tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGod Save The Devil Ch. 06

God Save The Devil Ch. 06


I was enjoying and reliving the day in the screen of my mind at my farmhouse. It was a great achievement to have made the first dent into his family. The rest of the ladies would follow soon.

I was about to retire for the day when I was disturbed by the sounds of a siren on the road. The sounds became louder as the vehicle entered my farmhouse.

It was the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Sanand. Such a senior Police officer coming at these hours, 3 a.m., only meant troubles or favors. Though I knew him quite nicely through common political friends but my gut still told me that it was not going to be something in my favor.

I welcomed him as we settle into the lounge. He told me that he had a guest as well. It was a shock to see Debjani, Ajay's younger daughter, was his guest. I could feel a pang of anxiety hit my gut.

Me: "Sanand, What brings you to my place at these hours?"

I was too stressed and wanted to know the answer.

Debjani: "You had ordered something to happen at a university today. Did you?"

Debjani was bold but I never could imagine her so bold.

Me: "Sanand, who is this girl? What does she refer to here?"

Debjani took out her mobile and rung a number. My mobile, the one I used for my vendetta, rung. I was cornered with no way out.

Debjani: "I am Debjani, Mr. Ajay's younger daughter. You would not know about me as we have not met ever. Why are you after my dad and my family?"

It was a great relief to know that they knew nothing about my detective yet. The way Debjani sat next to Sanand, the IG Police, also disturbed me much.

Me: "What makes you think that I have anything to do with what you have in mind Debjani?"

Debjani: "My sister remembered the mobile number from which the message came. It belongs to you. Do I have to spell out the details?"

Only six hours had gone since Arushi had been left home and so much had happened. I wondered what my detective was doing all the time. That would be looked into but later. A bigger problem was at hand which needed to be dealt, smoothly. I could not afford a head on with the IG Police. It would only mean a loss of resources and time for me.

It is much later that I would come to know that Arushi had told everything that had happened to her at the University to her sister. She was forced to tell her because of the condition in which she entered her home. Debjani was, being overly aggressive and angry, wanted revenge. She had a class friend whose father was an IG Police and one who was hot for her. Debjani planned to use her body to get her revenge. I would come to know of all this but much later.

At the moment, I could clearly see that Debjani had used her body to entice Sanand. It was visible. I thought so, at least.

Me: "Sanand, What is it that you want?"

I could see Debjani getting more physical with Sanand, the IG Police. Her thighs were touching nicely to his, his hands clutching hers even more nicely. The other hands on her shoulder were getting a bit lower as well.

Debjani: "I never knew you would concede so easily."

It was me who was at the receiving end.

Me: "Sanand, I would request you to do the talking. We have always been good friend but I will forget that if this girl opens her mouth once even."

Debjani's eyes were gleaming with victory, it humiliated me further. She whispered something into Sanand's ears while looking at me.

Sanand: "I do respect you as well Raj. I want you to leave this family alone. I know you have the resources to take me on. You know it as well that I too have the powers to go after you as well. I would hate that to happen. If you want, you can try me anytime."

Debjani's looks were making me feel worthless from inside. I excused myself for a moment.

Debjani: "I am sure you want to use the washroom. Already feel like pissing in your pants."

It took a lot out of me to keep myself in check. On the way to bathroom, I intimated my friends, Manoj, Ayub and the detective of what had just happened.

Me: "Sanand, I once again request you to keep this girl from talking. It is a request for our friendship's sake."

Sanand looked at her but Debjani did not look like she understood. It was getting clear by the moment that he was totally in her control.

Debjani: "I want you to feel the exact feelings that my sister felt. I will see to it."

She looked cold as she talked. I could see a reflection of myself.

Me: "Sanand, if you have a warrant, arrest me. I would not like to be disturbed anymore."

Now this was a move they both did not anticipate.

Sanand: "Your request is fair Raj. I will talk to you tomorrow morning."

Debjani came up close to my ears and whispered "Mr. Ajay, my father, gives you his regards. He also tells you that soon you will be a bisexual for life, his personal bitch."

They left me almost immediately. The way they walked to his vehicle, made me even more uncomfortable. This bitch was surely using her body to get her ways.

I was already in defensive mode. Being connected I knew it well, a pussy could get more things done then one could imagine.

I was forced to meet Sanand at Ajay's home the next morning. I felt it pretty embarrassing and humiliating to be exposed in such a way. I just sat there listening to all that Sanand had to say. I was deeply saddened to see my image being degraded and broken in front of Shyamali. I could see the change in her eyes clearly. Ajay had the same gleam in his eyes like Debjani.

The next few months were not kind on me. I went into severe bouts of anxiety and depression. No matter what I did, I could not forget the look Ajay and Debjani had on their faces. The more I tried to forget them, the more I suffered. It was a vicious circle indeed. I was basically punishing myself. My friends were the only source of inspiration and that force made me move on with life. I was out of the severe depression and anxiety bouts but my life lacked any kind of enthusiasm now. No goals, no targets.

I was alone at my farmhouse checking the recording of the CC TV feeds. You can say it was a blessing in disguise. I happened to play the recording of the day when Sanand had come with Debjani. I was forwarding the recording as I did not want to relive those moments. I saw something in the clip which gave me a whole new life. The next thing I did was, talk to Sanand and fix up a meeting.

Me: "Sanand, I don't have any problems with what you did. I understand. I know why you did it as well."

I handed him a USB drive. He knew that I had to have something inside the drive. He plugged it into his computer and saw the content. The clip showed Sanand and Debjani kissing each other, it had happened when I had gone to use the washroom.

Me: "Don't think that I am blackmailing you. I know you want to enjoy this beauty in all its glory. Any guy would."

Sanand listened silently.

Me: "Enjoy her as much as you want, for as long as you want."

Sanand relaxed further.

Sanand: "What is it that you want from me then?"

Me: "I will be taking some actions against his family. That will make the girl come to you many times for help. I think I don't need to tell you what you can get in return for helping her."

Sanand was definitely listening with much interest now.

Me: "When you are done with the girl, I will take some actions against her as well."

Sanand was cool hearing it.

Sanand: "I am okay with everything you say. You can expect my full co-operation in all your activities."

Me: "There is one request. I would like pictures / videos of all your personal endeavors with Debjani."

We shook hands as I made my way out of his office. It was comforting to find Sanand on my side of the game.

I was on top of the world once again.

The next call was made to Ravi. He gave job termination notice to Ajay and Shyamali. The first initiative had been taken.

Ajay had never expected this move. He knew it well that the next move would be to evict them from the house. It would make his life miserable once again, not to mention - his families as well. He begged and pleaded all that he could but Ravi just gave a cold shoulder to him. Ajay knew it well that he had no options left but to either come to me or use Debjani's link to Sanand. He discussed the situation with Debjani and decided to let her talk to Sanand. Debjani was gleaming with pride once again. She felt important as Ajay discussed each and every thing with her. She was sure that she was going to bring her family out of this mess.

Sanand talked to her but only after avoiding a few calls. He told her to come to his office to update him about the details. He assured her that he will take care of everything.

Debjani knew she would have to play level with Sanand and keep him on the hook. She would have to dress to kill.

Sanand welcomed her warmly to his office but did not pay any attention to what Debjani had to tell him. It annoyed Debjani much but there was nothing she could do about it. She could feel her words falling to deaf ears. She felt slightly unsecured for the first time. She was a devious cunt and she knew how to get things done her way. She knew she had a trump card up her sleeve, her body, and she planned to make proper use of it.

Sanand crossed his boundary, beyond kissing and fondling, for the first time. The more Debjani opened up to him, the more interest he started to show in her. Debjani had no problems giving her body to get what she wanted. She fondled him hard as they discussed the line of action to come out of this mess. She undid his zipper for the first time and took his penis in his hands. She knew that she had him in her grip, literally. She slowly and nicely toyed with his penis as he oozed loads of precum all over her hand. Debjani titillated him further by licking away his precum on her hand. Sanand had undone her bra and was feeling her body quite nicely. He guided her face towards his hard dick as they talked. Debjani gave him a much awaited blowjob. She even swallowed his semen. A sight, almost, every guy loves.

Debjani had the look of devil on her face. She would get what she wanted, anyhow and at any cost.

Sanand did not take any action or meeting post her blowjob session. It got Debjani thinking and worried as well. She did not have any other card up her sleeve and she could not let Sanand slip away. She went to his office to meet him. She was kept waiting for two hours before being shown into his office.

Sanand welcomed her as warmly as ever. This time though he did not avoid her. She felt relaxed to see him paying attention to what she had to say. Debjani conveyed all her problems to him - how her mother and father have been sitting at home for a week, the other problems associated with them sitting at home, the prime problem of paying interest and the legal expenses for the next month etc. He gave her a patient ear and as they talked he slowly had disrobed her totally, her undergarments as well. Debjani knew what she had to do and she did. She had fun as well and so did Sanand. He assured her that he is getting in touch with his friends so he can get some leverage over Ravi. His talks convinced her much. Another week went by. Sanand enjoyed Debjani's body quite nicely and thoroughly throughout the week. He was pretty happy with what he experienced. It was a dream comes true for him.

Sanand fixed up a meeting with Ravi the next day. He called up Debjani as well.

Ravi entertained them his usual style, spoiling them with delicacies after delicacies. The topic of discussions was common. All the three of them knew that sooner or later it would turn to the subject of employment of Ajay and Shyamali. It did turn to it, at the end of lunch. Ravi listened patiently to all that Sanand had to say, Debjani too.

Ravi: "Sir, I respect you a lot because my friend, Raj, speaks quite high of you. I am listening to all that you had to say and this lovely lady too. I would like to ask you one thing, just one thing."

Ravi showed the very same picture that Manoj and Ayub had shown Arushi.

Ravi: "How will you feel Sir, if you come to know that an employee of yours is doing something like this (pointing to the picture)?"

Sanand looked genuinely shocked (Oscar winning performance) and gave the coldest stare to Debjani. Debjani went pale seeing the picture.

Ravi: "Sir, Will you still ask me to employ these kinds of people?"

Sanand: "Debjani, did you know about these activities of your parents?"

The game had slowly but surely turned in my favor.

Sanand: "Answer me. I think your silence conveys a lot."

Debjani: "It is news to me as well. I feel so odd to see this picture. I just don't know what to say or ask."

Ravi was enjoying the chit chat between them.

Sanand: "In no case will I ask you to employ them anymore Mr. Ravi. If anyone at all forces you to do so, let me know. I will stand up for you."

Sanand left Debjani alone and went away towards his car.

I never knew Ravi had such lovely sense of timing. He disturbed Debjani's trance, whispered in her ears "My friend, Raj, gives you his regard. We will see now who becomes the bitch and who becomes a bi-sexual."

Debjani went red with rage hearing this. She was cornered and she knew it well. She had never been defeated by any one in her life. There was always a first time for many a things. This was just the beginning for her. Debjani felt cheated too. Her body had been used and the thing she wanted in return was not delivered to her. Worst part was that she could not even fight for it.

Ajay and his family were in a state of panic since their jobs were terminated. Ajay and Shyamali were desperate for jobs, any kind of job.

Debjani could not accept defeat just like that. She met Sanand a few more times and tried to work out a truce but it did not help. Sanand listened to her as long as she was offering her body. The minute she would stop giving her flesh, Sanand would give deaf ears to her talks. It was during one of these sessions that Sanand suggested Debjani to fix up a meeting with me and make a truce otherwise things could go way worse then what they were right now for her family. Debjani was enraged by his decision as it simply meant one thing - she had been defeated.

Debjani could not say anything to Sanand but her irritations did come out and quite openly on her parents. She questioned them, cursed them and made them remember the episode time and time again. It simply made the lives of Ajay and Shyamali nothing less than hell. Ajay was a guilt ridden man now. All the time cursing himself for what his family was going through at the moment.

I got a somewhat pleasant surprise to see Sanand along with Debjani in my office. It was pleasant because I clearly had the upper hand.

Me: "Welcome Sir. Do you come with a warrant to arrest me?"

I was chuckling inside saying this.

Sanand: "No Mr. Raj, we come here to sort out the confusions. I am sure we all are mature enough to sort things amicably between us."

Me: "Now that is surprising, the other time this girl visited me - she had a lot to say and today she is silent."

Debjani gave me the looks of a cornered lioness.

Me: "What happened? What keeps you silent today? What stops you from spewing venom?"

It was deeply satisfying to lock eyes with her.

Debjani: "Uncle, I come here to apologize. Please forgive me and my parents."

Me: "Sanand, did you know the message she gave me when you both were leaving my farmhouse?"

I planned to make her life even worse than it already was. Sanand kept on listening.

Me: "She told me that the whole episode was a courtesy of his dad, Mr. Ajay. Her father had also conveyed that I would soon become a bisexual, a personal bitch of her father"

Sanand: "Debjani, you never told me this. So you used me to get to Mr. Raj here. You bitch."

Sanand slapped her quite hard. Now that was most satisfying.

Me: "Sanand, there is no need to slap her. She used you to get her supposed vengeance. I just wanted you to know that she was using you, not only her but her dad was the master mind behind this."

Debjani had never felt so exposed in her life. She never experienced shame when she opened clothes but to be exposed like this made her feel shameful for the first time.

Sanand: "Thanks Raj for this clarification. We will meet at your farmhouse tonight along with her dad. If he was a party to the planning, he should ask for forgiveness himself as well. Come bitch, you have a lot to tell me."

Debjani was taken aback by the cheapness of Sanand's language.

I, somehow, made it through the day - in anticipation of the evening. I had a lot of decisions to make which helped me pass the time.

I welcomed them as we settled once again in the lounge area. It brought back memories of what had happened a few months before. Ajay and Shyamali were the only additions today. It did not feel good the other time Sanand and Debjani had visited me but today was just the opposite.

Me: "Sanand, there really was no need for this meeting today."

Sanand: "It may not have been so important for you but it was an important one for me. I wanted to confirm her father's role in this whole episode."

Debjani, Shyamali and Ajay sat on of the sofa together. They were mute listeners to our conversation.

Sanand: "Ajay, tell me about your role in this whole episode."

Ajay did not expect a point blank confrontation with Sanand. He just stayed silent.

Sanand: "Debjani, come here. Sit next to me."

Ajay and Shyamali felt nervous seeing Sanand's looks. Debjani came up and sat next to him. Sanand took her hands into his as he looked into Ajay's eyes once again. Sanand kissed her hands and placed it on his zipper. Ajay was shocked to see this happening to her daughter. He looked into her eyes and felt even more depressed. Debjani had done all this and never felt embarrassed but doing it in front of her parents made her feel very embarrassed.

Sanand: "Ajay, don't worry about your daughter. She is a whore. Did you train her to become one or was it your wife who taught her?"

I never felt better. Ajay never felt worse.

Ajay: "Raj Sir, I am sorry."

I just stayed silent and looked in the direction of Sanand.

Sanand: "Debjani, take my dick out and play with it. You enjoyed doing it in my office. Why do you hesitate now?"

Debjani did not know what to do. She slowly undid his zipper and took out his penis. She started to fondle it as well. Ajay looked as if he might puke.

Me: "Was it worth it Ajay?"

There was a ring of sadness to my tone. Ajay had the looks of man pleading desperately. I showed a few pictures to Debjani, as she played with Sanand's dick, and then gave them to Ajay. They were the university pictures showing Arushi with Manoj, Ayub and Arnab. Debjani's eye widened with shock. Shyamali was crying vehemently.

Me: "Is this a cost enough?"

Debjani was also crying now, seeing the helplessness of her parents. It was indeed a pity.

Me: "I would have stopped a long time back Ajay. I wanted you to learn the lesson but you wanted to play a few games of your own. You played your cards nicely too. I must say that. You did not calculate these angles. So you really cannot blame me for what is happening to your daughters. All that happens to them is because of you and you alone. You really should have thought twice before you decided to humiliate me."

Sanand's hands were feeling Debjani all over. Her parents went deeper into their shells seeing this.

Me: "All that is going to happen to your family is your own doing Ajay. So stop blaming others, situations, God, me and any other person. It is you, and you alone, who is responsible for what is happening and what happens to them in the coming future."

Ajay: "Sir, I don't know what to say or do. I beg you with folded hands to stop this ordeal. Please spare my family. You can do all that you want to me but please let my family be."

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