tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGluttony: Filling Up The Spaces

Gluttony: Filling Up The Spaces


Elijah was frustrated and horny as well. Not that the last week hadn’t seen him cum more times than ever before in his life, but a blow job was only a blow job and he wanted to fuck. But Sean had turned shy after that first night and oral sex was all he would allow. At least, he said, until they were both ready for anal penetration. Lij had been ready for weeks, seeing as he had been penetrating himself with any long, cylindrical object he could find since they started this shoot. Even a tube of make up had done the trick, though he had a difficult time explaining why he was washing the outside of the tube off when he got caught by one of the make up artists. He had kept his secret, or so he hoped. There was no reason anyone had to know what kind of sexual exploring he was up to. It was his business, his and Sean’s. And yet Sean was being stubborn.

With a sigh, he walked towards his trailer at the end of the day’s shooting and listened to the sound of his prosthetic feet squelching from the sweaty build-up. It made him think of other sounds he had heard and would like to hear. He let his instincts lead him as he lost himself in fantasies of Sean. His current favourite was the one where he and Sean showered together. First he would soap his lover’s front, paying special attention to the sensitive nipples and thick cock that Elijah knew how to make pulse with arousal. He savoured that image, remembering the sensation of the older man’s silky, furry flesh beneath his hands. Relishing thoughts of that big shaft as it pulsed between slippery hands and the flesh rippled with each stroke. Elijah licked his lips as he wished with all his heart that he was massaging the overfull sack of Sean’s balls with soapy hands. He was about to let the fantasy move to what he would do with his friend’s backside when he felt a jolt and as he stumbled into Orlando.

Both men fell to the ground with the younger man on top of the elder and Elijah’s obvious semi-erection pressed embarrassingly against his friend’s hip. He struggled to quickly disentangle himself and get away before the hyper Brit realized what was bumping against him. He only succeeded in snugging Orlando’s ass against himself. He felt his cock jump inside his costume as it came in contact with the firm rump through three layers of clothing. Orlando’s sudden laughter made him shrivel suddenly and he looked fearfully into the amused brown eyes.

“Hey El,” said his friend with a chuckle. “What’s got you all riled up? Spotted more naked Cate or Liv flesh?”

Elijah blushed hotly until his face felt on fire. He tried to grin as he finally succeeded in disentangling himself from the rangy actor. Orlando jumped to his feet, offering a hand and another amused grin to his friend.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell you were peeping.” Orlando said and laughed conspiratorially. “We all do it and let me tell you, when you can’t get to the real thing during this insane filming schedule, it provides good fodder for a wank-fest.”

Elijah just stared at his friend wearing an inane grimace on his face before nodding and forcing out a small grunting chuckle.

“Right. Yeah. Gotta wank.” He said, wincing at his choice of words. He knew he sounded like a moron and that it would get back to the other boys. The ribbing would be especially fierce tomorrow morning.

With a wave to Orlando, he trotted off to his trailer, keeping his mind away from lusty thoughts and on getting safely to a place of privacy. He wondered if Sean were already showered or not, and hoped he was not. At least he could get a blow-job to ease things.


Finally in his trailer, Elijah began to strip the wardrobe off and tear the prosthetics from his feet. He snarled as one rubber foot refused to come off and he was forced to rip it away. The throbbing in his groin had returned and he needed to attend to things. He needed Sean. Tossing the clothes into the wardrobe bag for pick-up, he grabbed his robe and slippers and tore out of his trailer again in the direction of the showers.

On the way, he had to duck and hide as he encountered several of his co-stars and friends. He didn’t want to see or talk to anyone else at the moment, he only wanted to get to the showers where he hoped that Sean was waiting. He wanted to see if his fantasy would come true. He successfully avoided Ian and John. Viggo and Sean Bean didn’t notice him even though he was in full sight when they appeared on the path to the bathing facilities. He wondered what might be going on there as he noticed they were both half dressed in robes and towels with their arms slung around waist and shoulders, heads together in quiet conversation. He shook his head at that thought, knowing his feelings for Sean were colouring his view of all affection between the close comrades. It aroused him nonetheless as he thought about what the two older men might look like locked in the heat of lust with each other. His own member gave a little jump and he smiled, wishing he was already at the showers and in Sean’s arms.

He was about to round the corner on the last bit of path before the shower stalls were reached when he heard voices. He quickly looked around, wishing he really did have a magic ring to make him disappear, and spotted a large bush beside an even larger rock. He made a mad dash for it and was only just out of sight when the owner’s of the voices came into range. It was three of his best friends; Dom, Billy and Orlando. He listened hard to hear what they were saying, dreading that it might be about his earlier encounter with the elf playing Brit. He knew he would have to take the joshing but he still wished he didn’t have to. Especially since the hard on that Orlando had felt had nothing to do with a woman. He felt himself flush then, wondering where these feelings were leading him. He shook off his questions about his own permanent orientation and tuned in to the conversation of the three friends.

“So I say to him, ‘Good wanking fantasies’ and he just turns bright red and almost runs away.” He heard Orlando say through abundant laughter. “I mean really. Is he or isn’t he still a virgin? Either way, he needs to fuck someone and soon. That dick of his was so hard it almost snapped off.”

Elijah felt himself go cold over the heat of his arousal. He hated the way they all talked about each other. He knew they all loved each other, some in a more brotherly way than others but they were all bonded strongly and bonding stronger every day, and they all gossiped about each other like a bunch of bored old women. He hated it, at least at the moment he did. He wished he could just jump out and tell them what was really making him hard. He wanted to declare his feelings of love and desire for Sean to everyone. And suddenly, the conversation meant nothing anymore. He only felt scared and lonely. He felt tears fill his eyes and he leaned heavily against the boulder, biting his forearm to stop the sobbing. He sank to the ground and buried his head in his arms and cried.


A while later, but uncertain of how long, a hand touched the back of his neck. He jumped, snapping his head up and banging in gently on the rock behind him. He looked up and found the concerned face of his friend, his lover, looking down at him.

“Hey. You okay?” Said Sean in his soft voice and sending chills of pleasure up and down the young man’s spine. “I’ve been waiting for you at the showers for ages.”

“I’m sorry.” He said, sniffling a little and smiling wanly up at the handsome face near his. “How - how did you find me?”

Sean smiled a little as he reached out to wipe the tear-streaked face of his young friend.

“I heard you crying. Not loud, but it was quiet with all the others gone and I just took my time.” He said as he put a hand under Elijah’s arm.

The young man reached out and gripped his friend’s bicep as Sean helped him to his feet. Elijah took his friend’s hand with his free one and pulled him close for a clandestine embrace. The older man returned the hug and then with a quick look out onto the path, he drew his friend out of hiding and hurried him towards the showers.

Holding hands and batting their eyelashes at one another they entered the small pre-fabricated building. Sean gestured for Elijah to go into the nearest stall while he locked the door. Lij shook with anticipation and knew they would not be disturbed now. Everyone knew that the locked door mean that the stalls were all full or that it was single sex only. What they wouldn’t know about this locked door was that it was just sex.

The blue-eyed young man reached for the knobs and turned the water on to a comfortable heat. Something that both men could stand, though Sean liked his showers scalding hot and Lij liked his lukewarm. He picked up the tube of shower gel from it’s spot on the nearby shelf and then jumped when a familiar hand ran down his spine. He spun around to regard his friend with wide eyes.

“It’s only me love.” Said Sean with a slight smile as he leaned in for a slow, sweet kiss.

Elijah sighed into the warm, soft mouth on his and flicked his tongue against the sweet lips.

He pulled away again, gazing at Elijah’s skinny frame hungrily with his warm brown eyes. Elijah smiled coyly back at him and pointed the open end of the shower gel at his lover’s chest. Sean flicked his eyes down towards the impromptu weapon and made a grab for it, but the younger man was quicker as he stepped away. A low chuckle escaped Lij’s throat.

“Not so fast Mr. Astin. Be good and I promise to slime you from head to toe.” He said, his blue eyes dancing with delight.

“Promises, promises.” Said Sean as he laughed and took another step towards his young friend.

Elijah just giggled and then squeezed the tube of gel between both hands, directing the stream up and down his friend’s torso. Sean made a laughing scream and lunged at the slighter built young man, grabbing the tube from his hands and flinging it aside. Both men were laughing hysterically as they wrestled and rubbed against each other. The citrus scented gel was distributed liberally over both their bodies, but the majority ended up in Elijah’s hands as he rubbed it over Sean’s ample form. The play became more serious as the older man began kissing his young lover with open-mouthed passionate kisses, his tongue invading and teasing the soft young mouth. His kisses were returned with fervour until Elijah slipped and Sean had to catch him. His efforts went to no avail as they both landed painfully on the tile floor.

They sat panting and massaging injured body parts, their kisses coming softer and less heated, until finally Elijah pulled back and gazed intently into the brown eyes before him.

“Well, what is it?” Asked Sean, still slightly breathless from their moments earlier play. “You want to ask me something or tell me something. So, go on.”

Elijah looked down briefly, almost fearful of what he wanted to ask his friend, but licking his lips nervously he finally made the decision to speak what was in his heart.

“You know how I feel, emotionally, right?” He asked, his voice low and quivering unsurely.

Sean nodded, not taking his eyes from Elijah’s.

“Well, I have physical needs too. And I don’t know if I’ve been clear about those needs.” He paused to take a deep breath. “We only have two weeks left, not even that much left and we’ve never actually - never actually made love. You’ve never let me enter you and you haven’t entered me. I want that Sean. I need that. Please?”

Elijah felt his heart sink into the pit of his stomach as Sean looked away and rise to his feet. Without a word he stepped under the shower head and let the warm water wash over him, the gel on his body beginning to foam and run off him in white rivulets. Elijah sighed and scrambled up from the tile. He watched Sean washing himself for a moment, loving the body despite his friend’s feelings about his current weight and then he moved to join him under the water.

In silence, they washed each other off, Elijah paying special attention to Sean’s genitals and anus. The younger man too joy in the fact that his ministrations were bringing his friend such great pleasure, as Sean’s head tilted back and his cheeks flushed with his excitement. The older man leaned against the younger as Lij decided to penetrate more than just the outer ring of his friend’s ass.

Rubbing against his thigh and his mouth against Sean’s ear, he began to use the lubrication of the soapy gel to slide a finger past the first knuckle of his middle finger into his lover’s asshole. With his other hand, he continued to massage and jerk Sean’s cock, which was fully erect and throbbing. The older man’s pants of pleasure began to grow louder and louder as Elijah slid the ring finger alongside it’s brother into the slippery and extremely tight opening.

“Yes love. You like that don’t you? You do, don’t you? Oh Sean.” Moaned Elijah into his friend’s ear.

Sean just let out a long, grunting howl that echoed off the tile and grabbed his young lover’s wrist as it pumped up and down on his thick cock. The younger man decided to risk a look down at the head of the slippery member he was handling and noticed that pearly gleam at the tip. With all the will he had he slowly withdrew his fingers from his friend’s ass and released the cock from his hand and stepped away. Trembling, he then leaned face first against the side wall of the stall, arching his back so that his buttocks protruded and spreading his legs seductively. He waited for Sean to make the next move.

“I don’t know Lij.” Came the soft sound of Sean’s deeply timbered voice. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

Elijah turned his head slightly and could see his trembling friend from the corner of his eye.

“It’s just like with a woman. Just a little tighter. Almost the same.” He said softly. “Please Sean, I love you so much.”

He turned his face back against the wall and waited. He was not disappointed as he felt the strong hands slid from his shoulders to his hips, felt the solid body press tight to his own slender form. Then one arm was circling his waist as the hand snaked down to fondle his turgid member. The other hand slid slowly between the crack of his ass, between the cheeks to find the puckered hole. One thick finger rubbed soapy fluid liberally around the tiny entrance as Elijah exhaled fully, allowing the hole to open up enough for entry. He gasped softly as not one, but two fingers penetrated his tender flesh and then withdrew to hold apart the firm cheeks. And then the tip of a hard cock was pressed hot against his anus, hand and fingers holding open the hole and guiding the tip in past the first rectal ring. There was a pause.

“I love you so.” Sean said, emotion colouring his voice as he whispered in Elijah’s shell like ear. “Tell me if it hurts too bad to go on.”

Elijah nodded once and pushed backwards against his friend, feeling a little prick of pain as the soap didn’t provide quite the right kind of lubrication. He didn’t care though. He just loved how it felt to have even that small amount of his lover inside him. He waited, breathless for Sean to continue. He didn’t have long to wait as in seconds his friend was pushing into him, slowly, letting the fluid from his own cock provide an easier entry. Elijah bit his lips at the slight but sharp pain, not letting any noise escape. He knew that Sean would stop if he thought he was causing hurt in any way. The younger man just held his breath while the large cock embedded itself fully in his iron-fisted asshole.

Both of them trembled as Sean paused again, taking in the new sensations of the act they were doing. The older man revelled in the feel of his loves tightness surrounding his shaft and the younger wept silently for the wonderful feel of being full of his best friend and love. But after a moment, the passion began to take them and Sean began to pull and thrust, as Elijah took his lover’s cock deep within him again and again. Each time the older man’s balls bounced off the younger’s they moved one step closer to climax. Sean’s hand pumped relentlessly up and down his young love’s cock as he pumped himself in and out of his love’s ass. Shortly, both of them were panting heavily, their balls about to explode and then the moment came.

Their psyche’s crashed over the cliff of climax as their seed spilled out, one filling the body of the other and the other coating the hand of the first. Moments passed as they let every drop splash out from it’s heated place within their bodies, and then it was done. Kissing Elijah’s shoulders and neck, Sean pulled himself carefully from it’s sweet nesting place. As soon as his cock was free, the older man turned his young friend to face him and pulled him into a gentle embrace.

“Thank you my love.” He said simply, letting his brown eyes convey his hearts emotion into the lovely blue ones before him.

Elijah just smiled and kissed him.

End of Part Two

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