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I had to head over to Atlanta one Saturday night on business and I figured I would leave early enough to stop by one of the video Arcades and see if there was any action going on. For the past several years I have kept my pubic hair neatly trimmed. As I showered before leaving I shaved my balls and pubic area and decided that I would take off all of the hair and try being hairless for a while.

I pulled up at the arcade and went straight to the video area to see what was happening. There were a few booths that were occupied and a few black guys standing around the walls waiting for some action. I made my way towards one of the booths that I knew had a big rectangular hole in it and fed the machine and sat down to watch a movie. Shortly after the movie began I heard someone enter the booth next to me. I leaned over and looked through the hole and saw that it was an attractive black man who had been leaning against the wall when I arrived. I sat patiently waiting to see what he wanted. As I kept one eye on the movie and one eye on the hole I noticed his big black hand in front of the hole making a motion like he was jerking off. I figured that meant he wanted to jerk me off and I was okay with that so I stood up and unzipped my jeans and stuck my dick through the hole for him. He immediately took my dick in his had and began stroking it. It felt good to have his big hand stroking my dick. After a minute of stoking he started digging his hand in my pants like he wanted access to my balls. I did not have a problem with him plying with my balls so I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my pants and slid them down to my ankles. He immediately started rubbing my balls and exploring my freshly shaved pubic area.

He kept going from massaging my balls to stroking my dick and I was really getting into this masterful hand job he was giving. Then as he was playing with my balls he started slipping a finger back towards my asshole. After fingering my ass this way for a minute he used his hand to get me to turn around and expose my ass to the glory hole. I was not really sure that this is what I wanted but he was persistent so I gave in and backed my ass up against the hole. What happened next was totally unexpected. I figured he would finger me some but he was playing with my asshole with his tongue. It felt great and I pushed my ass harder up against the hole to give him complete access to me.

After a couple of minutes of his tongue I felt him stick his finger in my ass and start working it in and out. My dick was super hard and I was stroking it for all I was worth as he continued to finger me. He pulled his finger out and I did not know what to expect next until I felt the head of his dick against my hole. This was not what I had bargained for when I stopped in that night but I was way to worked up to stop it now. He pushed hard and I could feel the head start in my hole but he could not get it in me. He tried again a couple of times and still could not get his head to pop into my ass. I decided that maybe a little lubrication would help so I turned around and dropped to my knees and stared at his dick. It was big! I understood know why it wouldn't fit. He was very thick and I could wrap both of my hands around it and the head still stuck out. He had to be a t least 10 inches. I started licking the head and took him into my mouth and I started giving him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob I could. After a couple of minutes of wetting his dick I stood back up and backed my ass up to the hole again.

This time when he put that big dick head against my little asshole and pushed I felt the head slip inside of me. He paused for a minute and then I started backing up felt his dick sliding into my ass. Once he was deep inside of me he started a slow steady motion moving in and out of my ass. I began stroking my dick and knew that it would not take long for me to cum with him fucking me. He was pulling his dick almost all the way out of my ass and then slowly slid back in me. After he fucked me slowly for a good five minutes he began to increase the speed of his thrusts and I started cumming. Then all of a sudden he slammed in me all the way and I could feel the cum spurting from his big dick. He stayed inside of me until his dick started softening and then he pulled out. I could feel his cum running down my leg as I turned around and knelt in front of the hole to see that huge dick again. He was still pumping his dick to get the last of the cum out so I reached through the opening and took him in my hand and pulled him through the opening and began to clean him up with my mouth. When his dick was completely soft he pulled out and pilled his pants up and exited the booth. I sat down and started cleaning myself up wondering if I would ever see that big dick again.

I hope so!!

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by Anonymous06/25/17

Black cock

I loved the story. I have fantasies about sucking a big thick black cock and having him inside me filling all the way in me then shooting his thick delicious hot sweet creamy cum.

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