Go To Sleep


"Tony, get your damn paws off me," she shrieked.

"But you're so warm," he winked at the young brunette.

"Get your hands off my ass!" she demanded.

"Tony!" the other male exclaimed. "Don't disrespect the lady!"

Tony grinned like a child. "But she's got such a squeezable ass!"

The two men erupted in laughter.

"I'm so serious right now it's not even funny," the girl wedged between the two men yelled. "I need to go to sleep- without your hands in my pants!"

Tony snorted. "Sorry."

"And Benjamin," she continued in an authoritative tone, "that goes for you as well."

"What did I do?" he frowned.

"Nothing," she grinned, "yet!"

"Can you read minds?" the male smirked, "Cause I was just having the kinkiest, naughtiest..."

"Shut up!" she yelled, cutting him off.

"Fine," he huffed. "I'm going to sleep now."

"Good!" she laughed.

"If we stay up all night, we can have wild monkey sex with each other," Tony grinned like a child.

"Have it with Benji," she snorted. "I need sleep!"

"Okay," Tony winked.

She shook her head and laughed. "You're both freaks."

Benji cocked his head and grinned. "What did I do to get labeled alongside him?"

"Hey!" Tony protested.

She just laughed. "Go to bed!"

"I'm in bed," Benji winked.

"You know what I mean," she grinned.

"I'm going to go snuggle with Benji," Tony beamed lasciviously, "since you're no fun."

"Mmmhmm," she mumbled, closing her eyes and trying to fall asleep.

The bed shifted with the removal of Tony's weight, then re-shifted when he placed himself against the wall on Benji's side. They'd probably continue this joke until they realized she really was asleep and didn't care. She kept her back to them, just in case. She just lay silently, eyes shut, her thoughts drifting in and out of consciousness. With a short passage of time, she was losing her grip on reality and drifting into the land of sleep.

"Fuck!" she heard someone shout, snapping her back to the world of the awake.

Curiosity got the better of her, and she turned over to face the wall and the two men.

"Sorry," Benji whispered sheepishly. Tony was behind him, against the wall, with his arms wrapped snuggly around Benji's chest.

"What are you two doing?" she mumbled groggily, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"We were just fooling around," Tony winked.

She shook her head, unable to fight off the grin that was creeping across her face despite her best efforts to remain serious. "Sure," she laughed, turning her back to the pair.

"She doesn't believe us," she heard Benji whisper to Tony. He was loud enough that she knew he's clearly meant for her to hear this comment.

"She will," Tony laughed.

There was a rustling of sheets and blankets, someone accidentally kicking her. She ignored the ruckus they were making and tried desperately to go back to sleep.

"Mmm, yeah," came a moan from behind her. Shortly after, she heard the unmistakable sounds of kissing. Passionate, sloppy kissing by the sound of it.

"Stop it!" she laughed. "It's not funny!"

Tony raised his head up over her shoulder, and peered into her eyes sideways. "We're not trying to be funny, we're trying to give each other some lovin!"

"Sure you are," she grinned.

"We are," Benji concurred from his new position against the wall.

"Well, you give each other lovin' then," she sighed. "But keep it quiet!"

Tony grinned, still peering into her eyes. "He's a screamer, so I can't promise anything."

"TONY!" she yelled, laughing and shaking her head in disgust.

"T," Benji urged his friend, "Let her sleep. I'll try to be quiet tonight."

"Dammit," Tony rasped, turning back to Benji and shaking the bed further.

She drifted off to sleep, the bed gently shaking underneath the weight of the two men who refused to lay still and try to sleep as well. Her mind flooded with a void of nothingness, lulling her into a land of relaxation and sensation. She dreamt, unsure of what, unsure of her very existance.

"Oh fuck, oh god, oh YES!" was the scream that brought her back to reality.

The bed was shaking feverishly as her eyes opened with a fight, and she searched the darkness for an answer to her awakening. Beside her, the two men were groaning and uttering expletives, causing her senses to suddenly focus their full attention.

"What the...?" she shouted.

"Oh fuck, oh jesus, TONY!" came the next scream.

"Unnh, oh god, fuck, Benj, yeah, so tight," was the response.

She watched in a mix of intrigue and disgust as Tony seemed to pile-drive his hips into Benji, each answering the other's cries with a new batch of his own.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" she shrieked knowing the answer.

Tony never paused or let up in his thrusts, simply grunting, "Fucking" in response to her question.

He was right. They were fucking. Loudly. Roughly. Blatantly. In bed. In the same bed as her.

She returned to her awestruck stare. Tony was pounding into Benji, the force of his body against Benji's igniting the air with more sounds. For his part, Benji lay on the bed, face turned toward her but with his eyes shut and his breathing intensive. He'd stopped groaning, no more shouts coming from his ravished body.

"Is he okay?" she asked timidly, touching a hand gently to Benji's forehead.

"Unnnh yeah," Tony heaved, piling into Benji relentlessly. "He's....fuck....he's...tight."

"Are you okay?" she whispered to Benji, ignoring Tony's useless utterances.

His eyes slowly opened, glazed with a froth of lust and a sensuous cloud of sex. "I'm.....fine," he moaned.

"That.....looks like it hurts," she whispered, then wished she could take it back. How stupid!

Benji's head shook slowly, though he never once raised off the bed. "Hurts....good," he groaned.

"Fuck yeah," Tony giggled.

Seconds later, Tony let out a shrill gasp and fell forward, crushing Benji to the mattress. She watched this scene in horror.



"Get off him!"

Tony chuckled as he rolled off Benji and landed against the wall. He wrapped a sweaty arm around Benji, and sighed exhaustedly.

She watched as Benji seemed to return to life; his normally animated personality returning to his body and filling him with affectionate mirth.

"She watched us!" Tony cooed into his ear.

"I know," Benji grinned.

I shook my head at the pair as they basked in the afterglow.

"Did you like watching?" Tony taunted.

She didn't respond, couldn't respond.

"Did you?" Tony repeated.

"Yeah," she sighed.

"Are you wet?" Benji grinned, reaching a hand underneath the covers and trying to search out her panties.

She giggled as his calloused fingers trailed over her bare thigh and tugged at the waistband of her shorts. "Stop!"

"No!" Benji laughed, pulling her closer to his sweat-soaked body. "I want to see if you're wet!"

"I am," she giggled.

Benji inserted a finger into her body, wrinkled his nose, and grinned. "Why yes you are!"

"Is she really?" Tony laughed. "Damn we're good."

"Didn't that hurt?" she whispered, her eyes locked into Benji's.

"Yeah," he grinned, rubbing his finger tantalizingly slow over her moist labia. "But then it feels amazing."

"You've never....done that?" Tony asked seriously.

A rare moment, she thought, for Tony Lovato to be soft-spoken and sincere.

She blushed. "No, not that."

"Mmm, well," Benji cooed, nibbling on her earlobe slowly, matching his gentle strokes inside her body. "You should try it sometime."

She was putty in his hands, all she could do was wimper.

"How about now?" Tony interrupted, hopping off the bed and running into the bathroom.

"WHAT?" she and Benji cried in unison.

Tony's childish laughter filled the bathroom. "Now! She can try it now!"

"I....don't....I....Now?" she stammered.

"Why not?" Tony called back.

Benji continued to lick her earlobe languidly, lowering his tongue to flick across her jawline. "If you want to," he whispered so only she could hear. "We can make it pleasurable for you."

Her IQ had dropped to below nothing. Benji's finger inside her, his moist tongue on her neck...There was no way to think and think clearly. She would say yes to anything right now. Anything he asked, he could have.

"What do you say?" Tony whispered. He was behind her now, his arms reaching inside her shorts, massaging her firm ass.

She simply moaned into Benji's lips as they touched her own, sucking on her lower lip and labret, searching for entrance into her mouth.

Tony's hands withdrew from her shorts, wrapping around Benji's pumping wrist. "Switch with me, man."

She groaned at the loss of sensation as the two men switched places on the bed- Tony coming to rest in front of her, Benji sliding behind her with his back to the wall. His arms wrapped around her, a long, smooth finger finding its home inside her as Tony's tongue danced with her own and entered her mouth frantically.

"Fuck, you're wet," Benji sighed into her ear.

She felt him remove his finger from between her legs, a rough hand grasping at the soft curve of her hip and pulling her body against his erection. Seconds later, the finger was rubbing gently against her backside, providing her body with a new stimulation; an odd pressure that she'd never once experienced before this night.

"Am I hurting you?" he whispered.

"No," she sighed.

"Good," he grinned.

Tony's tongue continued to discover the crevices of her mouth, each miniscule portion of her titanium tongue barbell, each delicious ounce of her glistening teeth. Her concentration focused on her return attack, and the gentle hammering of Benji's fingers inside her.

"Still okay?" he whispered as Tony began to grind his erection against her thigh.

"Mmmhmmm," she breathed.

"Good," he grinned, this time signaling to Tony to hand him something from the nightstand.

She tried not to think about what lay ahead, focusing instead on Tony's lips and his hard cock rubbing against her bare thigh. "Are you riding me?" she laughed, running a hand over his smooth lips and supple cheeks.

"Yes," he laughed, blushing for the first time in the entire night.

"I thought so," she winked.

Behind her, Benji was fidgeting with something; his hardened cock rubbing against her back every now and then, a gentle reminder of what she'd agreed to endure tonight.

"Okay," he sighed into her ear after a few minutes. His fingers again working inside her slowly. "Are you okay?"

"Mmmhmm," she grinned.

He fidgeted once again, and she felt a cold sensation poking her down below. "Let me know if I need to stop."

"Okay," she sighed anxiously.

There was a cold touch, his firm grip on her hips pulling her backwards, then an amazingly painful wave of pressure filling her insides and make her gasp.

"Hang in there," he grunted.

"Oh.....ouch," she was groaning.

"Slow down," Tony winced.

His fingers quickly found her clitoris and rubbed gently. "This will make it feel better," he promised.

She smiled. It did.

Benji was going so slow, barely pushing inside her. She slowed her breathing, recovering from the initial shock, and tried her best to focus on Tony's manual stimulation.

"Are you okay?" Benji questioned again, slowly pulling out of her and then gently driving back inside just a little further.

"Is it almost in?" she cried with a mix of pleasure and pain.

"No," Benji sighed. "But we're getting there."

"Mmmm," was her only response.

"Just slam into her, dude, get it over with," Tony uttered between kisses.

"I want to," Benji groaned. "Badly."

Tony grinned like a child. "Do it, dude!"

Benji moaned, gripping her hips more firmly and pushing more of himself inside her. "I can't, man, it'll hurt her."

"Oh, oww," she was sobbing. "Hurts."

Benji was quick to stop moving. "Do you need me to stop? Are you okay?"

"Please stop asking me that," she smiled. "I'm okay...but it hurts."

Benji laughed at this. God, she was a trooper.

"Slam it, man," Tony begged.

"No!" Benji laughed, pushing her slowly away from him. "It's too late anyhow."

Tony cocked his head. "Why's that?"

"I'm in," Benji grinned, massaging her hip gently. "How does it feel?"

"Amazing," she moaned.

"See," Tony beamed, cupping her face in his hands and kissing the tip of her nose.

"I see," she giggled.

"Now, Benji," Tony smirked. "Slam it home!"

The two men shared a knowing glance, and Benji began the process of slowly speeding his strokes and withdrawals from her body. He would pound himself forcefully insider her, then withdrawal with such a torturous slowness that she found herself begging him to speed up his pace. She watched as Tony rolled away from her body, and Benji pulled her slowly onto all fours. This position allowed him to pound deeper inside her, giving him full control of her experience; her body and her pleasure at his mercy.

Benji's thrust became frantic, his moans louder and raspier, and she knew he was ready to explode. With one final thrust, she felt her body warm as Benji collapsed onto her and their bodies crashed to the mattress in unison.

"That was...."

"Wonderful?" she smiled.

"Yes," he sighed. He rolled off her and worked a hand through her long brunette locks, warming her entire being to his touch.

"I'll say," Tony chuckled from across the room. She glanced up to see him sitting in the desk chair beside the bed, his still amazing hard cock inside the grasp of his own palm. "Fuckin hot!"

"Yeah," Benji groaned and rolled to face the wall. He was asleep within minutes.

"Time to sleep," she grinned and joined him.

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