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Glory Hole Mother


Ever since I was 14 I have a crush on my mom, she is so beautiful, how could I not? I would always here her and dad, fucking during the night as I was supposed to be asleep, I would jerk it to her moans, and sexy talk to my dad, pretending it was me she was saying it too. I soon began to catch glimpses of her as she was in the shower or changing, leading me to jack off thinking of her nude sexy body. I just new there had to be way of somehow, one day having my mother fuck me. I once was able to see my mom give my dad head, it was a beautiful site to behold, her sucking my dad's thick cock into her mouth. She looked as though she practiced the act regularly. Because she milked my dad's dick in her mouth until he filled it with his semen, then she just swallowed it down like it was her favorite drink. I then heard my dad say something about how those guys better watch out at "Lucky's," that was an adult bookstore on the edge off town. I wondered what he meant by that, I was only sixteen and hadn't ever been to one or heard very much about the adult bookstores. I made it a goal though to find out what my dad meant by his comment.

I turned 18 about five months ago, and in two years and long hours spent on the internet, finding out what went on in adult bookstores, I found out and was very intrigued. I found out that there were bookstores with booths, and in those booths there were glory holes. A glory hole is a hole where men can slide their dicks through and be pleasured by whoever is willing. Sometimes there is actual fucking going on in these booths. I just knew that this was what my mom and dad were into.

I had a plan when I knew what I had found out. I would follow them to "Lucky's" one night and take advantage of the booth's glory hole. So here was my plan, I would just wait until I heard them talking about it or just follow them when they usually go out Saturday nights.

Soon my chance had finally come. They were going out for the night and me not to wait up, my sis out with her friends at the club. I told them that I might go over to my friend Ken's house. The said goodbye and took off. I grabbed my coat and wallet and got in my car to follow them. They went to this nice restaurant first, and ate for about an hour. I was so bored waiting for them. Luckily as I was at my wits end, they came out and left the restaurant parking lot. I followed them lagging behind not wanting them to notice my car. I was so excited as I seen the sign for "Lucky's" bookstore. My dad pulled the car into the secluded parking lot behind the building. I waited for them to go in, as I parked my car. I walked in and noticed them, as the walked into the booth area; I hurried and followed them, not being too shady. They hadn't noticed me as I seen them go into a vacant booth. I was in luck right next to them was a vacant booth, and occupied on the other side. I seen a guy down on the other end so I hurried and made it to the door of the booth, here was my chance, don't fuck it up, as I walked in I noticed the man looking at me and he said, "have fun kid."

I got into the booth and looked for the glory hole it was open I was reluctant to look through, as I didn't want to be found out, by my parents. I heard through the hole and the thin wall, my mom saying "mmm, that's a nice big dick you have there stranger," I couldn't hear the reply of the man. I just heard her say, "Oh yes, I'd luv to" and heard her begin to suck the man's cock. My dad was saying, "that's it hun, suck his cock, suck it good, like a good little whore." I was getting so turned on by this, I unzipped my pants, and began to stroke my cock, and then I heard my dad say, "look honey another cock is ready to be sucked," just as he was saying that the man unloaded in my mom's mouth. She looked over and slid her hand through the hole. I was in shock I wanted her to touch it but I couldn't move.

She said, "oh I think he maybe shy, "Is this your first time in a booth, hun?"

I replied in a low voice, "yes, ma'am."

"Looks like I have to make it worth your while." She finally took hold of my cock, I moved forward as she began to stroke it gently, it rock hard at 7 inches. I moved close to the hole and finally slid it through. My mom took me into her mouth and began sucking it deep into her mouth. She deep-throated me as my dad took his place behind her and slid his cock deep into her pussy. She was working my cock with her skilled my mouth, I wanted to cum, two minutes into it. I felt the urge to cum, and tried to hold it back but started unloading deep in my mom's sweet cocksucking mouth. She took it all into her mouth as I shot load after load finally into my mother's whore mouth. She continued to suck on my cock, keeping it hard, not that I was going limp with my cock deep in my mom's mouth.

My dad was pounding hard into her pussy, she started to moan deeply, as orgasm hit her, and she began to cum all over his cock. I then asked, "Can I fuck you?" she replied, "oh yes baby, I'd like this nice sweet cock of yours in me." She moved around and lined up her pussy with my cock, and I felt her pussy lips touch my cock, I was once again so excited, I slid it forward, pushing into her wet cunt. She began moving back on my cock, it filling her more and more, as she pushed back. I moved back and forth into her cunt. I began to fuck her harder and harder wanting my mother to cum. Then I heard her moan and yell "oh god hun I'm gonna cum on his cock." I felt my own cum build up, she then tensed and I felt her pussy clinch my cock and her shutter with orgasm, as she cummed all over my cock. I couldn't handle it and I began to shoot into my mom's hot cunt. Filling her pussy with my cum, it flowing out of her pussy, I collapsed back, and said "that was the best fuck of my life, mo…a'am." I soon zipped up my pants and left the booth she was still there fucking and sucking.

I got home exhausted, by the nights events. I was in awe of what just happened. I was sucked by my mom, and cummed in her mouth; and then I fuck her and fill up her cunt. I new now I wouldn't be able to look at her the same again. I fell asleep thinking of her. My parents got home and hour later and came in to check on me. I was sound asleep and my mom came in, she gave me a kiss, and said, "I love you honey, and you now what…I loved the taste of your cum, and the feel of your cock..."

To be continued...

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