tagIncest/TabooGlory Hole Mother Ch. 2

Glory Hole Mother Ch. 2


the bathroom door click. I dried off, wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out into the hallway, my sister's door was open a crack and I seen movement. I knocked gently not wanting the door to fling open. I heard her say, "Hold on, just one second." She opened the door, and I said "Hey, Kara umm did you happen to open the door to the bathroom?" she replied, "Uh, yeah I just didn't know who was in there," replying, "Oh, I was just wondering, all right I'm going to get dressed."

"Man!" I thought, Kara was looking sexy as hell. I now your not supposed to look at your sister in that way, but when you think of your mother as being and object of your desire, how's it wrong to not look. My sister is a year and a half-older then me, but doesn't look it. My sister Kara is shorter then my mother, being only 5'5" to my mothers 5'8." She has shorter, toned legs, from playing soccer. Also playing soccer contributed to the wonderful site, which is her ass. It is a beautifully rounded tight muscled, mouth watering perfect ass. Kara has a nicely fit tummy, which is nice and muscular. Her breast are as like my mom's perky but slightly smaller, I think only a c-cup. She has such a sweet innocent, but at the same time a little bit of bad girl look to her. Kara's face is very beautiful, with my mother's gorgeous smile, crystal blue eyes, and silky shoulder length Brunette hair.

The clothes she wears sometimes, just makes you want to stand-back and think whoever's responsible for her creation. Today for example, she was only wearing a tight pair of those pajama shorts, which come above the thigh. Also a tight black tanktop, with no bra because her nipples were hard as hell, I had to get to my room before I got hard looking at her.

I got back to my room and took off my towel, as I did my cock began to harden, I was like might as well. So I closed my door and lay on the bed, and began to stroke my cock, to it's full hardened state, when I heard a nock at the door to my room. I quickly sat up and spun my legs of the bed; I pulled the covers over my hard cock. I said, "Come in." My sister opened the door and said, "Hey, do you want to go shopping with me before it gets to late today?" I said "Sure, let me get ready and we can go." Well, so much for jacking off. At least I'll be able to look at my sister the whole day. I got dressed and we went to the mall, my sister was wearing a pair of tight faded jeans, which flared a little at the bottoms. A tight light blue tank top and a pair brown boots. We walked around the mall, going from store to store, looking at endless amounts of clothes, and other things. I was beginning to get bored. My sister I think new this and asked if I wanted to go someplace else, somewhere maybe a little more to my liking, I said, "sure, what do you have in mind"

Replying, "you'll see."

So we left the mall, and started driving, I knew this route we were driving, I just didn't want to say anything. I just waited to see, and yep my intuitions were right, we were going to "Lucky's." I said to her, "What are we doing here?" she replied "I think that this might be a fun place to look around."

" Ok, I guess but I feel weird, going here with my sis..."

"Well don't look at me as your sis, act like I'm your girlfriend, and I'll act as though your my boyfriend, k?" she replied. "Ok, let's go in," I said.

We walked in, there wasn't a hole lot of people in there only a few guys looking at the porno's. My sis began looking at the sex toys; the dildo's in particular. She was eyeing the ones that looked to be about the same size as me, she said "Look Jay, I like these ones," I blushed a little, at my sister telling me what size dildo she wants.

Then she had seen a guy come out of the booth area. She had asked me what is back there? I said, "I don't know Kara, why don't you check it out?" She grabbed my hand and began to go back there pulling me with her, I thought this might turn out to be fun.

She saw the booths and opened up a vacant booth, we walked in. Locking the door she put some looked at the screen and said " Hey put some money into the machine, I want to watch this, I put a twenty into the machine. She began flipping through the movie selection, and then looked to me and left it on one of a young girl sucking a young man's dick, she said "I like this one." I said, "so do I, looking her up and down." Instead of sitting next to me on the bench she sat down on my lap. " I like this seat better, Little brother."

My cock began to harden with that perfect ass of Kara's resting there. On the screen the guy began to fuck the girl from behind, I said, " That's one of my favorite positions" my hand sliding up her stomach to her breasts. " Oh yes, it's one of mine to" she replied, grinding her tight ass against my hardening cock. Just then she saw a pair of eyes peeking through the glory hole. She said "Oh my were being watched, what is that hole for?" I said "So you can suck him off, Kara."

She looked at me and then slid of my lap, "How about I suck you, Jay?" I looked at her as she bent down and unzipped my pants, and pulled my hard cock out. I just looked at her in shock; she licked up the shaft of my dick, swirling her tongue around the head. She then slid her tongue back down, teasing at my balls with her obviously skilled tongue. Jerking my cock with her hand, and teasing my balls, my cock was at it's hardest. Kara then brought her mouth over my cock and began sucking me up and down. I began sliding up into her mouth as though it was a pussy. She was deep throating as much as she could. I then seen the man slide his cock through the hole. I took her free hand and brought it up to his dick.

She began to stroke the man's cock, as she sucked my cock hard. I pulled her head off my cock, and angled her towards the stranger's cock. She then licked up and down the stranger's cock and then slide his cock deep into her mouth. As she was busy sucking his cock, I began to undo her pants. Sliding them down around her ankles and taking in the site of her perfect ass. I slid up the trim of her bikini cut panties, and then slid them down to her pants. I felt at Kara's pussy and it was extremely wet, I slid a finger into her pussy, and heard her moan on the man's cock.

I fingered her pussy, and then she popped the cock out of her mouth, and said, "I want you to fuck me, Jay." I stood up behind her, stroking my cock, I slid the tip of it up and down her pussy lips, teasing her. I couldn't hold back at her beautiful pussy no longer. I pushed my cock slowly into her tight cunt. Gripping her waist I began pumping into her pussy with all I had. She was moaning loudly around the stranger's cock that she was sucking. Just then the stranger began to unload in her mouth. Kara tried to swallow it all, but it was quite a lot. It spilled out the side of her mouth down onto the floor; she sucked him till he was soft.

With me seeing that I pulled out and spun her around so she was on her knees in front of me, she sucked me into her mouth, and worked my cock with her mouth. Not being able to stand it much longer, I began to pump cum into her slutty mouth. She jerked back at the first shot, and I began to shoot it all over her face and hair. Looking up at me she smiled, and said, "Now was this a little more to your liking?" I replied " Oh yes indeed it is." I grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and helped her clean up, we walked out of the booths hand and hand. Kara still with cum soaked into her hair we, just smiled at the people that looked at us as we walked out.

To be continued...

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