tagIncest/TabooGloryhole Discovery

Gloryhole Discovery


It was busier than usual at the Adult Theater. I had gotten a few blowjobs in the theater and at the glory hole. I had even gotten one from a Wife that came in with her Husband. I was one of about 10 She had sucked off. I had sucked off about 8 cocks myself while there.

My Buddy and His Wife had staked out a booth with 2 glory holes and seemed to be competing to see Who could swallow more cum. She gave me one of my blowjobs.

Waiting in the long lines for another wasn't something I was gonna do, So I slipped into a corner booth. I flipped thru a few channels when I heard the door to the booth next to me close and lock.

In a few minutes 2 fingers appeared. I slid my half-hard cock thru the gloryhole. The mouth on the other side was awesome. It only took about 10minutes for me to give Him a mouth full of cum. I know it was a Him because I could feel His whiskers on my balls.

I withdrew my cock and presented 2 fingers. I was rewarded with a nice big cock. It had to be 8-9 inches long and about 2 inches thick. I began sucking the head and stroking the shaft. I knew I wouldn't be able to take it all in my mouth. It was nearly 20minutes before he blew a huge load of cum down my throat.

He didn't seem to soften much after I sucked Him dry so I kept stroking Him. In about 5minutes He got hard again. I stood and dropped my pants. I managed to work my asshole around His cock. With a few pumps my ass was against the wall. He began pounding me! Long slow thrusts for about another 20minutes before He filled my ass with cum.

After a little while I slid my asshole off His cock. I watched as the half-limp cock withdrew from the hole. Looking thru the glory hole I watched Him clean up and tuck it away. He stepped back, the light from the porn playing on His screen lit up His face. It was the face of my Son...my Son that has a Wife and 2 Kids!

I just sat there with a belly and ass full of my Sons cum. He was in no hurry to leave as He flipped thru some channels. I pulled up my pants and left the booth. Not sure what to do.

An Old Farmer that was a semi-regular went in the booth after me. It wasn't long and I could hear the familiar sounds of Him getting sucked off and cumming.

He left the booth and I hung around for a while and saw another 4 Men cum and go from the booth. My Son was as much of a Cock-Slut as His Dad!

I went back in the booth and got another blowjob from my Son. I thanked Him by name. I could hear Him gasp. I told Him to meet me outside.

He slowly walked out after seeing me thru the window. The look of shock on His face was intense. We sat there and talked for a while and became closer than ever before.

We talked about what led to Our mutual luv of cock and cum. Similar but different paths...

We both agreed that it was still early. We went into the Gay theater. We sat on separate couches.

He began stroking His ample cock. He had a few watchers. one came up and began stroking Him. My Son pulled out the Strangers cock and after a few strokes, sucked it into His mouth. He kept looking me in the eyes as He sucked the cock.

I got up and knelt in front of my Son. I took His cock into my mouth shortly before the stranger filled His mouth with a huge load of cum.

I kept eye contact with my Son as I sucked His cock. It must have been too exciting for Him. He blew His load in only about 5minutes.

As I swallowed my Sons cum, I stood and He immediately took out my cock and deepthroated it. I took His head in my hands and began face fucking my Son.

A crowd began to form. It took about 10minutes before I shot another load of cum into my Son.

Without hesitation, He took the closest cock into His mouth. I sat next to Him and did the same.

There We were, Father and Son cum-sluts sucking cock together.

I was working on my 2nd cock when I felt a tug at my pants. I worked myself up and my pants were taken down. I felt a cock opening my asshole shortly before the cock I was sucking filled my mouth.

I looked behind me to see my Son pounding away at me ass. Another cock was presented in front of me. I now had a cock in both my holes.

My Son eventually came deep into my ass. It took only a few seconds after He removed His cock before another plunged balls-deep into my ass.

2 cocks after my Sons came in my ass before I had to remove my ass from the activity. I lost count how many came in my mouth. by the time I sat up, I saw my Son sucking one cock and stroking 2 others.

Seemingly, my Son and I had drained every cock in the theater except one. At some point the Old Farmer had come in and had been watching the activities.

My son walked over to the Man that was definitely old enough to be His Grandpa. With me watching, my Son took off His pants and slid the Old Farmers big cock balls deep into His ass. I knew from experience how filling that cock was so I wasn't surprised at the grimacing on my Sons face.

He rode that big old cock for almost 20 minutes before the Old-Farmer grabbed my Sons hips and with a few grunting pounds, filled my Sons ass with what I knew was a huge load of cum.

I and my Son got dressed and left to get a bite to eat...agreeing how awesome it was having ass loads of cum as We drove to the restaurant.

We had lost track of time talking about the night's events, my grandchildren, His life, my life, and life in general.

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