tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGnarly's Angels Ch. 09: Comfortably Numb

Gnarly's Angels Ch. 09: Comfortably Numb


So much for sleep.

Yawning quietly, Gavin Reese eased his arm out from under the spooning Asian beauty Vicki Chow. Sleeping so peacefully he didn't want to wake her. He had kept his word to come back after returning from the nightclub known as Barbarians in order to give her a promised massage. Discovering a trail of rose petals leading him to her bedroom, he found her nude atop the covers making things all the more interesting. Gentleman that he was, he kept his pants on for part of her massage. Until she woke up. From there he lost his pants and a fair amount of resistance.

Warm oil retrieved from her microwave relaxed her nerves enough to confide something she felt needed to be known, Vicki was a virgin. Somehow Gavin had already known that fact, which enforced his decision to stay as clothed as he could. Of course once she found her confidence those garments were lost. If he was ever going to officially take this Chinese Princess trust was going to lead the way. Give her time he thought. Friends even if it never happened. He was content with showing her that he cared. Of course she grew curious enough to explore his manhood. Yet, never going...all the way.

Admiring the perfection of her body, he pauses before putting his shirt on. Instead he lays it on his side of the mattress, as if he were still laying there beside her. Going a step further as inspiration struck, Gavin quietly dropped his pants, strategically placing them as well as his boxers below his polo shirt to form his body as if still there in person. It was an interesting idea. Having gone commando since first undressing earlier in the evening, he stood erect nude as he collected what was required from those jeans, namely his wallet, and keys. His cellphone was back at his apartment charging. That was the one thing he did manage to achieve in his snockered state last night. Vicki Chow would wake up and feel his presence even though he was gone. Smart man Gavin Reese.

Tiptoeing out as he had entered, barefoot, he latches her front door with a gentle closure, heading downstairs to the second floor. Midway down the flight of steps he hears another door open and close. From Regina's apartment crept the stunning yet wild haired Ivy Dalton carrying her heels in hand. Half dressed herself, her blouse wide open and braless, her micro mini skirt barely covering mid ass cheek, she hadn't heard Gavin's descent. The last he had seen her she and Regina were 69 on his sofa. It was pretty obvious they had taken things elsewhere.

Clicking Regina's door Ivy turns toward the stairs to discover Gavin leaning proudly on the bannister in all of his well hung glory. Dick loud and proud his voice caught her unaware in her tired state.

"Ain't we a pair?"

Freezing to look up at Gnarly she absorbs the length and girth of the man's amazing penis. Poising an eyebrow at him she smiles breath held as if being caught. Maybe she was.

"I didn't know that you prowled the halls so...freely." She releases a deafening exhale, her eyes locked on to his cock. Shaking it off she aims for an admission of guilt. "I'm sorry if you felt cheated by us. I didn't realize you had even left. Regina...is something."

"That she is. You two had things covered 69 different ways so I let you keep on counting. It's all good. I realized I had made a promise to someone anyway. I try and keep those whenever I can."

"I...see." Her gaze again lowers to his wagging beast. He knew very well where her inner thoughts were. She was regretting what she had missed out on. So was he. Her nipples were so rock hard that even her areolas had a ring of excitement. "In that case...promise me a raincheck."

"I can do that." He winks with dedication. It wasn't as if she saw it though. Her eyes were studying every single contour, vein, even the coloration of his shaft. Finally she puffs her cheeks and makes one last admission. "Dammit Gnarly."

"Walk you out?" He ventured from his leaning post and watched as her eyes followed every sway of his beastly attributes as if being stalked. That would be a pretty good assumption...if either of them had the time.


"Of course I like that. " He chuckles faintly, "Oh, you meant me. I need a shower before work. Care to join me?"

"I...wish I had more time. Good lord Gnarly." Understanding her reluctance to accept he steps up chest to abs with the brunette, and gallantly reaches in to button her blouse. She studies his gorgeous eyes a moment before lowering her gaze to his fingers, which were carefully buttoning her up. She shivered at his cock rubbing up against her skirt. "You make leaving very hard."

"Raincheck's been promised. I'll honor it when you and I can find the time. Maybe after work sometime this week. Not like I won't see you at Barbarians."

"What about Crystal?"

"What about Blue? She knows I'm not looking for anything steady. I want my career to get off the ground before ever committing to any one girl. All i can offer is..."

"Accepted." Her free hand reaches up to grip his girth. "Sorry I couldn't resist."

"There. Now you look a bit more presentable." He ignores her grasp as he straightens her collar.

Lifting up on her toes she kisses him on the cheek. As she lowers she releases his cock with a sigh. "Gotta do it Gnarly." She fidgets her lips before kneeling down to kiss the crown of his monstrosity. Not even the scent of dried cum bothered her.

"Only mine in case you're wondering. I put my client to sleep massaging her."

"I'll take one of those."

"There's a massage therapist in the brownstone. I haven't met her yet. I can hook you up." He grins.

"Ohhh no. Only those hands will tenderize this luscious body." She rises smiling mischievously. "Well, maybe Regina's. I really have to go Handsome. Still walking me out?" She drops her shoes to step into them using Gnarly's muscular chest to hold her balance.

"After you G.I. Jane."

"Cute. I've heard that Demi Moore lookalike comment my entire life. At least I don't have her gravelly voice." She twists in step and heads toward the back entrance of the parking lot. On the way out the door she felt compelled to explain her reason for leaving. "I take care of my Grandmother in the early morning hours to give my Mom a break. Grandma partially raised me while my parents travelled. I owe her. Otherwise, I'd be showering with you right now."

"I can respect that. Shows good upbringing. Family is important." He walks awkwardly over the gravel following her to her car. As she unlocks it Gavin opens the door for her.

"I agree. Thanks for understanding. Wait, you don't start at Barbarians until Monday right?" She stands inside her opened car door.

"Monday yes. I start my part time job at a record store called Pinky Floyd's uptown. I now have three part time jobs. I also start working with a local band on Saturday driving and setting up for them."

"Sounds fun. I wish I didn't have to work Saturday night or I'd join you. That is if you would want the company."

"There's always another gig, and you'd be more than welcome to tag along."

"Good luck today." She sighs daring to check his cock out one last time. "Shouldn't you be getting back inside before someone sees you streaking?" Her eyes just could not stop staring at it. He could read her thoughts struggling over her desires.

"Probably. I'll get there." He winks.

"Uggggggh! Fuck it. Just give me a taste of that damn thing." She tosses her purse with her bra sticking up from the pouch into the passenger seat. Hands free she lifts her micro mini skirt up to her waist and ventures to peel her thong down over her hips and thighs. Gavin shakes his head at her struggle. At her knees she nearly loses her balance and falls sideways into Gavin. Catching her he removes her hands from the G-string and twists her on her heels to face her cars back drivers side fender well. Her hands planted on the car he moves in for the kill. A carefully aligned crown presses up into her tight little clam from behind. A loud gasp leads to a very verbal, "WHY DIDN'T I JUST DO YOU LAST NIGHT? Hit it for a few minutes."

"Naaaa!" He pulls out slowly as she whines at his departure. With a swift slap to her ass to bring about a warm smile he informs her of priorities. "Your Grandma's waiting. Just tell her you made a new friend."

"FUCK! You're right, I'm being selfish. You better keep your promise because I want that all night long." She trembles bending to pull her thong back up into place. Once her skirt covers her up she fans her face with her fingers. "

"Keep both those hands on the wheel going home." He chuckles, "10 and 2."

"No way. My 2:00 is going to be a little busy. Thanks."

"You asked for it. Just don't swerve into the other lane."

"I think I did last night. For the record? I've never been with another woman before Regina. I liked it a lot. BUT..." Her gaze drops to his dangling beast, "I like that bad boy even more." She sits in her drivers seat pointing at his cock. Stepping back he shuts the door and leans inside to kiss her on the lips. His lips took her breath away. Lingering for a minute to let her emotions absorb his tenderness he stands up and pats her car doors side.

"Give Grandma my best."

"Not your type trust me."

Laughing Gnarly took his leave. As did Miss Dalton.

Entering the brownstone Gnarly retraced his steps toward his apartment. Passing by Crystal Balou's abode he hesitated long enough to listen for life within, but heard nothing. Hopefully she was resting peacefully. Reaching his own door he prepares to twist the knob when he hears the door behind him rattle open. Leering over his shoulder he discovers the ever lovely Colombian goddess Isabella Alcadore in lacey red bra and panties. Eyes connecting, she puts an index finger to her lips to silent him as she eases her door shut.

"Good morning Maestro." Her whispers sweet as honey, her smile beguiling.

"Morning Izzy. You're up early."

"Who can sleep for the snoring." She frowns.

"Huh! I didn't notice Blake's car outside."

"Oh, Senor Blake is not here. I...how you say? Babysit Senorita Blue."

"Crystal's in your apartment?"

"Si. She have very bad nightmare...come sleep with me."

"No shit?"

"No smelly." She goofily waves her hand under her nose.

"She come knock on your door?"

"Nada. I hear her scream through the wall. She come to your door but you no home. I take her in."

"Poor kid. I was upstairs with Vicki." He fidgets for a breath then adds, "Listen, I need to grab a shower and get dressed. I start my part time job this morning. Can you keep her company until I..."

"No need." Isabella's door opens wide and Crystal steps into view wearing nothing but her Chicago Cubs sleeping jersey. "I'm fine. Rough night is all, thanks for being there for me Isabella." Blue hugs the brunette respectfully.

"I am here if you need me Senorita Blue. You have mean Roy, I have mean Blake. We look out for each other, no?"

"H-how do you know about Roy?"

"You scream out his name from your home. Talk in your sleep in my bed. I hold you until you stop."

"Sorry about that."

"You also talk about Maestro." Izzy winks toward Gavin.

"Don't go reading into my dreams." Blue points at Gavin then realizes something, "Why are you naked out in the hallway?"

"I missed you, what can I say?" He smirks at Crystal, "You too Izzy." Stepping into his apartment he leaves the door open. He was curious to know if either of them would follow him inside. Not this time. Gnarly Reese showered alone.

Drying off fifteen minutes later he did discover a pleasant surprise. While in the shower someone had entered his bedroom and planted a beautiful red and white kimono style robe on one side of his bed. On a pillow rested a rose petal.

"Nice comeback Vic."

With her nowhere in sight he left the garment in place and got dressed for work. His attire was pretty standard going to work for a record store. Black jeans and a vintage Mudvayne t-shirt was as good as it got, outside of dress boots. Floyd had told him to blend in. Close enough he thought. While pinning his long hair back into a ponytail he pondered his wardrobe in the mirror.

"Maybe I'll get on EBay and buy me up a couple classic band shirts to humor Floyd. I can hear the beatnik grumbling already. Who or what is a Mudvayne?" He chuckled. After grabbing a drink of water he slapped on some studly cologne. "Looking sharp Buddy. Smelling even better." Snatching up his car keys, wallet, and fully charged cell he headed out the door.

In his hurry he turns from locking up directly into a familiar face.

"Hey stranger." Spoke up a gorgeous blond wearing clothes befitting a ranch hand. Complete with a cute Stetson cowboy hat atop her head.

"Sam...how you been?"

"Great. Heading out for another fun filled day of grooming horses and cleaning stalls." She captures a whiff of his cologne and offers an, "Mmmm! I know I won't smell that good by days end."

"I can believe that. Wish I had more time, I'd save you a bus ride. New job in 40 minutes and I got no clue what morning traffic has in store."

"Thought that counts Handsome. I usually set my cell alarm and nap on the bus anyway." She turns on her heel to head out the front entrance, then stops to add to the conversation. He had been eying her tight jeans. "Oh! Nice touch with the butt plug. Beth's swimming in tips. Guys are getting a lil' handy but she's loving it. Maybe I should invest in one and let you install it."

"So you can get tips from Off track betters?"

"Yeaaaah! Might not do so well at the stables."

"Bound to be a handsome Jocky out there. Of course, unless you're on all fours they might need a step ladder to mount you."

"All fours for you Big Boy. Just say the word."

"What's the word?" He winks.

"Giddy up! Gotta go Stud Horse. Come up and see us sometime."

"Soon as I get a good handle on my new job schedules I'll do that. Three jobs now. Four if you count helping out Naomi."

"Busy man. Holler if you need help. Bye Gnarlyhorse." The blond nearly trips over her own feet on the way out the door. Gavin nods his goodbye and tries not to laugh as the door gets in her way. Regardless, he continued to admire those second skin jeans.

"No backwards Cowgirl 'til I whistle. Later Filly." Turning away from her clumsy embarrassment he left her to envision that exact deed. It would be all that Samantha Kinner thought about the rest of the day. Yeehaw!

The drive through the city was as horrible as Gavin imagined it might be. People going to work just as he was doing congested the streets. Even in bypassing the interstates he seemed to hit every stoplight between point A and point B. His thirty five minute commute ended up being fifty minutes. Not the start of a good first day impression. Reaching the closest pay parking lot in the vicinity he literally snatched up the last vacant spot. Locking up his Jeep he took a stroll past a small Attendant's booth, recalling that last time he parked here, there was an older Indian man running the lot. Not today.

"Good morning." Waved a young Hindi woman with long straight black hair. She wore a white hoodie with the Chicago White Sox logo on it, over black leggings. She stood just outside the booth stretching as if yoga light. Her body was shockingly lithe and tight.

"Beautiful day." Gnarly smiled with a respectful nod, "What happened to the old guy who ran the lot last time I was here?"

"It is Grandfather's day off. I work on Wednesday and Friday." She stops stretching to pick up a bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels resting on the ground next to her. Spritzing the glass she tears a few towels off to begin cleaning. She notes Gavin's reflection checking her backside out as she wipes the cleaning fluid away. Eyes bright she bends over intentionally to spray lower panels of glass. Still he stood rubbing his chin at her beauty. She finally twists to look back at him. "You may continue ogling me."

"Ogling?" He chuckles and slightly blushes, "I guess I was...am. First day on the new job. Running late as it is but...I wouldn't have missed you for the world."

"World traveler I see. You see that is." She giggles with a beguiling set of big brown orbs that flirt heavily.

"Site worth seeing. Might need to buy a postcard."

"Perhaps a picture before you retire today."

"Works for me. My name is Gnarly by the way." He walks backwards a few feet then stops. "If you get a break for lunch I'll be down the street at Pinky Floyd's."

"I go in there quite often in search of songs that I might learn."

"Oh yeah? Hobby or do you sing?"

"My Poppah calls me his little parakeet. Yes I love to sing. My dream is to be in a band."

"Nice! Same here Parakeet. I play guitar, mostly metal."

"It is my great pleasure to meet you Gnarly. My name is Bali, like the island where my parents first met."

"Bali...that's beautiful. So are you, if you don't mind my saying so."

"You may say. Many times in fact." She snickers.

"Stop in later I'll help you search for some good albums." He looks at his watch gritting his teeth, "I hate to flirt and run but I gotta go. Keep my Jeep safe."

"I will even wash your windows." She lifts the Windex bottle and roll of towels. "Enjoy your first day."

"If I'm not fired for being thirty minutes late." One last wave and Gavin sprints across the street. She watches him all the way down the block, circling in step at how cute he was. Yep! Smitten.

A brisk walk to the record store led Gavin past a T-shirt Shop. Spotting shirts sporting logos for rock bands he stops cold to catch what he could in thirty seconds. In the process he locates something just as mesmerizing. Through the old showroom window he observes a slim young woman with short red hair and very fine freckles. Like Bali earlier this girl wore black leggings with a low waistline to express her tummy. To assist in the visual her yellow t-shirt's hem rode extraordinarily high over her ribs, yet covering her smaller breasts easily. Belly button bling attracted him instantly. She certainly was curvy.

The beauty was putting a shirt similar to her own over the body of a bustier female mannequin. Something about her glued him to the sidewalk, late for work or not. Squinting against the glare on the glass window he attempted a better look at both the girl and the shirt she was dressing the mannequin in. Catching on to her audience the girl sheepishly smiles back at Gavin. Stepping aside she poses as a gameshow girl fanning both arms at the shirt model as if saying A BRAND NEW CAR. He had to pucker and offer a wink.

Straining to read the words on the shirt Gnarly frowned unable to read it. The girl realizing his inability moves behind the mannequin and lifts it up to carry it closer to him. Her hands went up underneath the shirt palming its artificial breasts in transit. Once she realizes her unintentional groping she laughs with a cute blush of shyness.

Gnarly reads the shirt as saying GOT MILK? Rolling his eyes at the simplicity of it he pelts his temple and shakes his head. She waves him in hoping to speak with him but Gavin, although wanting to, knew he needed to get moving. With a point at his wristwatch and walking fingers he offers a pouty expression. A point toward Pinky Floyd's followed by air guitar motions, she gets the idea. In a bizarre move she lifts both of her hands enacting the Devil's horns salute and wags her tongue like a lizard. He was impressed. She followed that move by standing behind the mannequin and lifting the shirt up to reveal the mannequin's plastic breasts. Her chin on the headless mannequin made it appear as if she were the one flashing him. With a thumbs up grin he regretfully points away and leaves her behind. Sad, she went back to work. He knew he would be back.

Entering Pinky Floyd's with a front door jingle, Gavin finds Floyd in his tiny cubicle office toward the back. Lingering in the doorway Gnarly apologized.

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