tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGod Save The Devil Ch. 05

God Save The Devil Ch. 05


Ajay and Shyamali decided not to file a police complaint as the guys had the video footing, supposedly. Besides the footing, they were very well connected to the criminal gangs of the city. Ajay and Shyamali at this stage could not afford to cross more people. They were already suffering enough. The focus for them at the moment was their daughters, especially since they were mentioned by those gangsters.

Another thing on their mind was - Who was after their blood so badly? They would get the answer but much later.

I called Manoj and Ayub to my farmhouse. I knew they had a thousand things to ask me. I answered every one of them, patiently.

Me: "I know you both want to know why I did not let you both touch that lady."

I had their full attention.

Me (adding on): "You will come to know about it in the coming future. She was not your present. Your present is ready to be delivered to both of you. Do you guys want individual presents or want to enjoy your presents together?"

It was more of a monologue as I did not let them answer and continued. Before I continued, I threw two pictures in front of them.

Me: "Well, these girls are your presents. Would you like to enjoy them individually or in a group?"

Manoj and Ayub were transfixed on the pictures and were already lost in lucid thoughts.

Me: "Are you satisfied with my return gift?"

They both did not dare to reply me, especially with all the cheap thoughts running in my mind.

Ayub: "Sir, I have never met a guy like you. I am sure you have something in mind."

Manoj: "Sir, I ditto the thought."

Me (enjoying the compliments): "The elder one has been admitted to a college in the city. She is an introvert, shy and fearful girl. Her name is Arushi."

I weighed every word that I spoke.

Me: "The younger one's name is Debjani. She will go to the college next year. She is an extrovert, bold, bitchy character and loves watching movies."

I knew both Manoj and Ayub were bubbling with question. I waved a hand at them to stop my flow at the moment.

Me: "You must be thinking how I know so much about them. It is something I cannot tell you. All I can say is, I know minutest details about them. Incidentally these girls are the daughter of two people you called at your office the other day. Ayub, your beer bottle idea was great. If I had been at your place, I would have made the lady drink the 10 ml that was left in the bottle."

Manoj and Ayub were shocked, stung and silent hearing my words.

Me: "Don't think too much. I did not let you touch that lady because she will deliver me something in the future which is beyond your thinking. Basically, you cannot do anything physical to her, ever. Got that?"

Manoj and Ayub nodded their heads in unison. They conferred between themselves for five odd minutes and then addressed me.

Ayub: "Sir, can we ask you something?"

Me: "Yes, you sure can."

Manoj: "We are quite comfortable working together so we will claim our presents together. How much can we enjoy our presents?"

I started to laugh and for a long period of time.

Me: "These girls are your presents, how can I stop you from using what is already yours. Whatever you do with them, ensure that their father is always updated about it. My interest is his humiliation. I am sure you both are capable enough to deliver what I require, your pleasure is a perk."

Manoj and Ayub could see the intensity rise in me once again.

Me: "I will clarify once more. In no case, you both will ever touch their mother. What you do with your girls is totally up to you both."

The discussion ended there and then. Manoj and Ayub shared a silent dinner with me but thanked me quite profusely for always thinking about them as they bid me adieu.

Now it was for them to plan and do whatever they wished. All I had to do was, exercise patience.

I was disappointed as Manoj and Ayub took a lot of time to come up with anything concrete. I could understand their delay as they wanted to enjoy their gifts in the best way possible. I knew I was losing patience. I had an idea which would make their lives much blissful, mine as well.

I texted them - "You guys have a video of her mom and dad. Get some pictures made out of them with clear faces and other attributes. I will expect you over dinner at farmhouse."

I savored the pictures much, especially the one which showed a mole on Shyamali's cleavage.

Me: "What made you guys delay the whole thing so much?"

They just stayed silent.

Me: "I can understand your delay. After all, gifts like these girls don't come by every day."

I just observed them as we shared.

Me: "Arushi is already in the college. You can get her to do anything by showing these pictures to her. A girl of her character will do anything to protect her parents. Getting to Debjani will be hard. She is a hot headed girl. You can take her using her sister as leverage. It is something you will have to work out yourselves."

Both of them listened to me, absolutely mesmerized.

Me: "I once again will require a thing from you."

Manoj: "Anything for you Sir."

Me: "I would need pictures or videos for my personal use later. Give them to me only after you have popped all their cherries. Do I need to explain what I mean by popping all their cherries?"

Ayub: "Sir, we are kids in front of you. Always guide us."

Manoj: "We will deliver the pictures and videos of every step we take Sir."

The dinner this time was not so silent. I told them all the details that had come to my mind. I knew every small detail would help them execute the plan smoothly."

I had been patient enough, was getting desperate by the every passing day.

Manoj and Ayub were mini devils themselves. They went to the restaurant on an off day. Ajay was nervous seeing them again. He rushed and asked Shyamali to take their orders.

Ayub: "Miss, serve us the panties you are wearing."

Ajay and Shyamali stood there devastated. The fear that someone might hear them also embarrassed them much. Ajay requested them to keep their voices low. Shyamali was already many shades red with embarrassment and humiliation.

Manoj: "If you want no one to hear what we are saying. Tell your whore here to act fast. We are quite impatient today. Our boss, it seems has gone softy on you. He does not want us to touch you physically. Hence we are forced to ask you to kindly give us the panties you are wearing. If you don't co-operate, we will always have to break the promise made to our boss. He wants to smell your cunt and we are here to fulfill his wishes."

Ayub: "No need to go anywhere, you have to open your panties right here."

Ajay stood there, heads down, like a eunuch. His action made Manoj and Ayub laugh. He was standing as if he would alert them if anybody came. It was an indirect way of conveying to Shyamali, give them what they want. Shyamali was taken over once again by a wave of relief to know that they would not touch her but the whole idea of opening her panties embarrassed her endlessly. She did not know what to do and Ajay was not much of help either.

Shyamali: "Sir, I will give my panties to you. Let me please use the washroom to bring them to you. It would be very embarrassing for me to open them here."

Manoj: "I am clear as far as my instruction goes. Don't be lame. Just get it done and over with. We have to go. Our boss will not wait the whole day."

Shyamali asked Ajay to shield her properly. She did not want to expose herself to the whole world. No matter how much she squirmed and tried, her panties would not simply fall down. She was forced to pull up her skirt and expose herself to these cheap guys. She stuck both of her fingers on her waist and pulled down her panties in one smooth motion. She bent a shade so nothing was exposed to Manoj or Ayub. She was successful as well.

Ayub: "She is a smart girl, nice. Serve it to us with your hands please."

Shyamali was forced to come near them. Her heartbeat was beyond her control. She felt as if a few drops of urine might trickle out. She somehow made her way towards the table and gave them her panties. She had never felt so cheap, exposed and out of control ever.

Ayub: "Please pack our order as these are specially required by our boss. Before you do that, please stand with your panties in your hand. I will have to take a picture so that my boss is assured that these are your panties only."

Shyamali was crying as Manoj asked her to pose for the picture. She came back and delivered them a small box, she was still crying. Manoj and Ayub went away with the package. Now this was something which could give them all the leverage they wanted on either of the girl.

The city boasted of three universities, run by the government and two more which were owned by private group of companies. The particular university which is in discussion here is a university owned by a private group of investors, lies in one corner of the city. It is spread over 250 acres of land, beautifully designed and maintained as well. It has the best of faculty, best of teachers and extra facilities. The college is drug free and ragging free as well. In short, a student's heaven - the ones who love to study.

I had promised Shyamali about admissions of her kids. Being a man of word, I got Arushi admitted to this private university. It was the very same university in which my friend, Arnab, was on the board of trustees.

Three months had passed since the university opened. It was September. The monsoon was still on and in full fury. Manoj and Ayub decided that it was the time to unwrap the first gift of theirs. I got their message and told them to wait for my green signal. I talked to Arnab (the trustee) and discussed what I had in mind, in details. Boy was he glad. I called up Manoj and Ayub - told them the exact plan and what role Arnab would play.

It was a Friday. The student and teacher turnout was really low due to the torrential rains. The penultimate class was happening when they reached the university. I had advised them to meet up with my friend, the trustee, and so they did. Arushi was given a message to meet the trustee after the classes were over. Manoj and Ayub were there in his office.

Arushi was nervous going to the trustee's office. Her character was such that anything other than routine would make her nervous.

Knock, knock.

Arnab called her in and asked her to sit. He appeared to be busy. Fact was that he was deliberately acting to be busy. The whole effort was being made to ensure that the university was empty before he started to talk to her.

Arnab: "Arushi, I wanted to talk something important with you. What do you feel about our university here?"

Arushi: "Sir, I have never been to any other university before but I can say that this is the most comfortable place a student can desire."

Arnab: "What do you feel about the quality of students, professors and everything else?"

Arushi could not gather at all where Arnab was leading this conversation to.

Arushi: "Sir, all I can say is that the professors are the best I could ever think of. Students are also very decent and helpful."

Arnab: "Do you think parents play an important role in making the students - good human beings?"

Arushi: "Yes Sir, undoubtedly."

Arnab: "Arushi, I know you are a very hard working, warm and friendly person."

Arushi was getting nervous for many reasons. The topic was making her very. The strangers in his office while the discussion was happening made her ponder too. The biggest worry for her was - how would she go back to her home, her university bus would have left by now.

Arnab: "You must be wondering why I am telling you all this. Don't take me otherwise Arushi. What I am going to ask you further will probably hurt your emotions and sentiments but I have to ask for the sake of my university. We take a lot of pride in maintaining the quality of our university. You students and your parent play an important part too."

Arushi felt a desire to use the washroom.

Arnab:"These gentlemen told me something about your family. If any of it is true, I am afraid the university will have to expel you."

Arushi went cold understanding that the whole topic of discussion was her family.

Arushi: "Sir, I am sure there is some mistake. My parents would never do anything to defame themselves."

Manoj handed Arnab the envelope. Arnab passed a picture to Arushi. Arushi's felt blood drain from her body seeing the pictures.

Arushi: "Sir, this is some trick photography. I am sure these are not my parents. They would never do such a thing."

Arnab passed another picture to her.

Arnab: "This is what I told them as well. These guys were very emphatic so I called you to clarify. Should I call your parents if you are feeling odd to discuss the topic?"

Arushi's mind was too numb at the moment. She looked over the pictures, the whole set. Arnab, Manoj and Ayub's eye gleamed up seeing her shoulder slug down - as if she had surrendered.

Manoj: "Sir, we have enough proof here to prove that these are her parents. We had shared the video with you as well. You can show it to her."

Arnab turned the laptop towards Arushi and played the video. It was a twenty second clip which showed Shyamali, her mother stripping and her dad standing nude while she did so. Arushi fell short of words seeing the clip, only tears dripping down.

Ayub: "Sir, had you not stopped us - we would have already posted these pictures and videos all over the internet."

Arushi sunk further into her shell hearing this. It clearly meant that these guys were professional thugs. If the pictures were posted over the internet, her parents would lose the job. It would also mean that his dad would not be able to fight his case and he would have to go back to jail.

Arnab: "Arushi, now that you have accepted that these are your parents in the picture. I think it is best I expel you from this university. I am sorry my child. No university in this city will give you admission anymore."

Arushi: "Sir, I beg of you not to do this to me. It will not only end my studies but will destroy my parents as well. Sir, for the sake of our lives and livelihood, I beg you to please reconsider.

Arushi was all tears as she talked. Manoj and Ayub were now seated next to her, on either side. They looked like wolves about to pounce on their prey.

Arnab: "I understand your position Arushi but you know that we are pretty strict with our policies. After all, it is the question of our universities reputation. Besides it is up to these gentleman whether they post it over internet or not."

Manoj and Ayub got the hint. It was time they took the driver's seat. They did not want to give away the leverage. Arushi would have to start the begging game with them. Arushi did not know how to handle the situation. It made her go even deeper into her cocoon. She went silent.

Ayub: "Sir, we will take your permission to leave then."

Arushi snapped out of her silence. In tears, she once again begged Manoj and Ayub not to do what they had just said. Manoj and Ayub, however, made their way towards the door.

Arushi: "Sir, please stop these gentleman from posting these pictures. They had agreed the first time when you said so. I beg you Sir. I will do anything that you wish in return."

Now this made Manoj and Ayub stop.

Manoj: "Anything. Are you sure?"

Ayub: "Okay. Let us test this girl out. Arushi, get your ass on the table and lift your skirt. Your panties should clearly show."

Arushi did not know how to react. She had never felt so humiliated ever in her whole life. She never felt so dead inside either.

She made her way onto the table, pulled up her skirt a shade. Her head sunk into her chest all the time out of the shame.

Manoj: "Arushi, we did tell you that your panties should be clearly visible. So get over with the shame part, do as we tell you. We might as well give you the originals of the pictures here along with the video."

Arushi did know what to do or say. A part of her wanted to run away and let her parents face the ordeal but the daughter inside her forced her to stay and do what these people asked her to do.

Arnab brought a wet towel and gave it to Arushi.

Arnab: "Since you will be doing all that these guys tell you to do, why not tidy up yourself as well. I don't like crying faces. Wipe your face. Rearrange yourself and then give me the show of my life."

P.S. I forgot to tell you guys. My friend, Arnab, has a thing for watching. He could pay much to see people performing, just see.

Arushi could see who the bigger devil was now. She barely knew about me yet.

Arushi sat, in shame, on the table. Manoj took the towel and wiped her face clean. Ayub lowered her skirts, while doing so he felt a bit of her waist.

Ayub: "Arushi, if you cry once more even today, we will post the pictures and videos all over the internet. So for your parent's sake, enjoy what we tell you to do."

Manoj: "Now show your panties to Mr. Arnab first. After all he is the one who stopped us from posting the pictures so he should get the first dose of fun."

Arnab was already showing his tent pole quite visibly and shamelessly.

Arushi sat in the centre of the glass table. The cold glass made her shiver, goose pimples happened almost immediately. She sat their heads down in shame. She just did not want to do what these guys had asked.

Arnab: "Do you want me to see the panties for myself or will you show it us yourself?"

Manoj: "Sir, would you like to smell the panties?"

Arushi was dying inside hearing all the cheap remarks. She took a few deep breaths and slowly pulled her skirts up. Her crossed legs did not help the view much.

Ayub: "Your legs are obstructing the view, part them. Manoj, can you part her legs for a proper view?"

Manoj did not wait for one second even. He was next to her in a flash - his hand on her legs, pulling it wider. Arushi felt as if she would die out of shame and humiliation. Arushi could do nothing but try to jerk away his hands from her legs. His arms were too strong for her to jerk away. She resisted his hands and was thankful that he took them away himself.

Arnab: "Arushi, if I don't get excited seeing a young girl strip then what is the point. So strip to excite me. I hope you get the point."

Arushi knew she had no way out. She just wanted this ordeal to finish as fast as possible. Her head was bowing down all the time. Manoj cleared away her hairs and whispered in her eyes to look into Arnab's eyes as she stripped. She knew now that these guys were absolutely heartless as well.

Ayub: "We understand that you might feel like crying. You can cry, of course but you can wipe it only using your bra or panties. Are you getting what I mean?"

The more someone talked to her, the more she was going dead inside. She just nodded her head to convey that she understood.

Arushi slowly started to lift her skirt. Every set of eye, other than hers, was focused on her body. She felt like an object being played with. Besides me, Arnab was the one who was chocking with absolute delight. I was online all the time on Arnab's security camera, watching them.

Arnab: "That's the way dear. You are going at a perfect pace. Now stand up on the table and do the same thing once more."

Arushi stood up on his table like a robot, devoid of emotions. She bent to raise her skirt up once again. In the process, a lot of her cleavage became visible to the three of them.

Manoj: "Arushi, I think you can make double the money that your parents make together. You indeed have inherited the looks from your mother, her skin too."

Arushi understood what they meant exactly. She did not respond to any remarks they passed. Instead, she kept on doing what she was doing. She had lifted her skirt up all the way to her waist, using one hand. Her other hand was promptly covering her panties."

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