Glory Hole Surprise

byMany Feathers©

We soon finished our drinks then I followed Larry over to the elevators where we were once again I.D.'d before being allowed to take the elevator downstairs.

"Now for the real fun!" he said excitedly as we began heading down.

When the doors opened, I stood staring down a very long corridor. There were numerous doors on both sides of the hallway going down. "Just remember, the guys rooms are on the left, and the girls are on the right. might also want to be aware, you can as anyone can...enter either side if you get my drift," he only now warned me. "But don't be too worried or concerned about it Chris, hell...a blowjobs a blowjob after all right?"

I wasn't too sure about that one, but followed him a little uneasily until he reached a tall, very narrow doorway. "This is the way into the voyeur area," he said opening the door. "Come on...time to see what this place is all about!"

We were greeted by a topless female attendant with magnificent boobs, long dark hair and an equally warmer smile. She stood near a large cart that had fresh towels, some warming, along with a wide variety of lubricants.

"Hey Larry!" she said in surprise. "Back so soon? Surprised to see you on this side of the wall," she added only then noticing me as I stood behind and off to one side of my friend. Larry grinned.

"Just showing a friend around at the moment. I'll be heading off to one of the rooms shortly."

The young woman smiled knowingly. "My first breaks in about half an hour, I'll come look for you."

"By the way, Chris? This is Beverly...she gives great head, and has one of the sweetest tasting pussies I've ever had the pleasure of licking!"

"Why thank you," she said blushing. "Nice to meet you Chris, I hope you enjoy your evening here! Just let me know if you want to use one of the private rooms," she told us both.

I quickly followed Larry down what appeared to be an upper level area that allowed us to see down into each of the rooms as we passed by. I noticed as we walked that there were several smaller rooms that you could step down into only one or two of which seemed to be occupied by the closed doors.

"Each room has a comfortable little couch big enough for two. Several couples enjoy using these to get one another off while watching the action inside the room itself," he informed me. "But most of the action is on the other side of the room obviously."

"Obviously," I responded.

I continued to follow Larry down the walkway, taking more of an interest as we slowly traveled along, stopping at one particular room where I noticed two men had their cocks sticking through two separate holes side by side. A very nice looking blonde was kneeling down on the padded flooring before both of them, alternating back and forth between the two men as she appeared to be really enjoying herself.

"See what I mean? Enthusiastic isn't she? Unable to see them, or they tends to really let down one's inhibitions. God...look at her deep-throat that guy!"

I was. And as big a prick as this guy had, it was amazing to watch her fully swallow the length of his massive prick, while she continued to jerk off the other guy next to him before switching, deep-throating the other guy far more easily as it appeared, and now jacking-off the other one.

I was indeed becoming aroused and less and less nervous having seen all this.

"Ok, you convinced me, lets go!"

"You want to do a room or the wall first?" Larry asked.

I didn't even hesitate. "The wall first I think. Not sure I'm ready to lick some strange woman's pussy just yet!" Larry bellowed out loud. "But you're ok with some strange woman sucking you off!" he chastised me.

Sheepishly, I nodded, following him back out past where Beverly once again greeted us. "Off to play?"

"Yep! See you soon then maybe?"

"Hope so!" she said with a wink. "I'd know that birthmark mole of yours anywhere!" she said licking her lips. Larry smiled, leaned over sucking in one of her pink-tipped breasts momentarily.

"See you soon then," releasing her tit, leading me back out into the hallway. "You know Chris, you could have had a lick and a feel yourself," he stated. "That's what they're there for you know!"

"No...I didn't know. And not that I wouldn't have minded, but this is all still pretty new to me yet." I reminded him.

"This way," Larry said leading me across the hallway now through another tall narrow door. Once again, a very similar balcony passageway greeted us. But this time, there were no rooms to be able to see into. Only much smaller private rooms not unlike the masturbation booths I'd seen over on the other side. And unlike the other side, most of the private rooms were currently occupied though there were one or two that weren't.

"Now what?" I asked. "We go find us a room and wait," he said easily.

I followed him down into one of the small rooms. The moment Larry closed the door, it locked as well as filling the room with a deep red eerie light that took my eyes a few moments to adjust too. When they did, I noticed that Larry was already beginning to undress. One wall supplied with several hooks and hangers to hang our clothing up with. Once again, I wasn't sure what I'd expected, but I hadn't expected to see this exactly. I'd certainly seen Larry nude before in the men's locker room, but never with a raging hard-on like I was seeing now.

"Hurry up! Undress, then meet me over here on the platform," he instructed. So I did. And though I wasn't as yet sporting a full blown erection the way Larry was, I was glad to see that I had nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about either as I glanced towards him as he stood fisting his prick making it stand even harder and firmer than it already was.

"Now what?"

Larry didn't answer, simply pushing a small button on the wall off to one side of him. Suddenly, the platform we were standing on began to rise. As it did, I saw two holes in the room beyond suddenly appear with an obvious bright light pouring through them.

"Oh...I get it! You know, I was kind of wondering about that!" I said simply. There wasn't a whole lot of difference in size between us, so finding the right height so that we would each be comfortable was of no real concern. It was then that I also noticed a pair of circular rings mounted to the wall.

"You can hold onto each one of those if you like, sometimes its fun to lean back while you're getting blown and just hang there!" he told me. I watched as Larry placed his thick heavy penis through the small opening and waited. "Should be any time now," he informed me. "We just let everyone know we're available and waiting. I'd expect we should have company any time now! So you'd best make yourself ready my friend, cause you're about to get the experience of a life time!"

Ok it was a little weird. But as I stood there with my prick sticking through the hole in the wall, I actually found myself becoming extremely aroused. Within moments I too was sporting a full erection. Amazingly, it was perhaps less than a full minute after I had that the sound of a woman's voice on the other side of the wall reached me.

"Oh my! Two cocks! Two beautiful hard firm cocks just for me!" she said enthusiastically. Her voice was sultry, sexy. And though I had no clue as to who or what she actually looked like, my mind was already imagining, picturing inside my head how I thought her to appear. The softness of her hand as she first encircled my prick and began giving it affectionate little strokes was extremely arousing as well.

"Hmmm," I heard her purring on the other side of the wall. "Lots and lots of nice pre-cum fuck juice too!" she commented. I knew I was leaking like a sieve, and wondered if my friend Larry was too. "You like how that feels?" she asked us both.

All I could do was groan my pleasure in affirmation of that. But good old Larry was far more used to all this, and far more vocal than I was willing to be.

"Fuck yes! Stroke our cocks baby, get em all nice and slippery, then give my friend here a nice long welcoming suck if you would please!"

I turned my head looking in Larry's direction. He in turn stood there looking and grinning at me all the while holding onto his two rings, pressing himself even more fully through the opening, which is when I suddenly felt her warm soft mouth tell me hello.

"Oh fuck!" I blurted out loudly, surprised at the initial intensity of the moment, stunned by the shock of it and elated that it could actually feel as good as it did. I continued to feel that hot velvety mouth for several exquisite moments as she gingerly ran her tongue and throat up and down the length of my shaft before sadly feeling her releasing it. I then felt her hand once again surround my prick however as she continued toying with it, slowly moving it up and down. Looking back towards Larry, I could tell by the expression on his face that our female partner was now giving his cock just as pleasant a greeting as she'd given mine.

"Oh yeah...suck it baby, suck it! Just like that!" he instructed. "Now...just chew on the head a little, that's it...use your teeth, let me feel your teeth digging into the skin!"

I had known my best friend Larry for years. But in all that time I hadn't known, heard, or seen him quite like this before. And knowing Larry as well as I thought I did, was saying a lot.

"Suck that fucker!" he told her, suck it hard...ok, now...suck my friend's cock just the way you were doing me!" he all but ordered her. I barely had time to grab a hold of my rings, leaning back when she did.

"Holy fucking shit!" I breathed as her lips suctioned my prick like a fucking vacuum cleaner. Larry was actually laughing.

"Good isn't she?" he stated happily. "Which reminds me. You need to inform her if you're about to cum, gives them the option of swallowing or not. Simple etiquette. And you're also entitled to ask her if she will before you cum, just in case you want to save it for someone who does swallow. Works both ways as well.

"I swallow!" we both heard her say from her side of the wall, taking a few moments to release my prick from her mouth in order to inform us both of that.

"Figured you did," Larry told her. "I could tell by the way you suck cock that you probably do!"

"Oh yes...I love a man's fuck juice, love to feel it splashing all over my face, down my throat, all over my tits!" she explained to us both as she continued fondling each of our prick's simultaneously. "So just let me know when you're ready to shoot," she told each of us. And where you'd rather prefer that it goes!"

"I want to feel it against your face," he told our unseen beauty. "But as for my friend here, I think he'd enjoy feeling you swallow!"

He was right about that, and I was somewhat relieved that it hadn't been necessary for me to tell her all that. I was still a bit nervous about all this, even though she couldn't see me, and I couldn't see her. Still...

Suddenly I was thankful for the rings I was holding on to. This "God only knew what she looked like woman" was driving me insane! Larry had been right, this gal, whoever the hell she was, enjoyed sucking cock! It had been a long, long time since I'd had a blowjob as good as this one was turning out! I was at the point where she could have taken my cock and turned it inside out and I'd have still enjoyed it. Though to some degree, that was exactly the way it was beginning to feel.

"I think someone's about to give me all his delicious warm cream!" she squealed delightedly through the wall.

"Oh fuck yes!" I hissed, feeling my balls tighten and tiny white stars suddenly begin to form, taking shape inside my head.

"Give it to me baby...give it all to me!" she mouthed around my prick, sucking it for all she was worth, the feel of both hands now fondling my balls, milking my shaft and sucking my prick like there was no tomorrow.

"Fucking shoot it my friend!" Larry was yelling urging me on. Fill the cunt's mouth with the cum-jello-juice! Let it go dude! Let it go!"

"!" I then screamed, feeling the first delicious spurt rip through the head of my prick in the most glorious sensation imaginable. As it did, I felt her lips wrap themselves even tighter about the head of my dick, vise-like, sucking and pulling on my shaft like the cum-sucking vacuum she was. The sounds of her obvious excitement matching my own as spurt after spurt of white-hot cum-cream leapt from the head of my prick to disappear into her hungrily sucking mouth was unlike anything I had ever felt before. And even stranger, the sound of Larry continuing to urge me on added to that sensation making it even more pleasurable as I imagined with my minds eye all that cream spurting from the end of my shaft into my unseen, yet wonderfully talented cock-suckers throat.

I'd barely had a chance to even attempt to recover when Larry began moaning and groaning with utter and complete abandon himself. "Oh yeah baby...milk it! Milk it! Milk it! Make it cum all over your fucking face. Ah yeah, that's it...harder now, harder! Harder! Oh fuck yes! Here it cums baby! Here it cums!"

With that, Larry exploded. I watched him grimace in what looked like a horribly painful expression, but I knew full-well as he humped himself hard against the wall that the woman on the other side was no doubt getting a face-full just as Larry had asked her to give him. Even as he calmed, the more intense pleasure of his orgasm waning, he was telling her how good it felt to feel his cock being rubbed all over her face, and how nice it felt for her to be smearing his cum all over herself with the head of his dick.

I had finally collapsed down onto the chair, attempting to compose myself, and stunned that it had indeed been one of the best experiences of my entire life. The fact I had NO clue as to what the woman even looked like was amazing to me. It hardly mattered, it had truly been all about sensation, imagination...and feeling. Something I had never really considered as a truly erotic experience, until now anyway!

After we'd dressed, we headed back upstairs to the bar for another drink and a chance to recover a little bit. Once again I was afforded to check out the 'eye-candy' and found a wide variety of it. Tall women, short...thin, medium build, heavy. A wide variety of all shapes...all sizes. And surprisingly enough, I found myself wanting to lick and tickle every one of their cunts.

"Fuck I'm still horny!" I told Larry, who merely sat grinning at me.

"See? I told you you'd enjoy this. Just wait until you go into one of the private rooms. You'll be surprised at the number of women who will come to you. You think that last gal was uninhibited! Wait until they start pressing their cunts at you through the holes, or begging you to suck and play with their titties!"

"You about done with that drink?" I asked him.

"Lead the way my friend...lead the way!"


This time I was glad I wouldn't be sharing a room with Larry. Though only a couple of doors down, it was a nice thought to realize I'd have this room all to myself with what I hoped would be a number of very horny, very aroused women! I walked in, noticed a similar setup for hanging up my clothes, and took everything off. I'd barely finished doing so when I heard movement behind the wall, looked up just in time to see a full pair of breasts resting comfortably through two twin portholes. But that wasn't all I saw either, a neatly trimmed pussy appeared through the larger hole just down from those, pressed perfectly against the padded opening waiting patiently for me.

"What would you like?" I asked having been given as yet another crash course in Glory Hole Etiquette.

"Suck my tits," she breathed in a raspy, pearly voice, that sounded all silky-smooth just the way her pussy appeared to be. "Softly though," she added a bare moment later.

I stood, approaching the wall, letting my now very hard penis lead the way as I came to her, taking one nice soft looking breast in my hand, and the other within my mouth as I gently drew in the taut nubbin of flesh between my lips.

"Perfect!" she moaned pleasurably.

I continued to lick, nip, and suck that rock-hard thimble of flesh with my mouth, all the while fingering and toying with the other one as though it were a second set of lips attempting to do the same thing.

"Now...finger my cunt while you do that!" she urged.

Allowing one hand to release her breast, I reached down the wall easily locating the hole, and then another one. But this one was richly wet, succulently moist and dripping with cunt-honey.

"Oh...finger fuck it you prick!" Nice and slow...but deep, deeper! Oh tickle my clit, tickle it!"

God it was hot hearing yet another unseen woman telling me what to do, sucking on a near perfect hard as a rock nipple, and having my finger churning cum-butter inside this woman's hot wet split.

I have no idea how long I stood there simply fingering her pussy, but eventually I was making so much noise with all the cum-juice she was producing that it was having quite an impact on my now leaking prick. It almost hurt throbbing as much as it now was.

"Lick me! Lick my pussy!" she demanded now. I watched as she pressed it even more invitingly, more fully against the hole. I knelt down on the floor before her, plenty of room to reach in spreading her lips a part with my hands, her clit the size of my pinky finger. Perhaps the largest I had ever seen on any woman. Much like a small penis, I tentatively licked it with the tip of my tongue, felt her shudder and heard a gentle soft rolling moan escape her lips as she stood there behind the wall.

"Faster!" she near whispered. "Lick my clit faster...but lightly," she cautioned me.

I barely felt her flesh, yet I could tell by the way my tongue was flicking out back and forth against the surface of her flesh that it was exactly the way she wanted it.

"Oh God yes!" she wailed now. "Now...suck my clit, hold it inside your mouth and suck it...hard!"

Like I said, it was like sucking the tip of my own finger. Latching onto it, I did exactly what she asked, holding it between my lips, applying pressure, all the while using my tongue to stab at that large nubbin of super-sensitive flesh until she was bouncing and thrashing against the wall. She came with such force that her pussy seemed to erupt in a cascade of feminine essence that coated my face in a rich frothy lather. Trying to hold on as best I could, she eventually and simply pulled away, disappearing altogether without so much as another word. Somewhat disappointed as my own cock continued to throb, bouncing up and down of its own accord, I sat down on the small stool that had been provided and waited for my next "customer" to enter the store.

I was a bit surprised, but certainly elated when I got two of them at once. Much like I had experienced with Larry, I could only imagine the expressions and looks the two women must have been sharing with one another.

"What would you two like?" I asked. Only one answered, " A Larry", I thought to myself as she seemed to take initial control over the situation, and like Larry, instructed me on what I should do for her friend.

"She wants you to fuck her, but while you do, I want you to suck on my tit. When I tell you to stop, stop. Then fuck me and suck on one of her tits until you're told to stop again. Oh...and no cumming inside either one of us! I'm not saying don't cum when you want to, but when you can't handle it any more, then I want you to pull out of whoever you're in and cum all over her tits. Can you do that for us?" she now asked a bit more politely.

"Your wish is my command," I stated a bit dramatically, then stepped over surprised, pleased and certainly excited to find a very wet, very receiving pussy waiting for me. She had shaved herself completely from what I was able to see as I reached down, guiding the head of my blood-engorged prick towards the opening of her pussy, which she herself had spread, invitingly and uninhibitedly for me. I slid right in.

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