tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGod Save The Devil Ch. 02

God Save The Devil Ch. 02


My confidence was running sky high. I was getting in touch with the right people at the right time.

I knew it was about time I met both the student union leaders. The meeting happened at a restaurant. I tagged along a friend of mine. They too had a few friends alongside. The discussions were cordial and general, yet. The students just wanted to know the catch behind my donations. I had to evaluate whether this was a right time to disclose my plan for the coming future. We just smiled and did not give them any concrete answer. I could see them feeling disturbed at not getting a right answer.

We were settled in a distant corner of the garden restaurant. I knew it was time to disclose a bit of the plan to them. I needed them back in their comfort, confident zone. I wanted a gang of bold, fearless and loyal guys. It was about time I assessed them of their qualities.

Me: "I know you must be curious about the donations. I too would have been quite anxious to know the motive behind such a big donation."

They just kept mum and kept on listening.

Me: "I know that you both have a long history of rivalry but I want to talk to the two of you alone. Your guys can sit a little distance from where they can see us but not hear us. They can, of course, have all that they want to eat and drink. Keep in mind, this is my friend's restaurant so no hooliganism and cheap talks after being sloshed with drinks. Can you manage your guys, your ego's and your rivalry to keep the discussion going?"

They both agreed, with a bit of discomfort. I knew they would because my donation was giving them a solid base for their future political ambitions. I knew neither could afford to lose the kind of cash I was giving them.

Me: "I knew you both are smart guys and would agree. Don't be irritated by what I am going to say now. At the end of my talk, you will understand me clearly. So exercise patience as I talk."

I knew they both were pretty bugged already.

Me: "I know what job you both do besides all your student union stuff - the drug business, the illegal drinks business and everything else. I am telling you this so you exactly know how well I know about both of you. As a matter of fact, I need such kind of guys only for the jobs that I have in mind."

It came as a relief to them - to know what I was planning to use them for.

Me: "I know much about you and the people you work for. You will receive calls in a few minutes. It is your decision thereafter whether to go on accepting my donation or not. It obviously also means whether you will do the odd jobs for me or not as well."

They both received calls from people much superior (power wise) from them, they were visibly shaking while talking.

Me: "The calls were to convey you the message - who is your daddy. Keep that in mind all the time. You can still tell me if you want to work with me or not. I am sure the jobs will be nothing more than what you all do already. As a matter of fact, there might be some incentives even for you while doing the job."

They both knew that they were basically not any options to choose from. They just had to agree to whatever I wanted. However, I did not want to force them as it would reduce my pleasure.

Me: "I would not like to force you. So I need to know your decisions and then we can discuss what I have in mind broadly."

Manoj: "I don't have any problem. I even agree to working with Ayub here."

Ayub: "I too don't have a problem Sir. I assure you of my full co-operation."

Their positive participation felt nice.

Me: "I already told you that the jobs that I have in mind are nothing that you have not done already."

I had their full attention.

Me: "Another thing, my name never figure's if anyone inquires. Even if you're so called bosses or their bosses even. Can you manage that?"

Manoj: "sir, I understand it quite clearly. Please note my personal number which is on 24*7. You can rely on me for anything and everything."

Ayub: "Sir, I have already given you a missed call on your mobile. Please save my number. I too am at your service."

Manoj added: "Sir, what is it that you want us to do now?"

My friend told them quite clearly not to save my number. New mobile number would be used for any further contact.

Me: "I think we have discussed enough for today. You guys must be hungry. Go enjoy yourselves. I want you to work on a way to plot a guy in a false case. The best idea gets my attention and an incentive as well."

The details they asked me clearly conveyed that my choice was perfect. They would soon be Mr. Ajay's worst nightmares.

Me: "He is employed at my firm and I want to implicate him in a false case. The case should be so strong that he should not get bail. I should get enough leverage to terminate him. Work on it later. Go and have some food for now, drinks too."

Ayub: "Sir, whether we are in the student union or not. You can call on me anytime for anything."

Manoj: "Sir, I am pretty well connected so being in power here or not hardly matters. We both will forget our rivalry and work out an idea. Where and when do we meet again Sir?"

Me: "We will be in touch."

I tossed them a bundle of note each on my way out.

Me: "No hooliganism here, pay your bills and keep the change."

I wanted to see what ideas, Manoj and Ayub, would come up with. I was bubbling with energies like never before. Dad thought it was cause of the profits in my other business. I was a clear case of over-enthusiasm.

I wanted minutest of details of anything and everything which related to Mr. Ajay. The private detective was now enjoying the pleasure of a full time job with all the perks. I came to know of so many things that would add to my pleasure in the coming future. For example - I never knew that Mr. Ajay had a trophy wife, he also had three lands worth a fortune in today's market and many such things. For the first time, I came to know of a few staff members who were meeting Mr. Ajay quite regularly. They were the very same people who had the look on their face, as if I had lost, when the problems had happened. It was no coincidence indeed.

The investment was absolutely worth it. Now the interest was not only Mr. Ajay but his trophy wife and his daughters as well. I knew how their day passed, who talked to whom and for how long, what their health problems were, who was their doctor, who was their best friend, who was his yes man, who was he afraid of etc. I basically knew him inside out.

I was lost in a dream, a dream imagining where to start from and where to end. I could not finalize where to open yet but I was quite clear where it was going to end. It was going to end with Mr. Ajay regretting the day he had planned an offensive against me.

It was like a hunter knowing each and every detail of his prey. I just had to exercise a bit of patience and wait for my student union leader's plans. It was just a matter of time before the ball would be set rolling.

I got a call from Manoj and Ayub, the meeting was fixed for evening. I made it quite clear to them to come alone.

We met at that very restaurant itself, the same table and same time. It felt nice to see them get up and greet me as I made my way. Respect is always important, in any relation.

Manoj and Ayub both poured out their 3 best options. I was surprised to find all three of them equally compelling and flawless. They awaited my reaction.

Me: "I must say you both have done a marvelous job. It is quite intriguing indeed."

Manoj: "Sir, if you don't mind me saying. Did you ask us the idea to check our abilities or what?"

Me: "An idea can be given by any and many. Perfect execution of that very idea is another thing though. DO you think you both can execute either of these ideas without my help?"

Ayub: "Sir, I can execute all these three as and when you ask me. All I need is your financial support, I can work through the rest. I will need Manoj's help though since we had planned it together."

Manoj: "He is right Sir. We both can execute any of these three plans as a team without your help. Your name will not figure, as you had stipulated."

I was looking at them as they told me the ways to execute the plans. They had planned it quite well indeed. They were in a similar state as me - a case of over enthusiasm.

I had to take a few deep breaths and finalize on an idea which was to be executed.

Me: "Which idea do you both think you can execute flawlessly?"

Ayub: "Sir, I think rape of a girl is the one I am most confident of. I have a perfect girl for this in mind. I even have a doctor in hand who can verify the medical report."

Manoj: "I can take care of the police station part, court and conveyance part."

Me: "You both have everything planned indeed. Have you given it a thought - what chance your case stands in court of law?"

I just wanted to check how firm their footing and ideas were.

Me: "How will you prove the semen that came from the girl is that of Mr. Ajay? Where will you get his semen sample? What other reports will verify the fact that it is Mr. Ajay who has raped her. What will happen when the opposition cross-questions?"

Manoj and Ayub were both short of words.

Me: "You planned so much and that is incredible. You need an idea which is rational as well for us to prove. I don't want him acquitted in this case. Simple."

Manoj and Ayub listened as I talked. I was spewing venom almost on this short sightedness. I cooled down a shade, order beers for both of them, and started contemplating the idea. The idea of getting him fixed in a case of rape would be much fun indeed but decided otherwise. I wanted the family united so that they would step up and feel the pain together as well. So the idea of rape was discarded all together.

Ayub: "Sir, I can get him fixed in a case of drug selling. The quantity of drugs involved will ensure that he does not get bail. The bail amount will be so huge that he would not be able to come out until the case is closed."

Manoj: "Sir, Ayub is right. We can manage everything in this one, including the evidence."

I knew they both were trying to assess me and my reactions.

Me: "How will you set him up?"

Manoj and Ayub both got the idea, not to fool with me anymore.

Ayub: "Sir, we can do that as you want. It can be put in his home when no one is there. All we need is his location."

Manoj: "Sir, his vehicle can be stopped in the pretext of a police check. It can be setup there also."

The confidence with which they spoke made me happy. A case of drugs would deface him and his family socially as well. This idea seemed nice. I had to take a call on the expense part of it. I needed a bit of time, wanted to discuss the issue with my friends and then give a decision.

After discussing the idea with my friends, I called Manoj and Ayub to discuss the final details.

We met the next day. I gave them the cash required along with Mr. Ajay's address. The last thing I told them was to keep me updated on the progress. I also gave them a new mobile number of mine.

My tummy was taking me for a ride and I could not expose this weakness of mine in front of them. Was it an anxiety bout or a bout of excitement?

I was back at my office. My concentration was way off than my regular days, it surely was happening cause of both anxiety and excitement.

I got a sms - "first step initiated."

Despite knowing that everything would be damn smooth, something inside kept me on the tenter hooks.

I got another sms - "Mr. Ajay arrested for possession of drugs. He is all over the local media."

It was thrilling to know that he was also on local news. The ball had indeed started to roll. I had the gleam of devil in my eyes.

Ayub sent a sms asking - "can we talk for a few minutes?"

I rang him.

Ayub: "Sir, he is going to have a bad time as he tried to use some influence of unwanted elements. The unwanted elements happen to be our mates. Do you want us to link him with professional drug peddlers?"

I had never enjoyed a talk so much, in the recent times. I felt as if I was enveloped in bliss and happiness.

Me: "I just don't want him to get a bail. Do what you feel best."

My mobile rung, this time it was Manoj.

Manoj: "Sir, he has been booked for possession of drugs in large quantity. He has also been charged with assaulting police officer on duty."

Me: "hmmmmm. Good."

I sent a sms to both of them - "You both have done a very good job."

I could not sleep a wink. My mind kept me awake. I was calculating all the time - Mr. Ajay's actions, my reactions and all. I was in seventh heaven, nothing less, to see Mr. Ajay's face in all the local newspaper. I collected every newspaper that covered this news.

I was slightly taken aback when a few news reporters came up to ask me a few questions. Fortunately, my acting skills from the school day helped me out today. I simply told them - "Mr. Ajay was one of the key person's at our company for long. I am sure all of this is a mistake. I leave the decision in the hands of able officers handling this case. I am sure justice will prevail."

I was just observing how things were proceeding over the next few days. Manoj, Ayub and the private detective were keeping me update with who went to meet Mr. Ajay, who his lawyer was and how his case was being approached. I was quite satisfied with the way things unfolded.

Fortunately, for me, Mr. Ajay had showered the police department with lots of abuse and had physically handled one of the arresting officers as well. It meant there would be no remorse from their end. Mr. Ajay must have not thought that this would become one of his biggest problems in the coming future.

The first priority was to ensure that he did not get bail, at any cost. However, I was in for a rude shock. Mr. Ajay managed to get bail. He mortgaged one of his lands to the bank and came up with the cash to arrange his bail.

It was a setback for me, simple. I had planned a lot and everything would have to be changed.

It was going to be my decision whether I let him continue with the job or not. I decided to let him continue the job as I wanted him to feel that I have a soft corner for him.

My joy reduced further as Mr. Ajay's court hearings came up quite fast. Not only did they come up fast but they also were setting up in his favor. On the other hand, Manoj and Ayub too were getting impatient by all the sit and watch theory. The only silver lining in this whole episode was that Mr. Ajay had mortgaged all his lands to his bankers. He had to spend cash like anything in the court, lawyers and bribes to get things in his favor. If only I could break him a bit more.

Mr. Ajay was given a verdict in his favor. It was a defeat for me and all my planning. I congratulated him personally on this ruling and how very relieved I was to hear that. Every newspaper covered this new as well.

The next few months were the toughest for me. I faced severe bouts of anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Every time I saw Mr. Ajay smiling and happy, a part of me died within. Manoj, Ayub and my other friends became busy with their lives. I was the only one raging mad for revenge.

I kept myself busy with work and my social activities to keep myself mentally sane. Nights were a punishment for me as I never was able to sleep with all the mental chatter going on.

I knew I would have my revenge even if it took me ten years time. I had become a very patient man.

Business boomed and everybody grew alongside me, including Mr. Ajay. The private detective kept me updated on everything going on at his end. The people he had bribed, to get the verdict in his favor, had become a liability to him now. He had to throw up small parties every now and then for them. Mr. Ajay's spare money went in entertaining them and paying interest on the mortgage to banks. His lands were still mortgaged.

It was a year end, I was very sad and alone at my farmhouse. Another year had passed and I could not initiate what I wanted so very badly.

I got a sms from Manoj and Ayub asking to meet them urgently. I called them at my farmhouse. They came along with one more person, I wondered who it was. It was the very same Inspector who had arrested Mr. Ajay. Manoj and Ayub told me that the inspector, Mr. Ram Singh, was having some personal problems.

I heard the Inspector out and understood the problem he was facing in getting his child admitted in a Private University in the city. I rang up one of my friend who was a trustee in the very same University. I assured the Mr. Ram, the inspector, that his child would get the admission letter once the college re-opens.

Manoj and Ayub wanted to leave but I had already order their food. So basically we were forced to talk until the food arrived.

Mr. Ram Singh asked me the reason for my grief. I spilled out each and every thing that had happened in my life. I was surprised why such a thing happened but it happened. It was probably the effect of keeping my emotions corked up for very long. Even Manoj and Ayub came to know about the thing in details for the first time.

I apologized for ruining their evening and a day like New Year's eve.

Silence prevailed as no one knew exactly what to speak. Thankfully food had arrived. They left, exchanging New Year wishes and thanking me for all the help.

It felt nothing less than a doomsday night to me. I did not sleep a wink. I was disappointed hugely not only for the year going by but also for spilling out the thing in front of them. I was disappointed by my self control.

I got a sms early morning from an unknown number - "Happy New Year, your New Year gift is on television channels now. Watch any local News channel."

I thought it was a message wrongly sent to me. Deleted the sms, discarded it all together and made my way back to Office putting my mobile on Silent mode.

I was served a warrant as soon as I entered my office premises. It was a damn big shock for me. Once the warrant was served, all I could do was wait outside. No one was allowed to enter the premises and leave as well. We just had to wait our chance for being interrogated while other officials searched every inch of our premises. After seven hours of harassment, we were told that we could go to work now.

A thought crossed my mind. The message that I had deleted earlier, was it in any relation to this raid that had just happened?

The sleepless night, the hassle at the office and my mind had left me too tired. All I wanted was to go home and sleep for some time. I reached home and exchanged mild pleasantries with Dad and went off to sleep.

I got a call later that night from Manoj.

Manoj: "Sir, we have been trying to talk to you but you did not pick up the phone."

I told him about the warrant and all the hassle that I had to face during the day.

Manoj: "Sir, did you not get the sms from Mr. Ram Singh?"

Me: "Which sms?"

Manoj: "Sir, he has given you a New Year gift. Did you not get that sms asking you to see the television?"

Me: "I thought it was some stray message and deleted it."

Manoj: "Sir, Mr. Ajay was arrested last night by Mr. Ram Singh for possession of drugs, pistols and automatic rifles as well. He wanted to be the first one to give you the good news. By the way Sir, the warrant was in that context only. Police raided your company to see if any other members of your company were involved in this drug racket. Happy New Year Sir."

A thought came "Am I dreaming this or is it really happening?". It was for real.

Me: "Give me Mr. Ram Singh's number. I will talk to you tomorrow."

I sent him a sms - "Thank you for the New Year gift, much grateful."

The whole world, even at night, looked so bright and beautiful to me. I was back in the game again.

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