tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoblin Princesses Need Love Too Ch. 02

Goblin Princesses Need Love Too Ch. 02


"So, like...what's the mad rush, again?" Floy, Princess of the Rustbucket Goblin Tribe asked with a bored sigh. It had been no less than a half hour since she had delivered a session of sloppy, rousing head to her handsome Knight rescuer, and since then, she had been accompanying Sir Swoonmore throughout the dreaded and abandoned lair of the horrible, now deceased Dragon Thrakmal.

Her Knightly pal was smoothing his hands along the cold stone wall, his hazel-gold eyes scanning ever section of the place around them. "We are looking for treasure. All Dragons have a treasure hoard." He turned to her and gave a sardonic smirk, mirroring her quote from their earlier meeting. "Don't you read Fairy Tales?"

Floy rolled her beady red eyes. "Well, DUH, of course Dragons have treasure, but Dude, we just kinda like...you know...had a MOMENT and all that. This is not exactly my idea of basking in the afterglow of orgasm." She sighed and laced her arms around herself, hugging her own curvy figure. "And as for treasure, I think I have the most prized thing this castle has ever had in it, resting comfortably in my belly." She grinned. "You cum like a freaking horse, you know that? You must have been seriously backed up, because that load was like-"

Sir Swoonmore turned to his short, busty ward, the utter freedom in which she expressed herself always a source of entertainment and shock to him. "Thrakmal had a bunch of skeletal thralls that served him. I had to fight through them to get to Thrakmal."

"I know." Floy swooned again, as was her fashion. "I could see the piles of bones all over the castle. Did I tell you how hot that is, by the way? The whole fighting thing?"

If he ever let the Goblin Princess talk without interruption, silence would become extinct, so the goodly Knight proceeded. "Skeletal Thralls, once defeated, reform the very next time the moon rises. It's late, and I really don't want to fight them all again, so I would REALLY like to find this treasure hoard and be out of here before we lose daylight. Hence the, how did you put it? Mad rush?" He shook his head at the expressions he'd already picked up from Floy. Turning to her, he tilted his head. "And...what's a Dude? Is it some kind of monster?"

Princess Floy folded her arms under her majestic rack. "It's a Goblin thing. Anyway, Thrakmal doesn't have a treasure hoard, man, look around you! This place is a dump. If he had a treasure hoard he could afford air conditioning or something. It's frikkin' boiling in here." She let out an exhausted little sigh as she leaned back against the wall. Indeed, the Dragon's lair was a humid place, and while Sir Swoonmore wasn't a fan of the temperature, he was more than enjoying the way the humid air made the pretty Gobliness' skin glisten with slippery, enticing sweat.

"This place isn't exactly stylish..." The Knight said as he carefully examined a few sets of chains that decorated the wall nearest him. His keen eye caught the fact thatamong the rusty and tattered links, one hanging chain was obviously newer than the rest, so he took it in his hands and turned to her. "But Thrakmal is a Dragon, and even the less sophisticated ones always," With both strong hands, he gave the chain a sudden, quick pull, and it lowered a bit from its wall socket, a series of grinding and loud sound came from the floor as a secret trap door opened between the two of them. "ALWAYS have a treasure hoard." He gave her a white smile and a confident wink.

Floy's eyes lit up like a little green kid at Christmas...or, like, whatever passes for Christmas among Goblins. "Yea, baby, TREASURE!" She made an excited dash towards the open doorway, a musty staircase descended into the bowls of the castle. "Race ya to the bottom!" She exclaimed before making a start to scurry down the stairs. Sir Swoonmore effortlessly scooped her up and spun her half circle away from the door, just as a singular and rusted spike thrust itself up from one of the pressure sensitive plates in the stairs.

Floy let out a quick and adorable girly-yelp when Sir Swoonmore set her back on her dainty heels and she saw the crude instrument that would have surely impaled her naughty bits, along with her spleen, heart, and brains.

The Knight kneeled down beside her and explained calmly. "As I was saying; All Dragons have treasure Hoards, and those Treasure Hoards are always trapped." He leaned over and gave the Gobliness a small and warm kiss on the forehead. "Better let me go first." And he began to make his way down the staircase.

The battle tested and courageous Sir Swoonmore had seen it all in his tenure as a Knight; Fire traps, spike traps, acid traps, boiling water traps, mouse traps, day traps, night traps and all traps in between. Floy watched in absolute, slick-loined glee as her Knightly escort disarmed each and every hardship they came across on the long staircase journey. "You...oh, wow..." She reached out a soft and green hand and smoothed it along Sir Swoonmore's chest, her big, gaudy brass rings clattering against his armor as she did so. "You are...really good at this..." Her eyes fluttered like a schoolgirl at her crush. Seeing him do all these Knightly, adventurous things made her absolutely ravenous for him, and the young girl was overheating by the second.

"Thank you, Princess. I graduated first in my class at Knight College. I majored in traps." He gave an unimpressed shrug as he looked around them. "Looks like Thrakmal should have invested in a more accomplished architect."

Something told Floy that there wasn't a hardship, obstacle or trap that couldn't be overcome by her handsome rescuer, and she smiled with those sultry, shapely cock sucker's lips. Tilting her head, she gave him a questioning look, some strands of her thick, silken bobbed black hair slithering to cover one eye. "What's a Guild?"


"Earlier. You mentioned that you were in the Sterling Chalice Guild. Is that like...your gang?"

"Oh!" Sir Swoonmore reached into his adventuring bag, digging around for a moment before procuring a small and folded letter that he presented to her.

Floy squinted and leaned forward, a finger smoothing the hair away from her face as she tried to make some kind of sense out of the strange markings on the paper before her. She looked down at the floor, her voice meek and embarrassed. "I...uh, I can't read Human..."

Sir Swoonmore gave a bit of a wince. Floy was so personal and energetic and excitable that he often times forgot that she was a Goblin, hailing from a race of peoples that his own race had been at war with for as long as could possibly be remembered. He took a knee on one of the stairs and turned his back to her, holding the paper in one hand, and trailing the letters under it with one finger as he read it aloud. The paper had a symbol on it of a gleaming silver cup with some text beneath it.

Floy smiled and leaned in close to him as Sir Swoonmore read, the Goblin Princess following with her eyes over his shoulder. "This note hereby and officially recognizes Sir Swoonmore as a member of the Sterling Chalice Adventurer's Guild, granting all the authority and rights permitted to members in good standing." His finger lowered to the fine print at the bottom of the document of his adventuring license. "And, right here, along the bottom, it says real small-like...The Sterling Chalice Adventuring Guild is a steadfast union of brave and noble souls of various talents and backgrounds, all assembled for the protection and betterment of all good and living souls of the realm. We are servants and guardians, protectors of the weak and defenseless." Sir Swoonmore could recite the motto by rote from memory. He turned to Floy, who was peeking over his shoulder, her full, heavy young breasts resting over his shoulder. "That's us: Protectors of the weak and the defenseless." He said with a proud smile.

They were so close to each other, young, warm mouths merely an inch or two apart. She smelled so good and sweet, Floy's vivid red eyes locked onto his golden ones. She replied with an eager, breathy, desperate kiss, hoping he wouldn't get mad as she lost any semblance of decorum or self control. She wanted to kiss him. She needed to. So she did.

It was a warm and pleasant few seconds shared between them, the very simple and innocent meeting of their lips. Floy pulled away after what seemed like eons. Still, it wasn't long enough. A thin strand of gossamer saliva linked their lips for but a split second before breaking, and the two merely looked at each other, frozen in that wonderful, giddy little moment.

As was usually the case when things got silent, Floy was the one to speak. "Would you...would you REALLY mind terribly fighting all those skeletons again, Goodly Knight?" And with that, she set both hands on his chest and gently ushered him to sit back on one of the stairs. She then hoisted one shapely, astonishingly sexy leg over his hips, reaching down with dainty and accurate fingers to begin the process of unfastening his pants. All the while, the Knight watched in silence. "Because...for the life of me, I simply cannot imagine that I shall be done doing what I wish to do to you before the moon rises and those terrors reassemble..."

"I think..." The Knight wet his lips, his breathing heavier as he watched her. "That I could somehow...some way find the inner strength and resolve to bring those foul creatures low once more, Princess." He grew impatient, and the Knight quickly reached for the fastening of his pants, fully intent on ripping them off rather than wait for his aching, already roused cock to be freed.

Floy gently put her hands over his. "No." Was all that she said, locking eyes with him, her voice something serious now, not at all the playful, spunky girl anymore, but a Princess, regal and powerful in her presence and tone. "Sir Swoonmore of the Sterling Chalice Guild, you have given so much of yourself in the service of others, and now, as royal blood, I wish to, for once, see that you are properly served." She took one of his hands in both of hers, raising it to her soft lips and kissing it before setting his hand down flat on the staircase. She repeated the gesture with his other hand before speaking further. "I don't want you to do anything, Goodly Knight, but sit there and let me serve you." Her eyes lowered and Floy looked away bashfully. "Please." She added.

Sir swoonmore gave a deep and long breath at the beyond wonderful offer. When a lovely young girl straddles you, what choice do you have but to relent? "I'd like that, Princess." Was all that he said, taking no action but watching Foy as she slowly continued the work of unfastening his pants. Her breathing picked up a bit, and she gave a noticeable swoon of excitement as finally she unsheathed his steely, throbbing manhood, strong and young and vibrant and majestic. She always would recall the feel of that lordly scepter clogging her throat, hammering back into the depths of her silky and tight throat. Her body reacted to the memory, and her smooth, hairless slit began to slicken with its oily glitter.

Sir Swoonmore's cock was ragingly hard, its thickness and girth impressive even among Human standards. For Floy, who was smaller than your average Human, it was like some Titan's Maul taken the avatar of flesh. The Gobliness reached down and pressed the warm palm of her hand against the thick, cloudy bead of precum that had formed on the tip of her Knight's arousal, and she began to slowly, gently smear it along the throbbing mushroom cap of him, her free hand reaching down further to cup the Knight's full and impressive sack, the souce of the bounty her stomach so enjoyed housing. She breathed through pursed, open lips as she began to ever so gently massage his balls in her tiny hand, which formed more precum, which she used to smear along the head of his cock with her palm. It was, to be brief, a beautiful chain of events.

The blonde Knight moaned his appreciation as he watched, taking in the look on Floy's face. It was awe, it was beauty. She handled his apparatus as if it were some holy relic, her slow, careful ministrations showing at both times respect and appreciation. He was art, and a real woman knows how to treat art.

Once her hand was a proper, cum coated and slick mess, she set both her hands on his manhood, beginning to take long, slow and steady strokes of his shaft with both hands, breathing in and out along the way. The sensation of two slick, warm and silky hands milking him at this pace made Sir Swoonmore's cock drizzle even more precum, and soon, his monument of flesh was a glossy, hard and fully lubricated device.

Floy wet her lips as she positioned herself to mount him, both hands aligning his sex to hers. She was trembling nervously as she set the pulsating tip of his prick against the impossibly tiny, smooth slit of hers. She locked eyes with him, taking both her arms and lacing them around his neck as she slowly began to sink onto his lap. Her slick womanhood wrapped ever so stubbornly around him as she wiggled her hips in very slow circles, the Princess letting out excited and heady little breathes and exerted moans. Her body and frame were so slight and delicate, and taking that size of man was certainly an effort, but a labor she would adore undertaking whenever the situation would allow. "Oh. My. HhuUuummmmmMmmnnn..." Was the sound she let out as she consumed the first few inches of him inside her. Fitting the entirety of that cock was a pipe dream (literally), but Floy worked as much of him inside her as she could take, and soon the two were joined.

For him, the feel of this tense, slick girl riding him was a joyous experience. Her cute little breaths and moans only served to make his cock like iron, and Sir Swoonmore's heart was pounding in his chest at the sensations coursing through him as Floy began to smoothly, steadily ride him. It was slow, passionate, and fine, like some exotic and most pleasing dance, all the while, her eyes locked on her. He wanted to reach out and grope the massive, fresh green tits that were bobbing in front of him, that tight black silk evening gown was doing a poor job concealing Floy's green Double D's, and the thin spaghetti straps slipped over her shoulders, the dress neckline lowering and both jiggly green boobs springing free, olive green nipples tense and proud, swaying along with her body. His eyes widened and he fought the urge to grab them. The Princess wanted to serve him, and he had agreed. It simply wouldn't be chivalrous to now go against her wish of letting the little Princess do all the work.

Floy could see his eyes lock on the bountiful heaven that were her sweat coated, fleshy breasts, and the young Gobliness slowly pulled him towards her as she steadily, dexterously rode him, her arms round his neck, pulling him into her chest, smothering him in a sea of beautiful, soft tit flesh. Sir Swoonmore moaned heatedly, his mouth going to work, sucking in as much of her boob as his mouth would allow, suckling and kissing everywhere he could, from the underside of her chest to those pert and perfect nipples. Her sweat smeared over the handsome Knight's face, and in turn, his eager saliva painted her supple breasts.

Princess Floy's sharp, long nose pointed skyward as the young Goblin moaned, strongly smothering Sir Swoonmore with her voluptuous rack. She called out his name, praising it like a devotee might some distant deity. But no, her God was here, with her, currently pulsing inside her, making her beautiful lower belly ache with his excitement. She came for him, covering what bit of that shaft she couldn't fit inside her tense body with her sweet and clear nectar. Floy let out a session of impassioned cries and moans as she tensed around him, her entire body sizzling with nerve and sensation. She was exhausted and revitalized all at once, her hips never stopping their milking of him, her body getting slicker, tighter and sweatier, summoning the Knight to join her in bliss, and so he did.

"Princess...I'm gonna...I'm..." He tried to say through the minty green sea of boobs he was currently and happily drowning in.

Floy was panting breathily like a bitch in heat. "I know, it's okay...cum...just cum inside me...Oh, please..."

Her eyes bolted wide open as she felt him enter her in a tidal wave of warm sensation. It felt as if some slow motion explosion was occurring inside her, starting as a small tingle, then blossoming into a foundation shaking maelstrom of pleasure. Each time her hips and supple, shapely ass worked him, she was rewarded with another heady gush of seed. Sir Swoonmore never knew Goblins could be so strong as Floy gripped the back of his head, green fingers lost in thick blonde hair, pulling him against her with such force that he could feel her heart beating as his face was pushed up against her chest.

He came, again and again, like a fountain, like some geyser of precious, life growing seed.

Sir Swoonmore wanted to hold her, feel her, trap her in his arms and never release her, but he would never disobey her wish of wanting to let her do all the work in their lovemaking this time. His hands were resting properly on the cold stone step of the staircase, and he simply breathed with her until Floy tilted back his head and looked down at him, their eyes locking.

"Oh, I SO know I'm love." She said before taking the Knight in a furious, warm, passionate and frenzied kiss.

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