God Bless Yoga


I am 25 too, but 6 months older than Justine. Her ex had tried it many times with me, but I had never told her. I stopped it all one day; he had called to my house, and tried it on. I walked sexily to him, smiling a seductive giving in smile. As I neared him I kicked him full tilt into his bollocks, after he managed to get up, I fucked him off big time. He never bothered me again.

I was wearing today to greet Mathew, who thought he was coming to see Justine. A mini skirt 6" above my knees, and a small but not too tight top. Stockings, sussies, and heels completed the job.

I looked as sassy and as sexy as hell, if he didn't give way, then he would be written up as a puff in my book!

I was doing this as much for Justine as I was for myself. She wanted him, I did too, and the way I had figured it, If I could get through to him, and get him here in my house. Then my 'spare room' would be put to great use. Not by me, but by Justine. I would have him to myself in my nice big bed!

And when opportunity presented itself, she could have him at her house.

And Mathew? Well, Mathew would have the very best of both worlds for as long as it suited him, me, and or Justine.

The bell rang; I had one last check in the mirror, a slight droop of my head, so I would smile at him through big eye lashes. I opened the door.

'Hi Mathew,' I said, 'nice to see you, please come in.'

'Hey Martha,' he was in awe, I had done the first bit, my appearance set him right off balance.

I offered my cheek as he passed, but turned my lips at the last second, he got them and not my cheek!

'Is Justine here?' he asked, not taking his eyes off me.

'She had to go to school, Jake has had a tumble and hurt his knee, she'll call me later, but it's no problem.'

'Oh okay,' he replied.

'I have just put the kettle on; I'm making coffee, want some?' I asked softly.

'Yes please.'

'Good, come this way,' I sashayed and choreographed my way in front of him to the kitchen.

I could feel his eyes burning holes in my ass!

'Easy peasy this is,' I said to myself.

I sat him where I wanted him, where he could have all the views he wanted, and got!

When I wasn't busy, I was close to him, letting him feel my nearness.

I put the coffee on the counter, and slipped my arm around his shoulders.

He was a bit unsure of himself just yet, but I wasn't. It was all going to plan at the moment.

'So,' I said, 'how are things with you? Justine tells me you need somewhere else to live, and that living in her house isn't really a viable option?'

'No, it's a shame really, because Justine and I get on very well, but I'm sure you know that Martha, don't you?'

Well, he is no where near stupid is he, I thought, and I'd like to bet he knows to a degree, more or less what I'm up to.

'Well Mathew,' I continued. 'This is a big house as you can see, and I have plenty of room. I ran this past Justine this morning, and she told me to offer you room here, that's if you want somewhere that is?'

'What a good idea Martha,' he looked at me with a knowing look. 'I'm sure that would be great, it could all work out very well for all three of us, don't you?' he murmured.

'Mathew, I am sure you may just be dead right about that.' I answered.

'Let me show you the room, it is en suite, so no 'situations' hey?'

We went up the stairs, me in front, giving him more than a fucking good eyeful!

I was getting horny, fucking horny, and I was doing it to myself. I'm sure he would smell it soon.

When we got to the room, he was suitably impressed. I sat on the bed and patted it, indicating him to sit next to me.

I deliberately rubbed his thigh. Show time! I turned my head to him, tossed my hair out of the way, and gave him what I hoped was a 'kiss me' look.

He did, thank god for that, I went into the kiss with more response than might have been necessary, but I didn't want the moment to pass.

I pulled him backwards onto the bed, and went for it. In 2 minutes our clothes were off, I was in the middle of the bed now, and he was finally giving me what I wanted, and needed. I was to find out that Justine was spot on in her assessment, he was fabulous.

We just went at it with all the need and speed, and strength that we could muster, he was a far stronger lover than me, his prick was a magic wand of thick hard flesh, and he was waving it about in my succulent pussy. But I made him work for his reward! My mind blowing orgasm.

I am a bit of a screamer, so I had to stuff the sheets into my mouth, or someone would have called the police I'm sure.

I had him held tight in my arms and legs, but he still powered himself into me, I wanted to let go, but my body wouldn't let me. I was on the edge of insanity nearly, my orgasm seemed to get stuck, it wouldn't let me free, it just pounded its way around me, until I gave out. I'm not sure what happened but suddenly I was face down and being fucked from the back.

Another orgasm hit me, it felt like I was being crippled, then an almighty thrust from him, and his cum filled me, it was as if, someone had shoved a pump into my sloppy pussy and blown me up.

I heard him grunt, then he bit the back of my neck. I was in heaven. What a fantastic lover he is I told myself.

I just wallowed under him feeling the glory of it in me, and on me.

I felt him move to my side, then being pulled to him, we wrapped each other up, in arms and legs.

'Mathew, that was something else, it really was.' I told him gently.

'Yes Martha, it truly was, and I'm so glad it happened, I wouldn't want to have missed this before I left this earth!'

We spent a long time in each others hearts and mind. But I knew he wanted to talk about Justine too.

So eventually we did.

'You know how I feel about Justine, don't you Martha?' he said.

'Yes Mathew, I know perfectly well, and I know how she feels about you too.' I told him.

He looked at me quizzically. 'You do?' he said.

'Mathew, me and Justine are best friends, and I mean best friends, there isn't anything we don't know about each other, and there's nothing we don't tell each other either!' There it was, out in the open now.

'Mathew, let me tell you what I have in mind, see what you think okay, don't say anything until I've finished, please?'

'Okay,' he said, as he attacked my nipples, it was another 30 minutes before I managed to say what I wanted to say!

'You aren't aware of this Mathew, but I am already half in love with you, I have been for some time, and after today, I know what I want, but I can't possibly take you away from Justine.'

'So what I am proposing is this, you move in here and live with me, and me and Justine will share our love for you with each other.'

He laughed at first, and then got serious. 'Do you know what you are saying Martha?' he said, 'I can live here and have both of you, in a nutshell, at my beck and call?'

'Not quite like that Mathew, we are both independent women, I know what I want, and I know what Justine wants, and I know what we both need. You can provide us with both of what we want, and need okay?'

'And in return, you will receive the love of 2 women, who will love you truly, give you all you desire, and be looked after. But you will be one part of the equation Mathew. Not the whole sum, do you know what I am saying?'

'I think I do Martha, and Justine has said she agrees, to all of this?'

'Well, I must be honest; I haven't actually run all of it past her. But I know she will be happy, because it will mean she gets to keep you, but share you with me, as we will share you with each other.'

'That way,' I said coyly, 'you will have me most nights in your bed, and Justine in hers, now if you can tell me you will turn that down, then I'm Humpty Dumpty!'

He laughed at me, pretended to consider it, and then said. 'Martha, we have a deal, but only if Justine is happy with it, I will never ever knowingly hurt her.'

I laughed too, and then offered. 'Let me give you a blow job Mathew, to seal the deal.' I was on a high now, somehow I had got everything I wanted, well, I still had to get Justine to sign up, but I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem.

I blew Mathew like I've never blown a cock in my life, I gave him everything I had, he came in buckets, I wasn't able to keep it all in, it ran all over me. But I did put it all away eventually.

Then an hour later, I called Justine.

I went to her home. As soon as she looked at me she knew. 'You have been fucking with Mathew Martha, haven't you?'

And before I could say, yay or nay, she said, 'Do you believe me now, how good and loveable he is, do you?'

'Yes Justine, I do babe, completely.'

'Justine, please sit down, I have something to say, please listen to me?'

We talked, I told her of everything I had wondered about. She told me of everything she had wondered about. Nothing was left out.

In the end, we both hugged and kissed, it was settled. We were the team, the A team, we were one; the 3 of us were 1!

That weekend, we sent our boys, to my parents, and Jake's dads.

And the whole time was spent making love to Mathew, we to him, him to us, he was truly worn out by Sunday afternoon, but he more than took care of us.

Now, although there are near disasters of the kids were realising, and sometimes a few people realising what we do. It's a wonderful life we lead. Justine ordered Mathew to have his nuts doctored, and now we are the most loving threesome you could wish to meet.

Mathew is as happy as Larry. We get all we want, no responsibilities. The kids love him. Justine's ex isn't at all happy about not being let back in. He would be even more unhappy, if he knew his dad was his wife's chosen lover, although he has guessed he is into me.

And the cream topping is, me and Justine are becoming lovers too, it all adds to the ingredients of our collective cake!

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