tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGo (all the way) Daddy Starring Danica Patrick

Go (all the way) Daddy Starring Danica Patrick


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. Everyone in this story is of legal age, whoever you are, where ever you are. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. No character is under 18 years old.


"I have to What!?" Danica Patrick, model and NASCAR driver, yelled at her agent. "There is no way I'm doing that!"

Danica had been woken up out of a sound sleep by her agent's frantic phone call. Hysterically he insisted that they meet at his office so he could explain something important in person. Now, an hour later, Danica was sitting in front of his desk, starring at him in wide eyed shock. There was no way she could have expected him to say what he had just said.

Danica's agent wrung his hands frantically. "Well... Danica. I'm afraid you don't really... I mean you could say 'no', but... well... you'd be sued into bankruptcy. You're under legal contract."

"What!?" Danica stood up quickly. She was smartly dressed in a white, button up shirt and grey blazer that matched her grey skirt that was bunched up high on her toned thighs. She didn't even notice the extra amount of naked leg she was exposing as she began pacing back and forth in front of her agent's desk. "How is this even possible?"

Danica's agent pushed a stack of papers closer to his beautiful client. "Well, apparently, I mean technically, you know... legally it's false advertising. The lawyers are saying that the site is promising 'uncensored' adult material and not delivering. And if the site is sued, so are you."

Danica began shuffling through the papers. "And the judge is buying this?"

"Ahem, well... Yes." The agent straightened his tie nervously as he stood up and shuffled over to Danica. "Our lawyers and I have been in front of 4 different judges appealing this. Unfortunately 3 of them were men."

"What about the forth? You said 3 of them were men, so the fourth was a woman. Right?"


"Crap!" Danica yelled in frustration.

Danica's agent embraced her in a warm hug. "We can keep fighting this until we find a gay judge, but it's going to take time and a lot of money. We can fight our way into the poor house, but if we find a gay judge odds are he's in the closet and if he rules in your favor he'll essentially be outing himself."

Danica wrapped her arms around her agent. "I'm stuck. Aren't I?"

Danica's agent sweetly kissed the top of her head. "It's up to you, sweetie."

Danica peered up at her agent's warm eyes. "Fine. I'll do it. But there better be a giant bottle of Jack in my changing room."


Three days later Danica was at the filming studio in her dressing room downing shot after shot of whiskey. She'd arrived an hour earlier and immediately started drinking after changing into her outfit. And since her outfit consisted of a tiny, neon lime green bikini she'd had plenty of time to drink. So she sat for the rest of the hour wrapped in a short, black robe and drank herself into a stupor.

"Ms. Patrick? The director's ready for dress rehearsal." A female aide said from the hall.

Danica downed her last shot. "Fuck rehearsal. Lessh just get thish shit done with." She quickly crossed the small room and threw open the door, startling the small aide.

"Umm, yeah. I mean, yes. I'll just tell the director." The aide meekly said before scampering off.

Danica stumbled drunkenly down the hall, blearily trying to find the filming studio. She got lost repeatedly but finally made her way to the large room. Leaning heavily against the door frame she took a slow, confused look around the room. "Thish the rite plashe, right?"

The director looked up from across the room. "Ah. Ms. Patrick. So good to see you. My assistant says you wish to forgo the rehearsal and get straight to the filming."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. Lesh film sith." Danica slurred from the doorway.

"Excellent." The director clapped his hands to get everyone's attention away from the drunk race car driver. "We've already filmed the B-roll and secondary characters so now we just need Ms. Patrick to walk dramatically through the door, strut for 5 ft and cast off her robe. How's that sound?"

"Sure as shit." Danica clapped her hands, mocking the director and nearly losing her balance. "But I ain't doing anything with..." Danica waved her arms around, indicating all the people in the room, nearly falling over. "...all thesh people."

The director smiled. "Don't worry. We'll clear everyone out before then."

"Damn skippy." Danica mumbled.

"Places Everyone!" The director yelled out and Danica stumbled backwards through the door. "Lights!" All the lights flashed on. "Cameras!"

The director's assistant stepped in front of the camera with a small chalk board sign and said, "Go Daddy Danica Patrick. Take one." And stepped away.


Danica took a deep breath to steady herself. She didn't want to screw this up. She wanted it done and over with on the first take. Before she sobered up. Danica tousled her hair and strutted thought the back-lit doorway. At only 5" 2' nobody could say she had the longest legs but the 4 inch, spiked heels made the race car driver's toned legs look longer. She gripped the sash of the black robe and untied it, releasing the robe to float out behind her like a silk cape. With a practiced shrug of her shoulders the robe slid off of Danica's arms and revealed her barely covered model's body.

Danica's firm, B-cup breasts were barely covered by the shimmering bikini top. The top had just enough material to cover her nipples but left the rest of her breasts nearly exposed and the shiny material tied behind her neck and back. The bikini bottoms covered her vagina but quickly turned into a tiny string that sank between her luscious ass-cheeks. Danica walked forward slowly, shaking her head so her long, dark hair flared around her beautiful face. All around her the other actors played their parts: pretending to be distracted by her, dropping whatever they may have been holding or pretending to trip as they all watched her strut out her nearly naked body. All of them men and all of them watching her toned legs stretched out by her heels, her ass-cheeks flexing and bunching and relaxing, and her small breasts rising and falling on her chest.

Most of the actors moved to behind the cameras after they reached theirs marks and 3 male actors pretended to regain their composures and approached Danica as she stopped in the middle of the stage. As the three men surrounded her Danica gave them all a sexy grin, cocked a eyebrow and pretended to stare at the middle actor but instead looked at the camera directly of his shoulder. "You ready to go, Daddy?"

So lost in her drunken stupor that before the director could yell out cut, Danica dropped to her knees in front of the three men. She quickly opened the first actor's jeans and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles, exposing his long, thick, semi-hard cock. Danica took a moment to appraise the exposed slab of meat in front of her. "They got pros." She thought to herself as she licked her lips, making them moist for what had to happen next or she would lose every cent she had ever made. In a flash she grabbed the thick base of the first actor's cock and shoved the warm meat into her mouth.

Everybody in the studio was in shock. Here was the beautiful Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver and model, on her knees with some guys dick in her mouth. Everybody had been told that after she finished her line the stage would be cleared and only a few, necessary, crew would be left. Now they all watched as a actual celebrity deep-throated a stranger's cock.

The director quickly regained his composure as Danica sloppily sucked the actor's dick. Speaking loudly enough for the people around him to hear but not loud enough to disturb Danica he quickly began giving directions. "Ok people. Quick change of plans. Get the hand held and the lights in there. I wanna hear every lick and slurp so get the boom lowered. Quickly and quietly people. Let's get in there."

Giving up any and all technique for speed, Danica simply sucked on the strange dick as hard as she could and bobbed her head back and forth while jacking the base. As the cock got harder in her mouth she reached over to the other two actors and began rubbing their cocks through their jeans. The 1st actor quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes as the other two men began unbuckling their pants.

As soon as one of the other two actors released his prick Danica released the first cock and began sucking on the second. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the third actor get his pants down and immediately switched to him. "Well, damn. All three are pros. Regular guys ain't hung this well." The smallest of the cocks had to be just over 7 inches and biggest was closer to 8 ½ inches. She had spent 2 days arguing about the so-called script and they had all settled on the scene and positions. Also, as soon as there was a money shot they were done. She had hoped that she could finish them off with her hands and mouth, but no luck. She hadn't really thought that they would have brought in 3 pros like this. "Heh. On hand." She giggled to herself. Now here she was, jacking off not just one cock but two as well as sucking off one in her mouth.

Danica was far from a virgin but she had never even had a 3-way before much less a 4-way. Now she had not just one cock, or two, but three hard, pulsing dicks. "Thank God for whiskey." She thought as she serviced all 3 hung men.

The 3 actors quickly realized that between Danica's inexperience and drunken state that they were going to have to take over. The 1st actor motioned to the other two and they all nodded in agreement. The 1st actor took Danica's bobbing head away from the 3rd actor's groin and slowly fed his own dick to her. He firmly grasped her sides of her head and began thrusting into her mouth, careful not to gag her. The 3rd actor bent down to one side of Danica and began massaging her breasts through her bikini top as the 2nd actor bent down on her other side and slid his hand between her thighs, stroking her barely covered pussy.

All 3 men took their turns with Danica's body, trading between her mouth, tits and pussy until she started to respond. As Danica's nipples hardened they removed her tiny top, revealing her small tits to the room. As Danica's pussy started to warm and moisten they removed her bottoms to reveal her bald, wet lips and tiny stretch of black pubic hair. And as Danica's body began to respond she began moaning around the different cocks in her mouth as the slid between her tightly stretched lips and warm, wet tongue.

So caught up in watching "The" Danica Patrick service 3 men, the director forgot that he was filming a commercial. "Oh... uh... 2nd positions," he muttered.

The 3 actors pulled away from Danica a small step and the actor currently fucking her mouth pulled his dick out with a pop as she looked up at them wide-eyed and confused. "Wha...?"

Two of the actors laid Danica's naked body gently down as the 3rd actor spread her toned legs and positioned the throbbing head of his thick cock at the entrance to her wet pussy. The actor between her legs leaned down and whispered into her ear with concern. "Here we go. Are you ready ma'am?" He began lightly kissing and sucking on her neck and ear as he waited for her.

"Since when do porn actors say 'ma'am'?" Danica thought to herself as she pretended to kiss him before answering. "Yeah. Sure. Let's just get started."

The actor smiled warmly at Danica and gave her a quick peck on her wet lips before whispering, "Ok. Just let me know if I'm hurting you." He watched Danica take a deep breath before nodding and then he started pushing into the drunk race car driver's wet pussy.

As the actor between Danica's wide spread legs pushed forward, the other two knelt down next to her. Their hands and mouths seemed to flow over her naked and exposed body. They kissed her lips, neck, shoulders, tits and hard nipples. Their hands covered her, their strong fingers caressing and stroking her flesh and trailing over her body. As one actor began concentrating on her heaving tits the other actor's hand slid down Danica's body and strummed her clit.

After the first couple of inches of his hard dick penetrated Danica's tight pussy the actor fucking her heard her release her breath and start to breath normally. "Good. Was worried there for a sec," he thought to himself. The actor kept pushing into her wet pussy, loving the feel of her warm, tight walls squeezing his dick like a fist. "Jesus. I've been in the business to long," he thought to himself. "I ain't had a woman this tight in years." As the actor finally bottomed out inside of Danica he took a moment to stare at the celebrity's hot, naked body writhing beneath him. When news hit that they were about to film a porn scene with a actual, mainstream celeb, every male actor jumped at the chance. The chance to fuck a actual celebrity. It was the luck of the draw that he'd been one of the three chosen but here he was. Fucking NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. "Fuck yeah."

As the actor between her legs began to slowly fuck her the other 2 actors kept up working on Danica's body. Lips, tits, nips and clit were all seen to, touched caressed, and licked as she felt her body responding more and more. With every push of the cock in her pussy Danica would raise her hips up to meet it and she began moaning and panting erotically as all three men saw to her writhing body's every need. "Fuck! I should have tried this years ago," she drunkenly thought to herself as she suddenly broke out into a grin and giggled, finally forgetting her nervousness.

"Switch," the director called out softly, not wanting to break the spell the 3 porn actors had put on Danica's body. "They sure know what they're doing, huh?" he whispered to his aide.

"Uh... yeah. I mean yes sir," the aide answered, her pussy burning with need.

The 3 actors switched their positions and the 2nd actor began fucking Danica's wet cunt as the other two began playing with her body all over again. The men made sure the beautiful young woman got the most out of her first porn shoot and wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible. The race car driving model began panting and moaning out loud more and more as she raised her hips up to meet every thrust of this new cock. Danica had lost track of which actor was which but whoever was fucking her now was doing a great job of hitting her G-spot with every thrust. "Ooohhhh Fuuuck," she moaned out deep in the back of her throat. She was getting more and more turned on and was enjoying the 4-way fuckfest with every jab of thick, hard dick. The actor fucking her slid in harder and deeper, slowly building up speed and she could feel her juices trailing down her compacted ass-cheeks and pooling underneath her.

"Switch!" the director yelled out this time, confident that Danica was too far gone and enjoying herself to realize that she was surrounded by dozens of people watching her take 3 cocks. The room was completely silent except for the grunts of the actor between Danica's thighs, the throaty moans escaping from Danica's mouth and the sound of sweat slick flesh slapping against sweat slick flesh. The nearly silent room was filled with dozens of people watching Danica Patrick, NASCAR drive, model and sports darling taking on three cocks at the same time.

The 3 actors switched with the last and best hung of the actors sliding between Danica's out stretched legs. The actor gripped Danica's tight ass-cheeks and put them on top of his thighs and slid his cock deep inside of her drooling cunt. "Oh Fuck! Yes!" he heard her moan as he sheathed himself deep inside of her. The other two actors each took a hard nipple into their mouths and began sucking hard on her firm tits as they each took turns sliding their hands down to stroke her hard clit.

"Here we go Miss. Patrick," the last actor said as he took a moment to appreciate Danica Patrick's gleaming and sweat slick body and mussed hair flowing around her head. Taking a deep breath the actor began thrusting.

"Arrrggghhhh!!!" Danica yelled out in ecstasy as the last actor quickly built speed and began jack-hammering away into her burning cunt. She wrapped her arm around the heads of the 2 actors nursing her tits, not wanting them to stop sucking at her nipples.

The actor fucking Danica grunted with each quick fire thrust as he made sure to keep a firm grip on her tight ass-cheeks, keeping her from moving around too much. He made sure to rub the head of his rock hard dick against her G-spot with every deep penetration, wanting to make the young celebrity cum.

Danica yelled out in pleasure, "Oh Shit! Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit Fuck! I'm cumming!" Her pussy clamped down on the last actors hard pole as a orgasm tore through her body. The actor slammed into her, burying his dick as deep as it would go and left it there as the beautiful, young celebrity rode out her first orgasm.

When the actor felt Danica's pussy relax and stop twitching he pulled out slowly and laid her ass gently on the floor, his cock dripping with her cum. He heard the director begin to speak but he held up his hand up to stop the director, wanting the panting young woman to catch her breath. After a couple of minutes of post orgasmic moaning and a dopy grin plastered across her face, Danica's breathing began to return to normal and the actor gave the director a thumbs up.

"Third positions people. Danica, you need a couple of minutes or some water?" the director asked.

"Water. And a shot of Jack," Danica drunkenly mumbled as she rolled over and got on all fours. The aide quickly appeared with a shot of whiskey and a bottle of water. Danica quickly drank half the water then downed the shot and finished off the water. "Come on. Lesh film thish shit," Danica yelled out with a sly grin as she felt the warmth from the whiskey slide through her naked, sweaty body.

The aide quickly scampered off the stage as the director yelled out. "Alright people. Film still rolling. Let's go. Action!"

Danica had no idea which actor was where, she just saw two hard dicks suddenly bobbing in front of her and felt a pair of hands grip her slender waist. She used one of her hands to hold herself up as she gripped one of the cocks with her other hand and began jacking it off as she opened her mouth to let the other cock slid past her lips. She could feel the cock behind her slowly start to slide into her pussy so she suddenly thrust her ass back hard, filling her pussy and accidently causing her to nearly chock on the cock fucking her mouth. "Almost there," she thought. "Me having a orgasm or not... having... cumming. Just wanna get this over... over... um... yeah. And then get some sleep."

All three actors slid into a practiced rhythm, one behind Danica fucking her doggie style as the other two took turns fucking her beautiful face. Her drooling pussy juices slid down the insides of her thighs as her saliva slid over her chin, both pooling on the floor.

The director's aide nearly tripped over her own feet as she approached the sweating 4-some, unable to take her eyes off the well fucked celebrity. She whispered into the actor fucking Danica's gushing pussy. "The director wants you all to make her... you know... cum... before you switch."

The actor mouthed the directions to the other two actors and they all nodded in acknowledgement. When he turned back to the aide he noticed her eyes glued to the sight of his cock stretching Danica's wet pussy. "Wanna taste?" he whispered before pulling his cock out, dripping with Danica's juices and pointing it at the horny aide.

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