tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoblins' Rise Ch. 03

Goblins' Rise Ch. 03


I grab the cat woman's grey tail. Kneeling on her bed, balls deep in her noble cunt. Divya's pleasured purrs turn to yowls of pain and lust as I squeeze and yank her tail.

"Yes! Harder!" She orders throwing her head back. Her black hair tosses around wildly.

I slap her velvet ass hard with my free hand. Thrusting deep in her warm, wet hole.

Across the room my wife kneels before the Count. Her blonde head in his lap, bobbing up and down. A look of bliss on Ritvik's feline face.

The Countess's pussy throbs around my dick as she comes to a screaming orgasm. I try to hold back but the sensation is too much. I groan as I fill her with my hot jizz.

We collapse into each other's arms. Watching her husband lift my wife and place her beautiful body on his lap. Rebecca moans loudly as he impales her with his thick cat penis.

"Do you really have to go so soon?" Divya pouts. She runs the tips of her fingers up and down my sweaty chest.

I smile at the lusty Biladi woman. "I'm afraid so. Our supplies are packed and ready. My people reasonably healed and prepared for travel. Besides we are leaving a small contingent to guard you." I tell her reasonably.

I glance back at my wife. Her beautiful, huge tits bouncing up and down as she rides the nobleman.

The Countess strikes my limp cock. "But they aren't you." She insists.

"I will be back in time." I pet her cheek. "We still have tonight."

I lean in and give her a long kiss. Comforted by the sounds of my wife's pleasured moans from across the bedroom.

"Ready to go?" I ask in the morning.

"Lookin good boss." Gort assures me. Our large band ready to head out.

There are twenty goblin men. Nine goblin women. The three big Chokwa lizard men, and their taller sister. Two Nathair men, four armed reptiles. The two bunny girls. Priyala, a Biladi spellcaster. Gertrude and her twin daughters. My lovely wife.

And, of course Karagoth of the Broken Wing Clan. My beautiful Orc partner. She gives me a toothy grin, her little tusks glinting in the early light.

With a last wave to the Countess and her husband I lead my troupe into the streets. We definitely get a lot of stares from the mostly Biladi townsfolk. Though we get a few friendly waves as well.

Soon we are out of the town and headed west along a smallish trail.

If the Count's maps were correct there were human kingdoms in that direction. Past some mountain ranges.

We traveled for two days before the trail entered a thick forest. It seemed to be called Brass Leaf Woods. At least that's what Aki had written in her notebook. Her letters seemed to be getting better by the day.

There were regular spots along the trail cut out so travelers had room to camp. A few even had tiny cabins for a weary traveler to get out of harsh weather.

We were positioned around one of these our first evening in the woods when there was a bright flash near one of the fires and a sound like WHOOSH!

Everyone came running over to find Hanatal and a handful of goblins. Strange sparkles seemed to fill the air around them.

"Aw, dang! Sorry boss!" Hanatal gave me a rueful grin. She is the goblin princess who had lost her eye in the rat man raid. Now she wore a black eyepatch that someone had sewn a copper coin to. Her other eye is a dull grey, like a building storm.

She is stockier than her curvy cousins. With light green skin. She had smaller C-cup tits. They were perky with a scattering of dark green freckles across them. Her hair was short, a dark green.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"Sparkle dust." As if that answered everything. Seeing the lack of comprehension on my face she goes on, "Hedge Wizards make it for bards and other entertainers. It...it sparkles." She looks around for a moment, embarrassed. "It makes a lot of smoke when set to fire. I thought maybe like your gum powder."

"Gun powder." I correct her. She repeats the word a few times. As do others in the crowd. "Did it work?"

"I...I think so?"

"Well, maybe do experiments further away from camp. Especially ones involving fire and explosions." I smile at her.

Hanatal grins back and gives me a nod. "You're teaching them about guns?" My wife asks. Snuggling up next to me as the goblins rush off with a flaming stick.

"Well, I tell them stories from our world." I answer, taking her hand in mine.

"Dangerous stories it sounds like." She gives me a grin. Then a peck on the cheek.

Later in the evening I smiled as my beautiful wife dropped to her hands and knees. She was already topless, her big tits hanging down.

This would be her first time with the boys, and she was excited. The goblin men still looked nervous as they approached her. Glancing at me to make sure everything was ok. I had spent some time explaining to them that I was perfectly fine with them treating my wife like a whore.

I give Gort a little nod. He grabs her tight linen shorts and yanks them down. His little green hand slaps her round pale ass. Then he spreads her pussylips apart and shoved his bumpy green dick deep inside my loving Rebecca.

She throws her head back gasping. Golden curls flying. My dick gets hard as the little goblin rides my wife.

"I think the sparkle dust might work boss." A voice says.

"Huh?" I offer, distracted by a goblin grabbing my wife's face.

Hanatal sits next to me. "Like the gun powder."

Becca lowers her head to the goblin's crotch. Taking his big dick in her mouth.

The other women have started moaning now too. As their partners happily fuck them.

"Well that's great." I turn to the goblin princess. Loathe to take my eyes away from my beautiful wife as she is fucked by monsters. Two of the boys are slapping and groping at her giant tits.

"We just need a blacksmith's shoppe, or something." The green haired girl says. She was wearing a sheer crop-top I can clearly see her perky, freckled, tits and dark nipples. She also had on red lace panties with matching stockings.

She grins at me when she sees I've finally noticed she came to play.

I pull the green girl onto my lap. Her hand reaching down and rubbing the tip of my dick through my shorts.

"You like watching your wife being fucked?" She whispers.

"Very much." She squeals in excitement when I nibble her pointy ear.

"Mmm, I knew you didn't mind sharing your lovers, but I thought your wife would be different." My hand slides under her top and brushes across the freckles on her breasts.

"I love to watch my wife having sex. There is an excitement in sharing something that is supposed to be sacred. In defiling it, only to find that it has no effect on the way you love one another." Her hand is in my shorts. Stroking my iron erection.

Rebecca pulls her head away from the goblin in front of her. Moaning loudly through her first orgasm of the night.

Hanatal pulls off her panties and straddled my lap. Riding my dick with a gasp. I kiss the beautiful green girl, as goblins fuck my wife in the background.


Mitzi is a fairy. Barely a young adult. No small feat growing up in these woods. The last few years had been hard on her clan. A flock of Black Eagles had moved in, and their favorite food seemed to be the small people.

There were fewer and fewer of her kind every season.

She had been picking berries at the edge of a clearing when she saw the group of goblins. As she looked up her silver skin sparkling softly in the sun.

At just a foot tall the little blue fruits were big in her hands. They would be good eating for her clan. She dropped them though. Fascinated by the strange troupe. They seemed to be led by a human. A man.

She had followed the marching group all day. Fascinated by the strange mix of tall races.

That night she sat on a tree branch. Her mercurial skin blending in with her surroundings. Her green top and skirt (leaves sewn together with grass) simply adding to the effect.

She is fascinated as the group splits into small groups and partners. Then they blatantly start rutting. Right there in public.

Even the human leader, with a little green girl in his lap. Bouncing her up and down. She definitely seems to be enjoying herself.

Mitzi was old enough for sex, but she had yet to find a suitable partner. Other than seeing animals breeding she had almost no experience.

The closest she had come was when a pair of cruel gnomes had caught her napping a few months back.

She had awoke to find their grey wrinkly hands caressing her young body. As they held her down, the grinning men slid their hands under her top. Grabbing at her budding breasts.

She wanted to scramble away, but their touch made her feel so funny. Sort of good. But naughty.

When a hand slid up her skirt between her thighs the young Fairy moaned. The wrinkly old men grinning at her.

She whined when stubby fingers rubbed at her soft, virgin peach. Sending strange urgent tingles through her silver body.

Her world flashed white with sensation when her sensitive clit got brushed. That's when she panicked. Kicking the ugly little men away and flying off. Disoriented and confused.

She had touched her most private spot nearly every night since then. Just brushing and petting. Causing her own tingles, but always stopping when she started to feel that strange white hot pleasure.

Now she found her hand sliding up her skirt again as she watched the people fuck. Her gaze mostly drawn to the human man and his little green companion.

'If he likes a little green girl...maybe he would like a little silver one?' She thought to herself. The thought sending strange thrills through her body.

Her fingers brush her soft netherlips slowly. Giving her a pleasant buzz as she watches.

Eventually the party breaks up. The people retire to their tents. Mitzi flys off confused and unsatisfied.

She finds herself landing near where she had taken that ill fated nap.

She doesn't wait long, though she hadn't realized what she was looking for.

"Back for more, pretty?" An oily voice asks from a hole under a nearby rotted tree stump. The two gnomes must live under the dead tree.

Mitzi lowers her head and submissively walks to the hole. Ashamed at what she was doing, but powerless to stop herself.

The gnome leads her down into a twisty tunnel. His hand reaches down and squeezes her round ass through her leaf skirt. His message clear.

There was nowhere to fly away to down here.

They enter a hollowed out room. Musty and lined with roots covered in pale mushrooms and beetles. Another four gnomes sit at rough tables eating gruel.

Mitzi shivers in the cool air and their hungry gazes. Regretting her decision.

"Look what we got tonight boys!" Her guide grins a wrinkly, ugly grin.

The husky men stand up and surround the thin fairy. She clasps her hands together across her breasts as the men begin tugging at her clothes.

The leafy top easily tearing away as the men cheer.

Hands tug her skirt down as others pull her hands away from her budding breasts. She gasps as they grope and maul her tender nubs. Her young body tingling at the the sensation.

"Put her on the table." Her cruel guide orders. The men pull her on her back on the rough table. Her soft wings crumpling underneath her young body. They pin her down, pulling her arms out. They spread legs obscenely wide. Leaving her virgin pussy vulnerable to the guide's wicked touch.

"As I recall this really got you going last time, pretty." The guide says, reaching between her thighs. Her body already writhing as the other old men's hands grope and caress her.

The guide's fingers poke and prod her sensitive pussy. The wrinkled man grins as he watches the effect it has on her.

Mitzi groans as she feels a stumpy finger press inside her to its first knuckle. Not far, but it's the first thing to ever penetrate her virgin netherlips. Not even her own fingers have dared.

"Please..." The girl begs. Though she is unsure what she is asking for.

The gnome moves his finger up and down slowly, watching as the poor slut shudders. One of his brothers clamps his lips over the girl's small right tit. Sucking hard on the little bud. Drawing an excited gasp from the fairy.

The guide flicks Mitzi's clit with his thumb. The silver girl lets out a sharp squeal. Her whole body shakes.

"N...no! Please...please stop!" She begs. She looks past the gnome slobbering on her breast, into the eyes of her tormentor and knows he won't. Her world turns to white hot pleasure as he flicks that most delicate part of her body. Over and over.

The gnomes laugh as Mitzi's first orgasm overwhelms her. The little silver girl lost in clouds of forced sexual bliss.

She comes back down to something thick rubbing against her wet cunt. "Back with us, pretty? Good. Now we can begin." Her cruel guide laughs as he shoved his dick fully into her virgin peach.

There's a moment of pain as her innocence is ripped away. The gnomes cheer as she throws her head back. Then that white bliss washes over her again. The gnome's cock thrusting in and out of her tight fuck hole.

Mitzi moans and gasps in shameful pleasure as the gnome uses her for his own gratification. Soon shecfills cunny inside as he fills her with his seed. His slime drizzling out as his dick pulls away.

"Who's next, lads?" He laughs.

The evil, wrinkled men use her young body through the rest of the long night. Over and over their thick dicks violate her pussy, her ass, and her throat.

Mitzi wakes with a start. Cum dried all over her body. On her thighs, her face, and in her long black hair. She hurt everywhere. Especially down below.

She looks around the room. The five gnomes were all snoring loudly.

Desperately she scrambled up grabbing her skirt. Her top had been shredded beyond use. Then she was running out of the hole in the ground. Into the afternoon sun. Into the air her wings a multicolored blur.

There had been talk of tying her up. Keeping her as their sex slave. But they had all fallen asleep before doing anything.

Mitzi stops at a pond and washes her naked body. A strange thrill running through her as she rubs her sore tits.

What the gnomes did had been frightening and horrible. Yet part of her wanted to go back, even now. Her sore pussy tingling at the thought of being their sex slave.

Instead, now clean, she pulls on her skirt and flutters off. Searching the goblins' camp.

They were already gone.

Mitzi was sure she could catch up. A strange vision of the human man in her mind. Causing her tummy to flutter in excitement.

Her tummy, and something lower.


We had stopped at a Biladi logging village for the evening. We were told it was about halfway through the forest.

We purchased a few rooms at the inn. Though a lot of the men would have to bed down in the attic.

We enjoy a good meal. The innkeeper and his wife happy to serve so many. Visions of golds in their eyes.

I sit at the head of one of the long tables. Kara on my left downing her third ale. Rebecca on my right picking at some spiced potatoes, and paying close attention to the conversations around us. Her left hand slowly caressed my thigh.

Misoko was explaining the strange politics of the valley. I had heard most of it before, but Becca hadn't.

Moonshadow Valley was the name of the various kingdoms we had been passing through. Though technically it was more a grouping of areas than a strict valley, if the Count's map was correct.

Legend told of an ancient Sorcerer who had transformed the creatures of the valley to walk as men. They were to be his soldiers, his workers, his slaves, and his mistresses.

I suspect that last bit explained why the lizard women had breasts.

Eventually they overthrew their master. They tried to create their own society, but that quickly crumbled apart to infighting. Especially between the mammals and the lizard folk.

The white bunny girl gave a sideways glance to Harper and her brothers at this point.

The races split up. A few of the major ones carving out kingdoms for themselves.

The Biladi-cat people. Whose lands we were still in.

The Usagi-Bunny people. Whose lands we had mostly skirted. They tended to be the most xenophobic.

The Nathair-snake people who lived in the snowy north.

The Koiran-dog people far to the east. Right on the edge of a great desert.

The Biladi controlled the largest part of the valley. All of the west and central part. And the south down to the sea. Though they were not a unified block. They were actually split between three separate kingdoms.

The rest of the races eked out a living in the shadows of their more successful cousins.

"The Orcs and goblins?" Rebecca asks. Her hand was now rubbing my stiffening cock through my pants.

"The same as the other lesser races." Miso tells her. "Living in the cracks."

"In other lands Orcs build big cities." Karagoth explains to my wife. "Here we are but simple wild clans."

Becca nods her pretty head. I have no doubt she takes in more than our companions' word. From Misoko's unconscious racism. To Kara's pride in her freedom. To Priyala's close scrutiny. My wife is a smart, perceptive woman.

"Off to bed, I think." I say standing up and stretching.

Rebecca stands quick to join me. She gives Kara bedroom eyes as we pass. Running her fingers across the Orc's shoulders.

Soon the three of us are in my room. The girls seem to be in a race to see who can strip the other woman the fastest. I'm a little concerned the Orc will simply tear my wife's clothes off.

We have a nice sized war chest for now, but I don't want to blow it on frivolous stuff. Even if the sight of that would be damn hot.

The girls kiss. Their giant tits pressed together. Kara's light green skin a beautiful contrast to Becca's pale white. Their hands caress and explore each other's bodies.

I move up behind the Orc. Stripping off my own clothes. I press my hard dick against her round ass. Wrapping my arms around both girls. I nip hard at her green neck. Kara growls in her lust.

Soon the green woman lies on the bed. My wife between her green thighs tonguing the Orc's wet cunt.

I pound into Rebecca from behind. My dick plunging deep. My balls slapping her pussy.

After I cum the girls play together. I rest watching them wrestle. The Strong Orc always coming out on top. Spanking the blonde woman or finger fucking her while she holds my wife's face down against the mattress.

Eventually I'm ready for round two.

I pin Kara down. She lets me anyway. I fuck her while I suck on her beautiful green tits.

Rebecca moans as she rides the Orc's face. Kara's tongue licking my wife to an orgasm.

Late in the evening we drift to sleep. The girls snuggled on either side of me. Their fingers entwined on my chest.

We should leave the woods in the afternoon. Three days of marching should have taken us to the edge.

"I bought a kettle." Amanatia tells me with a wide grin on her face.

"Gonna start drinking tea?" I ask.

She smiles warmly at me as we walk. "No, silly. I spent some time in the Countess's kitchen. Watching them cook.

I heard a strange whistling sound. The cook showed me her tea kettle. I noticed there was steam shooting out of it, and I remembered what you told us about steam power."

"So you bought your own kettle?

"Yes. I thought we could experiment with it." She gives me a sly glance. "Away from the camp of course.

I smile at the cute goblin girl, but I can't stop the strange shiver creeping up my spine.


The strange group was marching out of the woods. Into the fields beyond. Mitzi watched them from a high branch, just at the edge.

The forest had been the only home she had known. But now she finds herself yearning for something more.

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