tagNon-EroticGo with Me to Prom?

Go with Me to Prom?


The first time I ever asked a guy anywhere was when I asked Joey to prom. God was that hard for someone who's as shy as I am!

Io, I would drive people home from play practice (we were doing Bye Bye Birdie) and Chris, Joey and Joanne all lived on the same long stretch of road, just in different courts. The problem was that Joey's house was between Joanne and Chris' and so I couldn't get him ALONE to talk to! This one day driving home, I decided to drop off Chris first (I usually did Joanne first cuz it was easier) and I pretended that I didn't recognize Joey's court coming from this other direction.

We drove past and Joey's all like, "You passed my court."

I faked surprise: "oh... do you want me to turn around now.. or I could drop Joanne off and then turn around... I mean..."

And he was all like, "it doesn't matter."

So I put my plan into action and said, "well, we're closer to Joanne's now so I'll just drop her off first." (smooth right??? just wait, it gets better!).

Well ALL day I'd been going "This is the day, I'm going to do it I'm going to do it" and at first I was going to do it during lunch... but then I didn't and then during play practice... but I didn't.

While I'm driving I'm thinking: "as soon as I park the car I'm just gonna go ahead and ask him. I'm going to, as soon as we get there, I'm just gonna DO it!"

As we're turning into his court he asks, "So uh... who are you going to prom with."

And me - being the smooth operator that I am - went, "Um..oh, I don't know... do you wanna go with me?"

Oh man, my stomach DROPPED. I was like, "fuck, I am just the biggest freaking loser in the ENTIRE world." (That was obviously in my head.)

and he was all like, "I don't have any money..."

I just blurted out, "OH I"LL PAY!.... I mean, I asked you so I should pay anyway." (Can we say desperate loser?) and he said he had to ask his parents and everything.

So a week and a half later (and still no answer) we skipped class together and then came back because of play practice and were sitting in my car waiting for school to let out, and our friend Doug came out and got in with us - just to keep us company and we were talking and he asked me who I was going to prom with. and I'm thinking, 'god could this be any more awkward'

I was like, "no, I don't know yet."

he asks, "well have you asked anyone yet?"

awkward awkward awkward!

Blushing I say, "Well yeah... but I don't have an answer yet."

And so right then Joey leans forward (he was in the backseat) and goes "Yes."

I grabbed his hand and was like, "Yes???!"

and he says, "Yes."

So I turned to Doug and said, "Yeah I have a date." and Doug's sitting there trying to figure out what the hell just happened, and then he got it! It was so funny.

After that EVERYONE in the theater department was trying to hook us up. It was SO annoying!!!!! Some people were SO obvious about it too. This guy Scott would run back and forth between us on stage.

He'd come to me and go "Do you like Joey?"

I was like, "yeah"

and then he'd run over to Joey!!!!!!!!! and then he'd come back to me and be like, "Well, he likes you too, why don't you ask him out?"

i was like WHAT THE FUCK??!! And so I was told him, "well, I don't ask guys out. I asked him to prom, it's his turn." and then Scott ran back over to Joey!!!!!!!! It was soooooooooo embarrassing.

Whenever Joey and I would be talking to each other, we'd suddenly have like... a 20 foot space around us of NO ONE... and everyone trying to listen without acting like they're listening.

The worst part was the day he finally asked me out, because EVERYONE knew before me!!!!!!!! He'd had a conversation with my friend Maureen the night before, and she'd asked, "well, is Jen Joe-worthy?"

and he was like, "Jen is SO Joe-worthy. I just don't know if Joe is Jen-worthy!"

She reassured him that Joe was definitely Jen-worthy. I also found out later that my friend Kendra had been asking him EVERY day in class "So when are you gonna ask Jenni out? So when are you gonna ask Jenni out?"

and finally he was like "TODAY!!!!!!"

so she told EVERYONE - EXCEPT me. and I'm glad I didn't know... but still!!!

That entire play practice EVERYONE was trying to give us alone time. So finally we went to the green room and Joey sat down on the couch and I had my head on his lap and Chris and Steve were sitting down and we were all talking... and then Scott comes in. And he sits in the chair RIGHT across from me and starts gesturing and mouthing to Joey

"Do it now... ask her out! ask her out now!"

and above my head Joey's going "NO, not right now... NO"

Chris and steve are trying desperately not to laugh because they can see my face and KNOW that I know what's going on and that I'm trying to ignore it cuz I don't want to embarrass Joey!!!!!!!! Finally I just get up and leave because I can't hold a straight face anymore either, and when I leave I can hear Steve and Chris cracking up and Joey going "SCOTT!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO FREAKING KILL YOU!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL????????"

Scott's rejoinder was, "what? What'd I do?????"

At the end of practice, Joey comes over to me while I'm sitting on the stage, and for once nobody notices and there's all this bustle going on around us cuz Fleming's giving out notes and directions, and no one was listening (FINALLY) and he's all nervous and trying to act like he's not and he was SO cute!

"Can I ask you a ten dollar question?" "yyyyyeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" "will you go out with me?" "Yeeeesss...!"

and it was SO funny cuz no one knew that he'd asked me cuz they were all busy!!!!!! Even though everyone knew it was supposed to happen that day, they all missed it. so when Rebecca drove us home that day (I didn't have my car that day) and she dropped me off, and I got out and I kissed my hand and then pressed it to his cheek.

and then I went inside and called everyone and they're all like, "Yeah, I know"

I was like WHAT THE HELL! So I got the full story from everyone on how they'd been talking to him and so knew which way the wind was blowing!

And then Joey and I talked all night on the phone. It was a good day.

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