God Bless Yoga


Now you understand why I was trying to keep him at arms length, although I had always known in my heart, that sooner or later I would give in. But certainly not in this way. He had got me good and proper.

Martha looked at me, I looked at her. And I knew, she knew, it was on my face. She smiled that knowing smile of hers, and said. 'Call me when you can Justine, there's something I need to discuss with you?' And with a flippant wink, headed for the door, but not before leering at Mathew!

My goose was cooked. Mathew and Jake began some sort of game. This left me times to ponder the future. How was I going to get out of this now? Martha knew, she would have all the details out of me in a flash!

In between plying games Mathew stole an odd kiss from me.

I made afternoon tea. They played away to their hearts content, they were really good together. And then it was Jake's bed time, I took him up, bathed him, told him a story, and put him to bed. He was asleep in a moment, but his last words to me were. 'Will granddad be here when I wake up mummy?'

What could I say except, 'probably, yes I think he might be darling?' I kissed him, and went down, and into a pair of waiting arms.

'Mathew, what's going to happen now?' I asked. 'What are we doing, what have we done, we can never be together can we? Or am I just someone to fuck now and again, in between others?'

'Ooooh Justine, don't say things like that honey. You will never be just someone to me.'

'I realise we are in a bit of a pickle, but what happened today was waiting to happen anyway, wasn't it?'

'We were both waiting in the wings for it to break, and today, thank goodness it did. And no one is more happy about it than me. Unless of course Justine, you are?' He said, and laughed, that laugh of his could melt snow at a hundred paces!

I knew there was no point in denying what he had said. I went to him, we kissed, but this time it was a different kiss, it was one to the other, a willing kiss, one that was needed by the both of us.

'Martha is going to get all the gory details Mathew, there is no way I will be able to keep her in the dark, she already knows something went on.' I said.

'Martha knows? But how, she can't, it's only just happened?' he said somewhat bewildered.

'Didn't you see the look she gave me, that lascivious wink?' I responded.

'Yes I did, but....?'

'It's a woman thing Mathew, don't worry, she knows!'

'Well,' he said, 'I had better make sure you have something to tell her then.' I was up in his arms, and giggling as he carried me to my fate!

I shushed him as we went past Jake's room, and into my bedroom. I got laid down on the bed, and this time we made love, we really did do it like a man and his wife. But I did get my grip on him, and I never let go until I got it all in my mouth and swallowed the lot, the taste was fantastic.

If we were going to have any sort of a future, as yet unknown, then he was going to learn from me too. There's one thing I do like, and that's being fucked in my arse. Not all men like that, his son didn't, but one of my lovers did, so I was ok with it. I wondered if Mathew did?

I found out at 5am the following morning! We had spent ages the during the night finding out all those wonderful things you do, when someone new is in your bed.

He had fingered my bum hole a few times and had me on the edge a few times But we had shagged each other by then, so he would have to get over it ha ha ha ha ha. He is 49 years old after all.

I know he is as fit as a butchers dog, but even he has to replace energy, and believe me we had expended fucking tons of it.

I don't think we slept really, just dozed in between everything we were doing.

But we began to get even more amorous as day was breaking, he started on me in earnest, he was getting hornier and hornier.

I was working at his prick which was good, solid and nice and hard in my hands. He was working my pussy, I was climbing the slopes! Then he moved to my arse, and a finger went it.

I knew now I was going to get what I wanted. He had me moaning right off, I was ready in a second, he gently pushed me over onto my tummy. I think he thought he needed to be easy with me. He had no idea I was gagging for it, all the way up!

Getting on top of me, I let him know I was his, whispering his name, moaning, mewling all the things a man like to hear from his woman! His woman? I was actually thinking it now! I was his woman!

He had me where he wanted me, I was where I wanted to be. Complete unison. He dipped his prick into my pussy, I suddenly thought, 'oh no? He isn't going to do it!'

Then it was out and on its way into and up, my slippy rectum, I felt the head as it popped in. This brought the requisite squeal from me, and it was a real one too!

I moaned in pain, glee, and ecstasy, he moaned in time with me, he pushed and pulled as it went all the way, I felt him bottom out! (no pun intended) I was hooked into him, there would be no going back now. He began to thrust and drive into me, I was in agony, heaven, purgatory, bliss, all at the same time.

He banged me harder and harder, I hadn't bargained for this, he really did hammer me. He blasted me into orbit, my cum burst from me, I felt it spreading hotly around my genitals and thighs, then he came. The force of it was the most wondrous feeling I had ever had. His cum filled me like a fire hose in a plug hole. I had been fucked there before, but this was different, a new dimension had bestowed itself on me.

I completely collapsed under him, my body was broken in bits, how would I recover from this, my mind was addled, bodily functions were nil.

He was laid flat on me too, he had fucked me and himself to heaven and glory, I will never be able to look back on this and say, I had never received a fucking this night, it was demolition on the highest of planes.

Eventually he rolled off me. I turned slowly to him, and we collected each other, consolations were in order now. I giggled, he did, lovers do that don't they, when they attain the heights not many people had reached. And we both knew we had got to the top this time.

My ex was a good lover, but I had already known somehow, even before Mathew had got me, that he was and would be, a far better lover. And I had been right; he was far and away the best lover I had ever had.

I turned and looked at the clock, it was 6am. 'Mathew,' I said, 'you will have to go into the spare room, Jake will be awake soon, he mustn't find you in here with me baby?'

'Yes Justine, quite right,' was his reply, and after much kissing, cuddling, and my nipples came under severe attack, he went.

Twenty minutes later, I heard a shout, Jake had found his granddad. I went to look for my boy, and there they were, fighting away in bed.

I sat on the side, and absently said to Jake. 'You love your granddaddy don't you baby?

'Oh yes mummy, I wish he was my daddy, and not my granddaddy?'

That comment stopped me in my tracks! Mathew gawped at me. I hurried from the bedroom, to make breakfast.

Later Jake came in sucking his thumb, and whispered to me conspirationally, 'Granddaddy is funny mummy, he tickles me and makes me laugh!'

'Yes I know he does baby, he loves you, just like I do, only I love you the most darling.' I said as I kissed his head.

'I want granddaddy to live here mummy, if daddy is not going to, I want granddaddy to, can he mummy, can he?'

'Oh I don't know about that baby, granddaddy is a busy man.'

'But he can sleep in my bed, I will sleep in the small room, please mummy, please?' He pleaded.

Without thinking of what I was doing, I told him, 'go and ask him baby, see what he says?'

He raced off shouting. 'Granddaddy, mummy says you can come and live with us if you want, it will be smashing granddaddy, it will won't it granddaddy?' He was beside himself with glee. I was beside myself with horror that Jake had read my words this way.

Ten minutes later they appeared in the doorway, Jake on his shoulders.

'What's this you've been telling Jake, Justine?' He asked me smiling broadly.

'I I I I didn't tell him that, I told him to ask you what he asked me?' I stammered, I was so embarrassed.

'Well Jake,' he said to him, 'I think the person to ask that is your daddy, don't you? But I don't think it would be right really, daddy might not want me here?'

'But why granddaddy, don't you love me and my mummy?'

'Of course I love you both,' and he gave me a look that said, 'yes, but this is wrong?'

'Jake,' he said, 'I don't think it would be possible to do it. You are a little young to understand, but grown ups can't always do what they would like to do?' Another look at me!

And then I said something else, even more stupid than I had said to Jake.

'Anyway,' I said to Jake, 'Aunty Martha wants to see your granddaddy about her spare room!'

I was so stunned at what I had said, I had to sit down. How can anyone be so brain dead to say something like that! What was I thinking? Well, I knew the answer to that didn't I? Martha had told me she fancied the pants of Mathew, and now I was telling him so!

He looked at me so amazed, and then he smiled. 'Does she now? Well, that could work out very well couldn't it?' He said.

I knew exactly what he was thinking, and I glowered at him, the dirty bastard was thinking of shagging her. Then I laughed, it was suddenly so funny. Jake thought it was funny too, although he didn't know why.

'Come on Jake,' I said, 'let's get you ready for nursery.'

'Yes,' he lisped with a mouthful of cereals.

'Granddaddy and I will talk when I get back, won't we granddad?'

'Yes,' he replied ruefully, looking at me. He was in my bad books, and he knew it.

I got Jake there, and hurried home, I had managed to keep out of Martha's way, but I knew it wouldn't be long before she rang me, to say she was on her way round to see me.

When I got home, Mathew wasn't to be found. 'Mathew,' I yelled, where are you? No answer.

I went around the house, then upstairs. He ambushed me, and before I knew it, I was getting my dress ripped off, my pussy fingered, kissed, and then we fucked in short order. I didn't really fight him, as soon as he had grabbed me, I was all for giving in, I was in desperate need of a shagging!

And I got one, he hammered me so wonderfully, I was falling apart inside. He was insatiable, how can a man of his age keep up that kind of relentless performance. Well, I don't know either, but he did. I was a perfect wreck by the time he shot his load deep into my womb. I was full to the top with his thick creamy spunk, I loved it.

When we came down, he whispered to me, 'Justine, you are something else honey, you really really are!'

'You're not so bad yourself,' I said, 'not for an old guy anyway.' I laughed at him, then with him, as he guffawed away.

Then, up on an elbow, he said, and I knew it was coming. 'So what did you mean about Martha?'

'You know very well Mathew, she has made it very plain that if you are interested, then so is she!'

'Well, I must admit, I had noticed a little bit of a come on from her?' He admitted.

'A little bit of a come on? Oh come on Mathew, she's gagging for it with you, don't even pretend you didn't know!'

'But I have never encouraged her though, you were the one I was more concerned with, you do know that don't you?' He looked at me right in the eyes.

'But I have never followed it up, or through, have I? Not until you chucked James out, and also out of your life.'

'No Mathew, you haven't,' I said, 'you are right, but I knew you wanted me, you couldn't hide it from me could you?'

'No Justine, you have always known, right from the moment I met you.'

'But Martha is another direction, especially for me, and possibly for you,' he said, as he fired up my nipples with a finger and thumb, and 2 hot lips.

'Oh god Mathew, don't stop, don't stop.' Then my inner self took over. I attacked him; I got him on his back, and said. 'Okay, Mathew, you stay right there, don't you dare even move, I'm telling you, right!' I ordered him.

Then I set about fucking him, I kept at him until he couldn't help regaining his erection. When he was good enough for me, I climbed on board. Facing away from him, hands on his knees, I fucked him backwards. Then I spun around, clamped my nails to his nipples, which made him howl.

Hooking my feet over his thighs, he had no way of humping back at me, I was now in full control, and I fucked and fucked him. When his hands went to my tits, I knew he was on his way; I increased my pounding of him, slapping my loins against his, he shot bolts of cum into me; his body left the bed in 2 halves, legs, then upper torso.

He flopped back on the bed gasping. Then said the words I wanted to hear.

'Justine, that has to be the best fucking I have ever had, that was brilliant, glorious, so fucking good honey, I couldn't stop myself from cumming in you, you took it all honey, all of it, and all of me!'

I fell on him then, totally spent myself, I had given everything I had, and nothing got left behind. I had fucked him as hard as I could; I had never fucked another man like this, never! And doing it to my father in law, added to the intensity, and attraction.

Then the phone rang. Martha! It had to be, it was!

'I'll be round shortly, and make yourself presentable you fucking slag!' And she was laughing her head off as I heard the phone click dead.

'Martha will be here in a few minutes, get your lovely arse up and out. I'm off in the shower.' I told him.

I was dressing as I heard the bell go, and the door open. Martha didn't stand at my door!

I heard Mathew, and he said, 'Martha what a lovely surprise, you look delightful, you really do.' I knew she would be looking good, and she was.

Long red hair brushed to a shine so bright. Face made up lightly but perfectly. With a short dress to kill in. Cleavage on view.

They were chatting when I got down. Martha was not going to be second best this day. She knew Mathew and I had been at it!

'Haven't you got somewhere you need to be this morning Mathew?' I asked witheringly.

'Ah yes, yes I do.' He replied, knowing I was getting rid of him.

He bade goodbye, wished us well, and said fucking cheekily, 'Don't do anything I wouldn't do?' and laughed.

I think he was beginning to realise, that his bread might be buttered on both sides.

'Right,' Martha said, 'out with it, I want to know if he is as good as I already know he is. And don't even think of trying to say different Justine, I know you, and I can tell just by looking at you, he has shagged you stupid, and you have half fucked him to death too!'

'Oh Martha,' I dropped onto the sofa. 'He is fantastic, and honestly, I know I will have to let him go.'

'Why do you think that?' she said.

'Think about it,' I offered. ' He is my father in law, the father of my ex husband, his son, the granddad of my son. I couldn't possibly begin a relationship with him, come on, can I?'

'Mmmm, I suppose it's a bit of a difficult situation, isn't it?' she said.

'It's fucking impossible Martha, and that's the sad part about it.' I replied. 'And on top of that, Jake asked him this morning if he was going to come and live with us!'

'Jake's mad about him, and I'm sure he loves him more than his dad too!'

'Yes, well, now you can tell me all about his shagging credentials Justine.' And fell apart laughing.

'Martha, he is incredible, and he is the first man who has ever beaten me, well, like that anyway, he finishes everything off, nothing gets left, you wait, you'll find out!'

What the fuck was I saying? My brain had been disengaged from my mouth all morning.

'I never meant to say that, Martha I don't know what's wrong with me, really?'

'I do,' she said. 'Do you think you love him?' she asked.

'To be honest Martha, I don't know, I don't think so anyway.'

'No I don't think you do, and your situation probably won't ever let you, not the way a woman can love a man.'

'Yes, I think you're right about that.'

'Does he love you Justine?'

'I don't know, the way he has been with me since yesterday indicates that he does, but I'm not sure, he has wanted me since the first day he ever met me. But because he is James dad, he never went there.'

'How did he seduce you then? If you weren't really offering yourself?'

I told her!

'No, no, no,' she was in bits, she nearly choked laughing her head off. 'I can't believe it, no Justine no!, he can't have?'

'He bloody well did Martha, and it's the best I've ever had, believe me.'

'Wow wow wow,' was all she could say. 'God bless yoga!'

'Can I have him Justine? I want to test drive him myself, and I think I may have the very solution to your insolvable problem, okay?'

'Test drive him? He's not a fucking car Martha, he's a human being!'

'You are forgetting, he's a man first, a human being second. Once I've done my bit, it'll be all over, I promise, let me do this Justine, trust me babe, okay?'

I had no idea what she was talking about, but my scrambled brain couldn't compute any of it, so some how, I heard my self agreeing to whatever devious plan she was concocting!

'Good,' she said, 'now call him, tell him, you need time to think, so not to call, or come around until tomorrow at the latest, go on, do it right now.'

I did, he wasn't very happy, but promised he would do as I asked.

The following day, after taking Jake to school, I went to Martha's, we chatted, I told her about him fucking my arse, and reaming me out. She was flabbergasted. 'Oh Justine, I've always wanted that, but never had it yet?' she told me.

My phone rang, I looked at Martha, 'Mathew,' I said.

I answered, we made small talk, he asked me if I had changed towards him, he would understand me if I had, he realised how difficult it would be for him to be a part of our lives in this situation.

Martha mouthed the words, 'tell him to come here in 1 hour.'

'Why?' was my silent reply?

'Just do it!'

I did, he said okay, but what about Martha? He asked.

'Don't worry about that Mathew,' I told him.

'Okay then, 1 hour, bye.'

'Right Justine, you bugger off home, and leave this to me, just trust me babe, Martha has it all planned.' She said gaily.

'Martha, I'm not too sure about this, what do you have in mind?' I asked.

'Justine trust me okay, just trust me, I won't hurt, or let you down babe, now go, okay?'

I left with huge reservations, with her promise to call me later.

Martha now takes up the story.

I went around the house, making sure everything was where it should be. But made sure, I was looking as good as I possibly could, he wasn't going to get away from me. And I had to make sure Justine was more than happy with my results.

My hair was at its best, parted down the middle, hanging on my shoulders, I practised my smouldering sultry look a few times.

I am a better than average good looking gal. Men throw themselves at me. I have my young son, simply because I was stupid enough to believe what the bastard who seduced me, told me all the things he promised. Once I was pregnant he was gone!

Now I have a full life, my parents are wealthy, and look after me and Bobby. Men are from another planet as far as I am concerned now. Meant to be used, fucked and thrown away. Cynical I hear you say? Yes you could say that, but that's how it is now, once bitten etc, etc!

But Mathew was different, I knew him, I knew what Justine had told me, I had observed him, and the thing most in his favour? He acted and behaved like a real gentleman, a rogue, yes. Dangerous? Yes, terrifically good looking, as sexy as a mature man can be. Hell, ask Justine!

And now I had had my thoughts confirmed by my best ever friend. Mathew was a god gift to women. And I was going to make sure, only Justine and I got the benefits of him. He was going to be presented with a fait accompli he couldn't refuse.

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