tagLoving WivesGoals Set for Married Wife Ch. 16

Goals Set for Married Wife Ch. 16


Lisa Sets Personal Goal

The early morning light settled through the bedroom window and gently illuminated the intertwined naked bodies of the two lovers as they lay asleep on Jeray's king size bed. Lisa's soft white skin contrasted nicely with Jeray's smooth mocha body as she straddled his beautifully defined form. She slept soundly on her right side, with her head resting atop Jeray's chest, her ample milky white breasts pushing into the side of his torso, an arm and hand resting over his chiseled abs, and her left leg lying across his upper thighs. Jeray lay on his back, his head turned to his left in the direction of his lover. He had wrapped his left arm around Lisa as they settled to rest following hours of intense love making.

Everything about the lovers looked perfect. Lisa's body was truly remarkable. From her soft and truly beautiful face surrounded by her sandy colored shoulder length hair, to her perfectly shaped breasts, which were not overly large, but certainly not small, to her toned torso, her beautifully shaped and long legs, she was just perfect in her appeal and appearance. For his part, Jeray possessed a body that most guys envied and that was eye candy for any woman who saw him. At six foot three, he was tall. His two hundred pound weight was solid, and toned, and beautifully defined. Every muscle on the man's body looked as thought a trainer had spent years helping Jeray develop them correctly. And finally, his remarkably handsome face set off his beautiful white teeth, and his shaven head revealed a stubble of new growth covering a perfectly shaped skull. What's more, Jeray was also blessed with a really massive penis, both in terms of its thickness and length, and that was complemented by a huge pair of balls encased in a ball sack that hung very, very low.

The vibration of Jeray's cell phone on the night stand roused Lisa, but not Jeray. As she opened her eyes and realized that she had spent the night with him, the first thing she noticed was his beautifully defined mocha colored pecs that her head was resting on. She felt his arm on her back, and she felt a surge of lust for her lover as her nostrils took in his scent. She noted that her pussy felt exceptionally wet, almost squishy, with their mingled love juices, and she breathed a sigh of contentment as her mind replayed the immense sexual satisfaction that she had experienced with her lover in the preceding hours.

Lisa's mind raced with thoughts shaded by guilt at having been unfaithful to Matt once again, and with additional thoughts of exhilaration as her body recalled the incredible sex she had just had with Jeray. While she and Matt had spent many weeks trying to mend their hurts over their mutual infidelities, Lisa continued to be bothered by the fact that Matt had been having an affair for at least six months before she ever found out about it, and before she had allowed herself to be seduced by Marc. And, had it not been for Marc, Matt would have continued fucking Kate. But once she first had sex with someone other than Matt, she recalled being surprised that the sex with Marc was so intense and pleasurable. And then she remembered her first night with Jeray as Marc had taken Jeray's girlfriend into his bed, swapping Lisa for her.

Lisa had been hurt at first, but Jeray had made the night exceptional for her both as an incredibly strong and passionate lover, and as a gentle and considerate man. What's more, recently when Jeray realized they were living in the same building, Lisa appreciated the fact that he had decided to alter his work out and swimming schedule just to accommodate her, so she would not feel uncomfortable coming up to the roof area with him there. He knew they were both attracted to one another, but he respected the fact that she was working on rebuilding her marriage with Matt.

But looking at the sleeping Adonis now, Lisa couldn't deny to herself the incredibly strong attraction she had to his magnificent body and to his personality; and she knew he was equally turned on by her body as well. What's more, the sex they had had during the preceding hours was just totally remarkable. Lisa felt conflicted. She knew she could not continue to see Jeray. She had allowed herself this one night of pleasure, but knew she had to stop. She knew she could not disrupt her life for this handsome young black man, and yet she knew that now that she had tasted sex with him yet again, that she would have an unbelievably hard time resisting joining him in his bed. In fact, she knew she was so taken with Jeray that even if he stayed clear of her, she worried that she would seek him out. These thoughts worried her.

Now, looking at him as he slept, Lisa felt a wave of lust sweep through her loins. Her eyes went to his thick almost jet black manhood as it rested across his upper thigh. She couldn't help herself and lifted her head and moved her mouth to his flaccid penis, which even in that state was wonderfully thick and long. She gently lifted his thick black mushroom to her mouth with her fingers, and she sucked his love shaft greedily toward the back of her throat. Jeray moved slightly, still asleep.

Lisa ran her right hand up his chiseled abs and up to his firm pecs, feeling the smoothness of his mocha colored skin as well as the firmly sculpted muscles beneath it. She loved the feel of her young stud's hard body. Now, his cock was coming to life, filling her mouth quickly as it expanded.

She felt her lover's hands in her hair. "Just can't get enough of it, can you babe? I love how you suck me, Lisa. You are so very good at it. Did you sleep okay, babe?" He looked down at her beautiful face, noting his thick cock glistening with her saliva as she sucked and stroked it. "Do you know that no other girl I've been with in my short life has the energy in bed that you do, and to think that you're worried about being a few years older than I am. Forget it babe. I can barely keep up with you, and I love it." Jeray smiled broadly down at Lisa as she continued sucking his now fully erect ten inch ebony shaft.

"Come up here for a minute Lisa. I want to start the day off right by kissing my white cougar wife." Jeray smiled and laughed, as he noted Lisa's face take on a look of disbelief.

"I might be older mister, but I'm not anywhere old enough to be a cougar." She moved her naked body up her lover's torso, and he noted her full breasts handing down, touching his mid section and then coming to rest on his chest."

Looking directly into his white wife lover's eyes he said, "You are so freaking hot Lisa. What am I gonna do when Matt gets back here? I mean, I don't know if I can stand the thought that we won't be able to do this. You get me so hard, Lisa. You have no idea how horny I get when I think about you, never mind when I'm in bed with you. I have to tell you that since we spent that night together three months ago, I have thought about you every day. See the impact you had on me babe? I'm crazy about you!"

Lisa's eyes began to tear up as Jeray spoke. She realized that her feelings for him both sexually and personally were mutual. At the same time, she realized that he had expressed exactly what she had been thinking, that she didn't know if she could resist coming to his bed once Matt had returned from his business trip the next day. For the first time in her married life, she felt herself desiring another man more than she desired her own husband. With Marc it had been just wonderful sex, but she never really connected with him. But in only a short time with Jeray, she realized there was both great sex as well as a connection between the two of them.

Seeing her eyes begin to water, Jeray said to Lisa, "Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I'll be okay when Matt gets back. And really, you won't have to worry about me bothering you. I'll give you your space cuz I know the two of you have had hard times lately, and you're trying to make it work." He pulled her face into his and kissed her hard, and passionately. Their kiss lasted and lasted, and lasted. He felt her moist and warm pussy moving around frantically, trying to lodge his thick love meat at the opening of her vagina. Her body was quickly successful, and Jeray felt Lisa slide her body down hard on his thick cock, causing it to spear into her eager love canal.

He loved the feel of her tight pussy, and he pushed hard in and out of her selfishly. For her part, Lisa was thrusting her mid section down and hard onto her black lover. His thick black cock felt so huge inside of her, she loved its thickness, its length, the throbbing of it deep inside of her body.

Breaking their kiss, Jeray looked into his lover's eyes. "Are you okay babe? I'm sorry, didn't mean to get you upset." He said this as the two of them pumped and ground onto one another. "Problem is, if we keep doing this babe, I think I am going to be totally in love with you. I know that sounds like a line to you, but it's not believe me. I think about you all of the time, and now that we've spent the night together again, I know why. So let's just enjoy this day. Is that okay. Can we just spend this day together, and then you won't see me? I've never felt this way with a woman before. But with you, it's way different for me."

Lisa's face was flushed with the sex, and so even prettier. She managed between deep breaths, "Jeray, I feel the same way. And it scares me. I think I am falling in love with you too. Really. I have never felt this way either, but I do now. Yes, we can have the day today. I'll just call in sick. Do you think you can make me feel better?" She smiled and sat up on her lover's prone body and rode his massive black cock as she pinched the jet black nipples of his chest.

In only moments, Lisa's loins felt what she could only describe as an electric charge, and she felt her body's response to Jeray's love shaft. She felt herself shakng, her body quivered with pleasure, she felt her vagina clamp hard around Jeray's manhood as her fists clenched his hard chest. For his part, Jeray's hands were pulling Lisa's beautifully firm white ass tightly onto his pounding cock. He felt his own orgasm begin to swell within him, even as his lover was experiencing her own intense climax.

Lisa was breathless as she felt her lover's body's stamina as it continued pounding in and out of her. She looked down and noted the sweat on his brow and the contented smile on his face. Then his beautiful mocha muscles seemed to harden, tense up, and she smiled as she took pleasure in the fact that she had brought this handsome black stud to an incredible climax. He made her feel so young, and at that moment she knew that she loved him.

"Oh shit, babe! You feel so fucking good!! Oh, sorry, didn't mean to say that word, but babe you make me cum like no one else. Oh Lisa, you feel so freakin good to me!! Don't leave babe! Don't leave today. I need to have you to myself all day!."

Lisa bent forward and looked at Jeray before planting her lips on his, and the two of them embraced as their orgasms slowly melted away. Jeray's penis remained hard as granite, and Lisa felt his strong arms holding her soft body tightly to his own. The thought occurred to her as she lay atop of Jeray that after last night and this morning, she might very well be pregnant with their child. But that thought did not seem to worry her the way it had last night. In fact, Lisa felt herself almost wishing that she would get pregnant with her beautiful black stud.

Lisa and Jeray fell asleep for an hour or so, her soft white body lying atop of his muscled mocha frame. His thick cock stayed wedged in her love cave which was drenched with their comingled love fluids, the residue of which was leaking ever so slowly down his shaft, down the crack of his firm black ass onto his sheets.

Lisa felt Jeray stir, and she jumped, startled coming out of her dreams. "Stay here babe, I'm going to get us some coffee and something to eat. I'll be right back."

He slid out from under Lisa, and covered her body with the sheet. Still tired from the night's and early morning activities, she slid back into sleep right after watching Jeray's athletic form glide naked from the bedroom.

Half hour later, Jeray was back with coffee and croissants for the two of them. Lisa sat up in bed, her eyes taking in her handsome lover's naked body in the morning light. Yet again, she felt a surge of excitement as she took in his magnificent form. "Jeray, did you mean what you said. Do I really make you horny? I mean, a young guy like you can pretty much have your pick of any beautiful young girl. Why me?"

Jeray smiled, handing Lisa her coffee. "Babe, you so undersell yourself, I can't believe you. Do you have any idea of how hot you really are? Any idea at all? Lisa, when Marc wanted my girlfriend and you to swap that night, I could not believe my luck. I thought he was soft for swapping, but it worked for me. And besides, Lisa, you have a brain and a body. What a combination, babe! So you want to know why you? Get over it.

Any guy with eyes would want you. And age wise, Lisa, you look about twenty, or even younger. And sex wise, babe.....I have never had better sex with anyone, ever. I mean it! I'm like a kid in the candy store right now with you. And, relax I will disappear when Matt returns. I know you guys need space. But just remember, if you ever decide to hang it up......look me up babe. But, let's enjoy our day, okay? I love having the chance to spend it with you.

"Look, after we finish here, you can clean up while I run out to get some rubbers. I don't want you worried all day about getting knocked up. And we need to do a lot more fucking before you leave to pick up Matt. It will only take me a few minutes to run to the corner store, then I'll be back. Do you want to clean up here or at your place?"

"Jeray, you don't have to run out for condoms. The deed might already be done. What would you do if I were pregnant? I mean, I know I was not pregnant as of last week when Matt left. I test myself after we do it each day. I will test myself when I got to my place to clean up. And, suppose you got me pregnant? What would you want to do?"

Jeray smiled. "Babe, I would want you to have little Jeray, even if you stayed married to Matt. He would be our connection for life. And, I would not be an absentee black father, count on that!

Lisa smiled. "Thanks Jeray. Somehow, I knew you'd say that. I'm not sure I want you to get condoms. I like the feel of that black snake without an extra sheath between us. What do you think, do you want to tempt fate?"

"Babe, I want what you want. But you know what, you'd be worried all day if I don't go out to get them, so I will go. But seriously, I pumped some serious seed into you over the last twelve hours. If that didn't do it......I must be shooting blanks." He finished with a handsome smile.

"I'm sure you're not. I'll let you know in about an hour. I'll come back here after I freshen up. What do you want to do with our day together, neighbor?"

"Babe, I want to do some serious screwing. But, I'll do whatever you want. We can do lunch somewhere, go to the beach, go to the deck and hang out. Whatever you want is fine with me, babe."

"Okay, we'll figure something out. I'll meet you back here at nine thirty. Let me just finish the wonderful breakfast my boy lover has made for me." Lisa smiled and moved in to kiss Jeray. He put his coffee down, and they kissed seriously for several minutes, during which time his cock grew into a raging, throbbing, shaft of onyx.

"See what you do to me, babe?"

"Well if you check my pussy mister, you'll feel that it's gushing right about now just because of the cutie in front of me."

They finished the coffee and croissants, and Lisa returned to her and Matt's condo.

At nine thirty, Lisa returned to Jeray's to find him in a tight fitting tan t shirt and chocolate colored cargo shorts. He was so incredibly handsome she thought. She just wanted to jump his bones right then and there again.

Jeray smiled as he let Lisa in. She looked and smelled totally refreshed. He felt his cock stir at the sight of her. "Babe, I don't know if I can control myself. Seriously, you are so freaking hot, babe. Her face was complemented with just the perfect amount of make up, not much at all, but just enough. Her blue eyes, sandy hair, soft white skin all combined to turn Jeray's engines on.

"Good news, depending on how you look at it. Your boys didn't get any dates for themselves last night. So no little Jerays in the oven. I hope you don't think you're shooting blanks though. I am sure you aren't. So I guess the condoms are a good idea. Hope you got really thin ones. I like your feel, and I want as little between us as possible." She leaned forward and Jeray wrapped his strong arms around her, pulling her into his body. They kissed, and Jeray loved the feel of her soft femininity. She wore a sleeveless white blouse with navy blue shorts that came mid thigh.

"Let's do the beach, Lisa. We can grab some beers and food on our way. There's a nice state beach down in Westport that a lot of my friends are going to, and it has a section that is usually clothing optional....or at least they don't bother anyone who's naked. Mostly people our age. That would be okay with you, right?"

"Jeray, I'm not your age. I'm seven years older. You'll have all of these young girls there wondering where you got me."

"Lisa, seriously they will think you are like eighteen, not twenty-eight. What's more, the guys will be going crazy when they see you in the buff. Come on, Lisa. No one will know you, and you look so freaking hot! And besides Lisa, you don't really think we are going to be spending much time with my friends with you in your birthday suit. I guarantee you, you will be hit on by at least eight to ten guys while we're there."

"You're just trying to make me feel good. And what do I do while all the girls are trying to take you for a road test?"

Jeray smiled his handsome smile. "Babe, you're the only one who'll be touching my stick shift today, so don't even worry about it."

At the beach, Jeray and Lisa made their way through some sand dunes to the far end of the beach where there were just college age and high school age kids hanging out and swimming. Some wore swim suits at the noon hour, which is when Jeray and Lisa arrived. But as the afternoon wore on and drinking and smoking continued, almost no clothing could be seen anywhere. To her delight, Jeray was right, Lisa had had about a dozen guys try to steal her away from Jeray. She told them that she was a student at BU, she left out that she had graduated seven years earlier, and no one seemed to notice.

At about four in the afternoon, after several games of volleyball in the sand where Jeray was one of the most watched of all the guys, and Lisa was the most watched woman there, Jeray suggested that they retire to a spot behind a dune that offered sun, sand, a gentle breeze, and total privacy. Asking Lisa to lie on her back on their blanket, close her eyes, and spread her legs, Jeray proceeded to get on his hands and knees and begin to eat his beautiful lover's pussy, tonguing it, licking it, sucking it, and playing with it with his fingers.

Lisa's hands covered his freshly shaved head, and moans of pleasure began coming from her mouth. "Jeray, you feel so, so good. Please, come up here and kiss me and slide your beautiful cock into me."

"Not until I have you just where I want you, babe." But at that point he reached across to his knapsack and pulled out a condom. Making sure his cock was free of any sand, he slid the magnum over his rigid black shaft. Then, kissing his way up Lisa's torso, giving extra attention to each of her nipples, Jeray finally locked lips with his married white lover and slid his massive black shaft into her ever so slowly.

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