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God is So Good


As I reflect on the events of last month, I am overtaken with the immense depth of God's love for His children:

On June 3, my mother calls me, her only son, and tells me that the doctors found a very large malignancy against the brain stem of my fathers brain, poised to take his life with the slightest event. Mom said that they were doing surgery the following day at Cox South in Springfield.

I went up to the hospital not knowing what to expect. What we found, was my father filled with peace, joy and love. God had been preparing both my parents for the last several months, and an air of excitement, security, and enthusiasm pervaded their lives as I watched people come from miles in an attitude of love, praise, and worship for God.

Before the surgery, we got more and more reports from people about the little miracles which seemed to be occurring as friends and family responded in love and prayer. So many good things were happening to so many people that it became rapidly obvious that none of this was about Dad. This was not about some life interrupting defect in his brain. It was about all the changes that could be brought about in a part of God's family as a result of this "mass". To the point that Dad found it more than fascinating that the mass in his brain got the attention and the "Mass" within his heart and the heart of those he love delivered the needed effect.

Thursday afternoon Dad was slated to have surgery. A very dear family friend was doing the surgery, and yet another was the Anesthesiologist. Dad was extremely coherent before surgery. Many, Christian friends from all over filled into the waiting room. Prayer circles had formed in Springfield, Monett, Joplin, Lamar, Cassville, Lebanon, on the net, and many others to which I am still unaware. Right before surgery our friends and family circled in the waiting room and sang several songs. The neuro-surgeon also participated in singing and prayer. Hands were held and prayers were lifted up for the hands that were performing the surgery and for Mom and Dad. Then Dad got up and left for his room. There were family members that have been Christians their whole life that were overwhelmed for the first time with the presence of the Holy Spirit and Christian Love. As I looked around the circle, what I saw was Christian men and women worshipping and praising God together. Yes, there were Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, First Christian, Disciples of Christ, and Assembly of God church members there, but we offered prayers and praise to God as His children.

Prior to Dad's surgery, Mom and I were at his side in the surgery room. The surgeon came in with a stack of Christian CDs and asked Dad what he liked to listen to during surgery.

There was almost certain expectation of some dexterity loss in Dad's left hand and leg, (these were important to Dad's livelihood because he is a small animal veterinarian) and a likelihood of facial and tongue paralysis. There was basically no chance that the neuro-surgeon would get the whole tumor. The idea was that the surgeon would get as much of it as he could, so that the radiation, and chemotherapy treatments could have a feasible target. If Dad survived the surgery, he would have extensive therapy and still a short life expectancy.

Throughout Dad's surgery there were 20-30 people from our Christian community that stayed with our family. When the surgeon came out of surgery at about 8:00 PM, he told us that he was able to remove all of it that he could find, that Dad was coming to, and that Mom and I could see him.

The first time I saw Dad after the surgery is something that I will never forget. As we rounded ICU and I saw him for the first time, he was awake, eyes open with his left hand up watching himself wiggle his fingers.

The first thing he asked Mom was "Did you sing?"

Late that night the surgeon came in to ICU with his guitar and sang to Dad "Joy is like the Rain" and a couple of other songs. Dad, told him that since he sang to him, that he would like to sing. After being out of brain surgery for a total of 5 hours, Dad sang 'God is so Good.'

There is no physical dexterity problem in his left hand and leg, there is no need for physical therapy of any kind, there is no facial or tongue paralysis, no speech deficit. Not only was the surgeon able to tell us in the post-op waiting room that he was able to get everything in sight, but there was no sign of any cancer on the CTScan the following morning. There was still a fair amount of edema (fluid) which could be hiding some cells and will be evaluated very carefully on follow-up exams, but this was far far far better than what was expected for a surgery like this. And then, less 72 hours after the surgery, they dismissed Dad from the hospital and he went to work for a few hours the following day.

Area Veterinarians volunteered their time to keep his animal hospital running during the busiest time of the year, while he was recovering in the hospital.

Now, all I feel as I look back is, what a wonderful month! There is no way I can explain to anyone adequately. I wish everyone could know the kind of security that God has given to my family. To date, Dad has had a major dose of chemotherapy and has radiation treatments every day. Dad knows what is really important and Who it is who walks with him and Mom.

There is no middle ground, either Jesus Christ is the greatest fraud who ever walked the face of the earth or is exactly who He said He was. Anyone with any lingering doubt after a month like this simply is working very hard not to believe. Dad has put his faith 100% in God, not to cure him, but to take care of him. God was everything He has promised, and more. Many lives were changed last month. It is almost embarrassing to be surprised by that. It is no secret what God can do! What we will do seems to be the real secret -- we are the only unknown in the equation!

I thank God for all the men and women of faith that have lifted their praise, prayer, and song to the Lord on behalf of my Dad. I challenge men and women of faith to examine their walk and continue the prayers, prayers for Dr. Don.

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