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God Bless Miss Minnie


I stood in front of a huge full-length mirror looking at my naked body. I had good mirrors at home but nothing so large and well lit as this setup at the Hampton Inn in Orlando. Damn, I thought, I've still got it! Thirty years old and two kids and I've still got it! Nice 35C tits with nipples pointing up, narrow waist, good ass and great legs.

I quickly slipped into a pair of high heels to make my legs look better and then admired my bronze tan set off even more by the narrow white bikini-outline of sun-protected skin, marred only by the thick, ruddy triangle of curly hair covering my clit. I turned to right and left, admiring different poses. Damn! I looked good for thirty! My belly was still flat after those two pregnancies.

My name is Pat Betz and I'm the mother of two kids, a boy and girl five and six years of age. My husband Aaron and I brought the kids to Orlando from our home in Atlanta. I had business for an advertising firm that I worked with part time and so we decided that hubby would take a couple of days off from his very busy schedule and show the kids Disney World while I did my thing. Hubby was still in the bathroom taking a long shower. We both had a big day ahead.

The Hampton Inn was well appointed and set in a veritable forest north of town. Our suite was on the first floor in back, looking out on a garden and a lovely cove of trees. I turned and walked to the window to admire the view.

Shit! There was a guy standing right there, not five feet from that big picture window, admiring ANOTHER view. ME! He had been watching me pose stark naked in front of that big mirror. He had a wide grin from ear to ear. As he saw me walk to the window he lifted his right hand and waved.

The bastard waved at me! As I stood there buck-naked! Shit! Double shit! That window went all the way to the floor and the bastard saw everything I had − including my high heels! His eyes were roving over my body taking in my tits and beaver and legs. He had already had a good long look at my ass.

Then he looked at my face, smiled, gave me a thumbs up, then turned and walked away down the sidewalk. Shit! I felt like a stripper who'd just done a floorshow. Damn! The way he stared at my beaver made me feel ... well ... made me feel kinda ... kinda ... sexy.

Shit! Aaron hadn't looked at me the way that guy did for a long time. The kids were a hassle -- we loved them and we were lucky to have them but we crawled into bed each night too tired to do anything except sleep.

We had had a wonderful love life before my first pregnancy -- even on occasion a little swinging. Nothing serious, I mean, we never got jealous − just enough to spice up our love life. We were never too tired to think about sex then. But now I can't remember the last time I thought about getting laid.

That guy looking at me naked kinda made me feel good and somehow ... well ... you know ... wanted. Shit! Can't think about that now. I got work to do -- a long hard day. Lots of clients!

I put on my robe and went to wake up the kids, almost forgetting to exchange my high heels for bedroom slippers.

Aaron and I got the kids ready and herding them like unruly sheep we got them down to the lobby breakfast room and began to encourage them to eat. Their choice was to play with two other kids about their age who, like them, preferred to play rather than eat. A harried mother impatient to get her kids under control waved at her hassled husband across the room filling a tray with assorted fruits and serials.

"Alex get over here and help me will you please," she shouted.

"I'm getting this stuff as fast as I can honey," her husband replied, as he rushed back to the table next to ours.

It was then that I saw him. It was the same guy who had admired my naked body through the window.

"Hello again," he said with that same grin I had seen on his face as he looked at my beaver.

Well, I thought, there's nothing I can do about it now.

I smiled back at him and said, "Good Morning."

Aaron and I introduced ourselves to Alex and Cindi Brown.

The contrast in our dress was incongruous. Alex had on a business suit whereas his wife Cindi was wearing shorts and a sports top. I had on a woman's business outfit while Aaron wore shorts and a golf shirt. It did not take long to explain what was going on.

They were from Jacksonville and Alex was here on business for two days and Cindi was going to take the kids to Disney World. They were about our age and their kids, a boy and girl, were about the same age as ours. Cindi was a very well built blond with boobs bigger than mine. I saw Aaron take several looks at those tits. The bastard! He hasn't looked at MINE recently.

One thing led to another and Aaron and Cindi decided that together they could handle the kids much better than alone. The four kids were loaded into our Lexus SUV with Aaron driving and Cindi giving directions and yelling at the kids in back to keep down the noise.

It was suddenly very quiet after they drove away and Alex and I stood there in front of the Hampton Inn, enjoying the silence and relaxing. The kids were gone! I took a closer look at Alex. It must be chemistry, I thought. I love my husband but Jesus this guy turns me on! He had a clever little smile that seemed to say he liked the way I looked naked. Forget it, I told myself! It's just that you're not getting screwed at home.

"Well," Alex said, "that's done. I guess we can go to work now."

And we did. Not a word about him looking at me naked. It was easier for me to take a cab, but Alex knew the city so he drove his car to his business appointments.

I had a long hard day − making some points and losing others. I finally got back to the hotel around five and Alex got back shortly after me. We both needed a drink so we sat in the lounge complaining about our hard days work. Our spouses arrived with four exhausted kids shortly after we finished our first drink. He drank Glenmorangie like I did.

We got the kids a place to play and some junk food and the four adults sat down and enjoyed well-earned cocktails. It was shortly after seven when I took the kids up and got them ready for bed. Every night the last thing before they climb in bed is their nightly prayer.

Kneeling with their heads on the bed they went through the usual ritual prayer followed by "And God bless momma and daddy and ... " It was the person they blessed right after their grandparents that was a total surprise.

"And God bless Miss Minnie," they both said before the concluding, "Amen."

Who the hell was Miss Minnie? I wondered.

"Who's Miss Minnie?" I asked.

"Miss Minnie," my six year old said, "is a friend of Miss Cindi."

"And what did Miss Minnie do?" I asked.

"She had lunch with us at Disney World and then spent the afternoon showing us the Pirates' Cove and the Space Ride and the Monkey Jungle and the ... "

"And where was your daddy?" I asked before the list was finished.

"Daddy and Miss Cindi had someplace to go."

"Where was that?" I asked.

Where the hell did they go? And what the hell did they do? The memory of Aaron staring at Cindi's big tits flashed through my mind.

"I don't know," said my son. "But we met them under the big motorcycle after we left Disney World."

The big motorcycle I thought. What the hell is the big motorcycle? And then it hit me. I had passed it a half-dozen times during the day. It was a big neon sign in front of the "Easy Rider Motel," which was a sleazy, cheap motel about a mile from the Hampton Inn. Did this mean what I thought it meant? Did Aaron and Cindi take the afternoon off for an easy ride at the Easy Rider?

I put the kids to sleep and went back downstairs. Alex was in the bar having a drink with Aaron. I joined them.

"Darling," I said to Aaron. "Why don't you go upstairs and kiss the kids good night. I think they would appreciate that."

After he left I told Alex about Miss Minnie. He had the same reaction that I did and when Cindi came down to the bar he excused himself saying he was going up to kiss his kids goodnight. I knew what he was doing. He was going to ask them about Miss Minnie.

We had dinner at a Stonefish Grill, walking distance from the Hampton Inn. I needed to talk to Alex alone. That opportunity arose when Aaron saw a client across the room and Cindi went to the ladies room. In a quick conversation Alex said his kids told him the same story as mine.

"You planned to work here two days?" I asked him.

When he said he had, I asked if he could finish in half a day and he said he could.

"I can finish up by noon also," I said. "Tomorrow let's send the kids off just like today with Aaron and Cindi. Then I'll meet you at the Easy Rider Motel and we'll see if any couples we know drop in for an easy ride."

Alex agreed and the next morning the kids left with Aaron and Cindi as before and Alex and I headed out to work. It was a hectic half-day for me but at noon I arrived at the Easy Rider Motel in a cab and saw Alex sitting there in his SUV. I joined him and we parked in an inconspicuous spot and waited.

"You think they'll try it two afternoons in a row?" Alex asked anxiously.

"Did you see the way that my husband looked at your wife's tits?" I responded.

"No I didn't notice," he said.

"You ought to notice such things," I said.

"Yeah, you're right, I should. But ... well ... it's the kids," Alex said. "Cindi and I are always so busy running around taking care of the kids and doing other stuff that we don't seem to have much time together. Not even time for ... well, you know."

Jesus I thought. Just like Aaron and me.

"No time for sex?" I asked after a long pause.

"Yeah. No time for sex," Alex said.

"Look Alex. I saw your face when you looked at me through the window yesterday morning. My husband hasn't looked at me that way for a long time. Has Cindi seen that look on your face recently?"

Alex said nothing and looked down at the steering wheel. Finally with a deep sigh he shook his head no.

"I think both our spouses are starved for action," I said. "I think that's why they'll try it a second day in a row.

"You're right," he said pointing at a Lexus SUV pulling into the parking lot with my husband driving and Cindi in the passenger seat.

They stopped and Aaron went into the motel office and shortly came out with a key. The motel consisted of two long two-story buildings with a driveway and parking spaces between. They drove down past a few rooms, parked in front of a door, and Aaron opened it and held it for Cindi to enter.

"Now what," Alex said. "How do we get in?"

"Don't worry," I said, jumping rapidly out of the car.

I ran into the motel office. There was a single sleepy motel clerk behind a shabby counter.

"My husband was supposed to get TWO keys," I said.

The clerk nodded and reached back to a rack of keys, retrieving one and passing it to me. I returned in triumph to the car.

"Lets just hope they don't set the chain lock," I said handing the key to Alex.

We strolled casually towards the motel room door.

"How long should we wait?" Alex asked. "I mean what about foreplay? We want to catch them doing the real thing."

"Alex I don't know about you and Cindi, but when Aaron was fucking me he never heard the word foreplay. He just spread my legs and shoved that fat sausage in."

"Jesus," Alex said. "I wish we had a camera."

"You got a phone. There's probably a camera on it. I got a phone with a video."

"Give 'em a couple more minutes," I said. "Then try the key real soft and gentle."

That's what we did. The door opened soundlessly and the chain was not set. We crept into the room undiscovered.

The foot of the bed faced the door, which gave poor Alex the best possible view of his loving wife, legs spread wide, getting fucked big time. I watched as Alex's face became a mask of sick, helpless jealousy. His eyes froze staring at her wedding ring as her hands gripped Aaron's hairy thighs tightly and pulled him close to take that big dick deep.

I was pissed at Aaron, of course, but Alex looked like he had been kicked in the balls. It must be worse for guys I thought. That's why everybody laughs and tells jokes about helpless cuckolds, but never about the betrayed wife.

I got my phone video going and Alex began snapping pictures. It's a good thing I had sound on the video because that horny bitch was grunting like a whore and those cheap bedsprings were sounding out their rhythm. Hearing her grunt, Alex could have no doubt that his loving wife was enjoying getting fucked.

Cindi was on her back, eyes clinched tight, thighs spread wide, feet high in the air bouncing with each powerful thrust. She was juiced up and her pussy was making wet squishy sounds as that fat cock slipped in and out through her thick, curly, black, pubic hair. Cindi was NOT a natural blond.

We got closer and realized she was not grunting. She was saying over and over in a soft, husky, voice, "Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me every time she pumped her ass.

Her clit was rock hard and she was moving her ass to get it rubbed as she fucked. She had a really big pussy but my loving husband's thick shaft stretched it out tight and that horny bastard was having his fun with her, working eagerly and industriously to meet her repeated request. Jesus I was pissed at him!

Her huge breasts, nipples erect, were rolling around on her chest like two water filled balloons as their sweating bodies slapped together. Aaron was in the saddle between her legs, his weight supported on extended arms, grunting as his hips pumped powerfully to pound that dripping pussy. His eyes were closed just like hers.

The bitch was pumping her ass hard and eagerly taking him deep. They had no idea we were in the room. We stood there quietly and watched my husband fuck his wife and I was able to get a close up of Aaron's heavy, low-hanging balls slapping Cindi in the ass. That pussy was taking a real pounding.

Both were pumping away frantically toward their orgasms and it looked like they were getting close. We walked up to the head of the bed, one of us on each side. They had no idea we were there until we both spoke.

"Smile and say cheese," we said together and two startled faces looked up at our camera phones in absolute shock.

Cindi let out a short scream, pushed Aaron off of her and reached for the sheet to cover her nakedness. Aaron's fat cock began deflating like a punctured balloon. Clutching the sheet under their chins with both hands they stared up at us wordlessly in shocked bewilderment.

"We'll leave you now," I said. "But you two better get dressed and go join the kids. We'll see you tonight at the Hampton. I got some great video to show you."

I grabbed Alex's arm and led him out of the room, retrieving the key from the door as we left. We went back to Alex's car and got in. It was about five minutes before they came out of the room. They looked around but didn't see us. Then they got in the Lexus and drove away.

We sat there quietly for a few moments. Then Alex spoke, a touch of anger in his voice.

"So what are YOU gonna do about it. Your husband seemed to be enjoying himself."

I chuckled. "Your wife was pumping her ass big time, Alex. When was the last time she pumped her ass that way for YOU?"

It was like I had kicked him in the balls. That sick, helpless look returned to his face. Yeah, I thought, it WAS worse for guys. Gals just got pissed -- sometimes VERY pissed like I was now but never sick and helpless.

"A long time ago," he said softly, looking vaguely out the window at nothing. "A very long time ago."

Then he said so softly I almost didn't understand him, "But she used to ... she used to do it that way all the time."

We both sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

Finally Alex shook his head in frustration. "Who the fuck do we blame? The kids?"

"Not the kids!" I said. "It's MY fault. I haven't given that fat dick of Aaron's a reasonable target in a very long time. I haven't walked around the bedroom naked in spikes or served him candlelight dinners with wine like before, or reached over for his balls after we get in bed, or ... or ... well you know. Shit! I'm always too damn tired!"

"Yeah," Alex said. "Yeah, I know, but it's MY fault too and it's Aaron's fault and it's Cindi's fault. And shit! It's LIFE'S fault. Dammit I've got a happy marriage and a happy family. I don't want to lose that just because I haven't been fuckin my wife like I should."

"I feel the same way," I said. "I guess this happens to a lot of couples."

We sat in silence thinking and frustrated and wondering what to do. I had no doubt about one thing. No way was I gonna leave my husband! I loved him and these things happened in every marriage.

But no way was I just gonna do nothing! I was pissed! That bastard had his fun emptying his balls into that big-breasted, bleached blond all yesterday afternoon. They'd fucked for hours! Maybe I ought to show him what it feels like for that to happen.

The moment that thought popped into my head I couldn't get it out. And the more I thought about it, the more I started to turn on. The image of a cock filled my brain. A cock that was not attached to any particular face. Just a cock -- thick and long and hard with big blue veins and heavy testicles hanging down below it, swinging gently. Shit! My pussy had been neglected for a long time. I needed to fuck!

"Alex," I said in what I hoped was a sexy voice, "did you enjoy the view from the garden yesterday morning."

He smiled at me, his eyes running down my body over my distinctly unsexy business outfit. I could tell he was looking right through it at the stark nakedness he had admired yesterday.

"Very much," he said. "It was a magnificent view."

I held the chain of that gleaming motel key up between my thumb and forefinger, swinging the key gently and smiling.

"That room is paid for Alex. Don't you think it's our turn in that big bed?"

He was out of the car and opening my door in a flash. We headed back to the motel room. Please Lord, I prayed silently, let Alex have a big dick. I really need a big one right now to get even with that bastard Aaron.

This had started out as a revenge fuck but now I was starting to get eager to take a strange cock. As I got naked for him, I felt my pussy start to get wet. That hairy thing is getting ready, I thought, and she's gonna get pounded. When we were naked and heading for the bed, Alex paused and looked me up and down from tits to beaver and then back to tits again. He didn't bother to look at my face.

"Beautiful, but, somehow, not quite right," he said. "Oh I know what's missing. Put on your spike heels."

"You bastard!" I said. "You want me to look like a stripper who's just finished her act."

"I want you to look like you did when you posed and admired your naked body in front of that damn mirror yesterday," he said. "I got a hard on then and I'm getting one now. And I want to enjoy your legs! You got great legs."

Shit! I thought. Alex is a leg man married to a gal with world-record tits. But I'm gonna turn this bastard on!

I put on my heels and then pranced around the room like a whore, exaggerating my hip movements and making sure that my tits bounced as I walked. I pumped my beaver at him a couple of times. Finally I put my hands behind my head and held my elbows back to give him a good view of my tits. Not as large as Cindi's, but I had nice tits. I was rewarded by a quivering erection sticking straight out.

Alex had a nice dick. And he was circumcised! Thank you Lord! I had hated sucking uncircumcised cocks since I was in the tenth grade. I was gonna be sucking that fat thing big time before this afternoon was over.

"No foreplay?" Alex asked, staring at my beaver. "Just shove it in?"

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