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Glory Hole Performance


My heart was pounding as I slipped into the bathroom. He held the door open for Lisa, my other hand tightly gripped in hers as she followed me. The door closed and she grabbed my shirt collar, pulling me to her for a kiss. I could tell she was horny; she'd been on the edge since we left the apartment. Her hand slid down my chest and she looked at me with dark, wild eyes. She licked her lips and looked at one of the stalls. "Are you sure you want to do this, baby?" she whispered.

"It's what you want," I said. I kissed her and guided her into the stall. I locked the door, and she immediately started kissing me. Her fingers undid the buttons of my shirt, pinching my nipples as I pressed our hips together. I moaned into her mouth and started undressing her. She was wearing a tight team T-shirt with the number 69 on the chest in large white letters, and her skirt was short enough to show off her gorgeous tanned legs.

She let me take off all her clothes, cupping her breasts as I stared at her. She was a strawberry blonde with average size breasts and nipples that stuck out like erasers. I bent down and took one into my mouth as she stroked me through my jeans. She was wet, so I pressed the crotch of her panties against her pussy until she started squirming. I was close to calling the whole thing off because I was almost painfully hard and I wanted to come, but our game was salvaged by the sound of the outside door opening and quietly closing again.

Lisa held her breath, and I pressed a finger against her lips. She nodded and closed the toilet lid before she silently climbed up on top of it. She spread her legs and pressed her fingers against the crotch of her panties as I looked down at the glory hole. The new arrival went into the next stall and shut the door behind him. He coughed and quietly cleared his throat, and I looked at Lisa as I unbuttoned my pants. I tugged my cock out of my boxer shorts and guided it through the hole.

It was a little over five inches and thick; I could feel the edge of the glory hole scraping against its sides. I closed my eyes and, a second later, something soft and wet slid across the length of me. It ran from just under the head and down to the stall, then moved back up. I grunted and rolled my head back, baring my teeth as my mystery man's wet finger traced lines over my cock.

He gripped me, squeezing gently before he took the tip into his mouth and began to suck. I groaned and shuddered. I put a hand on my hip because I couldn't touch his head. I'd never been with a man before, but this was a fantasy Lisa told me about when we went through our lists. At the top of her list was a threesome with two men, or an orgy with more. She wanted cocks, come, and as much of both as she could get. So far in real life we'd only gone as far as playing with dildos. She loved to watch me suck it while she sucked me, and once she had worn it as a strap-on and told me to blow her.

Now we were tiptoeing to the next level as a stranger's tongue explored the shape of my cock head. I wished the glory hole was big enough to slide my balls through, but I settled for cupping them myself and pretending they were his fingers. He took me all the way into his mouth, moaning in rapture as he moved up and down its length. I suddenly regretted not being able to see him. I turned my head and looked at Lisa.

She had her hand inside her panties, frigging herself frantically. Her face was red, and she was pinching one nipple with her free hand. I started to thrust, fucking the man's face, and he made a surprised noise before he adjusted to the tempo. I felt his fingers curling around the lowest point of my cock he had access to, holding it tight as he swept his tongue over me.

"That's it," I whispered. "Suck that cock. Are you playing with yourself? Bet you are, you little whore..."

Lisa pressed the heel of her hand against her mouth to keep from crying out, and I winked at her. I didn't think stamina was a big draw to glory hole encounters; taking a half hour to come in bed was a feat to be encouraged, but I figured situations like this were best completed quickly. I reached over and grabbed Lisa's thigh.

"Gonna come... want it on your face? Shoot it straight down your throat?"

Lisa covered my hand with hers. She loved swallowing my come, and the thought of losing a load made her sad. I doubted I would have trouble coming up with a second serving for her tonight, though. I came while his lips were still pursed around the head. I shot into his mouth, throbbing at the thought of another man's mouth being full of my jism. Whether he swallowed or spit, I have no idea. But I pulled back and let my cock fall out of the glory hole.

I was trying to think of the etiquette in this situation - do you say goodbye? Thanks? Offer him a mint? - when all of a sudden a long, fat cock popped through the hole onto our side of the stall. I stared at it, the purple mushroom of the head and the thick veined shaft, and I looked at Lisa. Her mouth was hanging open, her hand still inside her panties to finger herself, and I knew what she wanted me to do.

I dropped to my knees and lifted the fat prick with one hand. I wet my lips, kissed the tip, and then pursed my lips before pushing it into my mouth. On the other side of the wall I heard, "Oh, fuck, yeah." I stroked him with my tongue, looping my thumb and forefinger to stroke his hard shaft. I tried to remember how I had sucked Lisa's dildo, how I had gone down on her when she wore the harness, but this was so completely different that I forgot everything. I just did everything I could to make his dick feel good and then, without warning, he came in my mouth.

I spluttered in surprise, spilling some onto my chin and chest. I didn't like the taste of come, or at least I didn't like the taste of his come, and I pulled back before I choke-whispered, "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it."

I heard him zip up, heard the stall door open. He washed in the sink and I turned to face Lisa. She kissed me hard, having no qualms about licking his come from my face before thrusting her tongue into my mouth. It tasted delicious coming from her, so I swallowed it this time as I tweaked her nipples. She rubbed her hips against me, my cock coming back to life as it rubbed the crotch of her wet panties.

I turned her around and she braced her hands against the tile wall. Her panties were pushed aside and I slipped inside of her with one swift motion. Lisa grinded back against me as we heard the outside door open and our playmate left. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, making her cry out and then whimper.

I came inside of her, thinking of the man's mouth I had just coated, and I slid my hand over the curve of her ass. I swatted it once, just for fun, and she cooed before she stepped away. She put her clothes back on, and I straightened mine before I peeked outside to make sure we were really alone. I did the same at the exit; I didn't want our friend to know we'd had a witness, and we walked out to the car.

Lisa exhaled once we were safely in the car, her cheeks bright pink as she turned to look at me.

"You sucked that guy's cock."

"Yeah," I said. "And he sucked mine."

"That was so hot. So fucking hot." She grabbed me and kissed me again, and I was overjoyed to have made her so happy. I hugged her and then she dropped back into her seat. "We have to do that again sometime."

I tried not to act too excited. "Sounds good to me. But now, do you wanna go home or go out to dinner?"

She thought about it. "Let's go to my friend Holly's place."

Again, I feigned indifference. Holly was fucking amazing. I loved Lisa and I would never cheat on her, but sometimes Holly tested me in ways I didn't like thinking about. "What do you need at Holly's place?"

"I just have to talk to her about something. Giving you a little reward." She ran her hand over my thigh, and I remembered what had been tops on my list: 'watching my girlfriend make love to another woman.' Holly hadn't been specifically named, but only because I didn't want to freak Lisa out by putting her friend on my list of fantasies. Now, though, it looked like I might get my wish.

I grinned at her. "Holly's place it is."

I tried not to speed when we left the rest stop, but it was hard.

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