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Welcome to my first story here in some time and my entry into the Nude day contest. The inspiration for this story is based on trick a friend of mine who ran an adult video store used to play using a bogus personal ad and tweets to sell a lot of tokens and get a full house. It made me wonder what if there were real women on twitter who did this? Why would they do it? What could be motivating them? The following is what I came up with. Enjoy.


"Oh, my god," Chloe whispered, staring at the semi-hard cock easing its way through the hole in the wall.

It was less than a foot from where she knelt on the floor and even in its current state, long and thick. Her heart raced and a bead of sweat trickled out from behind the pink mask covering her face.

Chloe licked her lip, as the cock continued to swell and lengthen. She swallowed nervously, imagining what she would be swallowing in just a few minutes. She couldn't believe she was actually here! On her knees in front of a glory hole and ready to suck off a complete stranger.

"You going to stare at it or you going to suck it?" Julie whispered behind her. "Isn't that what you came here for? To drain some cocks?"

"I want to." Chloe nodded. "Just nervous."

"But excited too, aren't you?" Mary stood to her left, looking down at her. The upper half of her face obscured by a red mask similar to the one she'd given Chloe to wear. "You're scared, but you're wet. Part of you is disgusted you're here, but the other part? You want that cock in your mouth so bad you can already taste it."

"And you're thinking about your husband aren't you?" Julie purred in her ear. "He's out doing whatever, or home in bed and here you are ready to suck some stranger's dick."

"It's so wrong," Chloe admitted, but yet couldn't tear her eyes from the now fully hard cock twitching in front of her.

Precum oozed from it and her mouth watered at the thought of tasting that sticky fluid on her tongue.

"But that's what makes it so fucking hot," Mary giggled as she knelt down next to her.

"You wouldn't be here if you didn't want it." Julie was so close her hot breath was on her neck and some of her long black hair tickled Chloe's shoulder. Her breasts were pressing into her back and even through their dresses she could feel Julie's erect nipples. Her own were so hard they were aching.

Julie's hands ran up into Chloe's long light brown hair and pulled it back away from her face. "Don't want this getting in the way do we?"

Chloe flinched when Mary grabbed her wrist and brought her hand up, placing it on the now rock hard cock in front of her. She gasped when Mary squeezed her hand so she was holding it. God, it was so fucking hard!

"Stroke it," Julie purred. "Feel how hard it is. Feel it pulsing in your hand and imagine him on the other side of the wall. He's so excited; so horny, waiting for you to put that warm wet mouth on his cock."

"Bet he's married too." Mary added. "Looking to get sucked off by some stranger's hot mouth the same way you want to taste another man's dick."

"It all works out, doesn't it?" Julie continued. "Everyone gets what they want and no one gets in trouble because who knows who that cock and mouth belong to. Now, you ready to forget about being a good wife and start being the cock hungry whore you want to be?"

"Yes." Chloe sucked on her lower lip as she was now stroking the long hard shaft on her own, while Mary's hand simply rested on hers.

"Then do it. Suck that cock!" Julie pushed her head forward and feeling both shame and desire at the same time, parted her lips.

She moaned when the soft spongy head of his cock slid past her lips and onto her tongue, giving her that taste she'd craved for months. The taste of another man's cock. Chloe opened wider and moving her head forward took his cock deep into her mouth.

There was a moan from the other side of the wall that caused her pussy to gush and rid her of the last of her inhibitions. Pressing her lips around his shaft, Chloe bobbed her head, whimpering in pleasure as her mouth was filled with hard cock.

"Hmm, look at you go, you little slut." Julie laughed and keeping her hand behind her head to hold her hair, slid around to kneel next to Chloe so she could watch. Her dark eyes bright behind the blue feathered mask she wore.

Chloe closed her eyes and angled her head so she could take him deeper. She stroked him as she sucked. Her hand gliding over the wet trail her mouth left in its wake.

Next to her, Mary had camcorder focused on her. "Give us a good show! Get nice and sloppy, we want to hear you slurping on that dick."

Chloe opened her mouth wide and allowed the spit and pre cum to flow from her mouth and down that oh, so beautiful cock. She made wet gurgling sounds as she drove it deep down her throat, making sloppy wet sounds as Mary asked, then slurped the sticky mess back into her mouth.

"Switch hands." Mary told her, "Jerk him with your left."

Chloe was now so caught up in the dirtiness of the act she would do anything they asked and releasing his cock, grabbed it in her other hand. Chloe eased back so only the tip was in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it while working his shaft in a circle, rubbing the tip around her mouth.

"Damn, that's good, baby!" A deep voice groaned from behind the wall.

"Look at this one!" Julie laughed. "Now she's showing off! What a little cum slut!"

"Looks good, girl." Mary held the camera closer. "Let's get a good look at that wedding band wrapped around a stranger's cock!"

Her words should have shamed her, but instead her clit throbbed as hard as the cock in her mouth. The idea she was being filmed should have scared her, but like everything else was fueling her fire.

As she'd seen both Julie and Mary do before, Chloe put both her hands flat on the wall and bobbed her head rapidly up and down the now sloppy wet cock. He was much bigger than her husband, Rob, but Chloe was taking him all the way, her face barely missing the wall each time she plunged her head forward.

"We got a natural born cock sucker here!" Mary whistled. "Look at this little whore go!"

Chloe gasped around the hard flesh in her mouth when Julie slid her hand up her skirt, rubbing her through her thong.

"This little slut is so fucking wet!" Julie announced. "Bet she'll pop in no time!"

Chloe whimpered as for the first time in her life a woman was touching her, but she didn't resist. Even when Julie worked her fingers into her thong and was now rubbing her bare clit.

"Just like that." Julie whispered, then brushed her soft lips along her neck. "Keep sucking. Make him cum! Make him fill your slutty mouth with a big hot load."

"No, in her face!" Mary suggested as she eased closer, the camera now pointed downward, filming Julie playing with Chloe's pussy. "This is for our followers! Let's get a nice sticky mess all over that mask and her face!" She banged on the wall. "Knock when you're going to cum, baby!"

Chloe sucked faster as her hips rocked, squirming, into Julie's fingers. She moaned and whimpered around the mouthful of cock and didn't protest when Mary slid a hand up her shirt, and into her bra to capture her nipple between her fingers.

Still holding the camera in one hand while fondling her tit, Mary chanted softly. "Make him cum! Make him cum!"

"You whore," Julie whispered. "You dirty fucking bitch. On your knees sucking some random dick and loving it! What would your friends think? What would your husband think? They think you're a good girl, but we all know what you are, don't we?"

"A dirty little cum dumpster is what she is." Mary smiled. "Just like us!" She gave Chloe's nipple a hard twist and it sent her over the edge.

She squealed while her hips bucked wildly, grinding into Julie's fingers. She slowed her sucking down as her orgasm crashed through her and yelped when the man thrust his hips, desperately pushing his cock as far into her mouth as he could.

Chloe groaned when Julie pushed her head up and down, roughly guiding her mouth along the now twitching cock as she squealed and writhed from the strongest orgasm she'd had in years.

There was a loud groan from the other side of the wall and a loud knock. Julie pulled Chloe's head back, causing his cock to pop out of her mouth accompanied by a loud wet slurping sound and a spray of spit and pre-cum.

Julie removed her hand from between her legs and grabbing the dripping cock, pumped it furiously. There was a long loud moan from the other side and a long thick spurt of cum exploded from his cock.

The hot sticky cum squirted over her mouth and across her cheek, just missing her eye and splattering against the mask over it.

"Open wide!" Mary jumped to her feet, holding the camera over her face to catch her being hosed with cum.

Chloe didn't need to be told. Her mouth wide open and her tongue out, she caught the next eruption of white fluid directly in her mouth. It splashed on her tongue and as she'd seen the porn stars do in the videos, she pushed her tongue out, sending cum flowing down her chin where it splashed on her dress.

"Look at that fucking load!" Julie breathed, sounding as turned on as Chloe. "Paint that whore's face!"

Chloe groaned in shameful pleasure as she leaned closer and another woman jacked a strange man's cock onto her face. Lines of cum coated both cheeks as she turned her head side to side and the first long squirt dripped from the mask down her nose.

When Julie's strokes only produced a few more drops. She leaned over and took the cock into her own mouth, greedily slurping on it as Mary laughed. "Hey, that's hers, don't be a cock hog!"

Julie released the cock and reaching across Chloe grabbed Mary by the hair, pulling her into a hard kiss. Chloe saw her cum covered tongue push into Mary's parted lips and they both moaned as they worked their lips, smearing the last bit of cum across each other's mouths.

They both leaned back and grabbing the bobbing cock, Chloe took it back into her mouth, sucking the sensitive head and loving the pathetic whimper from the other side of the wall.

"He's empty, girl!" Julie laughed and clapped her hands, "Good job."

Chloe gave several more long hard lip smacking sucks until he pulled his cock back from her mouth.

"Aww," she whimpered. "I wasn't done yet!"

"Hot damn, that's priceless!" Mary beamed.

"Now, hold on." She knelt before Chloe and focused the camera on her cum splattered face and mask.

"Okay, now tell all our followers. Did you like your first glory hole experience?"

"Loved it!" Chloe smiled through the cum on her lips.

"Was it as good as you'd hoped?"

"Better," she gushed. "It was so fucking hot!" She giggled. "God, I have cum dripping down my face and it's not my husband's!"

"That was a big cock." Julie knelt next to her, also facing the phone. "Bigger than hubbies?"

"Way bigger!" Chloe nodded. "And a lot more cum!" She wiped her chin, scooping up cum and then sucking them into her mouth. "Hmm!" Her eyes rolled back in her head.

"What about Julie getting you off? Ever let a woman touch you before?"

"No, but I was so horny and," she blushed through the white mess on her face. "It made it dirtier."

"Well I think it's safe to say you really enjoyed yourself," Mary declared. "How about one more thrill for our loyal fans. Can we all share a little?"

Mary slid over next to them and holding the camera at arm's length filmed them selfie style as her and Julie kissed Chloe's cheeks, then licked cum from them. They pressed their lips to Chloe's, sharing a messy three way kiss full of sticky lips and soft wet tongues.

"One last question. You a one and done or you think you're going to want more later on?"

"Later on?" Chloe shook her head, sending cum sliding down her face and onto her shoulders. "I want more right now!" She looked at Julie. "Can I suck some more or do I have to leave?"

"Wow, you hear that ladies?" Mary laughed. "She wants more already! If she loves it, you will too! So what are you waiting for? Send us a message and you could be the next..."

She nudged Chloe and as one the three women smiled, "Glory hole housewife!"


"Glory hole housewife!" The three women smiled into the camera.

The camera drew closer, focusing solely on 'Chloe's cum spattered face, and Jess whispered, "So fucking hot."

Hot enough for her to have gotten herself off twice during the ten minute video. She rested her I-pad on the bed next to her and lay there waiting for her still heavy breathing to return to normal. Jess watched her smallish breasts rise and fall, her rosy nipples still as hard as the cock Chloe had sucked.

Her gaze wandered down her slender body down to where her hand rested on the swelling of her mound, her red tipped fingers idly caressing her still quivering pussy. With a sigh, she opened her legs further and eased the six inch purple vibrator from her sloppy slit.

Jess brought it to her face, and looking around the bedroom as if she thought someone would see her, placed the tip of the vibrator to her lips and slowly slipped them over the tip. She tongued it, enjoying the taste of herself, then worked it further into her mouth.

She slid further up on the pillows so she was high enough to bob her head and proceeded to give the brightly colored toy a sensual blow job. Jess eyed her reflection in the mirror next to the bed, watching her lips work the toy.

Some of her long strawberry blond hair had fallen across her cheek and she moved it to be able to get a clear view of her sucking.

"Let's get that hair out of the way." She heard Julie's voice from the video.

Out of the way so the camera could capture 'Chloe', Jess doubted that was her real name, blowing that gorgeous cock. Even though she'd already come twice, her nipples remained stiff as she thought about what she'd just watched.

"Suck it you dirty little slut." Jess envisioned the words being spoken in her ear, being told what a woman who would do that was, a dirty slut.

Jess stared at her hand, noting her white gold wedding band on her finger where it wrapped around the base of the vibrator. A married women shamelessly sucking another man's cock. On her knees, sucking, licking, and rubbing it all over her face.

Moaning and whimpering and working for it. Bobbing her head and using all her skill to earn the reward of a hot load down her throat. She thought of the man on the other side. She didn't try to envision what he looked like. That didn't matter.

What did matter to her, and she imagined any woman with this fantasy, was him just jamming his cock in a hole. Getting sucked by a woman he couldn't see, and had no idea what she looked like. But looks wouldn't matter to them either, just a hot eager mouth, an anonymous cum dumpster he could shoot off in.

'Mary' had been right. Jess bet most of the guys had someone at home too, but they didn't like to suck or maybe they were just cheats. But who cared? That was the beauty, no, the glory of that wall, it was about serving a need; the need to suck and be sucked.

Jess took the toy all the way down and opening her mouth wide, made a wet gagging sound and let her spit flow down the vibrator. She stared into the mirror, taking in how even from a few feet away she could see how bright her wide blue eyes were.

Her tits were small, but round and perky and her long legs, stretched out on the bed were well shaped. At thirty eight, Jess was proud of her body and the way she'd managed to stay looking good. She knew she was attractive and that wasn't narcissism, but based on how often she was flirted with and at times blatantly hit on.

She enjoyed flirting a little too much sometimes because it was nice to be noticed by someone. God only knew Craig paid her so few compliments and was so oblivious to everything but work in general she could die her hair purple and it might take days to notice.

As if that thought had summoned him, she heard the telltale creak of the top stair. Jess pulled the toy from her mouth, pausing to stare at how wet it was and picturing that glistening cock from the video.

She quickly shoved it in her nightstand drawer and grabbing the pink night shirt next to her, slipped it on. Jess pulled the covers up, slid down onto the bed and took a quick glance at the clock just before she closed her eyes. Only eleven thirty, Craig must have run out of work he could do from home.

Jess heard the door open and lay there as she heard Craig move around the room. First he'd plug in his phone, but not before checking his e-mails one more time in case he missed one in the two minutes it took him to get upstairs.

He'd then undress, carefully put his clothes in the hamper, then dress in one of his boring pairs of pajama pants and a t-shirt even though it wasn't cool in the room. Craig was only forty, but acted more like 60.

Because of that, a few months ago Jess had stopped waiting for him in the hopes of sex and started watching porn and having some 'me time' before she went to sleep. As the months went on she'd gone through a few phases. Slower more erotic videos, then hardcore fucking.

She'd moved on to 'cheating wife clips' which centered around married women who, like her, had a husband who had lost all interest in sex, slipping out on the town and fucking some hot guy. Sometimes a young guy, other times one their age, but who took the time to fully appreciate their bodies and give them the good hard fucking they needed.

But she'd drifted from them because Jess had a tendency to be one of those people who rolled their eyes at fantasy and couldn't stop acting like it was real. No matter how hot the video was she'd sit there and wonder how a woman could fuck another man so blatantly?

Especially in a small state like Rhode Island. What if you fucked some guy and whoa! He shows up at your work or a party? There you'd be with your husband and here's a guy you just fucked.

Even the Ashely Madison stuff had her rolling her eyes. When that site was hacked the only issue should have been how did no one see that coming? So the cheating videos, although hot in the sense she would find herself pretending she was the woman in the video going 'Take that Craig', lost their shine after a while.

There was another reason, one Jess didn't like to dwell on. But lying in bed in a puddle, her pussy still wet from masturbating when it should have been from actual sex had brought it up. The cheating videos weren't little five minute sex scenes, but featured some story and acting.

Jess had been disturbed to see how similar the standard plots were to her real life. Married for a long time to a decent man who for the most part was good to her, but neglected her sexually. The conflict of wanting to remain a good woman, but being a woman with needs and craving a nice stiff dick.

Wanting a better thrill than a once every two or three week 'love making' time that lasted all of ten minutes including foreplay because seeing they rarely had sex, Craig always went off quick. Jess would try to coax him into another round. She loved sucking cock and had no qualms working him to be able to get more sex, but he'd get pissed off and tell her she was 'insatiable.'

That was Jess. Insatiable. The nerve of being a woman in her prime who worked hard to stay sexy for her husband and wanting more than three minutes of teenage style humping, an awkward good night kiss and snoring five minutes later.

Her love of giving head, something that had made Jess a very popular girl in high school and first two years of college before she'd met Craig, led her to check out blow job vids. Jess had watched a glory hole video and was both turned off and on at the same time.

The realistic part of her wondered about things like diseases and filthy environments. How safe could it be to be a woman creeping behind a wall with a room full of men on the other side? On the other hand?

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