Gloria's Panties Ch. 10


I pulled back slightly, guided my cock a little higher, and then pressed it into Kathleen's warm wet pussy. I did it slowly, applying steady pressure as I entered the tightest pussy I have ever experienced. It was pure heaven as she twisted slightly to allow me to enter her completely. I leaned forward as I did and brought my lips to hers. We kissed for a moment as I allowed her to get accustomed to my member now throbbing inside her young tight pussy.

Kathleen's tight pussy seemed to relax slightly, then grip me, then relax. It felt so good, so erotic. I relished the feeling for a few minutes just looking at her, then slowly withdrew my cock about half way out before filling her completely again. I withdrew again, then filled her. The feel of her warm wet pussy was so amazing that I was quickly reaching my own point of no return after only about a dozen strokes.

I was hoping to make Kathleen cum before I did, however I didn't think that was going to happen. I tried to calm myself, to think of something else, something, anything. The weather, work. It was no use. Old fantasies of her kept coming back. The way she looked in her leggings yesterday. What I did with her panties. The way it felt now inside her.

Without even thinking about it my motions quickened. I was now withdrawing almost completely. When I entered Kathleen it was more forceful, her pussy providing a sensual pressure that was so exhilarating that my desire became uncontrollable.

Kathleen became vocal again as I drove myself into her. I wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain. I didn't care at that point. I drove into her even harder with quick jerking thrusts. So tight, so wet, so warm. My only thought now was my own pleasure as I felt my climax approaching. I raised myself up slightly so I could look at her. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her lips slightly parted as she verbalized what was happening to her with passionate moans.

I looked down then at my cock entering Kathleen's sexy young body. That was it. My cock started to spasm. I shouted, I'm coming, as I released inside her, thrusting even harder as I filled her. It was incredible, easily one of the best orgasms I have ever had. She responded to the warmth of my seed, rocking her hips upward, squeezing me as she yelled out, "Oh my god!" This time it was almost a scream coming from her, as she pulled me into her trying to hold me still as I continued to piston my spent member into her climaxing pussy.

I was still hard, and although I had slowed the speed and force of my thrusts into Kathleen, I wanted to keep going. Unfortunately I had probably been a little too forceful, because after a few moments she said, "Please stop."

I stopped then, pulling myself from Kathleen and laying down beside her. We turned towards each other and kissed.

When we broke our kiss, I asked, "Are you okay?"

Kathleen responded with a nod. After a moment I said, "I hope I wasn't too rough on you."

"No, it was wonderful, I just needed to stop."

"You were wonderful." I responded.

We laid there for a while, as I held her, not talking. As we did my thoughts wandered. I thought about what had just happened, then thought about Gloria. I wasn't sure how to leave Kathleen to go find Gloria. It was really quite the awkward situation.

After a while Kathleen finally broke the silence and surprised me by saying, "I suppose I have to give you back to my sister now."

I actually started to chuckle, Kathleen joining me as we laughed together for a moment. I finally said, I think your right. I gave her another kiss then. When we broke the kiss I stood and started to get dressed. I looked down at her as her modesty seemed to take over making her quickly cover her nakedness. Once I was dressed, I sat on the bed and gave Kathleen another quick kiss. As I stood back up, she said in a shy voice, "I have something for you."

As I responded with, "You do?" Kathleen reached over to her nightstand, opened the drawer and removed a small white box. It was identical to the box Gloria had given to me with Ashley's panties inside, right down to the white ribbon and bow.

I knew the box contained a pair of Kathleen's panties. The only question was what pair. As I took the box from her and pulled on the ribbon, all I could say was thank you. I was surprised how excited and nervous I was as the ribbon fell away and I pulled open the lid. I was secretly hoping to find her Disney panties inside, however what I found was almost as good. It was the yellow nylon panties I had worn yesterday.

Kathleen was blushing again as I removed them from the box. The soft sexy material felt good in my hand as I brought them to my face without even thinking about. I think I embarrassed her as I inhaled her now familiar scent. The odor was so strong, the gusset still damp. I watched her just look at me, look away, look back at me, and then look away again.

"They're wonderful." I said as I reached up to Kathleen's cheek with my free hand, turned her face back to me, and gave her another quick kiss. I then added, "I take it Gloria told you how much I would appreciate your gift."

Kathleen was looking down again as she responded with a shy yes.

"Thank you, I appreciate these more than I could probably explain."

We kissed again, before I finally stood and left.

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“Peeked” instead of “piqued”? “Bordered” instead of “boarded”? Really??

I swear my IQ drops 50 points every time I read a Literotica story. I assume this is the result of using speech-to-textmore...

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Thanks for all the feedback for Gloria's Panties. It is appreciated. I started chapter 11 but got stuck, thus the focus on the Panties series with Cait. I'm sure I'll get back to Gloria, Kathleen andmore...

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How is it possible that you 'up the ante' with each story?

WOWOWOWOW! I'll 'up the WOW's' to match. These stories are absolutely the hottest, most cock-hardening panty lovers stories I've ever read. I've jerked and gotten off at least twice to each one - and Imore...

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