just looked at me, a little smile still on her face, one eyebrow raised. I finally added, "Yes I'll have sex with your sister."

Gloria just smiled at me for a moment with a mischievous look on her face. "I knew it, my little sister turns you on."

"If I'm being honest she does, however I can't believe you are willing to let me sleep with Kathleen."

"I want you to. Then I want you to come to my bed and tell me all about it while you make love to me." Gloria said as she leaned into me and gave me a lingering kiss.

After a moment Gloria broke the kiss, stood, then held out her hand. I took her hand and stood myself, following her out of the living room through the kitchen and then down the hall. We stopped at the door to Kathleen's bedroom, and she whispered, "She's waiting for you, be gentle with her."

"I will." I responded as Gloria gave me another lingering kiss before walking back down the hall.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was so turned on by the thought of Kathleen waiting for me on the other side of the door in that pink dress. At that moment I was suddenly unbelievably nervous.

I did a light knock on the door, then opened it after hearing Kathleen say come in. She was sitting on her bed, against the headboard, her legs out straight, hands in her lap. Her face was a crimson red. She looked beautiful. I closed the door behind me, walked up to the bed, and sat. I sat facing her, my right thigh touching her left, my right hand coming to rest on the bed on her other side.

"You look beautiful." I said.

"Thanks." Kathleen responded, a slight tremor in her voice.

I could tell Kathleen was nervous, real nervous. I wasn't sure what to say. Should I make small talk? Should I compliment her some more? Should I ask her if she was sure she wanted to do this?

Although I didn't know what to say, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to make love to this sweet young nineteen year old girl more than anything. Rather than talk, I reached up to Kathleen with my left hand, placed it on the side of her neck, then leaned in and kissed her. I did it slowly, gently. I hesitated after the first kiss to see how she would react. Her eyes opened, then closed, and then she kissed me. As our lips met, I spread mine slightly and brushed hers with my tongue. She did the same as well, our tongues meeting briefly.

When we broke our kiss, Kathleen seemed even more nervous. I smiled at her and then told her again she was beautiful. She gave me a shy smile back, before we started to kiss again. The longer we kissed the more passionate they became. My left hand went to the back of her neck, while my right hand found her thigh, and then slid up to her side beneath her black sweater while I pulled her close. I could feel her soft sexy flesh through the dress as we continued to kiss.

Kathleen's breathing was somewhat labored by the time we came up for air. I looked at her for a moment then stood as I said, "How about we lie down."

Kathleen responded with okay, less of a tremor in her voice, as she moved away from the head board so she could lay down. Her dress, which ended at her knees, slid up slightly exposing a little more of her legs before she pulled it back down. I laid down beside her slipping my left arm behind her neck, while my right hand went to her left hip and started to gently caress her.

My eyes wandered over Kathleen's sexy dress, as I ran my hand down the top of her left thigh slowly, then back up the side. The fabric of her dress felt cool to the touch. When my hand reached her hip again, I slide it across her sexy belly, then down the top of her right thigh. When I moved it back up my fingers caressed the fold where her thighs came together. I purposely avoided her most intimate spot when I reached the tops of her thighs, running my hand back across her, then repeating the movements all over again.

When my hand was back on Kathleen's hip, I pulled her towards me and gave her another kiss. As we kissed my hand slid down to her big beautiful bottom. I gently cupped first one side and then the other, relishing the feel of her dress slipping across her panties.

I broke the kiss and looked down at Kathleen as my hand slid down the back of her thigh until it reached the hem of her dress. I then slipped my hand under her dress, feeling the warmth from her now bare skin, as I slid my hand back up her thigh. When my hand found her panty covered ass, I pressed into her.

I pressed my hard member against Kathleen as I again caressed first one side and then the other of her big sexy ass. The feel of her in just a pair of panties was heavenly. I wondered what they looked like as she moved her hips to match the pressure from mine.

Kathleen was breathing heavy now. She was turned on, and so was I. I wanted to just roll her on her back, push up her dress, rip her panties off and drive my over excited cock into her. I was so turned on, I only wanted to satisfy a desire to fill her with my seed. Unfortunately I had promised Gloria I would be gentle. Gloria had asked me to make love to her sister. That choice of words meant something to me. I needed to take things slow. I needed to be patient. I needed to focus on Kathleen's pleasure.

So I did just that. I moved my hand to Kathleen's hip and pushed gently. She responded by rolling onto her back. I gave her another kiss, then moved away from her and straddled her legs at her knees. I then grasped the hem of her skirt and slowly pulled upward. I followed the edge of her skirt with my eyes as it moved from her knees, to her thighs, and finally her panty covered mound. My cock, still trapped by my underwear and slacks, twitched as a pair of bright pink nylon panties appeared. The rounded v formed by her young pussy and the panties gave way to the front of her panties and finally the waistband.

Kathleen's bright pink panties were identical to the other nylon panties I had found in her dresser. Identical to the white pair I had stolen. The same color as the bra I had laid on her bed and took a picture of. This pair must have been in the laundry, because I hadn't seen them yesterday.

I continued to lift Kathleen's dress until it was well above her hips, exposing the lower half of her sexy belly. I love a woman with curves, or in this case a girl with curves. Although Kathleen was kind of overweight, she was all sexy. I leaned forward and kissed her again, then lowered myself onto her, which forced her to spread her legs. I could smell a hint of her excitement as I brought my lips to her lower belly. I kissed her soft flesh in a random pattern, at times sucking gently while rolling my tongue around in little circles. I concentrated on the lower curve of her belly for a moment, then brought my lips to the waistband of her panties.

As I trailed small kisses across the nylon fabric of her panties, I looked up at Kathleen. She just stared at me, her eye lids half closed, her mouth half open, a look of desire on her face. A face that was as flushed as I'd ever seen it. I could smell her excitement now. I remembered the taste of the panties I stole yesterday and moved lower. I looked up at Kathleen one more time as my lips found her most intimate spot. She closed her eyes and gasped, while moving her hips forward to press against my face.

I pressed my lips into Kathleen's panty covered mound, sticking my tongue out slightly and dragging it across the nylon fabric that covered her young excited pussy. She started to breathe more erratically as I tried to taste her through her nylon panties. I moved my lips and tongue up and down slowly, then left to right, exploring every inch of the gusset of her panties. As I did she spread her legs even more, lifting her knees up to make it easier to draw me in.

I loved the look of Kathleen's in her bright pink panties. I loved the way the material clung to her, wrapping under to her large beautiful bottom, around the sides of her hips, and the way the edge of the waistband fell just below the curved start of her belly. I could have stared at her in those panties while I brought myself to a climax, however I reminded myself to focus on her pleasure so I brought my hands up to her hips, slipped my fingertips inside the waistband of her panties, and started to pull them down.

Kathleen had closed her eyes while I did naughty things to her with my lips and tongue. She opened them partly though as I pulled her sexy panties from her young body. She was unshaven like Gloria, however the hair that covered her neat bush was much thinner. God she was sexy.

Regardless of how nervous Kathleen was, she wanted my lips and tongue to continue. She had been mostly a passive participant until my lips hovered over her beautiful little now naked pussy. She then put her hands at the sides of my head and pulled me into her. The taste was amazing as I pressed my lips against her and dragged my tongue upward along her swollen moist lips. I teased her with a few slow traces of my tongue, then slipped my tongue inside her.

Kathleen rocked her hips almost violently when my tongue entered her, trying to force it deeper inside. I rewarded her by pushing it in as far as I could then withdrawing. I caressed her lips again, found her clit, gave it a little flick with my tongue, and then entered her again. I repeated this several times as she quickly found a rhythm with her lower body matching my movements.

The smell and taste of Kathleen's pussy as she became more and more excited was amazing. Her movements became more erratic as her wonderful little pussy began to coat my face with her juices. I knew she was close and I wanted to put her over the edge.

I was so turned on at that point. I was as hard as a rock, however my cock was still trapped. I wanted to pull back, remove my slacks and underwear, and finally take Kathleen. I needed the release that she was so close to having. I needed to be inside her tight young pussy. I wanted to finish what I started though, so as I found her clit again, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked gently while I caressed it with my tongue. The sole focus on her hard little nub was all that was needed to bring on her climax.

Kathleen was now gasping for air, pulling me into her as the pressure from my lips and tongue pushed her over the edge. Every exhale was now accompanied by a loud, "Ahh". Her vocal enjoyment filled the room. I wondered for a moment if Gloria could hear what was happening. I had to imagine she heard Kathleen yell out, oh my god, as I felt her flood my face with her sweet young nectar. As she came, I enveloped her lips with mine, tasting as much of her as I possibly could.

Kathleen rocked her hips erratically and quickly about three or four times, then pushed my head away as she collapsed into the bed. As she did, I pulled back and looked up at her as her arms fell to her side and she stretched her legs back out. She laid there smiling, her face a crimson red, her breathing heavy, her sexy chest rising and falling.

I then backed away from Kathleen and stood at the end of the bed. She looked so sexy laying there. Her dark pink dress pulled up above her hips, her breasts straining against the fabric as her chest continued to rise and fall. I watched her as I got undressed. She seemed nervous again as I removed my slacks and then my underwear, looking up at me and then downward as my cock finally found a release from its confines.

I climbed back on the bed and kneeled over Kathleen as I straddled her legs. I then reached out to her and helped her sit up, as we kissed for a moment.

I was so turned on I couldn't take things as slow as I probably should have. I wanted Kathleen so bad at that moment, that I quickly pulled her black sweater off her shoulders, then found the zipper at the back of her dress and pulled it down. I then broke our kiss and reached for the collar of her dress. I pulled it down in a quick almost forceful motion, exposing her bra covered breasts. She was wearing her bright pink nylon bra. Her large sexy breasts straining against the thin almost shiny material. I then pushed her back and moved between her legs.

I love the look a woman who is half undressed, her bra or panties exposed. Kathleen looked so sexy with her dress and sweater tangled around her waist, her sexy pink bra on display for me, her naked young pussy only inches from my cock. As I took it all in I couldn't resist grabbing my hard member and giving it a few strokes.

Kathleen just stared at my hand as I slowly masturbated in front of her. I would have probably been just as happy by bringing myself off right then. Rubbing my cock until I came. Rubbing my cock until I shot stream after stream of my warm cum onto her naked mound, onto her dress, onto her nylon covered breasts. But I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to have my release inside of her young beautiful body.

I also wanted to feel and see Kathleen's breasts so I reached up and placed a hand on each of her satin covered mounds. I squeezed them gently, feeling the soft flesh beneath the bright pink material. She responded with a whimper as my fingertips found and then pinched her hard little nipples through the sexy pink material. She let out an audible gasp when I pulled her left bra strap down, leaned over, and enveloped her nipple with my lips. I squeezed the little bud with my lips as my tongue caressed the tip. She responded by pressing her chest to my mouth while I moved my legs between her.

I couldn't wait any longer. As I brought my lips away from Kathleen's beautiful breast, I pulled her legs upward and then outward, allowing me to bring the head of my cock to her sexy moist mound. I then grabbed my cock and slid it upward slowly along the fold her outer pussy. When I reached her clit I pressed against it, before sliding my cock back down.

Kathleen responded to my cock's caresses as it traveled up to her clit, then back down to the entrance of her pussy. Each trace caused her to spread her legs slightly farther apart, while lifting them slightly higher. As her legs moved higher, and her hips rotated, her sexy little asshole came into view. The wrinkled little hole was actually visibly moist from her excitement. The sight was such a turn on that I couldn't resist moving the head of my cock a little lower than I should have and pressing into her.

I've never had anal sex. I've thought about it, however I've never had the chance. My wife wouldn't even consider it. I think if Erica had stuck around I could have done it with her. The day I had her bent over my desk, I had pressed my thumb against her little hole. Her reaction to my inappropriate touch had been arousal.

At that point the head of my cock was slick with Kathleen's juices. I think I could have easily slipped it into her tight young ass. I wanted to. I wanted to drive myself into her as she just looked at me, her expression part arousal, part surprise at where my cock was now positioned. I didn't want to traumatize the poor girl though so I reluctantly decided any anal conquest would have to wait for another time.

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