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God of Thunder


There has never been a god like Thor of the Norse Gods.

The Lightning strikes in the heavens and the skies part. Along comes a chariot pulled by gigantic goats. There is a single driver. He is tall and powerfully built, a strong-looking man if there ever was one. He rides through the heavens and his eyes scan the world underneath him looking for adventure.

Most people would have been content to remain among the wonders of Asgard and live life among the gods and goddesses that live there under the rule of almighty Odin, the All-Father. But not Thor. He is the strongest of the Asgardian gods. Its greatest warrior and the adventurer par excellence.

Thor wanders through the nine worlds looking for adventure. No task is too great. No enemy too powerful. No enterprise impossible to accomplish. As long as there are men and women with a heart for adventure, the spirit of Thor lives on. He has faced countless enemies in battle. These enemies come in the form of Giants and monsters. No foe is too powerful for the mighty Thor.

He is the most magnificent warrior who has ever lived. No one has had a more noble heart or soul. His heart is pure. This is someone who truly believes in his cause and fears no one. He has fought the malevolent Loki and the evil bitch known as Hel, goddess of the Underworld. Always the mighty Thor emerges victorious. No being, be it a god or goddess, Giant or giantess, man or woman can stand the sheer power of Thor's might. Once his mighty hammer Mjolnir is thrown, the enemy shrinks and cowers for they are facing a foe that cannot be vanquished.

Thor was in his chariot, soaring through the heavens when his divine senses sensed a threat. Thor seized his magical Hammer and held tighter onto the reins of his charior. The immortal goats sensed the threat too. Out of the bowels of the earth it came. A huge creature the likes of which the world has not seen since ancient times. The Midgard Serpent. The largest snake in the universe. The titanic beast rises to meet its ancient foe.

Thor sees his enemy and feels a fierce mix of hatred and loathing in his heart. He aches to do battle. His voice booms through the heavens and he commands thunder and lightning as his weapons. He strikes at the Serpent with lightning and the beast screams in pain. Yet it regenerates faster than the lightning that scorched it and Thor strikes again and again. Still the Midgard Serpent comes. Its true name is Jormungand and it is an offspring of the foul god of Trickery, the evil Loki. The Serpent lashes out at Thor and tries to ensnare him in its coils. It also strikes out with venom. It is several hundred feet long and extremely powerful. Thor's hammer strikes again and again. The god tries to ignore the pain inflicted upon his body by the serpent's venom.

He screams in pain. The Serpent lashes out and strikes. The god's chariot is broken in half. He falls. The serpent tries to swallow him but even as he falls, Thor strikes. The serpent hisses in pain as the hammer's brute force shatters many of its bones. It knows it will heal but it cannot endure constant damage for even as Thor falls he still commands the thunder and lightning to sear at his serpentine enemy's flesh.

Thor has fallen on the ground. It is a fall that would have killed a mortal man but Thor is a god. He survives. He looks to see the Serpent coming at him. Thor raises his hammer and summons the thunder and lightning to aid him. He seizes control of the powerful forces of nature and strikes at the preternatural Serpent. The Serpent hisses in pain as it is burned and seriously harmed. It spits venom at Thor and Thor screams as the venom sears his flesh. He lashes out and strikes. The Serpent dodges his hammer and for a moment Thor is weaponless. The Serpent comes, aiming to swallow Thor whole. Thor seizes the massive jaws and uses his super strength to snap them shut. The snake cannot bite and its venom which it wanted to use to harm the Thunderer remains in its mouth. The Midgard Serpent's mouth is on fire. Hissing, it shrinks away from Thor. Thor lashes out with the raw lightning that he commands and watches as his ancient enemy vanishes in a cloud of smoke.

Thor and the Midgard Serpent have battled many times. He knows the snake will be back. The Serpent is immortal. But then again, so is Thor. Thor feels the damage done to his body. He is not in good shape. The gods are immortal but by no means anything close to invincible or invulnerable for that matter. Although he tries to take the pain like a man, Thor cannot stop himself from screaming as he feels the poison of the Serpent moving through his body.

Every woman who truly loves a man can sense when her man is in trouble. She can sense his distress though he may not always admit that he needs help. It is a strange thing. This ability that some women possess is not lost on the goddesses, certainly not this goddess.......

The goddess Sif was in Asgard when she felt a tremor inside her very soul. She knew at once what it meant. Her beloved Thor was in trouble. She rushes to his aid. She does not hesitate one second. She rushes through the nine worlds, her mind focused only on one thing. No one, god or Giant dares to stop her. She has the look of a woman in love.....the most dangerous creature on earth. She runs faster than the swiftest runners in all the land, clearing mountains in a single leap.

She arrives at the clearing where she finds Thor lying in a pool of his own blood. Upon seeing him, her heart beats faster and faster. A thousand questions race through her mind. What happened to him? Who did this to him? She rushes to his side. There he is. Her beloved. The only thing that mattered to her in the whole universe. The love of her life. The one she wants to father her children someday. Could Thor be dead? Impossible! She takes him into her arms and gently touches his handsome face. His eyes are closed and he is rather handsome. She looks for signs that he is alive.

The physiology of gods is different from that of humans. She touches him. Still he does not breathe. She is in despair. No, No, No. This was the one she loved. He could not be dead. Surely the fates could not be cruel enough to take away from her the only one she had ever loved? Why must it be her beloved that falls?

She is weeping. Tears flow from her beautiful eyes. She is frantic. She kisses him all over. She grabs him and weeps. She desperaly wants to be with him. Oh, Thor. Her Thor had fallen. She cannot believe it. The strongest of the gods brought down by what? She thinks of the future she dreamed of. The future that would never be. She wanted so badly to get this wild one to settle down, to remain with her in Asgard so that they might marry and have children. She thinks of all the times he went into his foolhardy adventures. Dangerous adventures. She recalled the countless times he faced the most powerful beings in the universe and emerged victorious. She never thought she'd lose him. A heart-wrenching pain fills her and her whole body shakes with the emotions warring within her.

Thor had fallen after the poison did its job. Any other god would have been killed by the poison of the Midgard Serpent. But Thor had faced the evil beast so many times that his body had developed an immunity to it. His body arrested itself while purging the poison from his system. It placed him in a deep slumber that would give the appearance of death to anyone else. The lifeforce of the most powerful god in Asgard beats back his heart and once more Thor lives.

He is still stiff and groggy. He realizes that he is not alone. There is someone very close to him. He breathes in the smell of Sif, the most wonderful woman in the world. He utters her name.

"Sif?" he asks.

Sif looks up at Thor. She looks at him with wide eyes. She cannot believe this. She thought he was dead. What sorcery was this? She looks at Thor as he struggles to rise. How could this be? Her beloved is alive? Her beloved is alive! She cannot contain the joy that she feels as she sees him breathing. She embraces him and showers him with kisses.

"I thought I lost you." she said to him through tears.

Thor looked at the beautiful goddess before him and pulled her into his arms.

"You could never lose me, Sif. "

Sif looked at Thor. He looked at her and there was a kindness in his eyes that she had never seen before. He kissed her and she felt herself surrender to him at once. He touched her and she felt herself melting with desire. He began to undress her and she practically ripped off her clothes. He admired her beautiful body as she stripped him of armor and weapon. They faced each other. God to goddess. Man to woman. She kissed him and he kissed her back. She felt his hands take ahold of her breasts and caress her neck and shoulders before firmly planting themselves on her butt.

His touch made her almost mad with desire. She had to have him. Her hand went between his legs and grabbed ahold of his cock. She held it in her hands, twelve inches long and so thick she had trouble getting her hand around it. Thor's manhood. She just had to taste it. She went down on him and took him into her mouth. She sucked the head of his cock and licked the sides before she sucked him. Thor looked at the beautiful goddess as she sucked his cock. He gently caressed her hair and she continued sucking him until he felt her drawing his seed from him. She drank it up, gulping down his cum and draining him like she were a milking machine. When she was done, he pulled her into his arms. She put her arms behind his back and lowered herself onto his member. She went down until she felt his cock enter her pussy. Thor held her by the hips and began to thrust into her. She felt his huge cock ramming into her. He fucked her like this and she screamed like a woman possessed. Finally, he came in her. She shrieked like a banshee when he erupted inside her and she practically collapsed into his arms.

The two of them lay together in the clearing. Thor summoned a thick mist to shroud himself and his beautiful lady as they lay together.

"Don't ever leave me like that." Sif said.

"Why?" Thor asked.

Sif looked at him, incredulous. Didn't he know how much she loved him? Didn't he know she would do anything for him? She loved him with all her heart and would gladly stand by his side come Ragnarok. How could he not know how she felt? She thought it was obvious. Apparently not to him. Looking into his handsome face, she told herself he deserved to know the truth.

"I love you, Thor. I always have."

Thor looked at her. He was in awe of the beautiful goddess who lay next to him. He had never met any woman or goddess like her. If he were to give up his wild ways and settle down, it might be for someone like her. Still, he knew it wasn't meant to be. Thor's duties as the personnification of the war between good and evil left little time or space for matters of the heart.

"And I love you back." he said.

Sif smiled and buried herself into his strong arms.

"I'm gonna make you so happy." she promised.

Thor said nothing and held her in a tight yet tender embrace for what seemed an eternity. Just what exactly had he gotten himself into? Sure he liked Sif. He cared for her a great deal. Did they have to become a couple? He liked to travel. Staying at home like the other gods and putting up with a wife and kids seemed too mundane to him. He would take battling Giants and monsters any day. Still, as he looked at Sif's beautiful face and felt the love she had for him, he had his doubts. In that regard, this god was just like any mortal man facing an important decision. Stay or go? He would stay....for now.

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