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Glory After Glory


It was the party of the century, a hundred of us celebrating in style. A pool party with alcohol and very little clothing, plenty of drugs and sex going on in dark corners, sometimes out in the open too. It was wild and fantastic, the perfect way to spend a hot summer's night. Graham's parents were away for a few days, and he had decided to make the most of it, but there was no way he would be able to clear up all the mess we were making.

Graham and I had been friends for years. With major benefits. I didn't mind him dragging me off to the side early on, and certainly didn't mind him stripping me out of my bikini. Bizarrely, though, he wasn't after sex. With one hand on my crotch, fingering my pussy and teasing my clit, he said, "You remember that fantasy you were telling me about?"

I laughed. "Which one?"

"The one about being a glory hole slut."

"Oh, that one," I said. "I certainly do."

He pointed at the garden fence next to us, a tall pine fence with no gaps, but there was a gate that opened into the narrow lane that ran between Graham's garden and the neighbour's. And something I had never seen - or at least never noticed - before: a dark circular hole at just the right height for an average man to stick his cock through. A glory hole. "Seriously?" I said. "You made that for me?"

He nodded. "Yes."

The glory hole was indeed a fantasy of mine, though one I had never intended to realise, but I couldn't deny how aroused I was at the thought of it. "Okay," I said.

Grinning, he opened the gate for me, and made sure I could kneel comfortably before closing it. I peered through the hole, watching him disappear from my limited view and wondering how long I would have to wait. I felt like a Peeping Tom almost, looking in from the dark outside, stroking my clit.

And naked. There's a big difference between being naked in a private environment where others are similarly dressed, and being naked all alone in what was, technically, a public space. If anyone should drive down the lane, I would have nowhere to hide - though of course I could always get back in through the gate. If there were other Peeping Toms lurking in the bushes that lined the road, they were about to be treated to quite a show. Hopefully.

Only a couple of minutes passed, though, before Graham returned with two of his friends that I vaguely recognised. Graham himself was first to push his cock through. It's not the longest cock in the world, or the thickest, but it was one that I was familiar with. I usually like to tickle a man's balls while I blow him, and this wasn't really possible, so I had to let my tongue and lips do most of the work.

To my disappointment, he withdrew without having come, but a different cock pushed through the hole, this one longer. Unfamiliar, but no less welcome. I gave it the same loving attention, sucking on it while working the sensitive underside with the tip of my tongue. The salty taste of precum thrilled me, as did the moans of appreciation, heard faintly through the gate.

It was a good, long cock that I gradually allowed into my throat, this being a skill I'm particularly proud of. "I'm coming," he called, and I felt him stiffen between my lips, cum spurting into my mouth. I didn't bother trying to swallow, preferring instead to let his cum flow from my lips and down my chin to drip onto my breasts. "Thank you, " he said as he withdrew.

A third cock pushed through without delay, this one a shorty. I sucked it into my mouth with a moan of pleasure, made a tight ring with my lips, and bobbed my head in short, quick strokes. Just as my neck was beginning to tire, he came. Short though he was, plenty of cum spurted from his pulsing member, flooding my mouth. I pulled away and let it splash across my lips and cheeks.

A fourth cock thrust through, a huge one, and I had no idea who it belonged to. It was big enough that I could work it with one hand and still have enough to fill my mouth. I worked it deeper and deeper into my throat, and the man on the other side was soon fucking my mouth with gentle strokes. Being face-fucked by such a gorgeous cock, and having no idea who it belonged to, was exactly what excited me about my glory hole my fantasy. I loved it.

I pulled away as he climaxed, directing the pulsing jets of cum at my breasts. I have always loved having boys come all over my breasts, and though I'm willing to swallow after blowjobs, I much prefer to feel their cum on my face. Being a glory hole slut was all about the wonderful, messy, dirty thrill of cum. The night was dark but moonlit, and the glossy sheen of cum on my breasts was everything I could wish for. I was in cumslut heaven.

A fifth cock, a sixth, a seventh and more. I soon lost count. My knees were sore and I had severe pins and needles, but the supply of cocks was steady, and my face and breasts and even my thighs were wet and sticky from all the cum. I massaged it into my breasts while it was still wet, swirling it around my nipples and pinching them. I could have happily continued for hours.

The police raided the party. The first I knew about it was when the cock shot out of my mouth; I peered through the hole to see two policewomen with torches walking towards the gate, the boys all in a panic.

I had no wish to be caught up in this. I tugged off my heels and fled, running down the lane away from the main road as fast as I could, turning the corner at the end onto the rear access road just in time. In the distance behind me a bright torch was searching the lane near the gate.

"Fuck!" I hissed. "Fuck!" My clothes were back there. Everything was back there. But naked or not, no way was I going back there. Red and blue flashes reflected in the windows and showed no sign of departing. "Fuck!"

Shoes on again, I made my way slowly along the access road in the direction of town. I felt utterly ridiculous. Naked apart from shoes, drying cum all down my front, stinking of sex, and miles from home. Here, unlike in the lane, there was a very real chance that someone would drive along and see me. Either side of me were high walls and high fences, and beyond them large houses with security systems and sometimes dogs too. I really needed something to wear, or even just a sheet to wrap around me.

At least the air was still and endlessly warm. It actually felt good to be naked. Soon I was more bothered by the uneven ground that was barely visible and treacherous beneath my heels.

But how fantastically the night had begun! An endless supply of cock, cum splashing all over me. Just thinking about it made me want to come. I paused often to lean against the fence and finger myself, though not quite to climax. I wanted to get home so I could relax and do it properly.

I must have walked for an hour, my feet killing me, before the sounds of another party reached my ears. The access road that I was following led me right to the party house, and I peered over the fence, wondering whether I would recognise anyone. And there were one or two familiar faces.

"Andy!" I shouted. I had to shout three or four times before he noticed me.

"Hey," he said coming over. "What are you doing here?"

"Graham's party got raided. Look, I really need some clothes. Can you help?"

By this time a couple more guys had come over. "Why are you walking around naked?" one asked, tall enough to get a good look over the fence at me.

Andy laughed suddenly. "You were the glory girl, weren't you? I heard about that."

"Yes," I admitted, wondering if my blush was visible in the dark.

"Tell you what," the third guy said, "why don't you do the same for us, and afterwards we'll get you a cab home."

I didn't need to think about that at all. The offer of the cab home was just icing on the cake. "Okay."

Grinning, he showed me where one of the boards was missing. It wasn't exactly a glory hole, but it was close enough. I knelt in place and soon had a cock in my mouth. And in fact, this arrangement made it a whole lot easier to deep-throat.

I was in seventh heaven, once again sucking on cock, getting my mouth fucked with urgent pleasure, until cum was spilling down my chin and onto my breasts. "Next, please," I said happily. Quite a crowd was gathering on the other side...

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